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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 24869

Chapter 24869 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Polack, Frank, M., 1965:
Inhibition of immune corneal graft rejection by azathioprine

Levine, L., 1955:
Inhibition of immune hemolysis by diisopropyl fluorophosphate

Arquilla, E.R.; Hamashige, S.; Miller, A., 1964:
Inhibition of immune hemolysis by glycoprotein antigens

JETER.W.S.; McKEE.A.P.; MASON.R.J., 1961:
Inhibition of immune phagocytosis of Diplococcus pneumoniae by human neutrophiles with antibody against complement

Parodi, A.S.; Nota, N.R.; Deguerrero, L.B.; Frigerio, M.J.; Weissenbacher, M.; Rey, E., 1967:
Inhibition of immune response in experimental hemorrhagic fever

Mowbray, James, F., 1963:
Inhibition of immune responses by injection of large doses of a serum glycoprotein fraction

Salmon, J., 1961:
Inhibition of immunologic thrombocytopenic purpura with amino-caproic acid

Condie, R.M.; Good, R.A., 1956:
Inhibition of immunological enhancement by endotoxin in refractory rabbits

Hafez, E.S.; Pincus, G., 1956:
Inhibition of implantation by deciduoma formation in the rabbit

Nichaman, M.Z., 1956:
Inhibition of implantation by production of deciduomata in the rat

Caldwell, I.C.; Drummond, G.I., 1965:
Inhibition of in vitro acetoacetate formation. An acid phosphohydrolase

Shorter, R.G.; Spencer, R.J.; Huizenga, K.A.; Hallenbeck, G.A., 1968:
Inhibition of in vitro cytotoxicity of lymphocytes from patients with ulcerative colitis and granulomatous colitis for allogeneic colonic epithelial cells using horse anti-human thymus serum

Abbott, L.D.; Dobson, M.J., 1954:
Inhibition of in vitro heme synthesis from N15glycine by 2-ethyl-5-methylbenzimidazole

Glenn, R.D., 1968:
Inhibition of in vitro protein synthesis by basic proteins

Schreiber, V.; Kmentova, V.; Eckertova, A., 1964:
Inhibition of in vitro release of thyreotrophin by an analogue of oxytocln, 3 vallne-oxytocln

Prins, R.A.; Geelen, M.J.H., 1968:
Inhibition of in vitro rumen cellulolysis by compounds present in the bark of trees in connection with bark scaling red deer fallow deer cattle fraxinus d pseudotsuga g pinus g larix g tilia d acer d ulmus d populus m picea g aesculus d betula d

Kassim, O.O.; Loyevsky, M.; Amonoo, H.; Lashley, L.; Ako-Nai, K.A.; Gordeuk, V.R., 2009:
Inhibition of in-vitro growth of Plasmodium falciparum by Pseudocedrela kotschyi extract alone and in combination with Fagara zanthoxyloides extract

Hersh, E.M.; Oppenheim, J.J., 1965:
Inhibition of in-vitro lymphocyte transformation during chemotherapy in man

Delkers, W.; Wenzel, M.; Schmialek, P., 1965:
Inhibition of incorporation of 14C marked nucleosides in DNA and RNA of ascites-tumor cells by D-and L-glycerin aldehyde

Falcone, A.B.; Mao, R.L.; Shrago, E., 1960:
Inhibition of incorporation of orthophosphate into ATP adenosine triphosphate, by fatty acids

Van Lancker, J.L., 1959:
Inhibition of incorporation of [3H]thymidine in tissue homogenate after total-body doses of x-radiation

Schneider, J.H.; Cassir, R.; Chordikian, F., 1960:
Inhibition of incorporation of thymidine into deoxyribonucleic acid by amino acid antagonists in vivo

Tikhomirova, A.S.; Kulikova, A.K., 1963:
Inhibition of induced amylase synthesis in Aspergillus oryzae by glucose

Soper, E.H., 1963:
Inhibition of induced ovulation in immature mice by n-acetyl neuraminic acid

Berry, L.J.; Smythe, D.S.; Colwell, L.S., 1966:
Inhibition of inducible liver enzymes by endotoxin and actinomycin D

Higashimori, H.; Whetzel, T.P.; Carlsen, R.C., 2009:
Inhibition of inducible nitric oxide synthase reduces an acute peripheral motor neuropathy produced by dermal burn injury in mice

Sunderman, F.W., 1967:
Inhibition of induction of benzpyrene hydroxylase by nickel carbonyl

Kikuyama, Sakae, 1962:
Inhibition of induction of persistent estrus by chlorpromazine in the rat

Galliard, H.; Lapierre, J.; Murard, J., 1954:
Inhibition of infection by Plasmodium berghei in the mouse and rat by the hypophyseal growth hormone

Schulze, I.T.; Schlesinger, R.W., 1963:
Inhibition of infectious and hemagglutinating properties of type 2 dengue virus by aqueous Agar extracts

Raychaudhuri, S.P.; Mishra, M.D., 1963:
Inhibition of infectivity of sunn hemp mosaic virus growth regulators

Morita, Gompel, 1926:
Inhibition of inflammation by drugs

Morita, Gompei, 1927:
Inhibition of inflammation by nerve section

Michael, S.; Kelber, O.; Hauschildt, S.; Spanel-Borowski, K.; Nieber, K., 2009:
Inhibition of inflammation-induced alterations in rat small intestine by the herbal preparations STW 5 and STW 6

Romier-Crouzet, Béatrice.; Van De Walle, J.; During, A.; Joly, Aélie.; Rousseau, C.; Henry, O.; Larondelle, Y.; Schneider, Y-Jacques., 2009:
Inhibition of inflammatory mediators by polyphenolic plant extracts in human intestinal Caco-2 cells

Masada, A., 1968:
Inhibition of inflammatory reactions by hyper glycemia

Ungar, G.; Damgaard, E., 1954:
Inhibition of inflammatory response in beta-irradiated skin

Shilo, M.; Wolman, M.; Wolman, B., 1956:
Inhibition of inflammatory response of skin to Staphylococcus aureus by high polymer levan

Rikimaru, M.; Kumasaka, M.; Suzuki, M.; Ishida, N., 1963:
Inhibition of Influenza a Virus by 1-Isobutylbiguanide Hydrochloride in Mice

Buddingh, G.J.; Buff, E.E., 1965:
Inhibition Of Influenza C Virus By Hemophilus Influenzae In Embryonated Eggs

Eaton, M.D.; Magasanik, B.; Perry, M.E.; Karibian, D., 1951:
Inhibition of influenza and mumps viruses in tissue culture by basic amino acids

YamashiroyaHerbert, M.; Pumper, R.W.; Molander, L.T., 1965:
Inhibition of influenza virus cytotoxicity by ammonium ion in commercial medium 199

Cohen, A.; Newland, S.E.; Biddl, F., 1963:
Inhibition Of Influenza Virus Haemagglutination: A Difference Of Behavior In Sera From A Single Species

Stulberg, C.S.; Schapira, R.; Robinson, A.R.; Basinski, D.H.; Freund, H.A., 1951:
Inhibition of influenza virus hemagglutination by purified plasma mucoproteins

Tamm, I.; Folkers, K.; Horsfall, F.L., 1952:
Inhibition of influenza virus multiplication by 2,5-dimethylbenzimidazole

Tamm, I.; Folkers, K.; Shunk, C.H.; Horsfall, F.L., 1954:
Inhibition of influenza virus multiplication by N- glvcosides of benzimidazoles

Villari, V.; Coraggio, F., 1956:
Inhibition of influenza virus multiplication by papain

Holper, J.C.; Marquis, G.S., 1959:
Inhibition of influenza virus multiplication in swine kidney cells by lactalbumin hydrolysate

Kundin, W.D.; Robbins, M.L.; Smith, P.K., 1959:
Inhibition of influenza virus multiplication in tissue culture by structural analogs of amino acids

Amos, H.; Vollmayer, E., 1958:
Inhibition of influenza virus synthesis by 2-thiouracil

Schild, G.C.; Sutton, R.N., 1965:
Inhibition of influenza viruses in vitro and in vivo by 1-adamantanamine hydrochloride

Mizuno, S.; Yamazaki, H.; Nitta, K.; Umezawa, H., 1968:
Inhibition of initiation of DNA-dependent RNA synthesis by an antibiotic B44p

Fonyo, A.; Bessman, S.P., 1968:
Inhibition of inorganic phosphate penetration into liver mitochondria by para mercuri benzoate

