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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 24898

Chapter 24898 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Vancikova, R., 1967:
Investigation of the influence of different photoperiods on the sexual maturity of hens of the white leghorn breed

Skopik, P.; Velikovsky, V., 1968:
Investigation of the influence of fertilization with industrial fertilizers on the degree of injury caused to cultures of winter rye m by snow mold fusarium nivale and on yield

Robertson, James Alexander, 1964:
Investigation of the influence of glass capillaries, immersed in toxic solutions, upon root growth

Schindler, R., 1961:
Investigation of the influence of histamin on rabies infection

Takenaka, Shigeru, 1932:
Investigation of the influence of hypnotics upon the electrocardiogram

Kajiura, G.; 0b0r0ya, K., 1934:
Investigation of the influence of ileus upon the electrocardiogram of rabbits

Todorovic, P.D., 1965:
Investigation of the influence of inst microwaves 2840 mhz upon the gonads suprarenal glands and the thyroid of white rat thesis abstract

Bachev, N., 1968:
Investigation of the influence of light upon the production ability of turkey hens

Kajiura, Genichi, 1933:
Investigation of the influence of military inarching on the function of the circulatory system

Kajiura, G., 1934:
Investigation of the influence of military marching on the function of the circulatory system. IV. The influence of a long slow march with heavy weight upon the electrocardiogram, the blood pressure, and the pulse rate

Ring, K.; Christophersen, J., 1964:
Investigation of the influence of the adaptation temperature on resistance and activity of transaminase of yeast cells

Bellion, B.; Buchi, G.; Chiarle, S.; Sosi, S., 1965:
Investigation of the influence of the freund adjuvant on the uptake of radiocolloids by the lymph nodes

Kushnirenko, M.D.; Shtin, E.T., 1958:
Investigation of the influence of the mentor on formation of hybrid seedlings and its dependence on the position of the graft in the crown

Roland J C., 1968:
Investigation of the infrastructure of the membranous space of plant cells inst electron microscopy

Ryumyantseva, O.N., 1957:
Investigation of the innervation of annular myofibrils

Mccrory, S.A., 1944:
Investigation of the insecticidal value of an extract from Amorpha fruticosa

Ivanov, I.D.; Moshkovskii, Y.S.; Stukan, R.A.; Matkhanov, G.I.; Mardanyan, S.S.; Belov, Y.M., 1968:
Investigation of the inst gamma resonance spectra of nitrogen fixing bacteria

Rauer, V.; Trnka, A., 1959:
Investigation of the instantaneous changes of a cell caused by ultrasonic vibrations

Braunshtein, A.E.; Torchinskil, Y.M.; Malakhova, E.A.; Sinitsyna, N.L., 1965:
Investigation of the interaction of aspartate aminotransferase with pyridoxaminephosphate and its analogs

Kakulia, M.E., 1958:
Investigation of the interaction of protein with electrolytes and non-electrolytes by the method of electrocon-ductivity

Domiguez, A.; Suarez, J.A., 1963:
Investigation of the intracardial autonomic nervous system in myocarditis chagasica

Wolff, B.; Nabet, P., 1961:
Investigation of the intrinsic factor in the gastric juice of man. Results obtained in normal man and in man with Biermer's anemia Abstract

Windle, J.J.; Wiersema, A.K.; Clark, J.R.; Feeney, R.E., 1963:
Investigation Of The Iron And Copper Complexes Of Avian Conalbumins And Human Transferrins By Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

Stojanovi, N., 1964:
Investigation of the irritating effect of various antibiotic preparations for mastitis therapy on tissue of the mammary gland

Schulze, W., 1940:
Investigation of the irritative action of the leaves of African hemp

Gara, Paul, V., 1929:
Investigation of the keeping quality of precipitating antisera

Pytel', Y.A.; Vorkunov, I.Y., 1965:
Investigation of the kidney function in patients with adenoma of the prostate by means of radtolsotope renography

Daguet, G., 1960:
Investigation of the kinetics of antibodies by means of complement fixation

Kuz'menko, V.A.; Sukhorukov, B.I., 1966:
Investigation of the kinetics of the process of poly-condensation of carbohydrates by the method of infrared spectroscopy

Nagaty, H.F.; Rifaat, M.A.; Morsy, T.A., 1960:
Investigation of the larvicidal action of some organic and inorganic compounds against two myiasis producing dipterous larvae

Ioselianl, T.K.; Machavariani, G.I.; Chokheli, K.G., 1966:
Investigation of the late discharges of the spinal cord

Shulyndin, A.F., 1959:
Investigation of the laws governing the formation of biological and economical features in interspecific hybrids of wheat

Goetsch, J.B., 1950:
Investigation of the lead nitrate method for histological demonstration of acid phosphatase

Savay, G., 1959:
Investigation of the lead-reactive substance of the subneural apparatus. Abstract

Von Rhein, W., 1941:
Investigation of the leaf quality of the mulberry

Kolochine Erber, B.; Brygoo, E.R., 1956:
Investigation of the leptospiroses on Madagascar

Brunst, V.V., 1956:
Investigation of the lethal effect of x-irradiation on the young axolotl

Gubin, V.A., 1959:
Investigation of the leucocytes of the peripheral blood of rabbits with radiation sickness by supravital staining

Ghnassia J P.; Dray, F.; Mowzovicz, I.; Sebaoun, J.; Delzant, G.; Thervet, F.; Gilbert Dreyfus, 1967:
Investigation of the leydigian function of the feminized testicle

Hahn, E., 1958:
Investigation of the life cycle and development of mole crickets in Brandenburg

Dodt, E., 1968:
Investigation of the light sense using pupillary reflexes cat pigeon

Szeinberg, A.; Zaidman, J.; Clejan, L., 1965:
Investigation of the lipid content of normal and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficient red cells

Herrmann, F.; Schultka, O., 1968:
Investigation of the lipid distribution on the skin surface after various pressure effects osmium tetra oxide eveloped imprints

Genin, A.M.; Zharov, S.G.; Kaplan, Y.Y.; Ogleznev, V.V.; Solov, E.V.I., 1968:
Investigation of the long term effect of reduced pressure oxygen atmosphere on the animals and man

Roelsen, E.; Bay, N., 1940:
Investigation of the lung function in silicotics

Brucher, H.; Weicker, H., 1955:
Investigation of the lymphatic reticular plasma-cell

Scheda, Ragnhild, 1963:
Investigation of the maltose- and glucose fermentation in hymozygous yeast strains with varying genome-counts

Simon, H.; Medina, R., 1966 :
Investigation of the mannose-6-phosphate isomerase reaction with mannose-2-T

Mclachlan, J., 1967:
Investigation of the marine algae of Nova Scotia IV Species of Chlorophyceae new or rare to Nova Scotia

Loutit, J.S.; Pearce, L.E.; Marinus, M.G., 1968:
Investigation of the mating system of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain 1. I. Kinetic studies

Loutit, J.S.; Marinus, M.G., 1968:
Investigation of the mating system of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain 1. II. Mapping of a number of early markers

Marton, K.P.; Kovacs, E.; Matkovics, B., 1959:
Investigation of the meaning and the role of the partial tension of oxygen in the culture of microorganisms

Kraus, Herbert, 1963:
Investigation of the mechanics of lymph formation and the motion of substances in the lymph nodes

Kupriyanov, V.S., 1965:
Investigation of the mechanism controlling vascular tone in pulmonary circulation

Kocherga, D.A., 1957:
Investigation of the mechanism in the physiological action in closed, artificial pneumothorax Communication I The effect of artificial pneumothorax upon the action potentials of the vagus and phrenic nerves

Rowe, G.G.; Afonso, S., 1962:
Investigation of the mechanism of Duroziez' s murmu

Maruyama, Hitoshi, 1965:
Investigation of the mechanism of action of PEP

Merkulov, M.F., 1963:
Investigation of the mechanism of antithyroid activity with the aid of labelled compounds

Cherniak, R.I., 1961:
Investigation of the mechanism of discrimination of vibration frequency by means of models of the cochlea and skin receptor

Maruyama, H.; Lane, M.D., 1962:
Investigation of the mechanism of enzymatic carboxylation of phosphoenolpyruvate

Dugan, Patrick Raymond, 1964:
Investigation of the mechanism of iron oxidation by the chemoautotrophic bacterium Ferrobacillus ferrooxidans

Blickens, D.A.; Luzio, N.R.D., 1964:
Investigation of the mechanism of methyl palmitate-included depression of the reticuloendothelial system

Szeinberg, A.; Adam, A.; Kaplan, V.; Stern, R.; Toledo, R.; Zaidman, J.; Sheba, C., 1963:
Investigation of the mechanism of nitro-furantoin induced hemolysis in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficient subjects

Szeinberg, A.; Sheba, C.; Adam, A.; Kaplan, V.; Stern, R.; Toledo, R.; Zaidman, J.; Ezra, R., 1963:
Investigation of the mechanism of nitro-furantoin-induced destruction of red cells deficient in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase

Michalska, E., 1959:
Investigation of the mechanism of phagocytic reaction III Phagoctosis of gram-negative bacteria in serums of various kinds

Skurski, A.; Slopek, S.; Lisowski, J.; Michalska, E.; Obst, B., 1959:
Investigation of the mechanism of phagocytic reaction. IV. The importance of the complement and its fractions in the phagocytic process of gram-negative bacteria

Burmistrov, Y.M.; Lyudkovskaya, R.G., 1968:
Investigation of the mechanism of photo stimulation of the vitally stained skeletal muscle of the frog contractile response bio electric reactions nerve elements

Ilhankova, L., 1960:
Investigation of the mechanism of the action of dimethyllaurylbenzylammonium chloride on rough and smooth forms of yeast cells. II. Synergic action of Ajatin and iodoacetic acid on various substrates

Chmouliovsky Moghissi, M.; Prasad, R.C.; Favarger, P., 1962:
Investigation of the mechanism of the action of linoleic acid in the lowering of cholesteremia

Graevskh, E.Y.; Konstantinova, M.M., 1961:
Investigation of the mechanism of the antiradiation protective effect of certain sulfur-containing substances

Rowe, G.G.; Maxwell, G.M.; Castillo, C.A.; Freeman, D.J.; Crumpton, C.W., 1960:
Investigation of the mechanism of the hemodynamic effects of ganglionic blockade produced by mecamylamine

