Influence of diets on the periodic activity of the gastrointestinal tract in dogs

Startsev, V.G.

Fiziol Zhur Sssr Transl 45(9): 45-51


Accession: 024853070

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The periods of relative gastric rest showed the greatest changes during prolonged periods on the same diet. There were parallel changes in the periodic motor activity of the duodenum and in the periodic dis-charges of gastric juice and of mixed juices in the duodenum. The periods of gastric rest changed least when the diet was mixed, and the showed no particular trend; a meat diet led to gradual prolongation of the periods of rest and, conversely, a milk diet led to gradual shortening. In the case of some dogs on a monotonous meat or milk diet the periodic motor and secretory activities of the gastrointestinal tract were disturbed and were replaced by continuous activity. Transfer to a different diet led to restoration of normal periodic activity.