Atkinson, M.R.; Morton, R.K.; Murray, A.W., 1963:
Inhibition of inosine 5 -phosphate dehydrogenase from Ehrlich ascites-tumour cells by 6-thioinosine 5 -phosphate

al-Mudhaffar, S.; Ackerman, C.J., 1968:
Inhibition of inosine monophosphate-dehydrogenase by thyroid hormones in vitro

Tomisek, A.J.; Hoskins, A.P.V.; Reid, M.R., 1965:
Inhibition of inosine phosphorylase by 6-mercaptopurine

Frater, R.W.M., 1968:
Inhibition of inst demand pacemakers human letter inst electro cardiogram

Chapman, J.D.; Swez, J.; Pollard, E.C., 1968 :
Inhibition of inst gamma ray induced degradation of escherichia coli b s 1 dna by infection with t 1 t 2 and t 4 bacterio phage

Walker, B.G.; Phear, D.N.; Martin, F.I.; Baird, C.W., 1963:
Inhibition Of Insulin By Acidosis

Williams, R.H.; Berg, M.K., 1956:
Inhibition of insulin degradation by amino acids and related compounds

Arab, M.M., 1968:
Inhibition of insulin inactivation in the liver during the post absorptive phase of glucose

Porte, D.; Williams, R.H., 1966:
Inhibition of insulin release by norepinephrine in man

Wilber, J.F.; Turtle, J.R.; Crane, N.A., 1966:
Inhibition of insulin secretion by a pheochromocytoma

Senft, G.; Sitt, R.; Losert, W.; Schultz, G.; Hoffmann, M., 1968:
Inhibition of insulin secretion by alpha adrenergic stimulatory agents

Kris, A.O.; Miller, R.E.; Wherry, F.E.; Mason, J.W., 1966:
Inhibition of insulin secretion by infused epinephrine in rhesus monkeys

Loubatieres, A.; Mariani M M.; Chapal, J., 1968:
Inhibition of insulin secretion by the increase of insulin content in the medium surrounding the beta cells of the islands of langerhans of the pancreas

Loubatieres, A.; Mariani, M.M.; Chapal, J., 1968:
Inhibition of insulin secretion due to the increase of insulin amount in the milieu irrigating the beta cells of the langerhans islands of the pancreas

Whitney, J.E.; Cutler, O.E.; Wright, F.E., 1963:
Inhibition of insulin-binding to tissues by P-hydroxymercuribenzoate and N-ethylmaleimide

Kiessling, J.Willis.; Cines, D.B.; Higazi, A.Al-Roof.; Armstead, W.M., 2009:
Inhibition of integrin alphavbeta3 prevents urokinase plasminogen activator-mediated impairment of cerebrovasodilation after cerebral hypoxia/ischemia

Hass, G.M.; Landerholm, W.; Hemmens, A., 1967:
Inhibition of inter cellular matrix synthesis during ingestion of inorganic lead rabbit hyper vitaminosis d vitamin c collagen

Mecs, E., 1964:
Inhibition of Interferon Action and Production by Adenine

Taylor, J., 1964:
Inhibition of interferon action by actinomycin

Friedman, R.M.; Sonnabend, J.A., 1965:
Inhibition of interferon action by puromycin

Holmes, A.W.; Gilson, J.; Deinhardt, F., 1964:
Inhibition of Interferon Production by 5-Iodo-2-Deoxyuridine

Coto, V.; Galeota, C.A.; Coraggio, F., 1966:
Inhibition of interferon production by a halogenated pyrimidine derivative: 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine

Kohno, S.; Kohase, M.; Suganuma, M., 1968:
Inhibition of interferon production by chloroquine di phosphate metab chick embryonic cells newcastle disease virus

Buchan, A.; Burke, D.C., 1964:
Inhibition of interferon production by puromycin and p- fluorophenylalanine

Rotem, Z.; Berwald, Y.; Sachs, L., 1964:
Inhibition of Interferon Production in Hamster Cells Transformed in Vitro with Carcinogenic Hydrocarbons

D.M.eyer E.; D.M.eyer Guignard, J., 1968:
Inhibition of interferon synthesis by tri ethylene melamine carcino and 4 nitro quinoline n oxide carcino rat embryo culture semliki forest virus

Hart, S.L.; Nissim, J.A., 1966:
Inhibition of intestinal absorption by different samples of cetrimide and the homologous alkyl series C10-C20

Larralde, J.; Bello, J.; Fernandez Otero, P., 1962:
Inhibition of intestinal absorption of glucose by potassium ion

Lazdunski, M.; Ouellet, L., 1962:
Inhibition of intestinal alkaline phosphatase

Richard, P.S.encer; Francia, E.V.shno, 1966:
Inhibition of intestinal amino acid transport by dimethyl sulfoxide

Nunn, A.S.; Baker, R.D.; Searle, G.W., 1963:
Inhibition Of Intestinal Glucose Absorption By Bile Salt

Richardson, S.H., 1966:
Inhibition of intestinal ion translocase enzymes by culture filtrates of Vibrio cholerae

Greenberger, N.J.; Ruppert, R.D.; Cuppage, F.E., 1967:
Inhibition of intestinal iron transport induced by tetracycline

Kock, N.G.; Darle, N.; Dotevall, G., 1967:
Inhibition of intestinal motility in man by glucagon given intraportally

Adamic, S.; Bihler, I., 1967:
Inhibition of intestinal sugar transport by phenolphthalein

Weber, G.; Bruscagli, G.; Guerri, G., 1962:
Inhibition of intimal hyperplasia of the carotid ligature and of the spleno-hepatic histiocytic reactivity to hemolysis induced during experimental scurvy

Dostrovsky, A.; Cohen, H.A., 1957:
Inhibition of intracutaneous leishmanin reaction by hydrocortisone acetate; comparison with cortisone, ACTH and hyaluronidase

Kopel, D.; Raubitschek, F., 1948:
Inhibition of intracutaneous pharmacodynamic skin reactions by intracutaneous administration of an anti-histamine

Pressey, R., 1968:
Inhibition of invertases by pyridoxal and its analogues

Siegel, S.M.; Frost, P., 1959:
Inhibition Of Iodide Oxidation By Thyroxine And Other Antioxidants

Shimoda, S.I.; Inoue, K.; Greer, M.A., 1966:
Inhibition of iodoamino acid synthesis in isolated thyroid epithelial cells by high concentrations of inorganic iodide

Page, Ernest, 1963:
Inhibition of ion transport in cat heart papillary muscle

Ichihara, S.; Yamada, Y.; Gonzalez, F.J.; Nakajima, T.; Murohara, T.; Ichihara, G., 2009:
Inhibition of ischemia-induced angiogenesis by benzo[a]pyrene in a manner dependent on the aryl hydrocarbon receptor

Katsh, S., 1957:
Inhibition of isolated auricles by anticholinesterases and reactivation with atropine and epinephrine

Uyeno, E.T., 1966:
Inhibition of isolation-induced attack behavior of mice by drugs

Johnson, W.; Corte, G., 1956:
Inhibition of isoniazid acetylation in vitro and in vivo

Ajl, S.J.; Woebke, J.; Rust, J., 1958:
Inhibition of keto acid oxidation by plague toxin

Cole, L.J.; Rosen, V.J., 1961:
Inhibition of kidney mitotic activity in mice with transplantation disease

Inhibition of knee jerk from tendon spindles of crureus

Ribereau Gayon, G.; Davies, D.D., 1967:
Inhibition of krebs cycle by glyoxylic acid and gamma hydroxy alpha keto glutaric acid enz aconitase enz pyruvate dehydrogenase

Ciaccio, E.I.; Keller, D.L.; Kenderes, R.; Boxer, G.E.; Devlin, T.M., 1966:
Inhibition of lactate de-hydrogenase by sulfite-releasing compounds, especially 1,3-butanediol cyclic sulfite and a-anilino-q-toluene sulfonic acid sodium salt

Cazarla, A., 1964:
Inhibition of Lactate Dehydrogenase by Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethane and other Related Substances

Emerson, P.M.; Withycombe, W.A.; Wilkinson, J.H., 1965:
Inhibition of lactate dehydrogenase by sera of uraemic patients

Geyer, Helmut, 1967:
Inhibition of lactate dehydrogenase caused by adenosine phosphate

Bottiroli, Ernesto, 1939:
Inhibition of lactation by fol-liculin

Canadas Villalta, J.A., 1966:
Inhibition of lactation by saluretics

Barnes, Josephine, 1942:
Inhibition of lactation by synthetic estrogenic substances, with special reference to dienoestrol

