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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 24866

Chapter 24866 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Deol, M.S., 1964:
Inheritance of coat color in laboratory rodents

Hetzer, H.O., 1947:
Inheritance of coat color in swine

Hetzer, H.O., 1945:
Inheritance of coat color in swine. II. Results of Landrace by Poland China crosses

Erichsen, A.W.; Ross, J.G., 1963:
Inheritance of colchicine-induced male sterility in sorghum

Worzella, W.W., 1935:
Inheritance of cold resistance in winter wheat, with preliminary studies on the technic of artificial freezing tests

Schafer, H., 1960:
Inheritance of color and lethal factor in the gray Caracul

Dobrzhanskii, F.G., 1927:
Inheritance of color and patterning in the Kirghiz horse

Berge, S., 1961:
Inheritance of color in swine

Nolla, J.A.B., 1932:
Inheritance of color in the eggplant

Prakken, R., 1934:
Inheritance of colors and pod characters in Phaseolus vulgaris L

Murari, T., 1932:
Inheritance of colour in Bellary sheep

Davey, V.Mcm, 1932:
Inheritance of colour in Brassica napus

Fleming, W.M., 1929:
Inheritance of colour in asters. A preliminary report

Bradshaw, J., 1929:
Inheritance of colour in budgerigars

Chiba, S., 1953:
Inheritance of colouring of needles in the fall of Sugi

Hooff, Gerhard, 1928:
Inheritance of congenital luxation of the hip

Smith, H.H., 1937:
Inheritance of Corolla Color in the Cross Nicotiana Langsdorffii by N. Sanderae

Hashim, M., 1964:
Inheritance of corolla colour in Justicia prostrata

Thayer, Gardis, B., 1934:
Inheritance of coty-ledonary characters in Cucurbita pepo

Odland, M.L.; Groff, D.W., 1963:
Inheritance of crinkled-leaf cucum-ber

Hefner, R.A., 1929:
Inheritance of crooked little fingers.

Ray, Levon, L., 1965:
Inheritance of crop maturity in American upland cotton, Gossypium hirsutum

Owen, F.V., 1942:
Inheritance of cross- and self-sterility, and self-fertility in Beta vulgaris

Fleischmann, G.; Mckenzie, R.I.H., 1968:
Inheritance of crown rust resistance in avena sterilis m abstract puccinia coronata avenae genetic analysis

Mcphee, H.C.; Buckley, S.S., 1934:
Inheritance of cryptorchidism in swine

Schultz, H.K.; Dean, L.L., 1947:
Inheritance of curly top disease reaction in the bean

Nicoloff, J.T.; Dowling, J.T.; Patton, D.D., 1964:
Inheritance Of Decreased Thyroxine-Binding By The Thyroxine-Binding Globulin

Parker, R.H.; Beie, W.Ltes, W.H., 1961:
Inheritance of defective organification of iodine in familial goitrous cretinism

Lazaro, C.; Kolski, R.; Olaizola, L.; Scvortzoff, E., 1966:
Inheritance of dermatoglvcphic formulae: I. Ulnar loops in complete or partial symmetrical formulae

Armaly, M.F., 1967:
Inheritance of dexamethasone hypertension and glaucoma

Read, D.C.; Brown, A.W.A., 1966:
Inheritance of dieldr in -resistance and adult longevity in the cabbage maggot. Hylemya brassicae

Gilotra, S.K., 1965:
Inheritance of dieldrin resistance in the larvae of Anopheles albimanus Wiedemann

Towgood, J.G.; BrownA.W.A., 1962:
Inheritance of dieldrin- resistant in the onion maggot

Wellwood, A.A.; Randolph, L.F., 1957:
Inheritance of differences in pachytene chromosome configuration in maize

Frets, G.P., 1947:
Inheritance of dimensions, shape and weight of the seeds of P vulgaris

Whitney, Leon, F., 1932:
Inheritance of double-jointedness in the thumb

Tingey, D.C., 1933:
Inheritance of drawfing in wheat

Quinby, J.R.; Karper, R.E., 1961:
Inheritance of duration of growth in the milo group of sorghum

Hofmeyr, J.D.J., 1949:
Inheritance of dwarfness in Carica papaya

Jones, Jenkin, W., 1928:
Inheritance of earli-ness and other agronomic characters in rice

Eunus, A.M., 1968:
Inheritance of earliness and plant height in a 11 parent diallel cross of brassica juncea d

Joarder, O.I.; Eunus, A.M.; Rahman, M.A., 1968:
Inheritance of earliness and plant height in a 6 parent diallel cross of corchorus olitorius d

Nandi, H.K.; Ganguli, P.M., 1941:
Inheritance of earliness in Surma Valley rices

Eunus, A.M., 1967:
Inheritance of earliness in a 6 parent diallel cross of barley m

Little, T.M.; Kantor, J.H., 1941:
Inheritance of earliness of flowering in the sweet pea

Gfeller, F., 1937:
Inheritance of earliness of heading and other characters in a Garnet Red Fife cross

Singh, M.P.; Anderson, J.C., 1949:
Inheritance of earliness of maturity in soybeans

Warren, D.C., 1928:
Inheritance of Earlobe Color in Poultry

Saakyan, G.A., 1966:
Inheritance of early maturity and yielding capacity in intervarietal-crossed tomatoes in the first hybrid generation

King, Steven, C., 1961:
Inheritance of economic traits in the Regional Cornell control population

Crew, F.A.E., 1932:
Inheritance of educability. A first report on an attempt to examine Prof. Mc-Dougall's conclusions relating to his experiment for the testing of the hypothesis of Lamarck

Hopkins, J.W.; Munro, S.S.; Bird, S., 1937:
Inheritance of egg production in the domestic fowl

Marble, D.R., 1942:
Inheritance of egg shape

Kennard, M.A., 1949:
Inheritance of electroencephalogram patterns in children with behavior disorders

Egami, Nobuo, 1951:
Inheritance of elytral color and pattern in Phytodecta rubripennis

Wall, J.R.; Whitaker, T.W., 1968:
Inheritance of enz leucine amino peptidase and enz alpha naphthyl acetate esterase polymorphism in an interspecific cucurbita d cross abstract

Keller, E.C.Jr, 1968:
Inheritance of enz xanthine dehydrogenase in drosophila melanogaster book