Wurster, D.E.; Shapiro, P.H., 1963:
Investigation of the mechanism of urea-induced hemolysis

Collard, M., 1965:
Investigation of the mechanism of vasodilator effects of adrenalin in the muscles

Kocherga, D.A., 1958:
Investigation of the mechanism underlying the physiologic action of artifical closed pneumothorax

Soling, H.D.; Werchau, H.; Creutzfeldt, W., 1963:
Investigation of the metabolic effect of blood-sugar reducing biguanides in various animal species

Chow, Kwang Yuu, 1954:
Investigation of the metabolism of amino acids in A orvzae HI Free amino acids in the mycelium cultured on various sources of carbon in the presence of ammonia

Simonart, Paul; Chow, K.Yu, 1954:
Investigation of the metabolism of amino acids in A. orvzae. IV. Influence of CaCl2 on the metabolism of the amino acids

Sajgo, K.; Kertal, P., 1959:
Investigation of the metabolism of granulocytes

Broda, E.; Suschny, O.; Kellner, G., 1958:
Investigation of the metabolism of tissue in culture with radioactive tracers

Milos", Maksimovic, 1958:
Investigation of the method of traps in the gypsy moth control

Newsome, J.; Robinson, D.L.H., 1954:
Investigation of the methods of maintaining Schistosoma mansoni in vitro

Kac, V., 1950:
Investigation of the methods of processing fruit and vegetables in the cannery of the school factory in Uhringves

Greguss, L., 1968:
Investigation of the micro sporogenesis in ulmus d species and of the influence of ecological conditions on its development

Chroni, C.; Kyriacou, A.; Manios, T.; Lasaridi, K-Ekaterini., 2009:
Investigation of the microbial community structure and activity as indicators of compost stability and composting process evolution

Sokolowski, Aleksander, 1961:
Investigation of the microclimate on a clearing in the Bialowieza virgin forest

Rybalkina, A.V.; Kononenko, Y.V., 1962:
Investigation of the microflora in the cultivated peat soil of the Yakhroma River Valley

Katsnelson, R.S.; Ershov, V.V., 1957:
Investigation of the microflora of virgin and cultivated soils of the Karelian ASSR. I. Microbiological characteristics of the Karelian ASSR soils

Vagujfalvi, D., 1963:
Investigation of the mineral nutrition of Datura innoxia.

Vergnano, Ornella, 1957:
Investigation of the mineral nutrition of the plants of the boriferic Region of Tuscany The effects of boron on metabolism of the macronutrient elements

Urbaszek, W.; Emmrich, K.; Guenther, K.; Kuehn, I.; Sinz, V., 1968:
Investigation of the mode of action of inst double electrical stimulation of the heart dog

Dobel, P., 1963:
Investigation of the mode of action of streptomycin, chloramphenicol, and 2-thiouracil on plastic development of Lycopersicum esculentum

Staikov, V., 1963:
Investigation of the mode of pollination and the role of the corolla in fecundation of the Kazanlik rose

Peter, Hans, 1929:
Investigation of the modification of egg production in White Wyan-dotte hens by artificial lighting and the effects of lighting on the fertility and hatchability of the eggs

Mebs, Theo, 1960:
Investigation of the molt of wing and tail feathers of large falcons

Manuilova, N.A.; Machabeli, A.I.; Sikharulidze, T.A., 1938 :
Investigation of the morphogenetic properties of the eyecup in tailless amphibiae

Pindak, J.; Sramek, J., 1968:
Investigation of the most suitable technological preparation of liquid homogenized and separated milk for the feeding of calves of an age of up to 3 months

Foeldes, I.; Modis, L.; Sueveges, I., 1965:
Investigation Of The Mucopolysaccharides In The Proximal Epiphyseal Cartilage Of The Rat: A Comparison Of The Methods Of Histochemical Assay

Ruckes, J.; Weber Cause, A., 1967:
Investigation of the muscle power of the left and right ventricle of fetuses prematures new borns and infants

Pelts, W.J.L.; Novak, L.P.; Smith, E.L., 1964:
Investigation of the musculoskeletal response of mice to exercise and to space confinement

Kerkis, Y.Y.; Stolbova, N.G., 1966:
Investigation of the mutagenic action of N-nitroso-N-methylurea on human embryonic fibroblasts

Maksimova, R.A.; Rapaport, I.A., 1967:
Investigation of the mutagenic effects of nitrosomethylurea on Trichothelcium roseum, a producer of the antibiotic trichothecin

Sitek, K., 1963:
Investigation of the mutant of the Bacillus Calmette-Guerin substrain moreau resistant to isonlcotinic acid hydrazide. in. Virulence for animals and some physiological properties

Shemakhanova, N.M., 1959:
Investigation of the mycotrophy of trees by the method of pure cultures

Rondon, Oscar, 1943:
Investigation of the natural immunity against diphtheria

Yelshina, M.A.; Zaydenberg, E.G.; Zatulovskiy, B.G.; Litovchenko, Y.T.; Shubs, Z.V., 1957:
Investigation of the nature of atypical strains and methods of their identification

Kononova, M.M.; Bel'chikova, N.P., 1961:
Investigation of the nature of soil humus substances by fractionation

Miller, E.J.; Pinnell, S.R.; Martin, G.R.; Schiffmann, E., 1967:
Investigation of the nature of the intermediate involved in desmosine biosynthesis

Rasolofo, R., 1968:
Investigation of the nematicidic value of ranomena nematic and extracts of common madagascar plants capable of being used against rice worm diseases

Reisinger, E.; Graack, B., 1962:
Investigation of the nerve system and paranephridial plexus in Codonocephalus

Jacoby, Meinhard, 1952:
Investigation of the nest of A sexdens rubropilosa by the cement-mold method

Pierno, A.C.; Turella, L.; Grossi, P.; Tubaldi, F.; Calabrese, M.; Perini, P.; Barachino, L.; Morra, A.; Gallo, P.; Castiello, U., 2009:
Investigation of the neural correlates underlying action observation in multiple sclerosis patients

Sos, J., 1949:
Investigation of the new growth-inducing action of azo-dyes

Koscianek Malczewska, H.; Komender, J.; Ostrowski, K., 1967:
Investigation of the nitrogen and phosphorus losses in different media used for inert dehydration rat liver

Fuentes, Cesar; Guarton, G., 1945 :
Investigation of the normal agglutinins against C. albicans in human serum

Mitchell, J.H.; Skipper, H.E.; Bennett, L.L., 1950:
Investigation of the nucleic acids of viscera and tumor tissue from animals injected with radioactive 8-azaguanine

Kuz'menko, V.A., 1965:
Investigation of the nucleosides of the purine bases and monosaccharides in acidic media

Serville, Y., 1958:
Investigation of the nutrition of rural population of the Sarthe region of France. March-April 1957

Pequignot, G.; Vinit, F.; Maujol, L.; Boulanger, J.J., 1949:
Investigation of the nutritional state of the French population during the first trimester of 1949

Weits, J., 1966:
Investigation of the nutritional value of food prepared in automatically operated machines in large kitchens inst cooking apparatus

Perez Questa, M.; Aparicio Ruiz, D.; Conrado Martinez, M.; Tirado Serrano, J., 1966:
Investigation of the nutritive value of fat-free acorn flour in animal feed

Thiago, D.Mello, Milton, 1951:
Investigation of the occurrence of brucellosis in the three cities named

Gip, L., 1966:
Investigation of the occurrence of dermatophytes on the floor and in the air of indoor environments

Lodder, J., 1932:
Investigation of the occurrence of tuberculosis on Amboina, Jan.-May, 1931

Smirnov, I.V., 1966:
Investigation of the optimal temperature conditions of a thermophilic strain of Chlorella

Bhal, V., 1966:
Investigation of the origin of O-methyl groups in griseofulvin using some C14 labelled substrates

Jayle, M.F.; Scholler, R.; Mauvais, J.rvis, P.; Szper, M., 1962:
Investigation of the ovarian function with chorionic gonadotropins in combination with dexamethasone. Application to the diagnosis of ovarian virilisms

Matkovics, B.; Kovacs, E.; Foldes, J., 1960:
Investigation of the oxidation-reduction potential in Mycobacteria

Kotel'nkova, A.V.; Ivanova, E.V., 1964:
Investigation of the oxidative phosphorylation in subcellular particles from Azotobacter vinelandii

Harnisch, Otto, 1960:
Investigation of the oxybiosis of larvae of Chironomus anthracimes and Chironomus plumo-sus

M.S.stiaga; B.H.rrmann; R.B.L.rsen, 2009:
Investigation of the paired-gear method in selectivity studies

Mackinnon, P.C.B.; Gould, A.H.; Harrison, J., 1962:
Investigation of the palmar sweat count of young male subjects under normal conditions

Egan, R.W., 1950:
Investigation of the paramecium toxicity test for the detection of human malignant tumors

Breuer, H.; Schonfelder, M., 1961:
Investigation of the participation of cholinesterase and acetylcholinesterase in the hydrolysis of acetylcholine in serum

Litovchenko, G.D.; Shipitsyn, S.A., 1960:
Investigation of the passage of strontium and calcium in the biological series from the soil to plants and animals

Formijne, P., 1935:
Investigation of the patency of peripheral arteries

Irvine, W.J., 1960:
Investigation of the pathogenesis of Hashimoto's disease by thyroid tissue culture

Ghiron, M., 1958:
Investigation of the pathways of action of an enzymatic liver preparation acting upon glucose metabolism

Battle, J.D., 1964:
Investigation Of The Patient With 'cryptic Anemia'

Lestan, Pavol, 1966:
Investigation of the penetration of iso-nicotinic-acid hydrazine through the integument of Ascaris suum

Pelikan, V.; Placer, Z., 1959:
Investigation of the peptic activity of the gastric juice

Mehmet Arif Beyhan; Ali Tekgüler; Taner Y?ld?z; Hüseyin Sauk, 2009:
Investigation of the performance of a hazelnut husker design used in Turkey

Mattyasovszky, J., 1953:
Investigation of the permeability of soils and application of the results in soil protection

Strecker, Herbert, A., 1928:
Investigation of the permeability of the brain membranes in cases of mental disorder