Mantle, P.G., 1968:
Inhibition of lactation in mice following feeding with ergot sclerotia claviceps fusiformis from the bulrush millet m pennisetum typhoides m and an alkaloid component

Proto, A.; Barsantini, J.C., 1950:
Inhibition of lactation in the rat produced by hormones

Baruah, N.K., 1968:
Inhibition of lactation with quinestrol metab ethynyl estradiol 3 cyclopentyl ether metab stilbestrol metab woman

Reiter, B., 1956:
Inhibition of lactic Streptococcus bacteriophage

Hirche, H.; Langohr, H.D., 1967:
Inhibition of lactic acid consumption in the heart muscle of anesthetized dogs caused by high arterial concentration of free fatty acids

Busch, H.; Nair, P.V., 1957:
Inhibition of lactic acid dehydrogenase by fluoropyruvic acid

Ronzoni, E., 1927:
Inhibition of lactic acid formation in muscle by extract of desiccated pancreas

Strandjord, P.E.; Clayson, K.J.; Freier, E.F., 1962:
Inhibition of lactic dehydrogenase activity by frozen DPNH solutions

R.R.J.C.affee; W.L.B.rtlett, 1960:
Inhibition of lactic dehydrogenase by -mercapto-acids

Morgan, J.M.; Morgan, R.E.; Thomas, G.E., 1963:
Inhibition of Lactic Dehydrogenase by Ultrafiltrate of Uremic Blood

Graham, D.M.; Nelson, F.E., 1953:
Inhibition of lactic streptococcus bacteriophage by crystal violet and other agents

Maeda, Eizo, 1965:
Inhibition of lamina inclination by cytoklnin in excised rice leaves

Hatch, G.B., 1941:
Inhibition of lead corrosion with sodium hexametaphosphate

Frost, David, 1961:
Inhibition of lens regeneration by implanted lenses in the eyes of the adult newt Diemictylus viridescens

Clifton, G.; Bryant, S.R.; Skinner, C.G., 1968:
Inhibition of lettuce d seed germination by some n substituted n hydroxy ureas

Khan, A.A., 1966:
Inhibition of lettuce seed germination and seedling growth by antimetabolites of nucleic acids, and reversal by nucleic acid precursors and gibberellic acid

Berrens, L., 1968:
Inhibition of leucine and lysine aminopeptidase by atropic allergens

Sutton, C.R.; King, H.K., 1962:
Inhibition of leucine decarboxylase by thiol-binding reagents

Oettgen, H.F.; Old, L.J.; Boyse, E.A.; Campbell, H.A.; Philips, F.S.; Clarkson, B.D.; Tallal, L.; Leeper, R.D.; Schwartz, M.K.; Kim, J.H.; Burchenal, J.H., 1967:
Inhibition of leukemias in man by enz l asparaginase abstract

Liebelt, R.A.; Liebelt, A.G., 1962:
Inhibition of leukemogenesis in goldthioglucose-obese mice

Lee, S.L., 1958:
Inhibition of leukocyte agglutination by serum from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: A manifestation of the L. E. phenomenon

Ingram, M., 1960:
Inhibition of leukocyte phagocytic activity by hypergammaglobulinemic multiple myeloma plasma

Kimoto-Nira, H.; Suzuki, C.; Kobayashi, M.; Sasaki, K.; Mizumachi, K., 2009:
Inhibition of leukotriene B4 production in murine macrophages by lactic acid bacteria

Ginsburg, J.; Duff, R.S., 1958:
Inhibition of levarterenol by intra-arterial phenoxy-benzamine in man

Björntorp, P., 1966:
Inhibition of lipase activation in rat epididymal fat pads in vitro

Frankel, E.N.; Tarassuk, N.P., 1959:
Inhibition of lipase and lipolysis in milk

Gyotoku, Kensuke, 1928:
Inhibition of lipases by poisons

Klein, E.; Lever, W.F., 1957:
Inhibition of lipemia clearing activity by serum of patients with hyperlipemia

Klein, E.; Lever, W.F.; Fekete, L.L., 1958:
Inhibition of lipemia clearing activity by tissue extracts

Carlson, L.A.; Bally, P.R., 1965:
Inhibition of lipid mobilization

Salvador, R.A.; Colville, K.I.; April, S.A.; Burns, J.J., 1964:
Inhibition of lipid mobilization by n-isopropyl methoxamine

Zarafonetis, C.J.; Seifter, J.; Baeder, D.; Kalas, J.P.; Chang, W.Y., 1959:
Inhibition of lipid mobilization of surgical stress by partially depolymerized hyaluronic acid

Barber, A.A., 1961:
Inhibition of lipid peroxide formation by vertebrate blood serum

Steinberg, D.; Fredrickson, D.S., 1955:
Inhibition of lipid synthesis by alpha-phenyl-N-butvrate and related compounds

Murata, K.; Quilligan, J.J.; Morrison, L.M., 1967:
Inhibition of lipid synthesis by puromycin in chick aortic cells

Tappel, A.L.; Zalkin, H., 1959:
Inhibition of lipide peroxidation in mitochondria by vitamin E

Combret, Y.; Abelanet, R.; Laudat, P., 1967:
Inhibition of lipolysis and lipogenesis by inst uv irradiation of adipose cells isolated from rat

Stock, K.; Westermann, E., 1966:
Inhibition of lipolysis by - and -adrenolytics, nicotinic acid and prostag-landin E1

Schwabe, U.; Kerstein, E.; Hasselblatt, A., 1968:
Inhibition of lipolysis in adipose tissue by methyl isoxazolcarboxylic acids 5 methyl isoxazole 3 carboxylic acid metab 2 methyl isoxazole 5 carboxylic acid metab caffeine metab theophylline metab norepinephrine metab rat

Stock, K.; Westermann, E., 1967:
Inhibition of lipolytic action of cyclic amp and its n 6 2 o di butyryl derivative as well as theophyllin through alpha and beta sympathicolytics

Fain, J.N., 1967:
Inhibition of lipolytic action of growth hormone and glucocorticoid by ultraviolet and x-radiation

Gardikas, C.; Thomopoulos, D.; Arapakis, G.; Nassi, H., 1960:
Inhibition of lipolytic activity by platelets

Villanueva, A.; Ash Croft, S.J.H.; Felber, J.P., 1966:
Inhibition of lipolytic activity of synthetic 01-24 and 01-39 corticotropin by anti-ACTH antiserum

Jensen, R.G.; Carpenter, D.L., 1967:
Inhibition of lipolytic enzymes by organo phosphates and carbamates abstract calf pancreas geotrichum candidum veronia anthelmintica d seed

Park, S-Young.; Baik, Y.Hae.; Cho, J.Hwan.; Kim, S.; Lee, K-Sung.; Han, J-Soo., 2008:
Inhibition of lipopolysaccharide-induced nitric oxide synthesis by nicotine through S6K1-p42/44 MAPK pathway and STAT3 (Ser 727) phosphorylation in Raw 264.7 cells

Geyer, Robert, P., 1962:
Inhibition of lipoprotein lipase by pluronic f88

Mitsuda, H.; Yasumoto, K.; Yamamoto, A., 1967:
Inhibition of lipoxygenase by saturated monohydric alcohols through hydrophobic bondings

Veeger, C.; Massey, V., 1960:
Inhibition of lipoyl dehydrogenase by trace metals

Woronick, Charles, L., 1961:
Inhibition of liver alcohol dehydrogenase by amides

Takashi, M.; Iwase, S., 1958:
Inhibition of liver carcinogenesis with p-dimethyl-aminoazobenzene in splenectomized rats

Wick, G., 1967:
Inhibition of liver fibrosis induced by carbon tetrachloride in the rat with aminoacetonitrile

Llinas, J.M.; Ponz, F., 1962:
Inhibition of liver ketohexokinase by benzothia-diazines

Ross, S.B.; Haljasmaa, O., 1966:
Inhibition of liver phenylalanine and tryptophan hydroxylating enzyme systems in vitro and in vivo

Andraud, G.; Cuvelier, R.; Tronche, P.; Couquelet, J., 1965:
Inhibition of liver sulfhydryl groups in the rat by patuline metab eso patuline metab and some homologous substances

Swendseid, M.E.; Swanson, A.L.; Bethell, F.H., 1952:
Inhibition of liver xanthine oxidase induced by chloramphenicol