Winge, O.; Roberts, C., 1948:
Inheritance of enzymatic characters in yeasts, and the phenomenon of long-term adaptation

David-Rus, D.; Mukhopadhyay, S.; Lebowitz, J.L.; Sengupta, A.M., 2009:
Inheritance of epigenetic chromatin silencing

Gordon, Alfred, 1930:
Inheritance of epilepsy Epilepsy a mental hygiene problem

Vallance Owen, J.; Ashton, W.L., 1963:
Inheritance of essential diabetes mellitus from studies of the synalbumin insulin antagonis

Ogakl, M.; Nakashima Tanaka, E.; Murakami, S., 1967:
Inheritance of ether resistance in Drosophila melanogaster

Uhlenhuth, P.; Grossman, H., 1927:
Inheritance of experimental rabbit syphilis

Petragnani, G., 1927:
Inheritance of experimental tuberculosis in guinea pigs

Popp, Raymond, A., 1964:
Inheritance of factors affecting the ability of bone marrow of F2 mice to establish permanent grafts in irradiated F1 mice

Lunden, Aksel, P., 1929:
Inheritance of factors determining color of tubers, flowers and stem in potatoes, with correlation studies of these characters

Frecha, Jose, H., 1958:
Inheritance of factors of resistance to H teres in the barley varieties Rojo, Hoyo Epuyen and H spontaneum

Kawakami, Riiti, 1926:
Inheritance of familial atrophy of the optic nerve

Figini, G.P., 1926:
Inheritance of fasciation in A. majus

Yamagouchi, Yasuke, 1926:
Inheritance of fasciation in Pharbitis

Mathew, N.T., 1946:
Inheritance of fertilit

Leonard, W.H., 1942 :
Inheritance of Fertility in the Lateral Spikelets of Barley

Hammett, H.L.; Hernandez, T.P.; Miller, J.C., 1966:
Inheritance of fiber content in the sweet potato Lam.

Self, F.W.; Henderson, M.T., 1954:
Inheritance of fiber strength in a cross between the upland cotton varieties AHA 50 and Half and Half

Ratnoff, O.D.; Steinberg, A.G., 1968:
Inheritance of fibrin-stabilising-factor deficiency

Hurter, N., 1962:
Inheritance of flesh color in the fruit of the Japanese plum Prunus salicina

Kaul, A.K.; Sosulski, F.W., 1965:
Inheritance of flour protein content in a Selkirk X Gabo cross

Shcherbina, D.M., 1968:
Inheritance of flour strength in inter cultivar hybrids of soft wheat m

Ikeno, S., 1928:
Inheritance of flower color in P. grandiflora. III. Mosaic colors

Kumar, L.S.S., 1943:
Inheritance of flower color in Salvia coccinea

Loomis, N.H.; Williams, C.F.; Murphy, M.M., 1954:
Inheritance of flower type in Muscadine grapes

Buzzell, R.I.; Wilsie, C.P., 1965:
Inheritance of flowering time and length of flowering stem in Empire by Viking birdsfoot trefoil crosses

Bhapkar, D.G.; Patil, J.A., 1963:
Inheritance of foliage, flower, and seed-coat colors in gram

Green, C.V., 1933:
Inheritance of foot length in a mouse species cross

Lundborg, H., 1930:
Inheritance of form of human mandible

Erickson, H.T.; Couto, F.A.A., 1963:
Inheritance of four plant and floral characters in okra L

Wright, D.A.; Moyer, F.H., 1968:
Inheritance of frog lactate dehydrogenase patterns and the persistence of maternal isozymes during development

Kiil, V., 1948:
Inheritance of frontal hair directions in man

Baker, R.E., 1952:
Inheritance of fruit characters in the strawberry

Showalter, A.M., 1948:
Inheritance of fruit shape in a variety of Cucurbita moschata

Dale, Ernest, E., 1928:
Inheritance of fruit-length in Capsicum

Von Tubeuf,, 1930:
Inheritance of funnel-shaped leaves in linden

Gunn, C.K., 1940:
Inheritance of fur characters

Polacco, Ezio, 1929:
Inheritance of gastro-duodenal ulcer

Rieke, Jean Ann, 1963:
Inheritance of gene differences in Neurospora crassa fas shown by changes in nutrient requirements

Dongfa Sun; Jingye Fang; Genlou Sun, 2009:
Inheritance of genes controlling supernumerary spikelet in wheat line 51885

Garrick, M.D.; Charlton, J.P., 1968:
Inheritance of genetically variant alpha and beta hemo globin chains in goats abstract inst electrophoresis

Cope, Will, A., 1962:
Inheritance of giant striata and dark calyx in striate Lespedeza

Vaenko, A.A., 1934:
Inheritance of glume pubescence and of the black color of the ear in durum wheat

Magruder, R.; Wester, R.E., 1942:
Inheritance of green cotyledon in the lima bean

Gaines, E.F., 1928:
Inheritance of growth habit in winter and spring wheat hybrids

Simongulyan, N.G.; Arutyunova, M.A., 1968:
Inheritance of gymnospermous and branching type characteristics during back-crossing of cotton

Pathak, G.N.; Singh, K.P., 1961:
Inheritance of hairy character on pods in black gram

Smithies, O.; Connell, G.E.; Dixon, G.H., 1962:
Inheritance of haptoglobin subtypes

Matsunaga, E.; Murai, K.; Matsuda, E., 1962:
Inheritance of haptoglobin types in 51 Japanese families

Lebedeff, G.A., 1943:
Inheritance of hard-seed production in common beans

Sanders, J., 1934:
Inheritance of harelip and cleft palate

Fortuyn, A.B.D., 1935:
Inheritance of harelip and cleft palate in man

Fetscher, R., 1927:
Inheritance of hay fever

Balyeat, R.M.; Richards, M.Hoge, 1929:
Inheritance of hay fever. A preliminary report

Konstantinov, G., 1968:
Inheritance of hemo globin types in some cattle breeds and their crosses raised in bulgaria

Warren, T.R.; Atken, F.W., 1931:
Inheritance of hernia in a family of Holstein-Freisian cattle

Yamen, A.S.H.mdan; Begoña Pérez-Vich; Leonardo Velasco; José M.F.rnández-Martínez, 2009:
Inheritance of high oleic acid content in safflower

Lush, Jay, L., 1926:
Inheritance of horns, wattles and color in grade toggenburg goats