Szatmari, A.; Meszaros, M., 1948:
Investigation of the pharmacological action of Parpanit

Kovtun, L.M., 1959:
Investigation of the phasal diversity of properties of tissue of fruiting plants

Causse, R.; Chavasse, P., 1943:
Investigation of the phenomenon of Wever and Bray: definition of auricular microphone efficiency by automatic recording of cochlear potentials of the guinea pig

R.R.shangar; B.H.righi, 2009:
Investigation of the phenotypic and genetic properties of Brenneria nigrifluens strains, the causal agent of walnut bark canker in Kurdistan province, Iran

Latkdvics, Gyorgyne; Mate, F., 1967:
Investigation of the phosphorus uptake of young maize plant with the aid o'f P32 labelling

Brochart, M., 1957:
Investigation of the phosphorus-calcium requirements of dairy cattle by means of the determination of calcium and phosphorus in the hair. 2

Huseby, R.A.; Barnum, C.P., 1950:
Investigation of the phosphorus-containing constituents of centrifugally prepared fractions from mouse liver cell cytoplasm

T.A.L.udnikova; O.A.D.shina; T.A.T.legina; M.S.K.itsky, 2009:
Investigation of the photochemical properties of biopterin and its reduced forms

Krasnovsky, A.A.; Vorobyeva, L.M.; Pakshina, E.V., 1957:
Investigation of the photochemically active form of chlorophyll in plants of different systematic groups

Krasnovskiy, A.A.; Vorob'yeva, L.M.; Pakshina, Y.V., 1957 :
Investigation of the photochemically active form of chlorophyll in plants of various sytematic groups

Semenenko, V.E.; Zimin, M.B.; Vladimirova, M.G.; Klyachko Gurvich, G.L.; Sokolov, M.V.; Nichiporovich, A.A., 1966:
Investigation of the photosynthetic productivity and efficiency of utilization of light energy of Chlorella as a function of the energy spectral distribution in an equi-energetic light field

Wohlisch, Edgar; Schloss, U.Jacob, 1927:
Investigation of the physical chemistry of fibrinogen. II. Solubility minimum and acid binding properties in physiological salt content. Communication on blood coagulation. 11

Prytherch, Herbert, F., 1928:
Investigation of the physical conditions controlling spawning of oysters and the occurrence, distribution, and setting of oyster larvae in Milford Harbor, Conn

Joubert, F.J.; Largier, J.F., 1956:
Investigation of the physical properties of tetanus toxoids

Russell, W.L., 1939:
Investigation of the Physiological Genetics of Hair and Skin Color in the Guinea Pig by Means of the Dopa Reaction

Polyakova, T.I., 1963:
Investigation of the physiological regeneration and cell cycle in the epithelium of the frog with the aid of H3-thymidine

Roche, Marcel, 1958:
Investigation of the physiopathology of uncinariasis

Foin, Birgithe Ruud, 1929:
Investigation of the phytoplankton at Lofoten, March-April 1922-1927

Raderecht, H.J., 1957:
Investigation of the plasma substituting agent dextran

Lilov, D., 1968:
Investigation of the possibilities of preserving grafted slips

Myloserdova, V.D.; Karpov, Y.Y.; Landau, S.M., 1966:
Investigation of the possibility of activating latent viruses of nuclear polyhedrosis in insect tissue cultures

Obracevic, C.; Bacvanski, S.; Cobic, T.; Vucetic, S., 1968:
Investigation of the possibility of determining the ration digestibility by adding chromic oxide to the concentrate mixture and by 3 day total collection of feces

Eneroth, Olof, 1951:
Investigation of the possibility of differentiating the pollen of different species of Betula in fossil material

Sawyer, Philip John, 1958:
Investigation of the possibility of selective chemical control of larval Petromyzon marinus Linneaus

Silk, M.H.; Byatt, P.H.; Price, Z.H.; Rasmussen, A.F., 1965:
Investigation of the possibility that carcinogenic hydrocarbons exert their transforming effect through the activation or formation of a virus

Negrobov, V.P.; Zyuzin, V.S., 1962:
Investigation of the possibility that open water supplies are contaminated by dung-beetles Nature conservation in the central chernozem region

Gallo, D.G.; Sheffner, A.L., 1964:
Investigation of the possible interaction between cholestyramine resin and drugs

Bugar Meszaros, K.; Fono, J.; Bereczky, M.; Beloszt, I.; Korhaz, I., 1967:
Investigation of the post thrombotic syndrome abstract from orv hetil 107 38 1805 1807 september 1966 human anti coagulants heparin hematol

Graham, J.J.; Mcgary, J.W., 1961:
Investigation of the potential albacore resource of the central North Pacific

H.-K.F.öschle; U.G.nzales-Barron; K.M.Donnell; S.W.rd, 2009:
Investigation of the potential use of e-tracking and tracing of poultry using linear and 2D barcodes

Ivanov, P.; Vachkov, V.; Aleksiev, A.; Vankov, K., 1968:
Investigation of the practice of crossing red cattle with simmenthal with charolais and with shorthorns

Moltke, Otto; Larsen, S.A.rend; Krogh, L.nd, G., 1928:
Investigation of the presence of Bact. pneumosintes in recent cases of uncomplicated influenza

Hall, K., 1964:
Investigation of the Presence of Chromaffin Cells in the Uterus of the Mouse

Mommaerts, W.F., 1955:
Investigation of the presumed breakdown of adenosine-triphosphate and phosphocreatine during a single muscle twitch

Svec, R., 1966:
Investigation of the prevention and suppression of entero hepatitis in turkeys histomoniasis acetyl 2 amino 5 nitro thiazole anti parasit

Zurn, Hans, 1960:
Investigation of the problem of normal plasma standards in the quick thromboplastin time -determination

Kociova, E.; Koci, S., 1967:
Investigation of the problem of the nutrition of goslings i growth intensity of goslings at graded levels of nutrition

Koci, S., 1967:
Investigation of the problems of the nutrition of goslings ii balancing of the nutrition of goslings at graded levels of nutrition

Kociova, E., 1967:
Investigation of the problems of the nutrition of goslings iii the technique of feeding goslings in the case of intensive rearing

Kok, E.P., 1959:
Investigation of the process of generalization in patients with motor and sensory aphasia

Prokoshev, S.M.; Babichev, I.A., 1934:
Investigation of the process of the artificial ripening in tomatoes

Mordarski, M., 1958:
Investigation of the production of antibiotics by means of strains of Streptomyces

L00fb0ur0w, J.R.; Morgan, S.M.ry Norbert, 1940:
Investigation of the production of growth-promoting and growth-inhibiting factors by ultraviolet irradiated microorganisms

Bondarenko, G.K., 1950:
Investigation of the productivity on interspecies hybridization on winter wheat

Taylor, W., 1959:
Investigation of the products of metabolism after incubation of deoxycorticosterone with rabbit-liver homogenate

Holl, C., 1968:
Investigation of the progeny test factors of bulls of the slovak spotted breed

Solinek, V.A., 1960:
Investigation of the properties of smoke generated for curing fis

Shamrayeva, S.A., 1956:
Investigation of the properties of the measles virus cultivated in tissue culture

Cunha, R.G.; Serrao, U.M., 1960:
Investigation of the prophylactic and curative potency of foot-and-mouth disease antiserum in white mice

Hank, A.; Barna, J., 1959:
Investigation of the protective effect against radiation of vitamin B12 Abstract

Nowy, H.; Frings, H.D., 1962:
Investigation of the protein composition of the myocardium during the experimental hypertrophy of the heart

Utyevs'ka, L.A.; Troyanovs'ka, M.L., 1967:
Investigation of the protein fractions of serums subjected to deep freezing and thawing , Russ. and Engl. summ.

Walendowska, J.; Wieczorek, I., 1959:
Investigation of the proteolytic activities of the blood in the vein-terminals having growth-changes of the vessels

Carr, M.N.; Torres, S.M.F.; Koch, S.N.; Reiter, L.V., 2009:
Investigation of the pruritogenic effects of histamine, serotonin, tryptase, substance P and interleukin-2 in healthy dogs

Kovsh, O.Y.; Valtneris, A.D.; Viksne, V.K., 1966:
Investigation of the pulse wave propagation in rheumatism and other collagenoses

Kalpana, K.B.; Devipriya, N.; Srinivasan, M.; Menon, V.P., 2009:
Investigation of the radioprotective efficacy of hesperidin against gamma-radiation induced cellular damage in cultured human peripheral blood lymphocytes

Bentley Mowat, J.A.; Reid, S.M., 1968:
Investigation of the radish leaf bioassay for kinetins, and demonstration of kinetin-like substances in algae

Kakuliia, M.E., 1959:
Investigation of the reactivity of proteins by the methods of electrical conductivity

Ricny, Drahoslav; Suda, Mojmir; Bouchalova, M., 1960:
Investigation of the reactivity of the child in response to intradermally administered streptokinase. II. Clinical

Kostelyanets, N.B., 1965:
Investigation of the receptive off-fields of the retina of the frog by means of moving darkness stimuli

Noack, D., 1965:
Investigation of the reciprocal effect between microorganisms of one population by statistical methods

Hortolomei, N., 1956:
Investigation of the reflex regulation of respiration

Shneider, M.S., 1966:
Investigation of the regularity of pulmonary ventilation in patients with diffuse diseases of the lungs

Jordan, H.J.; Postma, M.N., 1942:
Investigation of the regulation of muscular tone by the podal ganglia of H. pomatia An abstract

Reichertz, P.; Seeliger, H.P.R., 1962:
Investigation of the relation between serum antibodies and skin reactions in suspected cases of listeriosis

Weinreich, J.; Bussmann, J.; Mappes, G., 1960:
Investigation of the relation between spleen and bone marrow in rats by means of a functional test of bone marrow

Mcghee, Eva Cunningham, 1959:
Investigation of the relation of insulin to lipid metabolism, with special reference to phospholipid

Chomiczewski, J., 1961:
Investigation of the relations between biochemical types and lysotypes of Salmonella typh

Allain, P.; Carrie, R., 1968:
Investigation of the relationship between physicochemical and biological properties of acetyl choline

Luk Yanova, L.D.; Kol Tsova, A.V.; Meyzerov, Y.S.; Kazanskaya, Y.P., 1967:
Investigation of the relationship between the oxygen metabolism of the brain its electrical activity and the conditioned reflex activity of animals after vibration rat space flight