Janoff, A.; Kaley, G., 1963:
Inhibition of local tissue injury by vitamin A, bacterial endotoxin, and 48/80

Kramer, W.M.; Eck, R.V.; Smith, R.R., 1958:
Inhibition of local tumor implantation with triethylenethiophosphoramide

Karas, J.G.; Hamner, C.L.; D.Z.euw, D.J.; Sell, H.M., 1964:
Inhibition of localized virus lesions

Thornes, R.D.; Edlow, D.W.; Wood, S.Jr, 1968:
Inhibition of loco motion of cancer cells in vivo by anti coagulant therapy part i effects of sodium warfarin on v 2 cancer cells granulocytes lymphocytes and macrophages in rabbits

Beall, G.N.; Solomon, D.H., 1966:
Inhibition of long-acting thyroid stimulator by thyroid particulate fractions

Sanger, Heinz, L., 1965:
Inhibition of longitudinal growth in Vicia faba by the N-dimethylmonoamides from maleic and succinic acids

Johnson, F.H.; Simpson, R.; Flagler, E.A.; Mcgeer, K., 1950:
Inhibition of luminescence by homologous series of carbamates

Homburger, F.; Treger, A.; Boger, E., 1965:
Inhibition of lung adenomas in A/HeJ mice by intravenous injection of denicotinized tobacco smoke condensate or diacetoxy dibenzpyrene

Kunii, A.; Furth, J., 1964:
Inhibition Of Lymphoma Induction In Virus-Infected Rats By Thymectomy. An Affinity Of The Lymphoma Virus For Myeloid Cells

Shiota, T.; Mauron, J.; Folk, J.E., 1961:
Inhibition of lysine and lysine peptide utilization in bacteria by peptides of S- -cysteine

Shiota, T.; Folk, J.E.; Tietze, F., 1958:
Inhibition of lysine utilization in bacteria by S- cysteine and its reversal by lysine peptides

Broquist, H.P., 1961:
Inhibition of lysine-less Neurospora crassa mutants by lysine precursors

Qiao, L.; Zhang, J., 2009:
Inhibition of lysosomal functions reduces proteasomal activity

Kerby, G.P.; Eadie, G.S., 1953:
Inhibition of lysozyme by heparin

Shinitzky, M.; Katchalski, E.; Grisaro, V.; Sharon, N., 1966:
Inhibition of lysozyme by imidazole and indole derivatives

Perkins, H.R., 1967:
Inhibition of lysozyme by positively charged groups in the mucopeptide of the bacterial cell wall

Sela, M.; Steiner, L.A., 1963:
Inhibition Of Lysozyme By Some Copolymers Of Amino Acids

Wu, Y.Chun.; Wu, W.Ka.Kei.; Li, Y.; Yu, L.; Li, Z.Jie.; Wong, C.Ching.Man.; Li, H.Tao.; Sung, J.Jao.Yiu.; Cho, C.Hin., 2009:
Inhibition of macroautophagy by bafilomycin A1 lowers proliferation and induces apoptosis in colon cancer cells

Treick, R.W.; Konetzka, W.A., 1963:
Inhibition of macromolecular syntheses in Escherichia coli by phenethyl alcohol

Cerroni, R.E.; Zeuthen, E., 1962:
Inhibition of macromolecular synthesis and of cell division in synchronized Tetrahymena

Hughes, D.; Field, E.J., 1968:
Inhibition of macrophage migration in vitro by brain and encephalitogenic factor in allergic encephalo myelitis guinea pig

Gal, E.M., 1958:
Inhibition of malate and acetoacetate synthesis by their fluoro analogs

Wedding, R.T.; Hansch, C.; Fukuto, T.R., 1967:
Inhibition of malate dehydrogenase by phenols and the influence of ring substituents on their inhibitory effectiveness

Henderson, R.F.; Eakin, R.E., 1960:
Inhibition of malic dehydrogenase by cyclic disulfides

Goldie, H.; Tarleton, G.J.; Strong, O.; Deaderick, L.D., 1960:
Inhibition of malignant cell growth and spread by combined internal and external irradiations

Furth, J.J.; Cohen, S.S., 1967:
Inhibition of mammalian DNA polymerase by the 5 -triphosphate of 9- -D-arabinofuranosyladenine

Kensler, C.J.; Battista, S., 1964:
Inhibition of mammalian ciliary transport activity by gases and aerosols with special reference to duration of action

Marks, P.A.; Banks, J., 1960:
Inhibition Of Mammalian Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase By Steroids

Macleod, Robert, M., 1964:
Inhibition of mammary and pituitary tumor growth by thyroidectomy

Shay, H.; Gruenstein, M.; Shimkin, M.B., 1964:
Inhibition of mammary cancer in rats by a dithiocarbamoylhydrazine

Freedlander, B.L.; French, F.A.; Furst, A., 1956 :
Inhibition of mammary carcinoma 755 by malonic acid derivatives

Glenn, E.M.; Richardson, S.L.; Lyster, S.C.; Bowman, B.J., 1959:
Inhibition of mammary fibroadenoma of female rats by steroids of the androstane series

Dierwechter, R.A., 1962:
Inhibition of mammary growth by high doses of estrogen

Mota, I.; D.S.lva, W.D.; Fernandes, J.F., 1960:
Inhibition of mast cell damage and histamine release in anaphylaxis by pyridine and diphosphopyridine nucleotidase inhibitors. Comparison with compound 48/80T

Mota, I.; Ishit, T., 1960:
Inhibition of mast cell disruption and histamine release in rat anaphylaxis in vitro. Comparison with compound 48/80

Yamasaki, H.; Saeki, K., 1967:
Inhibition of mast-cell degranulation by anti-inflammatory agents

Hiwatashi, K.; Takahashi, M.; Oikawa, N., 1967:
Inhibition of mating reaction by anti sera without ciliary immobilization in paramecium abstract

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Inhibition Of Measles Rash By Chickenpox

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Inhibition of melanogenesis by tissues and the control of intracellular autoxidations

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Inhibition of membrane-bound cytochrome c oxidase by zinc ions: high-affinity Zn2+-binding site at the P-side of the membrane

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Inhibition of menstruation by crystalline progesterone

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Inhibition of messenger RNA synthesis by oxidized spermine

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Inhibition of meta pyro catechase in pseudomonas desmolyticum conditioned to grow on 5 methyl salicylate

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Inhibition of Metal Catalysis as a Fungistatic Mechanism

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Inhibition of metamorphosis and ecdysis in mosquitos

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Inhibition of metamorphosis by Lithospermum officinale

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Inhibition of metamorphosis following treatment of R temporaria with ethinyl-testosterone

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Inhibition of metastatic thyroid cancer with acetylated thyrotropin

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Inhibition of methanol oxidation by ethanol in the rat

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Inhibition of methemoglobin-formation by barbiturates caused by phenacetin and p-phenetidin

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Inhibition of Methionine Synthesis in Escherichia coli by 2-Chloro-4-Aminobenzoic Acid and Sulfanilamide

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Inhibition of methionine synthesis in Escherichia coli by analogues of cobalamin

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Inhibition of mevalonate synthesis by dietary cholesterol

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Inhibition of microbial concrete corrosion by Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans with functionalised zeolite-A coating

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Inhibition of microbial lipases by fatty acids

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Inhibition of microbial oxidation, assimilation and adaptive enzyme formation by methylene blue

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Inhibition of microorganisms by a toxic substance produced by an aerobic spore-forming bacillus

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Inhibition of microorganisms by cow and buffalo milks

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Inhibition of microsomal drug metabolic pathways by chloramphenicol

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Inhibition of migration activity of sensitized mouse spleen cells in the presence of transplantation antigen in vitro

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Inhibition of migration and invasion of colorectal cancer cells via deletion of Rac1 with RNA interference

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Inhibition of mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase by citrate

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Inhibition of mitochondrial ATP-ase and ATP-Pi exchange activity with tofranil

Daisuke Wakatsuki; Hisa Shimojima; Yukei Higashi; Hiroshi Suzuki; Youichi Takeyama, 2009:
Inhibition of mitochondrial KATP channel can improve conduction delay induced by angiotensin II during early reoxygenation

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Inhibition of mitochondrial NADH, oxidation by D,L-palmitoylcarnitine

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Inhibition of Mitochondrial Adenosine Triphosphatase and Atp-Adp Exchange Reaction by Exogenous Nicotinamide-Adenine Dinucleotide

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Inhibition of mitochondrial ATPase by phlorizin