Narain, A., 1966:
Inheritance of host reaction to races a 20 and a 22 of ustilago aveno abstract oats m

Lebow, M.R.; Sawin, P.B., 1941:
Inheritance of human facial features

Payne, R.; Hackel, E., 1961:
Inheritance of human leukocyte antigens

Milles, Bess Lloyd, 1928:
Inheritance of human skeletal anomalies

Barnett, R.D.; Caviness, C.E., 1968:
Inheritance of hydrocyanic acid production in two sorghum X sudangrass

Allard, R.W., 1952:
Inheritance of hypocotyl color in Lima beans

Cipar, M.S.; Peloquin, S.J.; Hougas, R.W., 1964:
Inheritance of incompatibility in hybrids between Solanum tuberosum haploids and diploid species

Mcdougall, Kenneth James, 1964:
Inheritance of induced and naturally occurring cytoplasmic alterations in Neurospora crassa

Dunstan, Robert, T., 1967:
Inheritance of inflorescence in bunch grape-muscadine hybrids

Rokhlin, O.V.; Khromacheva, R.P., 1966:
Inheritance of interstrain differences in producing haemolysins against rat erythrocytes

Werner, Sigurd, 1929 :
Inheritance of juvenile glaucoma

Schott, H., 1942:
Inheritance of keratoma palmare et plantare

Huelsen, W.A.; Gillis, M.C., 1929:
Inheritance of kernel arrangement in sweet corn

Whaley, W.G., 1939:
Inheritance of leaf and flower characters in the nasturtium

Sikka.; Jain, K.B., 1959:
Inheritance of leaf blotching in an intervarietal cross of Triticum aestivum 1

Isaac, S.A.,.; Henderson, M.T., 1951:
Inheritance of leaf pubescence in upland cotton

Heyne, E.G.; Johnston, C.O., 1954:
Inheritance of leaf rust reaction and other characters in crosses among Timstein, Pawnee and Red Chief wheats

Deshpande, R.B., 1942:
Inheritance of leaf-lobe in Hibiscus cannabinus L

Ikeno, Seiitiro, 1926:
Inheritance of left-and righthandedness

Murray, Calvin Clyde, 1946:
Inheritance of length of fiber in American upland cotton

Ghose, R.L.M.; Butany, W.T.; Seetharaman, R., 1957:
Inheritance of ligule, auricle and junctura in rice

Ware, J.0, 1932:
Inheritance of lint color in Upland cotton

Ware, J.O., 1929:
Inheritance of lint percentage in cotton

Marani, A., 1968:
Inheritance of lint quality characteristics in interspecific crosses of cotton d gossypium hirsutum d gossypium barbadense d

Chopra, M.S., 1961:
Inheritance of loops in finger dermatoglyphics

Metcalfe, D.R.; Helgason, S.B., 1962:
Inheritance of loose smut resistance. I. Inheritance of resistance to a Trebi-attacking culture of Ustilago nuda Rostr. in five barley varieties of Abyssinian origin

Metcalfe, D.R.; Johnston, W.H., 1963:
Inheritance of loose smut resistance. II. Inheritance of resistance in three barley varieties to races 1. 2, and 3 of Ustilago nuda Rostr

Agrawal, R.K.; Rao, M.V.; Joshi, A.B., 1963:
Inheritance of loose-smut resistance in an inter-varietal cross of Triticum aestivum L

Law, L.W.; Morrow, A.G.; Greenspan, E.M., 1952:
Inheritance of low liver glucuronidase activity in the mouse

Bliss, Frederick Allen, 1965:
Inheritance of male sterility in table beets

Hansche, Paul Ellis, 1962:
Inheritance of male sterility in the carrot

Jones, H.A.; Clarke, A.E., 1943:
Inheritance of male sterility in the onion and the production of hybrid seed

Vrinceanu, V., 1967:
Inheritance of male sterility stocks in sunflowers

Merrell, D.J., 1951:
Inheritance of manic-depressive psychosis

Moores, E.C.; Anders, J.M.; Emanuel, R., 1966:
Inheritance of marker chromosomes from a cytogenetic survey of congenital heart disease

Starr, R.C., 1954:
Inheritance of Mating Type and a Lethal Factor in Cosmarium Botrytis Var. Subtumidum Wittr

Reid, R., 1966:
Inheritance of mating types and zygo spore morphology in netrium digitus var lamellosum

Jain, K.B.L.; Murthy, B.N., 1965:
Inheritance of mature plant resistance of Quinn barley to Pucclnla hordel

Kiso, Keigo, 1928:
Inheritance of medullated retinal nerve fibers

King, Robert, L., 1942:
Inheritance of melanism in Melanoplus differentialis

Basu, S.K., 1968:
Inheritance of middle phalangeal and basal phalangeal configurations by twin and family studies

Pirchner, F.; Stuber, O.; Tschorner, F., 1962 :
Inheritance of milk constituents in alpine cattle

Pirchner, F.; Stuber, O.; Tschorner, F., 1962:
Inheritance of milk constituents in hill cattle

Patow, K., 1926:
Inheritance of milk production in cattle. Collective abstracts

Iltis, H., 1948:
Inheritance of missing incisors

Chalkia, D., 2009:
Inheritance of mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy: Does Kimura's solution work?

Schmidt, M., 1940:
Inheritance of morphological characters on artificial media and ag-gressivity to certain hosts in monosporic strains of Venturia

Ernst, A., 1928:
Inheritance of morphological heterostyly

Singh, G.R., 1967:
Inheritance of mosaic resistance in sugarcane

Juberg, R.C.; Holt, J.F., 1968:
Inheritance of multiple epiphyseal dysplasia, tarda

Leven, 1928:
Inheritance of multiple lipoma

Strogaia, E.Z.; E. 3. K.C.porah, 1926:
Inheritance of musical abilities Russ. Jour. Eugen

Kimball, R.F., 1949:
Inheritance of Mutational Changes Induced by Radiation in Paramecium Aurelia

Berge, S., 1961:
Inheritance of muzzle color, muzzle ring, and black hairs on the head in red cattle

Musgrave, A.J.; Monro, H.A.U.; Upitis, E., 1965:
Inheritance of mycetomal symbiotes in fumigated weevils

Lamy, M.; D.G.ouchy, J., 1954:
Inheritance of myopathy

Henke, Karl; Seeger, S., 1927:
Inheritance of myotonic dystrophy. Genetic contribution to the problem of degeneration