Blot, A.; Pedro, G., 1967:
Investigation of the relationship between the size distribution and the mineralogical composition of soils and weathered horizons

Rumsfeld, H.W.; Porter, J.C., 1959:
Investigation of the release of ACTH

Grell, K.G., 1959:
Investigation of the reproduction and sexuality of Foraminifera. IV. Patellina corrugata

Pekary, K.; Kramer, M., 1966:
Investigation of the residual effect of nitrogen fertilizer in cereals on chernosem-brown forest soil of Kompolt

Rowaan, P.A.; Gonggrijp, J.W., 1938:
Investigation of the resins of various pines of northern Sumatra

Redetzki, H.M.; Redetzki, J.E.; Elias, A.L., 1965:
Investigation of the resistance of rabbits to the cyto toxic effects of folic acid anti metabolites

Lindhard, J., 1927:
Investigation of the respiratory quotient during brief periods of work

Chassain, A.; Florentin, E., 1961:
Investigation of the respiratory quotient of the rat during cold exposure

Stolt, B.O.ov; Mascher, J.W., 1962:
Investigation of the resting blue-throated warbler in Uppland, Central Sweden, with special reference to variations in body mass and weight variations

J.; Grandjean, E., 1955:
Investigation of the resting metabolism during long continued exposure to cold in the Arctic

Nikolov, M., 1968:
Investigation of the results of some paprika d varieties rotunde type

Gutierrez Noriega, Carlos, 1944:
Investigation of the rhythmic-ity of the movements of locomotion

Knorre, D.G.; Shamovsky, G.G., 1967:
Investigation of the role of 2'-OH groups in the formation of secondary structure in polyribonucleotides: acetylation studies

Hadjiolov, A.A.; Dancheva, K.I., 1959:
Investigation of the role of 5-phosphoribonucleotide as co-factor of liver phosphorylase Abstract

Bartholomew, J.W.; Mittwer, T., 1956:
Investigation of the role of sulfhydryl groups in bacteria in relation to the gram stain

Sverdlov, A.G., 1961:
Investigation of the role of the reflex component in the reaction of the body to external ionizing radiation

Kharbush, S.S., 1928 :
Investigation of the root tubercles of some alpine legumes

Raszeja, W.; Kaczmarek, F., 1966:
Investigation of the rubia tinctorum d rhizome ii the isolation of ruberythric acid extraction with organic solvents inst chromatography

Yendo, Yasutaro, 1926:
Investigation of the rusty-brown discoloration of silk-fibres caused by microorganisms

Aguena Kanashiro, C., 1967:
Investigation of the salmonella group in ham and bologna sausage

Kao, Shang Wu, 1963:
Investigation of the sand desert and gobi in Hsing-chiang

Pieczyska, Ewa, 1961:
Investigation of the scope of groupings of periphyton Nematoda and the factors regulating their occurrence

Grindley, D.N., 1946:
Investigation of the seed oils of some Sudan Caesal-pinioideae

Joshi, B.C.; Tewari, J., 1957:
Investigation of the seeds of Lepidium iberis var. alba. I. The fatty oil

Frisch, K.V., 1928:
Investigation of the sense of taste in bees

Hein, H., 1956:
Investigation of the sensitivity of dyspepsia coli for streptomycin, tetracyclin, neomy-cin and Nebacetin

Mohyievs'kyi, A.Ya, 1962:
Investigation of the sensitivity of various divisions of the brain of the dog with the aid of cannula-electrodes

Nagaoka, M.; Tanaka, I., 1958:
Investigation of the serum potassium and sodium levels in heart diseases

Moller Christensen, E.; Thygesen, J.E., 1946:
Investigation of the serum protein balance in normal and toxemic pregnant women

Chararas, C., 1968:
Investigation of the sexual behavior of pityokteines spinidens polygamous coleoptera scotytidae and a study of the factors which affect the power of attraction of the male to the female abies spp g picea orientalis g host plant

Radionenko, A.Ya, 1967:
Investigation of the sexual process in the apple

Kelmparskaya, N.N.; Shikhodyrov, V.V., 1958:
Investigation of the significance of autoallergy in the origin of haemorrhage in radiation sicknes

Umeda, T., 1929:
Investigation of the so-called trichotoxin and precipitin of tracheal ciliated epithelium

Kazeniac, Stanley, J., 1956:
Investigation of the sodium hypochlorite oxidation of methyl 4-O-methyl-D-glucopyranosides

Olofsson, Sanfried, 1960:
Investigation of the solid droppings from cattle and horses on pastures II Effect of the droppings on the grazing, and the time required to spread the droppings

Begun, T.E., 1963:
Investigation of the sorption properties of various organs of white mice in the process of development of an antitoxin post-vaccination immunity to tetanus

Schnieden, H.; Weston, A.H., 1968:
Investigation of the spasmogenic effect of manganese metab on the guinea pig isolated ileum preparation abstract magnesium chloride metab

Parnas, J.; Mierzejewska, I.; Lamirska, A., 1957:
Investigation of the specif ity of the opsonophagocytic index in the course of brucellosis

Hendik, A.; Paul, I.; Sodemann, K.; Wosnitzka, H., 1968:
Investigation of the specific dynamic action of protein in obesity

Szoor, A.; Kover, A.; Kovacs, T., 1959:
Investigation of the specificity of myosin cholinesterase. II. Comparative investigations with acetylcholinesterase produced from transversely striated mascles Abstract

Schmidt, N.J.; Harding, H.B., 1956:
Investigation of the specificity of substances in some human sera which are inhibitory in certain viral and rickettsial complement-fixing antigen-antibody systems

Starzyk, J.; Lachowicz, T.; Dolezal, M.; Dutkiewicz, J., 1961:
Investigation of the specificity of the serologic reactions of Sabin-Feldman and of complement fixation taking into account the syphilitic reagents

Scharf, K.; Lee, R.M., 1962:
Investigation of the spectrophotmetric method of measuring the ferric ion yield in the ferrous sulfate dosimeter

Rettig, H., 1968:
Investigation of the spine

Kurcz, M., 1959:
Investigation of the spontaneous activity of albino and brown rats Abstract

Gonnert, R.; Strufe, R., 1961:
Investigation of the stability of Bayluscid as a molluscicide

Dressler, Harry, R., 1962:
Investigation of the stability of the trachoma agent In The biology of the trachoma agent

Ivanova, I.I.; Sakharova, Z.V.; Ierusalimskii, N.D., 1968:
Investigation of the state of nonbalanced growth in Bacillus megaterium grown under constant chemical conditions

Wustenfeld, E.; Sprenger, F.H., 1960:
Investigation of the statistical variation in the sensory cells of the organ of Corti in guinea pigs

Schaeffer, H.J.; Jain, V.K., 1964:
Investigation Of The Stereochemistry Of Cycloheximide

Schaeffer, H.J.; Jain, V.K., 1963:
Investigation of the stereochemistry of cycloheximide and its degradation products

Falla, R.A.; Stokell, G., 1945:
Investigation of the stomach contents of New Zealand fresh-water shags

Kodina, L.A., 1963:
Investigation of the structural units of lignin by the methods of paper chromatography and ultraviolet spectrophotometry

Xia, X.; Postis, V.L.G.; Rahman, M.; Wright, G.S.A.; Roach, P.C.J.; Deacon, S.E.; Ingram, J.C.; Henderson, P.J.F.; Findlay, J.B.C.; Phillips, S.E.V.; McPherson, M.J.; Baldwin, S.A., 2008:
Investigation of the structure and function of a Shewanella oneidensis arsenical-resistance family transporter

Richter, G., 1956:
Investigation of the structure and function of the adhesive threads in the snare-webs of ecribellate circular-web spiders

Castognoli, C.; Graziosi, F., 1955 :
Investigation of the structure of BM phage as shown by the electron microscope

Graziosi, F.; Coppo, A.; Donini, P., 1955:
Investigation of the structure of BM phage by means of the inactivation of specific antibodies?

Mokul'skaya, T.D.; Stolyarova, G.S.; Mokul'skii, M.A., 1965:
Investigation of the structure of actinophage DNA by the method of X-ray diffraction

Braunstein, A.E., 1967:
Investigation of the structure of enzyme proteins as related to the catalytic function of the active site

Guba, A., 1952:
Investigation of the structure of fibrous proteins by electron microscope

Krivenko, V.G.; Kayushin, L.P.; Pulatova, M.K., 1968:
Investigation of the structure of paramagnetic centers in mono crystals of gamma irradiated l cystine di hydro chloride on exposure to light on exposure to light/

Junghahn, I.; Bielka, H., 1965:
Investigation of the structure of ribosomal RNA from normal and tumor tissues. II. Denaturation with urea

Hustedt, Friedrich, 1926:
Investigation of the structure of the Diatomaceae I Raphe and gelatin pores of the Eunotioideae

Matoltsy, A.G.; Odland, G.F., 1955:
Investigation of the structure of the cornified epithelium of the human skin

Bredenberg, J.B.Son; Hietala, P.K., 1961:
Investigation of the structure of trifolirhizin, an antifungal compound from Trifolium pratense L

Dutkevich, T.; Tyras, G., 1968:
Investigation of the styrene capability of becoming absorbed through the skin in human beings

Vinogradova, A.N.; Dzhamusova, T.A., 1963:
Investigation of the substantional and functional changes in the retractor of Phascolosoma induced by prolonged temperature effect

Solov'eva, T.Y.; Bazarova, V.L., 1963:
Investigation of the sugars of buckwheat and lime-tree honeys by paper chromatography

Bares, I.; Vlach, M., 1967:
Investigation of the suitability of italian wheat m varieties for spring sowing

Seillac, P., 1968:
Investigation of the sulfur and phosphorus requirements of young maritime pines g cultivated in a liquid medium

Bistritskaite, G.B.; Ivanov, L.D., 1966:
Investigation of the surface active properties of yeast alcohol dehydrogenase by the adsorption polarography method

Deborin, G.A.; Baranova, V.Z.; Zhukova, I.G., 1964:
Investigation of the surface films of phospholipid of the membranes of Micrococcus lysodeikticus at the water-air interface

