Section 25
Chapter 24,893

Intrauterine Movements of the Fetus and the Contractile Activity of the Uterus during Pregnancy and Labor

Sokolov, V.M.

Akusherstvo i Ginekologiia 41: 9-13


ISSN/ISBN: 0300-9092
PMID: 14307278
Accession: 024892933

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Based on an analysis of 355 external 4-canal hysterograms recorded in 180 women, a relationship between the intrauterine movements of the fetus and contractile activity of the uterus was established. In pregnant women with a term of pregnancy up to 39 weeks intrauterine movements of the fetus were recorded without any connection with the uterine contractions. In the majority of women with pregnancy over 39 weeks and in the 1st stage of labor directly after fetal movements response contractions of the uterus were recorded. In parturients during complete dilation of the os and in the 2nd stage of labor intrauterine fetal movements occurred more often at the peak of uterine contractions and continued throughout the 2nd half of labor.

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