Capinpin, Jose, M., 1937:
Inheritance of nanism in man

Offutt, Marion, S., 1965:
Inheritance of narrow, white flower standard in Korean Lespedeza, Lespedeza stipulacea Maxim

Jones, Jenkin, W., 1952:
Inheritance of natural and induced mutations in Caloro Rice and observations on sterile Caloro types

Poole, C.F.; Grimball, P.C., 1939:
Inheritance of new sex forms in Cucumis melo L

Wheeler, D.A., 1962:
Inheritance of node number in maize as analyzed by partitioning and other statistical methods

Suzuki, K., 1951 :
Inheritance of non-fertilization phenomena in the silkworm III. On the vaginal constriction

Suzuki, K.; Omura, S., 1951:
Inheritance of non-fertilization phenomena in the silkworm. II. On the oligospermy

Tavcar, Alois, 1928:
Inheritance of number and length of stomata in Z mays L

Stevens, M.A.; Frazier, W.A., 1967:
Inheritance of oct-l-en-3-ol and linalool in canned snap beans

Richmond, T.R.; Harper, R.E., 1937:
Inheritance of okra-leaf and round-leaf in Upland cotton

Riley, H.P., 1945:
Inheritance of orange and yellow flower color in Nemesia strumosa

Del Conte, E.; Stringa, S.G.rardo, 1952:
Inheritance of ordinary ichthyosis

Goplen, B.P., 1968:
Inheritance of pale cotyledon pc in sweet clover d melilotus alba d chlorophyll deficiency

Patel, R.A.; Patel, P.L., 1961:
Inheritance of pale-green color in cotton

Culp, Thomas, W., 1960:
Inheritance of papershell capsules, capsule number and plant color in sesame

Rudzinski, E.; Skora, S., 1963:
Inheritance of parental characters in hybrids of common and crucian carp

Miller, D.A.; Pickett, R.C., 1964:
Inheritance of partial male-fertility in Sorghum vulgare pers

Flor, H.H., 1942:
Inheritance of pathogenicity of Melamp-sora lini

Clark, Frank, H., 1938:
Inheritance of pectoral buff spotting in the cactus-mouse, Peromyscus eremicus

Macklin, M.T.urlow; Bowman, J.T.ornley, 1926:
Inheritance of peroneal atrophy

Becker, R.B.; Mcgilliard, P.C., 1929:
Inheritance of persistency of lactation

Irizarry, H.; Ellison, J.H.ward; Orton, P., 1965:
Inheritance of persistent-green color in Asparagus officin-alis L

Sanyal, P.; Dutta, A.N., 1959:
Inheritance of petal colour and stigma colour in Hibiscus cannabinus Linn

Muraoka, Yz, 1957:
Inheritance of photoperiodism in crosses of tobacco I Xanthi x bright yellow cross

Johnston, C.O., 1965:
Inheritance of physiologic leaf spot of some winter wheats

Benazzi, M., 1962:
Inheritance of pigmentation in the planaria Dugesia lugubris Proceedings of the VIIth Scientific Meeting of the Italian Genetic Association, Parma, 9-10 October, 1961

Merkle, O.G.; Atkins, I.M., 1964:
Inheritance of plant height and stem rust resistance in wheat Triticum aestivum L

Johnson, V.A.; Biever, K.J.; Haunold, A.; Schmidt, J.W., 1966:
Inheritance of plant height, yield of grain, and other plant and seed characteristics in a cross of hard red winter wheat, Triticum aestivuum L

Yuasa, Akira, 1961:
Inheritance of plastid

Bruckner, J.H., 1941:
Inheritance of plumage color in Phasianus colchicus

Hays, F.A., 1926:
Inheritance of Plumage Color in the Rhode Island Red Breed of Domestic Fowl

Schultze Naumburg, B., 1939:
Inheritance of poetic talent

Ramanatha Ayyar, V.; Balasubrahmanyan, R., 1933:
Inheritance of pollen color in Asiatic cottons

Li, C.H.uan; Tai, C.J.; Hsu, C.F.; Ch'en, C.Y., 1963:
Inheritance of pollen restoration in cytoplasmic male-sterile inbreds of maize

Kinoshita, T.; Takahashi, M., 1966:
Inheritance of pollen sterility induced by irradiation sugar beet d cytoplasmic mutation

Thomsen, Oluf, 1927:
Inheritance of poly- and syndactyly in man

Cunningham, C.E., 1962:
Inheritance of potato chip color and its association with specific gravity

Nyquist, W.E., 1963:
Inheritance of powdery mildew resistance in hybrids involving a common wheat strain derived from Triticum timopheevi

Jackson, C.E.; Falls, H.F.; Block, W.D.; Rukavina, J.K.; Carey, J.H., 1960:
Inheritance of primary systemic amyloidosis

Doane, Ted, H., 1960:
Inheritance of production traits in beef cattle

Dionigi, A., 1967:
Inheritance of productivity factors in crosses between triticum durum m and triticum turgidum m

Ftirst, Th, 1929:
Inheritance of progressive muscular atrophy

Dawidenkow, S., 1929:
Inheritance of progressive muscular dystrophy

Steinthal, Margarete, 1929:
Inheritance of progressive neural muscular atrophy

Six, Erich, 1961:
Inheritance of prophage P2 in superinfection experiments

Tandon, J.P., 1967:
Inheritance of protein content in an inter cultivar cross of wheat m triticum aestivum m

Furst, Kurt, 1927:
Inheritance of psoriasis

Marcuse, Max, 1929:
Inheritance of psoriasis and gall-stones in the same family

Imai, Yoshitaka, 1926:
Inheritance of pubescence in Pharbitis Nil

Pohl, Z., 1964:
Inheritance of pyramidal crown form by the hybrid progeny of Populus pyramidalis Roz L Engl. and Russ. summ.