Oki, A., 1960:
Investigation of the susceptibility of various apple varieties to Podosphaera leucotricha Salm. in Metohija

Welch, K.D.; Green, B.T.; Panter, K.E.; Gardner, D.R.; Pfister, J.A.; Cook, D.; Stegelmeier, B.L., 2009:
Investigation of the susceptibility of various strains of mice to methyllycaconitine toxicosis

Scheid, Charles, J., 1956 :
Investigation of the synergism of isonicotinic acid hydrazide and cortisone H Long term study of the synergistic action of isonicotinic acid hydrazide and cortisone acetate In the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Wiesel, L.L., 1956:
Investigation of the synergism of isonicotinic acid hydrazide and cortisone. I. Effect of isonicotinic acid on the metabolism of cortisone by liver slices

Matsui, Masanao; Nakatani, Yoichi; Mori, Yasuki; Nikuni, Z., 1963:
Investigation of the synthesis of -sorigenin. n. Synthesis of 3-hydroxy-4,5,7-trimethoxy, 2-naphthoic-acid lactone

Fraustadt, M., 1959:
Investigation of the synthesis of alanine from pyruvate and ammonium in Mucor racemosus

Ceriotti, G.; Spandrio, L.; Agradi, A., 1958:
Investigation of the synthesis of iron-labelled liver catalase in both normal and sarcoma 180-bearing mice

Salganik, R.I.; Morozova, T.M.; Gryaznova, I.M., 1966:
Investigation of the synthesis of nuclear histones with substrate induction of tyrosine- -ketoglutarate transaminase in rat liver

Cadicamo, C.D.; Asante, V.; Abu Ammar, M.; Borelli, C.; Korting, H.C.; Koksch, B., 2009:
Investigation of the synthetic route to pepstatin analogues by SPPS using O-protected and O-unprotected statine as building blocks

Takada, H., 1952:
Investigation of the tannin conducting idioblasts in the leaf lamina of H. densa

Anonymous, 1955:
Investigation of the taste and olfactory functions by the vascular reflex method in patients with disturbed brain circulation Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 28742

Esmail, O.J.; Kimbler, O.K., 1967 :
Investigation of the technical feasibility of storing fresh water in saline aquifers

Pallay, N., 1938:
Investigation of the technical properties of Populus canadensis and P. robusta

Fel'dman, N.L.; Zavadskaya, L.G.; Lyutova, M.I., 1963:
Investigation of the temperature resistance of some marine algae under natural and experimental conditions

Brill, N.Q.; Crumpton, E.; Eiduson, S.; Grayson, H.M.; Hellman, L.I.; Richards, R.A.; Strassman, H.D.; Unger, A.A., 1957:
Investigation of the therapeutic components and various factors associated with improvement with electroconvulsive treatment: a preliminary report

Krey, W.D.; Hesse, L.; Wirtz, M.; Creutzfeldt, W.; Kuhn, H.A., 1963:
Investigation of the therapeutic influence on experimental cirrhoses of the liver of the rat. IV. Influence of liver extracts, lipocaic, sulfonamide derivatives and sulfhydril compounds

Kraljevic, R.; Pearson, E.; Borgono, J.M., 1958:
Investigation of the therapeutic value of the combination of tetracycline and oleandomycin

Von, W.tsch, Hans; Flugel, A., 1951:
Investigation of the thiamine content of higher plants. I. The effect of internal and external conditions on the thiamine content of wheat

Cserhati, I.; Ra, K., 1959:
Investigation of the thrombopoieiic effect produced in mice by UV irradiation of the whole body Abstract

Laszlo, F.A.; Czernay, L.; Kovacs, K., 1966:
Investigation of the thyroid gland function in rats with an injured hypophyseal pedicle

Chrappa, V., 1967:
Investigation of the time of termination of the fattening of turkeys with regard to the carcass value and the economics of production

Karparoff, A., 1961:
Investigation of the tobacco mosaic virus by elec-ton microscope

Berg, N.O.; Idbohrn, H.; Wendeberg, B., 1958:
Investigation of the tolerance of the rabbit's kidney to newer contrast media in renal angiography

Kryski, Stefan, 1948:
Investigation of the toxic action of Rickettsia prowazeki on lice and white mice

Carroll, M.N.; Fox, L.E.; Ariail, W.T., 1957:
Investigation of the toxic principles of Hippomane mancinella L. III. Toxic actions of extracts of Hippomane mancinella L

Koula, V., 1967:
Investigation of the toxicity of fungicidal aerosols to late blight phytophthora infestans under laboratory conditions

Lallier, R., 1968:
Investigation of the toxicity of thallium ions in the egg of the sea urchin paracentrotus lividus enzyme systems

Mauer, W.; Muller, E.R., 1953:
Investigation of the trans-port function of individual serum protein fractions for phos- phatides by a new paper electrophoresfs method

Franco, C.M.; Bacchi, O., 1944:
Investigation of the tristeza disease of Citrus. I. Alterations in the osmotic pressure

Lithander, Arne, 1958:
Investigation of the tuberculin allergy in guinea pigs alter BCG vaccination and after subsequent infection with virulent tubercle bacilli

Kimmelstiel, Paul, 1926:
Investigation of the tuberculin reaction

Lopek, S., 1958:
Investigation of the types of Shigella which appear in Poland

Renat Kh. Muslimov; Irina, N.P.otnikova, 2009:
Investigation of the up-to-date process of the replenishment of hydrocarbon reserves

Soloway, A.H.; Ojemann, R.G., 1964:
Investigation Of The Use Of Na2b12i12 As An Intravascular Contrast Media

Esin, T., 1967:
Investigation of the use of phostoxin insectic for prevention of khapra beetle larvae trogoderma granarium

Hu, Kwoh Hsien, 1954:
Investigation of the use of plastic containers for heat processed foods

Williams, J.N.; Laster, L., 1963:
Investigation of the use of the albino rat for studying gliadin-induced steatorrhea

Beck, D.J.; Gillings, B.R.D., 1961:
Investigation of the usefulness of neutron activation analysis for studying trace elements in saliva

Witjens, P.H.; Va.D.Jk.C.P.; Verkade, P.E., 1947:
Investigation of the usefulness of the goldfish test for the determination of local anesthetic activity

Hillbricht, Anna; Ryszkowski, L., 1961:
Investigation of the utilization and destruction of its habitat by a population of coypu. Myocastor coypus Molina bred in semi-captivity

Lamond, D.R.; Lang, D.R., 1965:
Investigation of the vaginal smear assay of oestrogen in oyariectomized ewes

Nikolaev, A.L., 1959:
Investigation of the valency of antibodies by means of azoproteins

Schon, H.; Braune, R., 1963:
Investigation of the value of glutamic acid dehydrogenase and isocitric acid dehydrogenase in serum enzyme diagnosis

Stĕpán, J.; Kakác, B., 1965:
Investigation of the values for plasmamucoid-tyrosine isolated from native and sonicated plasma in patients with articular disease

Stenstrom, Solve, 1948:
Investigation of the variation and the correlation of the optical elements of the human eye

Chre3tensen, B.Dam, 1967:
Investigation of the variation of the pathogenicity, susceptibility and yield-reduction of spring-sown wheat, rye, barley and oats inoculated with Ophiobolus graminis Sacc

Pfeiffer, Hans, 1961:
Investigation of the vegetation of the Rugen Slatt and Blanken Slatt

Akhromeiko, A. 1,.; ZhuravlevaM.V., 1957:
Investigation of the velocity of the water current in woody plants

Gilje, O.; Sommerfelt, S.C., 1963:
Investigation of the venous flow in varicose veins and post-thrombotic legs by injection of a radioactive substance

Gilje, O.; Husebye, O.W.; Cappelen, C., 1963:
Investigation of the venous flow in varicose veins and post-thrombotic legs by injection of contrast medium and serial films

Lusena, Marcello, 1926:
Investigation of the virus of avian epithelioma contagiosum

Tikotskaia, K.M., 1958:
Investigation of the vitamin P activity of a soluble preparation of rutin

Coppens, A.; Hoejenbos, L., 1939:
Investigation of the volatile constituents of raspberry juice

Coppens, A.; Hoejenbos, L., 1939:
Investigation of the volatile constituents of strawberry juice

Yur'ev, S.A., 1965:
Investigation of the volume velocity of the blood stream

Gonzalez, B.Juan, E., 1960:
Investigation of the voraciousness of Dysdercus peruvianus in the cotton field

Masszi, G., 1968:
Investigation of the water binding of protein solutions by microwave measurements

Kreeb, K., 1963:
Investigation of the water economy of plants under extremely arid conditions

Seevers, E., 1963:
Investigation of the water-soluble inhibitors from primings of Vitis vinifera L

Sievers, E., 1963:
Investigation of the water-soluble inhibitors from wood slivers of grapevine . II. On the action of the inhibitors on vines at various developmental stages

Gosswald, K.; Schmidt, G.H., 1960:
Investigation of the wing-shedding and copulating behavior of some Formica-species with regard to their systematic differences

Terent'ev, S., 1956:
Investigation of the working capacity of the Astrakhan Camel

Nikoli, Dragisa, 1951:
Investigation of the yield of wool in the Cigaj sheep

Discher, R.; Laaff, H.; Creutzfeldt, W.; Kuhn, H.A., 1963:
Investigation of therapeutic action on experimental liver cirrhosis of the rat. IIL The carbontetrachloride cirrhosis of the rat and the therapeutic influence of glucocorticoids with or without simultaneous administration of antibiotics and androgens

Ivanov, I.D.; Bistritskaite, G.V., 1967:
Investigation of thermal denaturation of alcohol dehydrogenase of yeasts by the polarography method

Ives, N.F.; Giuffrida, L., 1967:
Investigation of therminonic detector response for the gas chromatography of P, N, As, and Cl organic compounds

Vinogradova, A.N., 1964:
Investigation of thermostability of actomyosin of frogs in relation to the seasonal and experimentally produced decrease in thermostability of their muscles

Makhlin, E.E., 1965:
Investigation of thermostability of succinic dehydrogenase of muscle homogenates of the grass frog in muscular thermostability of various levels

Haynes, Rachel, 1928:
Investigation of thia-zin dyes as biological stains II Influence of buffered solutions on staining properties

Haynes, R., 1927:
Investigation of thiazin dyes as biological stains. 1. The staining properties of thionin and its derivatives as compared with their chemical formulae

Charro Arias, A.; Company, J.C.no, 1965:
Investigation of thickening additives in artificial carbonated waters

Berkhin, E.B., 1964:
Investigation Of Thirst Excitability In Rats

Papp, J., 1961:
Investigation of three Microgaster species.

