Section 25
Chapter 24,857

Influence of ocular pressure on the resistance to aqueous humor flow

Nihard, P.

Acta Ophthalmol 40(1): 12-27


Accession: 024856730

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Perfusion of the enucleated eye demonstrated that resistance measured in vitro (M = 4.65 in 142 human eyes, M = 3.60 in 236 pig eyes) is of the same order of magnitude as that measured in vivo. No change in resistance to aqueous flow was observed with perfusion of the human or pig eye during an hour-and-a-half of equal pressure. Resistance to flow increased as liquid perfusion pressure increased in enucleated human and pig eyes. In the latter, the increase in resistance was linear, while in the human eye, resistance increased 47% as pressure increased from 20 to 60 mm. Hg.

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