Sinha, B.K.; Prakash, R.; Haque, E., 1967:
Inheritance of qualitative characters in brinjal d eggplant d anthocyanin

Ma3hhi , II.A., 1928:
Inheritance of quantitative characters in D melanogaster Inheritance of the costal index of the wings Trav Sac Nat Leningrad

Mohamed, A.H.; El-Haddad, M.M.; Mallah, G.S., 1966:
Inheritance of quantitative characters in Zea mays VI Genetic studies on the resistance to the European corn borer

Beil, G.M.; Atkins, R.E., 1965:
Inheritance of quantitative characters in grain sorghum

Lepin, T.K., 1929:
Inheritance of quantitative characters in hard wheats

Brewer, G.J.; Gall, J.C.; Honeyman, M.; Gershowitz, H.; Shreffler, D.C.; Dern, R.J.; Hames, C., 1967:
Inheritance of quantitative expression of erythrocyte glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in the negro--a twin study

A.K.T.iruvenkadan; N.K.ndasamy; S.P.nneerselvam, 2009:
Inheritance of racing performance of trotter horses An overview

Ogaki, M.; Nakashima-Tanaka, E., 1966:
Inheritance of radioresistance in Drosophila. I

Rutman, Robert, 1950:
Inheritance of rate of protein synthesis in the liver of inbred strains of rats

Kearney, T.H.; Peebles, R.H., 1927:
Inheritance of rate of shedding in a cotton hybrid

Phillip, M.J.; Honma, S.; Murahshi, H.H., 1966:
Inheritance of re-slstance to tobacco mosaic virus-induced internal browning in tomatoes

Wells, S.A.; Skoropad, W.P., 1963:
Inheritance of reaction of Rhynchosporium secalis in barley

Claassen, C.E.; Vogel, O.A.; Gaines, E.F., 1942:
Inheritance of reaction of Turkey-Florence-I X Oro-I to race 8 of Tilletia levis

Tamimi, Sadi Ahmad, 1963:
Inheritance of reaction of a diallel set of diploid alfalfa clones to two pathogens of the blackstem complex

Rumbaugh, M.D.; Semeniuk, G.; Geise, H.A., 1962:
Inheritance of reaction of diploid alfalfa clones to two isolates of Phoma herbarum var medicaginis

Well, S.A., 1958:
Inheritance of reaction to Ustilago hordei Legerh. in cultivated barley

Coyne, D.P.; Schuster, M.L.; Shaughnessy, L., 1966:
Inheritance of reaction to halo blight and common blight bacteria in a Phaseolus vul-garis variety cross

Wells, D.G.; Caffey, H.R.; Akhter, S.W., 1956:
Inheritance of reaction to leaf rust of wheat caused by Puccinia triticina Eriks, in a cross involving a Fronteira derivative

Hartwig, E.E.; Keeling, B.L.; Edwards, C.J.Jr, 1968:
Inheritance of reaction to phytophthora megasperma var sojae rot in the soy bean d glycine max d

Atkins, R.E., 1967:
Inheritance of reaction to race 15 B of wheat stem rust ir derivatives of Frontana and Triticum timopheevi Zhuk

Omar, Abdel Aziz, M., 1959:
Inheritance of reaction to race 15B and some other races of stem rust of wheat

Welsh, J.N.; Johnson, T., 1954:
Inheritance of reaction to race 7A and other races of oat stem rust, Puccinia graminls avenae

Kushner, H.F.; Kitaeva, O.N., 1946:
Inheritance of red blood components of domestic fowls in connection with their productivity

Singleton, W.R.lph; Ellis, B., 1964:
Inheritance of red hair for six generations

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Inheritance of relative digit size in the human foot

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Inheritance of resistance against bean mosaic viruses 1 and 2 from P. coccineus in fertile hybrids from the cross P. vulgaris x P. coccineus

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Inheritance of resistance and susceptibility to infectious abortion

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Inheritance of resistance in Solanum nigrum to Phytophthora infestans

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Inheritance of resistance in corn to rust, Puccinia sorghi Schw., and the genetic relationships among different sources of resistance

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Inheritance of resistance in oats to Puccinia graminis avenae

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Inheritance of resistance insweetc lover to the sweetclover aphid

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Inheritance of resistance of La prevision to three races of yellow rust

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Inheritance of resistance of soybeans to the cyst nematode, Heterodera glycines

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Inheritance of resistance of strains of diploid and tetraploid species of oats to races of the crown rust fungus

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Inheritance of resistance of the rice variety Pi No 4 to blast Piricularia oryzae

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Inheritance of resistance to 3 races of leaf rust in wheat m cultivar bowie

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Inheritance of resistance to Fusarium wilt of flax in Dakota Selection 48-94

Knowles, P.F.; Houston, B.R.; Mconie, J.B., 1956:
Inheritance of resistance to Fusarium wilt of flax in Punjab 53

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Inheritance of resistance to Helminthosporium blight, crown rust race 216, and stem rust race 7A in oats

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Inheritance of resistance to Helminthosporium californicum in a cross between Chevalier barley, a resistant variety, and Abyssinian, a susceptible variety

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Inheritance of resistance to Phytophthora root and stem rot in the soy-bean

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Inheritance of resistance to Puccinia coronata avenae and P. graminis avenae

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Inheritance of resistance to Puccinia sorghi in six corn inbred lines

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Inheritance of resistance to Pythium root rot in sorghum

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Inheritance of resistance to Ustilago levis Magn in a cross between Markton and Colorado 37 oats

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Inheritance of resistance to Verticillium wilt

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Inheritance of resistance to Verticilllum wilt in a tomato cross

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Inheritance of resistance to angular leaf spot of cucumber

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Inheritance of resistance to bacterial blight in soybeans

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Inheritance of resistance to black root rot disease in tobacco d i analysis of the gene controlling the resistance

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Inheritance of resistance to bunt and leaf rust in the wheat cross, Oro X Tenmarq

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Inheritance of resistance to bunt, Tilletia tritici, in White Odessa wheat

Briggs, Fred, N., 1932:
Inheritance of resistance to bunt, Tilletia tritici, in hybrids of White Federation and Odessa wheat

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Inheritance of resistance to covered smut in smut in several hybrids of barley

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Inheritance of resistance to dieldrin in the housefly

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Inheritance of resistance to fowl paralysis . I. Differences in susceptibility

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Inheritance of resistance to fowl paralysis . II. On a significant difference in the incidence of fowl paralysis in two groups of chicks

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Inheritance of resistance to insecticides in insects.

