Intracellular distribution of thyroid protease activity and the content of thyroid hormones in the blood in some pathological thyroid conditions in man

Mkrtumova, N.A.

Probl Endokrinol 13(1): 61-64


Accession: 024890916

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Determination of the proteolytic activity in the subcellular fractions of the thyroid gland tissue in 14 patients with diffuse toxic and in 8 with euthyroidal nodular goiter demonstrated the presence of such in all the subcellular fractions, with their preponderant activity in the mitochondrial fraction. The least activity was associated with the micro-some fraction. The intensity of proteolysis in the hyperfunctioning gland was almost twice as high as that in the euthyroidal one. There was a co-ordination between the clinical manifestation of the disease, the extent of proteolysis in the thyroid gland, and the level of blood protein-bound. I.