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Inhibition of mitochondrial contraction by a soluble muscular relaxing factor-preparation

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Inhibition of mitochondrial electron transport-enzymatic systems of the 755 tumor by nonpolar phenolic compounds

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Inhibition of mitochondrial function induces an integrated stress response in oligodendroglia

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Inhibition of mitochondrial respiration and phosphorylation by hexose-6-phosphates

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Inhibition of mitochondrial respiration and uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation by fractions of the Shigella paradysenteriae type in-somatic antigen

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Inhibition of mitochondrial respiration by loss of intra-mitochondrial K+

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Inhibition of mitochondrial respiration by progesterone and an azasteroid

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Inhibition of mitochondrial respiration by uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation

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Inhibition of mitochondrial succinate oxidation by alkyl hydroxy naphthoquinones

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Inhibition of mitosis and regressive changes of erythroblasts in acute erythropathy caused by occupational benzene poisoning

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Inhibition of mitosis by chloramphenicol in phytohemagglutinin stimulated lymphocytes

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Inhibition of mitosis by extracts from strains of cryptococcus neoformans human tubifex tubifex xenopus laenis

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Inhibition of mitosis by homoglous tissue extracts

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Inhibition of mitosis in bean buds bv maleic hydraside

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Inhibition of mitosis in the small intestine of the mouse induced by gamma-rays from Co60

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Inhibition of mitotic activation in bull frog lens epithelium by puromycin metab and cyclo hex imide metab abstract rna dna synthesis tritium labelled amino acids

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Inhibition of mold and yeast development in fish products

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Inhibition of mold development by purine and pyrimidine analogs

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Inhibition of mold on smoked mullet

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Inhibition of mold respiration by capric, undecylic, and lauric acids

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Inhibition of mono-amine oxidase by an anticholinesterase

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Inhibition of monoamine oxidase B by N-methyl-2-phenylmaleimides

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Inhibition of monoamine oxidase activity in sympathetic ganglia of the cat

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Inhibition of monoamine oxidase activity with 2-N-acetylamino-cyclohexene-2-one and related compounds

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Inhibition of monoamine oxidase by bacterio-statically acting nitrofuran derivatives

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Inhibition of monoamine oxidase in the rat brain neurons exerted by isocarboxazid

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Inhibition of monoamine oxidase of the rabbit liver mitochondria by some inhibitors

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Inhibition of monoamine-oxidase. Mechanism of action

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Inhibition of monoaminoxidase by beta-adrenolytic active substances

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Inhibition of monosodium urate needle crystal growth

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Inhibition of monosvnaptic and polysynaptic reflexes and muscle tone by electrical stimulation of the cerebral cortex

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Inhibition of motor activity by central stimulation in a freely behaving animal cat

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Inhibition of motor cortex seizures by antidromic pyramidal stimulation

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Inhibition of mouse encephalomyelitis virus, in vitro, by certain nucleoprotein derivatives

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Inhibition of mouse skin turmorigenesis by aetinomy-cinD

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Inhibition Of Mouse Tumor Transplants By Polyoma Virus Inoculation

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Inhibition of multiplication of Lee influenza virus by canavanine

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Inhibition of multiplication of an Flac factor in Hfr cells of Escherichia coli K-12

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Inhibition of multiplication of coliphaee-T 2 by actinomvcin

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Inhibition of multiplication of influenza virus by extracts of tea

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Inhibition of multiplication of influenza virus by tannic acid

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Inhibition of multiplication of mycobacterium tuberculosis h 37 rv cells by the addition of glycerol lactate or a krebs cycle intermediate abstract

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Inhibition of mumps and influenza B virus multiplication by synthetic poly-D-lysine

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Inhibition of mumps virus multiplication by a polysaccharide

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Inhibition of mumps virus multiplication by a synthetic polypeptide

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Inhibition of murine neopl leukemia immunity by normal rna

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Inhibition of muscle cell membrane adenosinetriphosphatase by quinidine

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Inhibition of muscle glucose uptake by diabetic rat sera of varying glucose and lipoprotein content

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Inhibition of muscle rigor by EDTA and EGTA

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Inhibition of muscular activity in the lightly anaesthetized cat induced by cortical stimulation and recorded by electromyograms

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Inhibition of muscular excitability by succinilcholine

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Inhibition of mycobacterial catalase activity by isoniazid

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Inhibition of mycobacterial esterases by polvmvxin B

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Inhibition of myo blast fusion by unifilar incorporation of 5 bromo deoxy uridine abstract cell cultures dna synthesis contractile proteins

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Inhibition of myocardial reactions to epinephrine and nor-epinephrine by nitroglycerine

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Inhibition of myofibrillar ATPase activity by adenosine monophosphate

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Inhibition of myofibrillar adenosinetriphosphatase and syneresis by 1,3-diphosphoglyceric acid

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Inhibition of myosin B-adenosinetriphosphatase by excess substrate

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Inhibition of nNOS reduces ischemic cell death through down-regulating calpain and caspase-3 after experimental stroke

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Inhibition of natural cell mutations in Allium fistulosum L. by the autoantimutagens of Vicia faba L. and the existence of specific protection against spontaneous mutations

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Inhibition of negative nitrogen balance by an anabolic agent during corticosteroid therapy in rheumatoid arthritis

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Inhibition of neopl cancer growth in mice by a normal metabolite 2 oxopropanal anti neoplastic

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Inhibition of neopl ehrlich ascites tumor growth in vivo by isologous liver and spleen rna mouse

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Inhibition of neopl leukemias in man by enz l asparaginase anti neoplastic

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Inhibition of neuramidinase from Vibrio cholerae

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Inhibition of neuro-muscular transmission by sympathomimetic amines Abstract

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Inhibition of neurogenic vasoconstriction by serotonin

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Inhibition of neutrophil mobilization by colchicine

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Inhibition of NF-kB and metalloproteinase-9 expression and secretion by parthenolide derivatives

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Inhibition of nicotinamidase activity in cell-free extracts of Mycobacterium phlei by 3-acetylpyridine

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Inhibition of nitrate and nitrite reduction by 2,4-dinitrophenol in Ankistrodesmus

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Inhibition of nitric oxide synthase promotes facial axonal regeneration following neurorrhaphy

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Inhibition of nitrification in bladen usa grassland soil paspalum notatum m bacteria

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Inhibition of nitrite-oxidizers by roots of grass

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Inhibition of nitrogen fixation by fluoroacetate

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Inhibition of nitrogen-fixing and nitrifying bacteria by seed plants I

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Inhibition of nitrogen-fixing and nitrifying bacteria by seed plants. III. Comparison of three species of Euphorbia

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Inhibition of nociceptive and conditioned reactions with cholinomimetics in comparison to the effect of other centrally acting substances

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Inhibition of nodulation in Meteor pea, by nictophasic treatment with far-red radiation First General Assembly and the First Scientific Meeting of the Italian Society of Plant Physiology, Pavia, 29 June, 1961

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Inhibition of nodule bacteria by an antibiotic from legume seed coatl

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Inhibition of non-specific bacteriolysis induced by heating microbe suspensions

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Inhibition of nonphosphorylating electron transfer by zinc. The problem of delineating interaction sites

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Inhibition Of Nonspecific Sensory Activities Following Striopallidal And Capsular Stimulation

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Inhibition of noradrenaline rnorepinephrine uptake by angiotensin

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Inhibition of Noradrenaline Uptake by Drugs

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Inhibition of norepinephrine autonomic stimulated lipolysis by acute hypoxia abstract puppy

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Inhibition of norepinephrine synthesis by tyramine metab

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Inhibition of norepinephrine uptake in heart by angiotensin

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Inhibition Of Norepinephrine-Induced Reflex Vasodilation In Dog Hind Limb

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Inhibition of noreplnephrine biosynthesis at the dopamlne- -hydroxylation stage

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Inhibition of normal pigment synthesis in spores of Dictyostelium purpureum

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Inhibition of nucleic acid and protein synthesis inEscherichia coli by a new triazenoimidazole

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Inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis by novobiocin

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Inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis caused by x-irradiation of the nucleolus

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Inhibition Of Nucleic Acid Synthesis In Escherichia Coli B By Puromycin Aminonucleoside

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Inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis: A possible mechanism for aminonucleoside nephrosis in rats

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Inhibition of nucleotide degradation in Bacillus subtilis broths by metallic salts

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Inhibition Of Nursing-Induced And Stress-Induced Fall In Pituitary Prolactin Concentration In Lactating Rats By Injection Of Acid Extracts Of Bovine Hypothalamus