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Inheritance of resistance to leaf rust, Puccinia triticina Erikss., in crosses of common wheat, Triticum vulgare Vill

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Inheritance of resistance to leaf-mold in tomatoes

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Inheritance of resistance to lindane in the German cockroach, Blattella germanica

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Inheritance of resistance to loose and covered smut in a hybrid of early Gothland and Victor oats

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Inheritance of resistance to loose smut in 3 winter barleys m

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Inheritance of resistance to loose smut of wheat, Ustilago tritici, in the varietal cross Trumbull X Wabash

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Inheritance of resistance to mildew, Erysiphe graminis hordei, in a cross between Hanna and Atlas barleys

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Inheritance of resistance to net blotch of barley

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Inheritance of resistance to physiologic races 1, 2, and 3 of Sphacelotheca sorghi in sorghum

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Inheritance of resistance to physiologic races T-8, T-16, and T-17 of Tllletia caries Tul. In hybrids of - selection 53 and Elgin wheat

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Inheritance of resistance to polyoma tumorigenesis in inbred mice

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Inheritance of resistance to powdery mildew in runner beans , tepary beans , yard long beans and cowpeas

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Inheritance of resistance to pullorum disease

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Inheritance of resistance to radicicolous phylloxera in the vine

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Inheritance of resistance to root knot nematode in Vitis spp

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Inheritance of resistance to root-knot nematodes, Meloidogyne incognita group, in tomatoes

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Inheritance of resistance to rust in linseed

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Inheritance of resistance to rust in the snapdragon, Antirrhinum majus

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Inheritance of resistance to rusty blotch in barley

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Inheritance of resistance to stem rot and to root knot nematode in sweetpotato

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Inheritance of resistance to sugar-beet nematode in hybrids between sugar-beet and species of the Patellares section

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Inheritance of resistance to the hessian fly in the wheat crosses Dawson X P so and Dawson X Big Club

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Inheritance of resistance to the leaf blight of corn caused by Helminthosporium turcicum

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Inheritance of resistance to the locust in amargo maize

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Inheritance of resistance to the tobacco mosaic virus in Argentina

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Inheritance of resistance to tobacco-mosaic disease in Browallia

Holmes, Francis, O., 1952:
Inheritance of resistance to tobacco-mosaic disease in tomato

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Inheritance of resistance to tomato race O of Phvtophthora infestans

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Inheritance of resistance to two strains of blight in potatoes

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Inheritance of retinoblastoma. Two families supplying evidence

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Inheritance of ringed hair

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Inheritance of rosettes in the guinea-pig; a conditional gene and a separate gene of localization

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Inheritance of ruptured epidermis in alfalfa

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Inheritance of rust resistance in crosses between cultivated safflower d carthamus tinctorius d and wild safflower d carthamus oxycantha d puccinia carthami

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Inheritance of rust resistance in selfed lines of timothy

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Inheritance of rust-resistance in some aestivum crosses as a trigenic character

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Inheritance of rye crossability in wheat hybrid

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Inheritance of sclerotial and mycelial segregates of botryotinia squamosa abstract

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Inheritance of season of ripening in progenies from certain early ripening peach varieties and selections

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Inheritance of seed and flower color in flax

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Inheritance of seed coat colour in gram

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Inheritance of seed condensed tannins and their relationship with seed-coat color and pattern genes in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

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Inheritance of seed weight and its relation to grain yield of oats

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Inheritance of seed weight in green gram

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Inheritance of seedling cotyledon position in Phaseolus species

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Inheritance of seedling reaction to race 15C of black rust and its colour mutant in some inter-varietal crosses of Triticum aestlvum L

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Inheritance of seizure susceptibility in the house mouse

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Inheritance of semi-sterility in maize

Buschmann, Hans, 1965:
Inheritance of serum trans-ferrin and hemoglobin types of cattle

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Inheritance of sex character in castor d ricinus communis d

Garbuzova, D.A., 1963:
Inheritance of sex in annual hybrid hop seedlings

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Inheritance of sex in hybrids of pinks

Swoboda, Hermann, 1928:
Inheritance of sex in man

Solntseva, M.P., 1963:
Inheritance of sex type in the F1 of intervarietal crosses in Fragaria ananassa Duch

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Inheritance of shades of crimson and magenta flowers of Antirrhinum majus

Lindstrom, E.W., 1930:
Inheritance of shape in tomato fruits

Allan, William, 1939:
Inheritance of short finger tendons

Steggerda, Morris, 1942:
Inheritance of short metatarsals

Pendergast, Winifred, 1936:
Inheritance of short, stubby hands

Asmundson, V.S., 1926:
Inheritance of side sprigs Data on the inheritance of side sprigs on the combs of single comb white leghorns

Shiota, Gizo, 1962:
Inheritance of silver and platinum character in the fox

Kelley, R.B. , 1952:
Inheritance of skin folding of sheep

Offutt, Marions, 1968:
Inheritance of small, purple flower standard in Korean lespedeza, Lespedeza stipulacea Maxim

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Inheritance of smooth seeds in cotton

Swanson, A.F.; Parker, J.H., 1931:
Inheritance of smut resistance and juiciness of stalk in the sorghum cross, Red Amber X Feterita

Reed, George, M., 1931:
Inheritance of smut resistance in hybrids of early Gothland and Monarch oats

Anpilogov, M.Z., 1963:
Inheritance of soft wheat resistance to brown rust in connection with selection for hybridization

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Inheritance of some characters in muskmelons

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Inheritance of some characters in tetra ploid sugar beets d monogerm male sterility and annual habit beta maritima d

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Inheritance of some characters in wheat in crosses of Triticum pyramidale X T. durum and T. vulgare X T. sphaerococcum

Taibell, Alula, 1930:
Inheritance of some factors in the domestic duck

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Inheritance of some leaf characters in Salvia nemecii Hbv

Purewal Swarn Singh, 1936:
Inheritance of some morphological characters in Crepis dioscoridis

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Inheritance of some physiological changes in wheat induced by 2,4-D

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Inheritance of some quantitative characters in pearl millet m pennisetum typhoides m

Taylor, Lewis, W., 1932:
Inheritance of spangling in the domestic fowl

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Inheritance of specific anatomical features in the structure of the pericarp which block dehiscence of the fruits in hybrid forms of fodder beans d

Sedlmayr, Thomas, E., 1962:
Inheritance of speed of germination in sugar beets

Zobel, B.; Stonecypher, R.W.; Browne, C., 1968:
Inheritance of spinal grain in young loblolly pine g pinus taeda g

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Inheritance of spontaneous activity in rats

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Inheritance of spot-variation in Epilachna

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Inheritance of stature through selective mating. Pedigrees of six families in which assortative mating has affected stature

