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Internal tagging of salmon smolts III. Final report on taggings 1952-55 and comments on the smolt production of a salmon river

Lindroth, A.

Rep Inst Freshwater Res Prottning Holm 45: 105-112


Accession: 024885643

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Internal tags were placed upon almost 20,000 salmon (Salmo salar) smolts in the Swedish river Indalsalven in 1952-55. Turbines at the Holle power station were shown not to be a significant mortality factor. Returns totaled 1.02-1.38% (95% confidence interval) at sea ages 1-4. The 1953 smolt output is estimated at 300,000, which agrees with estimates based upon smolts per square meter (0.3 smolt per 10 m2), upon total recruitment to the Baltic, and upon numbers to be stocked.

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