Kuemmerle, H.P.; Rottger, P.; Dimpfl, J., 1962:
Investigation of tissue distribution of sulfamoxole and 2- -5-methoxypyr-imidine

Lukic, A., 1967:
Investigation of tobacco d molding agents on some yugoslav tobacco d varieties

Joly, Maurice, 1948:
Investigation of tobacco mosaic virus by the method of streaming double refraction

Goldin, M.J., 1960:
Investigation of tobacco mosaic virus in ultrathin sections

Latorre, Juan Luis Rubio, 1963:
Investigation of total germs and pathogenic streptococci in the commercially sold milk in Madrid

Galvez, Maria Magdalena, 1958:
Investigation of trace elements by chromatography and their application to food mixtures for animals

Galegov, G.A.; Parfanovich, M.I., 1959:
Investigation of transamination reactions in the brain of rats inoculated with fixed rabies virus

Turner, Oliver, E., 1944:
Investigation of transfusion reactions

Matsuo, T.; Seo, A.; Nakamura, H., 1966:
Investigation of treatment for jaundice in newborn infants

Greguss, P.; Matuszka, J., 1957:
Investigation of tree remnants unearthed by borings from the Theiss River dam

D.Primio, R., 1958:
Investigation of triatomids in the cities of Irai, Sarandi and Frederico Westphalia

D.Primio, Raul, 1960:
Investigation of triatomids in the counties of Rio Grande, Santa Vitoria do Palmar and Jaguarao

Gans, Louis, R., 1934:
Investigation of tribal skulls with significance to tooth development

Chevremont, M.; Chevremont, C.mhaire, S., 1953:
Investigation of trihydroxy-N-methylindole and adrenochrome in tissue culture. I. Action on growth and mitosis, II. Action on the chondriome

Zorina, A.D.; Matyukhina, L.G.; Ryabinin, A.A., 1966:
Investigation of triterpenes la some species of plants

Bogdanov, K.M.; Shal'nov, M.I.; Shtukkenbyerg, I.M., 1959:
Investigation of tritium oxide metabolism in organisms

Hauduroy, P.; Pasternak, J., 1941:
Investigation of tubercle and some other bacilli by the method of microscopy in fluorescent light

Senties, V.Rafael; F.Eleazar, O.mos; Monjarras, E., 1963:
Investigation of tuberculin reaction and vaccination with B.C.G. Observations of the students in Form VII in Mexico City

Humphreys, S.R.; Goldin, A., 1959:
Investigation of tumor variants recovered from mice with systemic leukemia after extensive therapy with 3 .5 -dichloroamethopterin and 3 -bromo-5 -chloroamethopterin

Louis, C.J., 1958:
Investigation of tumors of the skin using a histochemical techniqu

Levkoeva, E.F.; Rakova, S.S., 1958:
Investigation of tumors of the vascular tract of the eye by the method of tissue cultures

Nishimura, Minoru, 1963:
Investigation of tuna behavior by fish finder

Wild, Aloysius, 1960:
Investigation of two albomaculate lines of Antirrhinum majus in their behavior in partial reactions of photosynthesis

Studebaker, Gerald Arthur, 1960:
Investigation of two aspects of bone conduction testing Placement of the vibrator on the head and presentation of the masking sound

Guiffrida, L.; Ives, F., 1964:
Investigation of two gas chromatographic techniques for the determination of organophosphate pesticide residues

Baume, P.; Law, D.H., 1966:
Investigation of two possible modes of action of gastrone, an endogenous inhibitor of gastric secretion

Berger, P.Lenore, D.dd, 1963:
Investigation of two theories of neurotic anxiety: Freud vs. Mowrer

Auditore, J.V.; Hendrickson, H., 1964:
Investigation Of Unidentified Pharmacologically Active Substances In The Human Central Nervous System

Hendrickson, H.; Auditore, J., 1963:
Investigation of unidentified pharmacological active substances of human central nervous system

Petersen, I.; Stener, I.; Sellden, U.; Kollberg, S., 1962:
Investigation of urethral sphincter in women with simultaneous electromyography and micturition urethro-cystography

Steyn-Parve, E.P.; Ten Thije, O.J., 1955:
Investigation of urinary proteins in multiple myeloma by means of salting-out analysis

Dixon, J.M., 1958:
Investigation of urinary water reabsorption in the cloaca and rectum of the hen

Golay, M., 1954:
Investigation of urticarial reaction to duck's egg in eczematous infants

Lajos, L.; Szontagh, F., 1948:
Investigation of vaginal fluids of rats on prolonged treatment with vernix and folliculin

Vaccarezza, J.R.; Ruiz, D.C., 1967:
Investigation of vanillin mandelic acid in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis its relations with bacteriological activity lesion extension ventilating function and treatment

Schriever, Hans, 1929:
Investigation of variable increments of pain

D.C.nha, A.M.rques; Muniz, J., 1928:
Investigation of verruga peruana

Vladimirov, I.A.; Litvin, F.F., 1959:
Investigation of very weak luminescence in biological systems

Babkin, V.P.; Rozen, O.M.; Tumarkina, L.N.; Chernyak, R.I., 1961:
Investigation of vibrational sensitivity and factors influencing it

Lewis, G.C.Jr; Rowe, W.P.; Dell Angelo, R.J.; Brodsky, I., 1965:
Investigation of viral etiology for neopl cervical cancer human

Ekman, B.; Thune, S.; Truedsson, E., 1953:
Investigation of viscosity and hyaluronidase inhibitors in joint exudate after intra-articular cortisone injections

Hardy, L.H., 1949:
Investigation of visual space

Ivanov, Y.A.; Popov, V.A.; Khachaturyants, L.S., 1968:
Investigation of visual work capacity in space flight

Splittgerber, A.; Nolte, E., 1931:
Investigation of water

Chaojun Fan; Dirk Schulze-Makuch; Hongjie Xie; Ning Lu, 2009:
Investigation of water signatures at Gully-exposed sites on Mars by hyperspectral image analysis

Kramer, M., 1952:
Investigation of water stability of soil aggregates. A comparative study of methods

Anonymous, 2009:
Investigation of wind erosion process for estimation, prevention, and control of DSS in Yazda“Ardakan plain

Sogo, M.; Miyauti, K.; Watanabe, T.; Isikawa, S.; Tada, I., 1959:
Investigation of woman psychoneurosis considering the family stand of the woman

Kisser, Josef, 1957:
Investigation of wood as part of biological research

Chang, W.T., 1930:
Investigation of yangmei fruits in Eastern Chekiang

Hawboldt, L.S.; Skolko, A.J., 1948:
Investigation of yellow birch dieback in Nova Scotia in 1947

Ma, Y.H.; Chen, C.T.; Shen, C.F.; Kiang, Y.C.; Ting, C.M., 1959:
Investigation of zinc oxide poisoning

Ondo, Y.; Kobayashi, S., 1968:
Investigation of zoo plankton community in moroyose bay and its vicinity part 2 ecological studies on arrowworm chaetognatha populations

Spiteri, Joseph, 1962:
Investigation ofthe ripening changes in olive oils under the influence of outside factors

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Investigation on 100 female patients aged 65 and more admitted in a service of a psychiatric hospital of the Seine

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Investigation on Agglomerationa’Fragmentation Processes in Colloidal Asphaltene Suspensions

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Investigation on Chagas disease and a Triatominae survey in Sao-Lourenco-do-Sul and Cangucu, Brazil

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Investigation on Chiroptera of the North Moravian Karst

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Investigation on Firing Behavior of the Spark-Ignition Engine Fueled with Methanol, Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG, and Methanol/LPG During Cold Start

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Investigation on Heterodera schachtii in Lancashire and Cheshire Part I. The infestation in certain areas as revealed by cyst counts; an estimation of the errors involved in the technique and a correlation with intensity of disease

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Investigation on N:P:K ratio in maize nutrition

Silicosis Research Group, Chinese Academy, O.Medical Sciences, 1959:
Investigation on Roentgen diagnosis of silicosis cases

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Investigation on Tartasesti State Farm soils

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Investigation on Winogradsky's Azotobacter test as to its applicability to some rice-field soils in Japan

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Investigation on a general theory dealing with the chemical-electric information transfer in the animal organism

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Investigation Of A Glycoprotein Isolated From The Urine Of Plasmocytoma Patients

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Investigation on a test of histocompatibility for allogeneic grafts. II. A study on rabbits

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Investigation on a tobacco d enterprise varieties fertilizers

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Investigation on accidents involving children in France

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Investigation on acid production by saccharolytic saprophytic Neisseria

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Investigation on action and mechanism of action of various surface-active substances and drugs on erythrocyte aggregates, rate of blood corpuscle desaggregation, viscosity and hematocrit in human blood

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Investigation on adenosine diphosphate induced platelet adhesiveness in vitro. HI. The in-activation of ADP in plasma

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Investigation on adenovirus antibodies: HI. Survey in a closed community

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Investigation on agar. Physico-chemical properties of agar and their influence on the growth of microorganisms

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Investigation on agglutinins against leptospires in bovine serum, in the state of Sao Paulo

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Investigation on amenorrhea caused by the atomic bomb, in female students in Hiroshima-shi

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Investigation on amino acid metabolism in A. niger

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Investigation on an active center in lyso-zyme using earboxymethylation

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Investigation on antigenic specificity of human haemoglobins

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Investigation on antimony electrode for determination of hydrogen ion concentration. I. Standardization of an antimony electrode in buffer solutions and calculation of pH

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Investigation on artificial insemination in sows

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Investigation on asparagus. I. Ascorbic acid

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Investigation on autologous t5 transplants of urinary bladder wall in mouse

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Investigation on bacterial desiccation

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Investigation on basic amino acids as possible alkaloid precursors in Lupinus angustifolius

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Investigation on basic tillage and fertilizing of dark gray forest soil to sugar beet d

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Investigation on bean varieties

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Investigation on blennius zvonimini and description of blennius incognitus new species from the mediterranean pisces blennioidea blenniidae re description

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Investigation on blood coagulation in leptospirosis

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Investigation on blood groups in the Malay Archipelago

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Investigation on bone P32 fixation in growing rat after thyroxine treatment

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Investigation on bovine anaplasmosis by ana test in taiwan

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Investigation on caeruloplasmin. I. Purification and some physicochemical properties of caeruloplasmin

Osaki, S., 1961:
Investigation on caeruloplasmin. IV. The effect of borate ion on the oxidase activity of porcine caeruloplasmin

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Investigation on calcification of the falx cerebri

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Investigation on cell death in the megagametophyte of Araucaria bidwillii Hook. post-germinated seeds

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Investigation on cellulose decomposition in soils. 1. Re-examination of some stock cultures

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Investigation on certain factors influencing the extraction output of an infective RNA

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Investigation on certain growth and biological properties of an auto tetra ploid spinach d

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Investigation on chemical control of the pine shoot moth

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Investigation on chick assay method for avian gonadotrophins

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Investigation on cold or auto-hemoagglutination

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Investigation on color sensitivity in insects found on Brassica napus L

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Investigation on congenital toxoplasmosis

Krolikowski, Z., 1962:
Investigation on cytoplasmic male sterility in maize

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Investigation on daily rhythm of excretion of somatotropin and hydro cortisone in metabolism of healthy and diabetic persons

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Investigation on damages caused by parasites of goats and examination of effective deworming methods.