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Inhibition of oestrogenic effect of the follicular hormone by progestin

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Inhibition of oestrus in the rat by extracts of corpus lu-teum

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Inhibition of oral lactobacilli by streptococci

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Inhibition of oral spirochetes by antibiotic agents in vitro

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Inhibition of ornithine carbamyl transferase and the pyrimidine precursor role of L-a -aminobutyrate and propionate in Neurospora

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Inhibition of orotidylic acid decarboxylase by uridine 5'-phosphate

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Inhibition of osteoblast function in vitro by aminobisphosphonates

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Inhibition of osteoclast formation and function by bicarbonate: role of soluble adenylyl cyclase

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Inhibition of ovarian ascorbic acid depletion with ovine luteinizing hormone antiserum

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Inhibition of ovine brain glutamine synthetase and y -glutamyl transferase by a-N-ethyl-L-glutamine

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Inhibition of oviposition of the Japanese quail by U-U,555A

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Inhibition of ovulation and changes in ovarian mucopolysaccharides induced by thyroidectomy in rabbits

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Inhibition of ovulation and spawning by adrenalectomy in skipper-frog, Rana cyanophylyctis

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Inhibition of ovulation by antibiotics

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Inhibition of ovulation by estrogens ethynyl estradiol metab mestranol metab lynestrenol metab chlormadinone metab woman

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Inhibition of ovulation by systematically administered actinomycin D in the hamster

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Inhibition Of Ovulation Determined By Estimation Of Pregnanediol Excretion

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Inhibition of ovulation for treatment of dysmenorrhea, mittles-chmerzand premenstrual tension

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Inhibition Of Ovulation In The Gonadotrophin-Treated Immature Rat By Chlorpromazine

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Inhibition of ovulation in the human

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Inhibition of ovulation in the rabbit by banthine

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Inhibition of ovulation in the rabbit by the adrenergic-blocking agent dibenamine

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Inhibition of ovulation observed at laparotomy in patients treated with 6-dehydro-6-methyl-17-a-acetoxyprogesterone

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Inhibition of ovulation with sequence hormone therapy

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Inhibition of oxidation of succinic acid by structurally related sulfonic acids

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Inhibition of oxidative N-demethylation in liver microsomes by alkyl-phosphates in vitro 3rd Spring meeting of the German Pharmacological Association, 1962 Abstract

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Inhibition of oxidative mechanism by 3-fluoropyruvate

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Inhibition of oxidative phos-Phorylation by certain indoles and imidazoles

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Inhibition of oxidative phosphorylation by aminosidine and other antibiotics, in rat liver mitochondria

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Inhibition Of Oxidative Phosphorylation And Related Reactions In Insect Mitochondria

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Inhibition of oxidative phosphorylation and respiration by ozone in tobacco mitochondria

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Inhibition of oxidative phosphorylation by a protein component isolated from RNP-particles and the reversal of its effect by caffeine

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Inhibition of oxidative phosphorylation by atractyloside in digitonin particles of mitochondria

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Inhibition Of Oxidative Phosphorylation In Escherichia Coli By Dihydrostreptomycin

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Inhibition of oxidative phosphorylation in brain mitochondria by electrical currents and the effect of chelating agents and other substances

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Inhibition of oxidizing enzymes by metronidazole metab human alcoholism

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Inhibition of oxydatlve phosphorylatlon by the coenzyme A in the pig heart mitochondria

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Inhibition of oxygen consumption of rat liver homogenates by chelators

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Inhibition of oxygen utilization and destruction of ubiquinone by ultraviolet irradiation of Thiobacillus thiooxidans

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Inhibition of oxytocin inactivation by some peptides

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Inhibition of oxytocin-induced labor in rabbits with various gestagens

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Inhibition of p-hydroxyphenylpyruvic acid oxidase by excess substrate or phenylpyruvic acid

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Inhibition of p32 incorporation into rabbit DNA in vivo by deuterium oxide

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Inhibition of P32-orthophosphate exchange by sodium fluoride in erythrocytes from patients with hereditary spherocytosis

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Inhibition of p66ShcA redox activity in cardiac muscle cells attenuates hyperglycemia-induced oxidative stress and apoptosis

Lebrun-Julien, Fédéric.; Morquette, B.; Douillette, A.; Saragovi, H.Uri.; Di Polo, A., 2009:
Inhibition of p75(NTR) in glia potentiates TrkA-mediated survival of injured retinal ganglion cells

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Inhibition of pancreatic ribonuclease by nucleoside-5*-diphosphates

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Inhibition of pancreatic ribonuclease-I activity by heparin

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Inhibition of pancreatic secretion by the carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, 2-acetylamino-1, 2 3, 4-thiadiazole-5-sulfonamide

Tucker, A.L., 1948:
Inhibition of pancreatic vacuolization

Kawasaki, C.; Ichikawa, T., 1965:
Inhibition Of Papain By Modified Thiamine Compounds

Vidaver, G.A., 1966:
Inhibition of parallel flux and augmentation of counter flux shown by transport models not involving a mobile carrier

Smirnoff, W.A., 1965:
Inhibition of parasporal inclusion synthesis in crystalliferous sporeforming bacteria of the cereus group by an aqueous extract of Viburnun cassinoides Linnaeus leaves

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Inhibition of parathyroid gland activity by hypermagnesemia

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Inhibition of partial reactions in bacterial photosynthesis by 3- -I,I-dimethylurea

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Inhibition of particulate phosphatidate phosphohydrolase by an analogue of its substrate

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Inhibition of passive cutaneous anaphylaxis in the guinea pig

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Inhibition of passive hemagglutination as a method for detection of antigenic substances

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Inhibition of pea d seed phospho fructo kinase by phosphoenol pyruvate

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Inhibition of pectinolytic and cellulolytic enzymes in cucumber fermentations by sericea

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Inhibition of pectinolytic and cellulolytlc enzymes in cucumber fermentations by scuppernong grape leaves

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Inhibition of pelvic changes occurring during pregnancy in mice by testosterone propionate

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Inhibition of penicillin formation by amino acid analogs

Demain, A.L., 1957:
Inhibition of penicillin formation by lysine

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Inhibition of penicillin in routine culture media

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Inhibition of penicillinase and reduction of resistance in vitro in staphylococci by surface-active substances

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Inhibition of pepsin and lysozyme by acidic polymers

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Inhibition of pepsin by a dipeptide: A correction

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Inhibition of pepsin proteolytic activity by some common antacids

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Inhibition Of Peptic Digestion Of Serum Albumin By Fatty Acids

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Inhibition of peptic proteolysis by different polysaccharides

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Inhibition of peptidyl-sRNA binding to ribosomes by pactamycin

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Inhibition of peristalsis in guineapig ileum by steroids and allied substances

Sharma, M.L.; Grewal, R.S., 1963:
Inhibition Of Peristaltic Reflex By Sympathomimetic Drugs

Curtis, C.R.; Bean, G.A., 1968:
Inhibition of perithecial pigmentation in nectria haematococca by di methyl sulfoxide abstract light fruiting

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Inhibition of peritoneal tissue invasion by ascitic tumor cells in mice given histamine

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Inhibition of peroxidase activity by organic acids

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Inhibition of peroxidase-catalyzed oxidations

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Inhibition of phage growth of butanol-producing bacterium , using oxytetracycline-resistant mutants

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Inhibition of phage multiplication by nitrofuryl-vinyl-quinoline derivatives

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Inhibition of phage-induced thymidylate synthetase by 5-fluorodeoxyuridylate

Munoz, J.; Geister, R., 1950:
Inhibition of phagocytosis by aureomycin

Ziller Sengel, Catherine, 1965:
Inhibition of pharynx in tne planaria

Fuller, R.W.; Hunt, J.M., 1967:
Inhibition of phenethanolamine Neethyl transferase by its product, epinephrine

Sekeris, C.E., 1966:
Inhibition of phenoloxidase catalysed transformation of tyrosine to melanin by hydroxyphenylcarboxylic acids

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Inhibition of phenylalanine and tyrosine synthesis in Streptococcus faecalis and Lactobacillus arabinosus by -keto acids

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Inhibition of phenylethanolamine-N-methyl transferase

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Inhibition of Phosphatases by Beryllium and Antagonism of the Inhibition by Manganese

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Inhibition of phosphatidic acid phosphatase by palmitoyl-coA

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Inhibition of phosphoglucomutase activity in oat coleop-tiles by air pollutants

