Section 25
Chapter 24,894

Intrinsic factor antibodies and intrinsic factor mediated vitamin B-12 absorption in pernicious anaemia

Ardeman, S.; Chanarin, I.

Gut 6(5): 436-438


ISSN/ISBN: 0017-5749
PMID: 5321462
DOI: 10.1136/gut.6.5.436
Accession: 024893504

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Absorption of vitamin B12-Co57, measured by urinary excretion, was potentiated to a greater extent by intrinsic factor preparations from hogs than from humans, in patients with perniciuos anemia. This difference was not found in post-gastrectomy patients. An antibody to human intrinsic factor is postulated to be present in cells of intestinal villi in pernicious anemia.