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Investigation on diacetyl in butter

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Investigation on digestive troubles among workers in the industry for artificial textiles. Second part

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Investigation on dry plasma stored for 4 years

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Investigation on ecto parasitic insects on birds and mammals in south varanger north norway 1966

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Investigation on effective substances from Ruta graveolens L. IV

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Investigation on enzymes of the human blood, XII. The role of an arylesterase fraction from the liver in the human fat metabolism

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Investigation on epidemic of adenovirus infections occurred at a day nursery near nagasaki city japan in 1967 children

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Investigation on exopeptidases in the chick

Anon, 1968:
Investigation on fats waxes and paraffin margarine carnauba wax

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Investigation on fertilizer response curves and surfaces

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Investigation on foaming properties of some organics for oily bubble bitumen flotation

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Investigation on foot-and-mouth disease. Differentiation of the type of virus present in the Dutch E. Indies

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Investigation on goat pox in Sweden

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Investigation on growth media for mycoplasma evaluation of infusions peptones sera yeast extracts and other supplements

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Investigation on height and weight of school children in Karachi

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Investigation on hormonal regulation of the fat deposit of migratory birds in the spring

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Investigation on human adrenocortical cell response to adenovirus and adenoviral vector infection

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Investigation on hybrid vigour in brinjal

Jiadao Wang; Haosheng Chen; Tao Sui; Ang Li; Darong Chen, 2009:
Investigation on hydrophobicity of lotus leaf Experiment and theory

Mascherpa, G.F., 1968:
Investigation on hyphomycetes of the seasoned stuffed meat sausage products in relation to the production of substances with antibiotic activity penicillium aspergillus lactobacillus plantarum staphylococcus aureus bacillus subtilis escherichia coli pseudomonas fluorescens

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Investigation on influenza. III. Demonstrations of a filtrable pneumonia incitant

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Investigation on injury of articular cartilage

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Investigation on iron deficiency and incidence of mortality in young pigs

Plesa, I., 1961:
Investigation on irrigation regime, fertilizer dose and the best density in fodder silage maize

Pokasoowan, C.; Kanitchaidecha, W.; K C.B.Krishna.; Annachhatre, A.P., 2009:
Investigation on laboratory and pilot-scale airlift sulfide oxidation reactor under varying sulfide loading rate

Anonymous, 1962:
Investigation on leaf roll virus

Han, C.S.u; Chen, C.Y.; Kuo, Y.T., 1962:
Investigation on leucoagglutinin in serum of patients of blood diseases

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Investigation on light and dark Purkinje cells. III

Shimazono, H., 1959:
Investigation on lignin and lignification. XXL Identification of phenolic esters in the culture medium of Lentinus lepideus and the o-methylation of methyl p-coumarate to methyl p-methoxycinnamate in vivo

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Investigation on liver function following prolonged administration of psoralen and its allied compounds in rabbits: I. Effect of isopsoralen

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Investigation on loss in yield due to attack by Cercosporella herpotrichoides Fron in field Experiments with winter wheat

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Investigation on mal dos chifres of cattle in the Northeast and North of Brasil

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Investigation on malt amylase. An enzymic method for the determination of viscosity-molecular weight constants

Hultin, E., 1949:
Investigation on malt amylase. On the colorimetric determination of -amylase

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Investigation on marsh spot disease in peas

Beseth, Lars, 1963:
Investigation on mastitis producing staphylococci in cattle in Trondelag

Darpoux, H.; Faivre Amiot, A., 1950:
Investigation on microbial antagonism and antibiotic substances

Takahashi, K., 1968:
Investigation on mycosis in hokkaido japan ii human candida albicans aspergillus fumigatus

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Investigation on mycotic gastro enteritis of unweaned piglets candida pseudotropicalis mycostatin anti infect

Adelmann, B.; Marquardt, H.; Kuhn, K., 1966:
Investigation on non-collagenous proteins in ratskin

Venner, H., 1966:
Investigation on nucleic acids, XII. Stability of the N-glycosidlc linkage of nucleotides

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Investigation on nutrition and family budget in the French towns Saint-Etienne, Lyon and Marseilles

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Investigation on paludism in a rural environment in senegal

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Investigation on pancreatic lithiasis of cattle

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Investigation on pantothenic acid and its related compounds VI. Biochemical studies. 2. Determination of Coenzyme A by the phosphotransacetylase of Escherichia coli B

Lucky, Z., 1953:
Investigation on parasites with fishes in basin of the river Dyje, near Podivin

Krishnan, K.S., 1968:
Investigation on persistent malaria in palghar unit maharashtra state

Bahadur, K.; Pandey, R.S., 1965:
Investigation on photochemical formation of peptides in aqueous mixtures of tyrosine and leucine in presence of some organic acids or sugars

Horyev, M.M.; Frol Kis, V.V., 1967:
Investigation on physiology and pathology by artificial circulation of the blood human

Fluck, H.; Schwabe, H., 1968:
Investigation on plant preservation in the temperature range of 20 100 degrees in crataegus monogyna d i quantitative measurements of the flavone heterosides inst fluorometric analysis inst spectro photometer

Teske, A.A., 1965:
Investigation on plant tissue impedance: Results of experiments with Daucus carota L

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Investigation on plants causing hay-fever. New investigation on the specificity of the active substances of the various grass pollens

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Investigation on poisonous plants in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. II

Blancher, G., 1963:
Investigation on polio immunization in France. 1961-1962

Menkes, B.; Alexandru, C.; Tudose, O., 1967:
Investigation on pre- and postmitotic movement of the neuroblasts, in the embryonic neural tube

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Investigation on pressor-depressor-counterregulation in experimental hypertension Abstract

Strzelecki, Edward, 1966:
Investigation on production of lecithinase by Clostridium perfringens type A in an environment of a canned pasteurized ham

Sato, K., 1942:
Investigation on promotion of rice seedlings to rooting by means of pruning the aerial. I. Effect of pruning stems and leaves upon rooting of rice seedlings

Stobwasser, H., 1959:
Investigation on quantitative determination of small amounts of plant protecting substances after their introduction as aerosols

Muller, Erhard, 1948:
Investigation on reactive hyperemia

Popa, I.; Rosa, A.; Georgescu, G.; Petcul, D.; Ionescu, L.; Calotoiu, A.; Beris, L., 1966:
Investigation on rearing and productivity of the red breeds of cattle imported from the ussr under conditions prevailing in romania

Kawaguchi, S., 1942:
Investigation on reef-corals. 3.

Maruyama, T., 1967:
Investigation on regeneration of a spring well and on daily change of the water volume

DaMing Sun; Dietrich Marc; Thummes Guenter; LiMin Qiu, 2009:
Investigation on regenerator temperature inhomogeneity in Stirling-type pulse tube cooler

Leski, Ryszard, 1962:
Investigation on residues of insecticides on fruits

D.Ridder, M., 1957:
Investigation on rotatorians from brackish water II The Zwin at Knokke

Roule, S.; Maujol, L., 1962:
Investigation on rural sanitary conditions. Departement de l'Herault

Roule, S.; Maujol, L., 1961:
Investigation on sanitary conditions in French rural district. Departement de l'Allier

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Investigation on serological tests for syphilis, especially TPI, FTA test

Higuchl, K.; Minami, K.; Yoshida, M.; Koda, H.; Tosogawa, Y., 1963:
Investigation on serologlcal test for syphilis, especially syphilis resens

Jatovorarisoa, A.; Rambeloson, E.; Razafi Manana, 1964:
Investigation on several cases of hereditary hare-lip in madagascar families Medical Meeting of Madagascar, 16-21 March 1964, Tananarive, Malgasy Republic Abstract only

Dzierzykraj Rogalska, Irena, 1958:
Investigation on sexual dimorphism of neutrophils

Torto, F., 1961:
Investigation on some Ghanaian plant polysaccharides

Jivoin, P.; Leluliu, C.; Barzoi, D.; Paunescu, G.; Beridan, E.; Moldovan, G.; Bogus, V.; Burlan, C., 1963:
Investigation on some abortion locations in pigs with leptospira canicola

Duma, H.; Vaskoff, B.; Schokarevski, J.; Petkoff, G.; Andreewa, M.; Malewa, O.; Petkoff, K.; Kelkoceff, I.; Lazarewa, D., 1967:
Investigation on some elements of women's milk

Rayski, C.; Fahmy, M.A.M., 1962:
Investigation on some trematodes of birds from East Scotland

Chu, H.T.; Chuang Yang, C., 1961:
Investigation on soybean diseases

Garcia Etchegoyhen, D.Lorenzo, E., 1968:
Investigation on spontaneous development and development in a group of subjects studied from birth

Krolak, M., 1968:
Investigation on standardization of anti globulin test coombs test applied in sero diagnosis of cattle brucellosis part 1 determination of anti globulin potency of sera from rabbits immunized with bovine serum

