Inhibition of the agglutinating activity of rheumatoid factor by serum complement: Studies of the inhibitory properties of serum complement components on the agglutination of sensitized sheep erythrocytes by rheumatoid factor

Schubart, A.F.; Ewald, R.W.

Z Immunitatsforsch Allergie Klin Immunol 130(3): 318-328


Accession: 024869136

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Rheuma-toid facotr (RF) causes agglutination of sensitized sheep erythrocytes (EA) which was demonstrated and measured by the sedimenation rate of cells. The agglutinating activity of RF can be inhibited by serum complement. EA were treated with various complement components in order to identify those components responsible for this inhibition phenomenon. Complete inhibition of agglutinating activity of RF was demonstrated in all EA preparations containing the 1st and 4th component of complement, i.e.EAC'1-4-2 and EAC'1 4. EAC'1 obtained with human R4 exhibited temporary inhibition. EAC'1q (11 S) prepared with euglobulin in the presence of ethylenedinitrilo tetraacetic acid showed temporary inhibition. The literature was briefly reviewed and the findings were discussed in relation to the kinetics of serum complement components.