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Inhibition of phosphoglucomutase by an extract from garlic

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Inhibition Of Phosphoglucomutase By Anions, Phosphate Esters And Mg Ion

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Inhibition of phosphoglucomutase by citrate

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Inhibition of phosphoglucomutase by trace metals

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Inhibition of phosphokinases by the 6-aminonicotinamide analog of nicotine adenine dinucleotide

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Inhibition of phosphorolysis by polynucleotides

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Inhibition of phosphorylase with cortisone and its activation with adrenaline in the rabbit

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Inhibition of phosphorylation by azide in kidney homogenate

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Inhibition of phosphorylcholine-glyceride transferase in the livers of rats poisoned with carbon tetrachloride

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Inhibition of photo stimulation induced in mimosa pudica d by pre stimulation with substimulatory light

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Inhibition of photo-induced electron transport and related reactions in isolated chloroplasts by phenol

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Inhibition of photochemical activity of isolated chloroplasts by acylanllides

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Inhibition of photoinduced anthocyan synthesis by actinomycin D

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Inhibition of Photoperiodic Induction by 5-Fluorouracil

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Inhibition of photoperiodic induction in Xanthium

Bonner, J.; Thurlow, J., 1949:
Inhibition of photoperiodic induction on Xanthium by applied auxin

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Inhibition of photophosphorylation and photosynthetic carbon cycle reactions by fatty acids and estersT

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Inhibition of photophosphorylation by phenazine methosulfate

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Inhibition of photosynthesis by carbon monoxide and the reversal of the carbon monoxide inhibition by light

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Inhibition of photosynthesis by isonicotinic acid hydrazide, hydroxylamine, and chloramphenicol

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Inhibition of photosynthesis in Anacystis by alkylbenzimidazole

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Inhibition of Photosynthesis in Certain Algae by Extreme Red Light

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Inhibition of Photosynthesis in Some Algae by Extreme-Red Light

Dr. K.H.B.chel; Prof. Dr. F.K.rte; Prof. Dr. A.T.ebst; E.P.storius, 1965:
Inhibition of photosynthesis reactions by NH-acidic imidazoles and benzimidazoles

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Inhibition of photosynthetic electron transport by ioxynil herbic broad bean d sugar beet d

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Inhibition of phytopathogenic viruses by extracts of plants

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Inhibition of pigment formation of Serratia marcescens by chloramphenicol, aureomycin, and terramycin

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Inhibition of pigmentation in Asperglllus niger by dimethylsulfoxide

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Inhibition of pituitary ACTH release; an extra-adrenal action of exogenous ACTH

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Inhibition of pituitary gland hormone synthesis by neopl pituitary tumors abstract rat growth hormone

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Inhibition of placental steroid synthesis by steroid metabolites: possible feedback control

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Inhibition of plant adenylosuccinate synthetase by hadacidin and the mode of action of hadacidin and structurally related compounds on plant growth

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Inhibition of plant growth by irradiation I Discrete steps of growth inhibition and pattern of dose-response-relation

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Inhibition of plant growth by irradiation II Sensitivity and development

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Inhibition of plant growth by irradiation III Successive radiation effects; homologous responses

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Inhibition of plant growth by irradiation. V. Radiation effects on initiation and completion of growth

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Inhibition of plant root growth by enzymes and histones

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Inhibition of plant viruses.

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Inhibition of plaque formation by myxoma and fibroma viruses with pyrimidine analogues

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Inhibition of plaque formation of vaccinia virus by cytosine arabinoside hydrochloride

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Inhibition of plaque-forming cells by diethylaminoethyl dextran

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Inhibition of plasma clotting ability in tetracycline-resistant mutants of Staphylococcus aureus

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Inhibition of plasma converting enzyme abstract enz renin angiotensin rat bioassay radio immunoassay

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Inhibition of plasmin activity by 2-macroglobulin

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Inhibition of plasmin, trypsin and the streptokinase-activated fibrinolytic system by 6-aminocaproic acid

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Inhibition of platelet aggregation by a sulfonic poly saccharide hematol bovine blood human

Burg, S.P.; Burg, E.A., 1967:
Inhibition of polar auxin transport by ethylene

Rouhandeh, H.; Chronister, R.R.; Brinkman, M.L., 1965:
Inhibition Of Poliovirus Minute-Plaque Mutants And Echoviruses By Sulfated Polysaccharides

Munyon, William, 1964:
Inhibition of poliovirus by 2,6 -diaminopurine

Baltimore, David, 1968:
Inhibition of poliovirus replication by guanidine

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Inhibition of pollen growth by living tissue extracts

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Inhibition of pollen production in ragweed by the use of chemical sprays

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Inhibition of polygalacturonase by cations

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Inhibition of polygalacturonase in brined cherries

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Inhibition of polynucleotide metabolism by inhibitors of protein synthesis

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Inhibition of polypeptide synthesis by amino acyl sRNA

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Inhibition of polypeptide synthesis by streptomycin

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Inhibition of polypeptide synthesis in ribosomes of transfer ribonucleic acids

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Inhibition of polyspermy in Gagea lutea

Li, G.; Jiang, P.; Li, Y.; Wang, X.; Huang, J.; Bai, J.; Cao, J.; Wu, B.; Chen, N.; Zeshan, B., 2009:
Inhibition of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus replication by adenovirus-mediated RNA interference both in porcine alveolar macrophages and swine

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Inhibition of positive and negative phototaxis of Mougeotia chloroplasts by iodide ions

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Inhibition of postamphetaminic reserpinic hypertension by antidepressive substances of the imlpramine group

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Inhibition of postirradiation diuresis in rats by Pitressin

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Inhibition of postprandial gastric secretion in Pavlov pouches by instillation of hydrochloric acid into the duodenal bulb

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Inhibition of postprandial salivary excretion in overheated dogs

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Inhibition of potassium transport by sodium in a mutant of Streptococcus faecalis

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Inhibition of potato apyrase

Ellison, J.Howard, 1952:
Inhibition of potato sprouting by 2, 3, 5, 6-tetrachloronitrobenzene and methyl ester of -napthaleneacetic acid

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Inhibition of prausnitz kustner reaction by proteolytic cleavage fragments of a human myeloma protein of immuno globulin class e human

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Inhibition of Precipitin Formation in the Guinea-Pig with Cyclophosphamide

Quinn, D.L.; Zarrow, M.X., 1964:
Inhibition Of Pregnant Mare's Serum-Induced Ovulation In The Immature Rat

Misra, P.M., 1967:
Inhibition of pregnant mares serum induced ovulation in the immature rat by compazine abstract luteinizing hormone secretion

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Inhibition of proamnion and amniotic head fold with adult lens antisera

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Inhibition of progestational reactions in uterus of laboratory animals by aminopterin

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Inhibition of proline synthesis by tetracycline in Escherichia coli

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Inhibition Of Proline-C14 Incorporation Into Rat Liver Ribosomes By Thiazolidine-4-Carboxylic Acid In A Cell-Free System

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Inhibition of propionibacteria by acid and rennet whey from milk

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Inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis by oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids

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Inhibition of prostatic acid phosphatase by -hydroxy-carboxylic acids

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Inhibition of protease activity in purulent sputum by DNA

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Inhibition of protein and RNA synthesis in HeLa cells by levallorphan and levorphanol

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Inhibition of protein and nucleic acid synthesis in mammalian cell cultures exposed to 4-nitroquinoline N-oxide

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Inhibition Of Protein Denaturation By Antirheumatic Or Antiphlogistic Agents

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Inhibition of protein syntheses during meiosis and its bearing on intracellular regulation

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Inhibition of protein synthesis and cation uptake in beet d root tissue by cyclo heximide and cryptopleurine antibiotic leucine amino acid inst auto radiography adp atp mitochondria

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Inhibition of protein synthesis and other effects of streptomycin on Escherichia coli

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Inhibition of protein synthesis as a mechanism for interfering with intestinal lipid transport rat puromycin acetoxy cyclo heximide ethionine beta lipo protein

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Inhibition of protein synthesis by 5-azacytidine in Escherichia coli

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Inhibition of protein synthesis by D-aspartate and a possible site of its action

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Inhibition of protein synthesis by N-methyl-2-pyridone-5-formamidoacetic acid and other compounds isolated from uremic patients

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Inhibition of protein synthesis by aminoacyl 3 -adeno-sine

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Inhibition of protein synthesis by bottromycin A2 and its hydrazide

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Inhibition of protein synthesis by chloramphenicol