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Inheritance of stature, stooling, rooting ability, and other characteristics in progenies of Mailing DC

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Inheritance of stem rust reaction in a Frontana-Kenya 58 newthatch derivative

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Inheritance of stem rust reaction in a Khapli Emmer cross

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Inheritance of stem rust resistance and other characteristics in diploid oats, Avena strigosa

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Inheritance of stem rust resistance in Triticam aestivum ssp. vulgare 'Reliance' and P. I. 94701 of Triticum aestivum

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Inheritance of sterility

Kumar, L.S.S.; Ranga Rao, D.S., 1945:
Inheritance of sterility in Sesamum orientale L

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Inheritance of stomata number in P sativum

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Inheritance of structural types in the dorsosacrum of domestic poultry

Arasimovich, V.V., 1934:
Inheritance of sugar content in cucurbits

Fischer, H., 1955 :
Inheritance of superior brachygnathia in goats

Hunt, H.R.; Hoppert, C.A.; Erwin, W.G., 1945:
Inheritance of susceptibility and resistance to caries in albino rats

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Inheritance of susceptibility of apple to Podosphaere leucotricha

Odaka, Takeshi; Yamamoto, T., 1966:
Inheritance of susceptibility to Friend mouse leukemia virus. HI. Susceptibility of Fl and genotypes of F2 and back-cross progeny

Odaka, T., 1967:
Inheritance of susceptibility to friend mouse leukemia virus. IV. Persistence of friend leukemia virus in C57BL-6 mice

Finkner, Verne, C., 1953:
Inheritance of susceptibility to Helminthosporium victoriae in crosses involving Victoria and other crown rust resistant oat varieties

Bradford, F.C., 1949:
Inheritance of susceptibility to cedar apple rust in seedlings of crab apples

Odaka, Takeshi; Yamamoto, T., 1965:
Inheritance of susceptibility to friend mouse leukemia virus. II. Spleen foci method applied to test the susceptibility of crossbred progeny between a resistant strain

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Inheritance of susceptibility to infection by Helminthosporium maydis Race I in maize

Heston, W.E., 1942:
Inheritance of susceptibility to spontaneous pulmonary tumors in mice

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Inheritance of syndactyly Russ. Jour. of Eugen

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Inheritance of taillessness in the domestic cat

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Inheritance of temperature-sensitive leaf rust resistance and adult plant stripe rust resistance in common wheat cultivar PBW343

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Inheritance of testa color in groundnut d arachis hypogaea d letter

Hirschfeld, J.; Contu, L.; Rittner, C.; Geserick, G., 1968:
Inheritance of the Ag and Ag antigens

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Inheritance of the Biedl-Bardet syndrome

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Inheritance of the Gc-types: 95 Norwegian families with 343 children

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Inheritance of the Jardo grey coloration in sheep.I

Mäkelä, P.H., 1965:
Inheritance of the O antigens of Salmonella groups B and D

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Inheritance of the Redman resistance to Tilletia caries Tul. and T. foetida Liro

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Inheritance of the Rh blood groups: 150 families tested with ant-C-c-CW-D-E and anti-e

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Inheritance of the accessory lobe of the azygos vein

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Inheritance of the albinistic non-conidial characters in interspecific hybrids in Neuro-spora

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Inheritance of the biochemical blood groups of sheep

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Inheritance of the blasting reaction of sorghum to physiologic race I of Sphacelotheca sorghi

Collins, O.R.; Clark, J., 1966:
Inheritance of the brown plasmodial pigment in Didymium iridis

Milani, R., 1955:
Inheritance of the characters knock-down-resistance and plexus in Musca domestica L. Preliminary note

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Inheritance of the cheek and tail spots in Bombyx mori

Akihama, Tomoya, 1968:
Inheritance of the competititive ability and effects of its selection on agronomic characters

Rovskii, V.M.; Sarkisova, E.G., 1968:
Inheritance of the crown shape in white poplar d hybrids

Geer, B.W., 1964:
Inheritance Of The Dietary Ribonucleic Acid Requirement Of Drosophila Melanogaster

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Inheritance of the elytral color patterns of the lady-bird beetle, Harmonia axyridis Pallas

Riley, Herbert Parkes, 1948:
Inheritance of the eyebrow gene in Nemesia strumosa

Yashina, I.M., 1968:
Inheritance of the field resistance to Phytophtora in varieties and hybrids of potatoes of different origin

Becker, Elisabeth, 1952:
Inheritance of the four-fingers-sulcus

Rhyne, Claude, L., 1962:
Inheritance of the glandless-leaf pheno-type in upland cotton

Rachinski, T.; Rachinska, T., 1968:
Inheritance of the grain protein content and effectiveness of selection in certain intervarietal common wheat m hybrids

Mikolajczyk, J., 1963:
Inheritance of the growth pattern in Lupinus angustifolius L and species hybrids L angustifolius x L linifolius

Leven, L., 1928:
Inheritance of the itch

Isaev, S.I.; Maksimova, I.P., 1968:
Inheritance of the leaf color and amount of anthocyanins in reciprocal apple d tree hybrids

Chmielewski, T., 1964:
Inheritance of the level of vitamin C and -carotene in tomato

Riley, Herbert Parkes, 1945:
Inheritance of the main anthocyanin pigmentation and of some of its patterns in flowers of Nemesia strumosa

Jones, G.L.; Ausemus, E.R., 1956:
Inheritance of the mode of reaction to stem rust, particularly race 15B, and leaf rust in two crosses of vulgare wheats

Ragimzade, M.S., 1968:
Inheritance of the properties of the nerve processes in reciprocal crossings of 2 different ecological races of honey bees

Heller, Jozef, 1947:
Inheritance of the rate of development in C euphorbiae

Zitelli, G.; Valega, J., 1968:
Inheritance of the resistance to erysiphe graminis tritici and to puccinia graminis tritici present in yuma durum wheat m

Zambonelli, C.; Turtura, G.C., 1966:
Inheritance of the resistance to ethyl monobromacetate in Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. ellipsoideus

Chandrasekhariah, S.R.; Parameswar, N.S., 1961:
Inheritance of the retule leaf apex in a cross between Crotalaria striata DC. and C. mucronata desv

Syakudo, Katumi, 1951:
Inheritance of the size and form of grains in rice and the quantitative function of the causal genes in their length determination

Larson, R.I.; Macdonald, M.D., 1963:
Inheritance of the type of solid stem in Golden Ball , III. The effect of selection for solid stem beyond F5 in hexaploid segregates of the hybrid Rescue X Golden Ball

Larson, R.I., 1959:
Inheritance of the type of solid stem in Golden Ball . II. Cytogenetics of the relation between solid stem and other morphological characters in hexaploid F5 lines of a hybrid with Rescue

Larson, R.I., 1959:
Inheritance of the type of solid stem in Golden Ball. I. Early generations of a hybrid with rescue .