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Inhibition of protein synthesis by chlortetracycline in the Escherichia coli in vitro system

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Inhibition of Protein Synthesis by Cycloheximide in Rabbit Reticulocytes

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Inhibition of protein synthesis by diphtheria toxin Its action on living mammalian cells and on extracts from them

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Inhibition of protein synthesis by polypeptide antibiotics. I. Inhibition in intact bacteria

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Inhibition of protein synthesis by polypeptide antibiotics.. II. In vitro protein synthesis

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Inhibition of protein synthesis by polypeptide antibiotics: III. Ribosomal site of inhibition

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Inhibition of Protein Synthesis by Puromycin

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Inhibition of protein synthesis by spectinomycin

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Inhibition of protein synthesis by spermine in growing cells of Staphylococcus aureus

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Inhibition of protein synthesis in Bacillus cereus by azaguanine

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Inhibition of protein synthesis in Escherichia coli by phthalanil-ides , and other polycations

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Inhibition of Protein Synthesis in Mammalian Cell-Free Systems by Chloramphenicol

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Inhibition of protein synthesis in neopl ehrlich ascites tumor cells by the phenanthrene alkaloids tylophorine tylocrebrine and cryptopleurine mouse

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Inhibition of protein synthesis in noninfected L cells by partially purified interferon preparations

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Inhibition of protein synthesis in rat adrenals by adrenocorticotrophin and cyclic 3 ,5 -adenosine monophosphate

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Inhibition of protein synthesis in reticulocytes by antibiotics III Mechanism of action of sparsomycin

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Inhibition of protein synthesis in reticulocytes by antibiotics. I. Effects on polysomes

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Inhibition of protein synthesis in reticulocytes by antibiotics. II. The site of action of cycloheximide, streptovitacin A and pactamycin

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Inhibition of protein synthesis in vitro and in vivo by nucleocidin, an antitrypanosomal antibiotic

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Inhibition of protein synthesis in vitro by cycloheximide and related glutarimide antibiotics

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Inhibition of protein synthesis on brain and learning and memory following puromycin

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Inhibition of protein synthesis: A mechanism for the production of impaired fat absorption

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Inhibition of protein synthesis: a mechanism for the production of impaired iron absorption

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Inhibition of protein, RNA and DNA synthesis in Escherichia coli by p-methoxyphenethyl alcohol

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Inhibition of Proteinases of Certain Clostridia by Serum

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Inhibition of proteolysis in lung extract after anaphylactic shock

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Inhibition of proteolytic enzymes by B-lipoprotein

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Inhibition of proteolytic enzymes by decarboxylated amino-acid derivatives. Effect of toluenesulphonyl agmatine on thrombin and trypsin

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Inhibition of prothrombin activation in sodium citrate solutions

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Inhibition of prothrombin activation with dextran

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Inhibition of pulmonary function in left heart disease

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Inhibition of purified rat liver mitochondrial monamine oxidase by trans-2-phenylcyclopropylamine

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Inhibition of purine biosynthesis by analogues of 4 5 amino imidazole 5 4 carboxamide neopl cancer chemo therapy mouse neopl ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells escherichia coli pigeon liver homogenate

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Inhibition of purine metabolism in Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells by phenanthridinium compounds related to ethidium bromide

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Inhibition of purine phosphoribosyltransferases of Ehrlich ascites-tumour cells by 6-mercaptopurine

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Inhibition of pyocin R formation by fluorophenylalanine

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Inhibition Of Pyrazinamide Hyperuricemia By Small Doses Of Acetylsalicylic Acid

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Inhibition of pyridoxal phosphokinase by aminooxyacetic acid

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Inhibition of pyrimidine biosynthesis by 5 aza orotate in mouse liver

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Inhibition of pyrogallol oxidation by 3-indoleacetic acid

Mehlman, M.A., 1968:
Inhibition of pyruvate carboxylation by fluorocitrate in rat kidney mitochondria

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Inhibition of pyruvate kinase and glucokinase by acetyl CoA and inhibition of glucokinase by phosphoenolpyruvate

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Inhibition of Pyruvate Metabolism in Mitochondrial Suspensions by Cobalt

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Inhibition of pyruvate oxidation in the malarial parasite Plasmodium gallinaceum by quinine treatment of the host

Harrison, C.V.; Wright, B.M.; King, E.J., 1950:
Inhibition of quartz-induced fibrosis of the liver by aluminium

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Inhibition of rabbitpox virus replication by isatin B-thiosemi-carbazone

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Inhibition of radiation-induced leukemia by the injection of hematopoietic tissue: A study of chimaerism

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Inhibition of radiative depolymerization of desoxyribonucleic acid by inhibitors of free-radical reactions

Kertai, P.; Bianchi, R., 1965:
Inhibition of radiosensitizing effects of iodoacetic acid and sodium iodide from endotoxins of Salmonella typhi

Whitehouse, M.W.; Whitehouse, D.J., 1968:
Inhibition of rat adjuvant arthritis without drugs or antibody therapy abstract rabbit complete freunds adjuvant lymph node spleen thymocytes globulin lymphocytes

Bain, James, A., 1950:
Inhibition of rat brain cholinesterase by -chlorinated amines

Gould, B.J.; Smith, M.J., 1965:
Inhibition Of Rat Brain Glutamate Decarboxylase Activity By Salicylate In Vitro

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Inhibition of rat cholinesterases by tritolyl phosphates

Bailey, J.M.; Pentchev, P.G., 1965:
Inhibition Of Rat Intestinal And Rat Kidney Mutarotase By Actively Transported Sugars

Meintzer, Roger, B., 1964:
Inhibition of rat kidney mitochondrial respiration by an intestinal mucosal mitochondrial preparation

Ito, H.; Watanabe, M.; Kim, Y-Tae.; Takahashi, K., 2008:
Inhibition of rat liver cathepsins B and L by the peptide aldehyde benzyloxycarbonyl-leucyl-leucyl-leucinal and its analogues

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Inhibition of rat liver choline oxidase by urethane in vitro

Jervell, J., 1967:
Inhibition of rat liver glutathione reductase by the reduced B-chain of insulin

Derr, R.F.; Loechler, D.K.; Alexander, C.S.; Nagasawa, H.T. , 1967:
Inhibition of rat liver microsomal N-demethylase by a-Naphthyl-isothiocyanate Studies with puromycin aminonucleoside

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Inhibition of rat liver nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide kinase by reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate

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Inhibition of rat liver succinic dehydrogenase by selenium compounds

Levey, Harold, A., 1953:
Inhibition of rat liver succinoxidase by testosterone-17 -diethyl aminoethyl carbonate

Tung, Y.C., 1960:
Inhibition of rat liver succinoxidase by tyramine and tryptamine in vitro

Fuller, R.W., 1965:
Inhibition Of Rat Liver Tryptophan Hydroxylase In Vitro

Inhibition of rat pituitary thyrotrophic, gonadotrophic and growth hormone activity with pituitary antiserum

Steggle, R.A.; Huggins, A.K.; Smith, M.J., 1961:
Inhibition of rat serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase in vitro by congeners of salicylate

Furlan, M.; Suhar, A., 1967:
Inhibition of rat spleen proteinases by serum

Hetrick, F.M., 1966:
Inhibition of rat virus replication by Triton

Vásquez-Garzón, Vónica.R.; Arellanes-Robledo, J.; García-Román, R.; Aparicio-Rautista, D.I.; Villa-Treviño, Súl., 2009:
Inhibition of reactive oxygen species and pre-neoplastic lesions by quercetin through an antioxidant defense mechanism

C.E.Folsome, 1963:
Inhibition of recombination and heterozygosis in phenyl ethyl alcohol treated phage T4-E coli B complexes

Tait, B.D., 1968:
Inhibition of red cell agglutination in the ABO system by promethazine

Godal, H.C.; Norseth, T., 1966:
Inhibition of red cell aggregation by TAME

Kaplan, M.E.; Jandl, J.H., 1961:
Inhibition of red cell sequestration by cortisone

White, F.G.; Vernon, L.P., 1958:
Inhibition of reduced diphosphopyridine nucleotide oxidase activity of Rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores upon illumination

Rand, H.W.; Ellis, M., 1926:
Inhibition of Regeneration in Two-Headed or Two-Tailed Planarians

Hopper, A.F., 1965:
Inhibition of regeneration of the gonopodium of the guppy by treatment with thiouracil

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Inhibition of Reinforcement' and Phenomena of Experimental Extinction

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