Groszmann, Americo, 1949:
Inheritance of the weight and component parts of the seed in a dent x pop corn cross

Khan, N.H.; Rehman, S.J.milur, 1964:
Inheritance of thoracic stripes in the Indian forms of houseflies

Green, J.M.; Brinkerhoff, L.A., 1956:
Inheritance of three genes for bacterial blight resistance in upland cotton

Simon, J.P., 1965:
Inheritance of three marker characters in Medicago truncatula Gaertn.

Balasubrahmanyan, R.; Santhanam, V.; Pallai, M., 1950:
Inheritance of three new characters in the Cocanadas cotton

Saxena, K.M., 1965:
Inheritance of Thyroglobulin Antibody in Thyrotoxic Children

Harer, L., 1950:
Inheritance of time of flowering in early and late summer-annual races of A. thaliana

Sopina, V.A.; Yudin, A.L., 1965:
Inheritance of tolerance to ethyl alcohol in amoebae

Ogaki, M.; Tanaka, E., 1963:
Inheritance of tolerance to gamma radiation in Drosophila melanogaster

Mukherjee, D.P., 1966:
Inheritance of total number of triradii on fingers, palms and soles

East, E.M., 1927:
Inheritance of Trimorphism in Lythrum Salicaria

Cope, Will, A., 1963:
Inheritance of two dwarf characters in Lespedeza sericea

Dale, Ernest, E., 1942:
Inheritance of two factors affecting anthocyanin distribution in flowers of Petunia

Brigham, Raymond, D., 1967:
Inheritance of two female-sterile characters in dwarf-internode castor

Bhede, V.S., 1964:
Inheritance of upper scale leaf character in Gram varieties

Dokuchaeva, E.N., 1966:
Inheritance of valuable properties and characters in table grape hybrids

Clausen, J., 1930:
Inheritance of variegation and of black flower color in Viola tricolor L

Elpat'evski, D.V.; Anonymous, 1929:
Inheritance of various characteristics in crossing coarse wool, gaunt tail sheep with Rambouillet and Lincoln sheep

Robinson, M.G.; Kaplan, S.A., 1960:
Inheritance of vasopressin-resistant diabetes insipidus

N.H.laweh; H.-M.P.ehling, 2009:
Inheritance of vector competence by the thrips Ceratothripoides claratris Shumsher Thysanoptera Thripidae

Kohel, R.J.; Lewis, C.F., 1962:
Inheritance of veins-fused mutant in American upland cotton, Gossypium hirsutum L

Murray, J.M.; Green, C.V., 1933:
Inheritance of Ventral Spotting in Mice

A.M.rquez-Lema; J.M.F.rnández-Martínez; B.P.rez-Vich; L.V.lasco, 2009:
Inheritance of very high glucosinolate content in Ethiopian mustard seeds

Gomes, Fabio Ribeiro, 1958:
Inheritance of viability in Drosophila melanogaster

Warren, D.C., 1930:
Inheritance of vigour in the domestic fowl

Vartapetyan, V.V., 1962:
Inheritance of vitamin C content in reciprocal hybrids of tomato plants

Dice, Lee, R., 1935:
Inheritance of waltzing and of epilepsy in mice of the genus Peromyscus

Ricordeau, G., 1967:
Inheritance of wattles in the Saanen goat: Differences in fertility between the two genotypes

Patil, V.P., 1968:
Inheritance of waxy bloom in emmer wheats m reversals of dominance in intraspecific and interspecific crosses

Atkins, I.M., 1948:
Inheritance of weight per unit length of culm and other characters in Kanred X Coppei wheat

Tucker, C.L., 1965:
Inheritance of white and green seed coat colors in lima beans

Donnelly, E.D., 1958:
Inheritance of white flower color in common vetch, Vicia sativa

Panfil0va, E.P., 1940:
Inheritance of white spotting in black Karakul sheep

Jaap, R.George, 1933:
Inheritance of white spotting in ducks

Pullig, Terry, 1950:
Inheritance of whorls in cocker spaniels

Nordby, Julius, E., 1932:
Inheritance of whorls in the hair of swine

Hayes, H.K.; Aamodt, O.S., 1927:
Inheritance of winter hardiness and growth habit in crosses of Marquis with Minhardi and Minturki wheats

Eunus, A.M.; Johnson, L.P.V.; Aksel, R., 1962:
Inheritance of winterhardiness in an eighteen-parent diallele cross in barley

Clark, J.Allen, 1929:
Inheritance of yield and protein content in crosses of Marquis and Kota spring wheats grown in Montana

Oka, M.; Eguchi, K., 1965 :
Inheritance of yields and alkaloid content in flue cured tobacco

Oka, K.; Eguchi, K., 1963:
Inheritance of yields and alkaloid content of flue-cured tobacco

Mohamed, A.H.; Younis, S.E.A., 1966:
Inheritance ot quantitative characters in Zea mays. V. Popping expansion in popcorn

Palacios, J.J.; Sachno, R.; Blaylock, W.K., 1968:
Inheritance patterns in patients with asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema

Kachan, K.F., 1958:
Inheritance patterns of certain characteristics of tobacco under irrigation

Dorothy, I.Neff and Orland, E.White, 1927:
Inheritance studies in Pisum VI Multiple allelomorphism and the inheritance of green and yellow foliage and pod color

Stewart, G.; Price, H., 1929:
Inheritance studies in Sevier X Odessa wheat cross

Huber, J.A., 1929:
Inheritance studies in barley crosses

Trivedi, H.B.P.; Prakash, R., 1967:
Inheritance studies in bhindi d abelmoschus esculentus d leaf shape stem color calyx pigmentation

Mavalwala, Jamshed, 1966:
Inheritance studies in dermatoglyphics

John, C.M., 1934:
Inheritance studies in gingelly Sesamum indicum

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