Moza, B.K., 1967:
Investigation on stephania herrandifolia d part v inst thin layer chromatography of its 3 new alkaloids abstract

Kasahara, A.; Onodera, T.; Oshima, Y.; Shimizu, M., 1968:
Investigation on steroids ix pharmacological studies myo trophic and androgenic activities of 17beta hydroxy 5alpha androstano 2 3 c furazan metab and its derivatives rat

Chpistiansen, A.; Lullmann, H.; Mutschler, E., 1967:
Investigation on structure-activity relationships of arecaidinederivatives on the guinea pig isolated atria

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Investigation on sugar beet diseases. 2. The relationships of varieties and environment of sugar beet disease

Lwoff, A.; Nitti, F.; Trefouel, J., 1941:
Investigation on sulfamide and the antisulfamides. III. Action of sulfamide on the development of E. coli and Proteus vulgaris X 19

Kondracki, M., 1967:
Investigation on susceptibility of escherichia coli strains isolated from the terrain cases of calf coli bacteriosis to antibiotics and nitro furanes susceptibility to nitro furanes in vitro furazolidon anti infect

Siedlecki, E., 1959:
Investigation on symptomless trichinellosis in the sectional material of human corpses

Gorska Poczopko, J.; Miernik, J., 1965:
Investigation on systemic fungltoxlc substances

Veibel, S.; 0strup, G., 1947:
Investigation on the -galactosidase of alfalfa seed emulsin

Pokora, J.; Matuszewski, M.; Rupniewska, Z.; Kolber Postepska, B., 1964:
Investigation on the 24 hrs rhythm of urine excretion of the hydroxyindoloacetic acid in healthy persons

Itano, A.; Hosoda, K., 1926:
Investigation on the Biilmann's quinhydrone electrode. I

Itano, A.; Arakawa, S.; Hosoda, K., 1927:
Investigation on the Biilmann's quinhydrone electrode. III. Further studies on the electrode and agar bridge

Itano, Arao; Arakawa, S., 1929:
Investigation on the Biilmann's quinhydrone electrode. IV. Comparative study of quinhydrone and hydro-quinhydrone electrode

He, Y.; Pang, Y.; Li, X.; Liu, Y.; Li, R.; Zheng, M., 2009:
Investigation on the Changes of Main Compositions and Extractives of Rice Straw Pretreated with Sodium Hydroxide for Biogas Production

D'addabbo, A.; Klaus, D., 1961:
Investigation on the I131 marking of lactate dehydrogenase

Latalskl, Maciej, 1963:
Investigation on the RNA and protein-SH-groups in the liver of rats maintained on different diets

Puiu, St, 1961:
Investigation on the Recea podzolic soil

Harding, P.R.; Savage, D.C., 1962:
Investigation on the ability of Geotrichum candidum and Trichoderma viride to spread by contact infection in nonvented versus vented cartons of lemons

Zajicek, J.; Datta, N., 1953:
Investigation on the acetylcholinesterase activity of erythrocytes, platelets and plasma in different animal species

Sporri, H.; Odermatt, J., 1957:
Investigation on the activity of gonadotropic and estrogenic hormones and also of vitamin E on anestrus sows

Pikovska, R., 1940:
Investigation on the activity of nitrifying bacteria from various soils

D.Velasco, J.A., 1965:
Investigation on the actuality of the antigen

Maksimov, N.A.; Krotkina, M.A.; Anonymous; Anonymous, 1930:
Investigation on the after-effect of low temperature on the length of the vegetation period

Kawashiro, I.; Urakubo, G.; Sato, T., 1953:
Investigation on the air at several food-plants

Bartolomucci, D.; Colella, A.C.nti, 1960:
Investigation on the alterations of serum-protein in cancerous patients submitted to telegamma-therapy

Frank, K., 1953:
Investigation on the anemia in Leiners disease

Ogawa, Tohru, 1953:
Investigation on the antigen of Salmonella typhi cultured anerobically and its antibody

Soldati, M.; Gaetani, M., 1961:
Investigation on the antitumoral activity of a new plant drug Vincaleukoblastine

Styblinska, M., 1967:
Investigation on the appearance of phyto hem agglutinins in potato d tubers solanum tuberosum d human erythrocytes

Villegas, R.; Villegas, G.M.; Villegas, J., 1966:
Investigation on the axolemma and Schwann cell layer of the squid nerve fibre

Miyagi, Hiroshi, 1935:
Investigation on the bacterial injuries of mulberry

Harada, Morishige, 1954:
Investigation on the bark of Ligustrum japonicum Thunb

Pavlov, K.; Borissov, G.; Nikolov, E.; Stamboliev, M., 1968:
Investigation on the basic tillage and fertilizing of dark grey forest soil for sunflower d

Groebbels, Franz, 1956:
Investigation on the beginning in the morning and the termination at night of vocal utterances in bird species

May, I.; Negru, D., 1967:
Investigation on the behavior of several blood constants in bovine fascioliasis fasciola hepatica

Koref, O.; Feher, T.; Karik, M.H., 1966:
Investigation on the binding of steroid hormones to erythrocytes

Wegorek, W.; Krzymanska, J., 1968:
Investigation on the biochemical causes of some lupine d varieties resistant to pea aphid acyrthosiphon pisum

Lipp, R., 1965:
Investigation on the biologic characteristics of malignant tissue and cells in vitro

Foti, S., 1958:
Investigation on the biology and technology of Vigna sinensis cultivation

Phelps, R.J., 1956:
Investigation on the biology of Piezotrachelus varium and Apion chirindanum Wagner

Fearnhead, E.A., 1963:
Investigation on the bionomics of Ornithodoros zumpti Heisch et Guggisberg

Plieninger, Hans; Immel, Helga; Volkl, A., 1967:
Investigation on the biosynthesis of alkaloids from ergots of rye: III. Synthesis and incorporation of C14 and H3 labelled 4-dimethyl allyl-tryptophan and C14 labelled 4-dimethylallyl-tryptamine as well as incorporation of C14-labelled dimethylallyl pyrophosphate

Kremlicka, G.J.; Hoffmann, O.tenhof, O., 1966:
Investigation on the biosynthesis of cyclitols. X. Reduction of 5-O-methyl-mesoinosose with enzymes from Trtfolium incarnatum

Luling, K.H., 1954:
Investigation on the blind fish A. jordani. n. Observations and experiments to test reaction to food, light and water turbulence

Hartmann, W.; Schroder, H., 1967:
Investigation on the bolting and flowering behaviour of summer and winter rape

Yan, Y.R.; Pao, W.K., 1960 :
Investigation on the breeding method of induced polypolids of some cereal crops. I Tetraploid rice

Berger, W., 1962:
Investigation on the capsule structure of the species Bacillus megaterium

Kaiser, Klaus, 1953:
Investigation on the carcinogenic activity of indol in rats

Dragulescu, N., 1967:
Investigation on the catecholamines in the cerebro spinal fluid human

Lu, T.C.in; Chen, C.P.; Hung, H.C., 1964:
Investigation on the causal organisms and development of fruit rot of oil palm

Caasi, P.I.; Bunce, G.E.; Chavez, N., 1968:
Investigation on the cause of anom congenital cataract in rats fed a vegetable based diet abstract vigna sinensis d anacardium occidentale d protein deficiency

Kw1atkowski, A.; Lubliner, M.anowska, L., 1957:
Investigation on the chemical composition of pollen. II. The study of pollen membranes

Volokhov, A.A., 1941:
Investigation on the chronaxia of cutaneous receptors during the post-natal development

Suzuki, Yukio; E.A., 1957:
Investigation on the chronic manganese poisoning in the manganese mine. Report 3: Investigation on the workers in tne manganese mine

E.Al, 1957:
Investigation on the chronic manganese poisoning in the manganese mine Report 4 Investigation on the workers in the manganese mine

Doi, M., 1959:
Investigation on the chronic manganese poisoning in the manganese mine. Report 6. On the somatic symptoms in the manganese workers

Morizet, J., 1967:
Investigation on the circulation of non-saturating water in soils which are drying up

Gallyas, F.; Kopa, J.; Merei, F.T.; Szanto, J., 1967:
Investigation on the circulation of the red blood corpuscles and of the plasma in the human cerebral vessels

Thines, G.; Kahling, J., 1957:
Investigation on the color sensitivity of the cave fish Anoptichthys jordani Hubbs and Innes

Heinen, G., 1963:
Investigation on the combined use of glucocorticoids and anabolic hormones as a supplementary therapy in incurable genital carcinomas

Nakayama, I., 1968:
Investigation on the congenital transmission of toxoplasmosis in chronically infected mice which were re inoculated during pregnancy toxoplasma

Stukovsky, R., 1965:
Investigation on the connection between the occurrence of the enzootic goiter in cows and the content of iodine in drinking water

Hallauer, W.; Hauk, H.; Schirmeister, J., 1966:
Investigation on the constancy of creatinine excretion during short periods of urine collection

Bresard, M., 1958:
Investigation on the consumption of beverages in France

Zurzycki, J., 1966:
Investigation on the contraction of chloroplasts in Mnium undulatum Weis. n. Studies on isolated chloroplasts

Desbordes, J.; Bonnel, P.H., 1966:
Investigation on the control of fee sterility of biological substances and pharmaceutical preparationa

Hall, E.G.; Cellier, K.M., 1966:
Investigation on the cool storage of Granny Smith and Delicious apples grown in New South Wales: I. Effect of storage temperature and fruit size

Orlova, T.G.; Mentkevich, L.M.; Tatarin Ova, Y.N.; Stakhanova, V.M., 1967:
Investigation on the course of influenza virus infection in chick embryo cells

Bellaart, A.C., 1962:
Investigation on the cultivated Radix rhei of Netherlands

Repp, G., 1950:
Investigation on the cultivation of saline soils

Koga, K.; Tahara, M.; Yamane, H.; Yamagata, M., 1960:
Investigation on the cultivation of sugar beet in the warm region of Japan. I. The growth behaviour and the variation of the chemical composition of root

Delavault, R.; Brusle, J., 1968:
Investigation on the cyto differentiation of gametes in a functional hermaphrodite asterina gibbosa ultrastructure of the spermatogenetic issue and comparison of spermatogones ovogones inst electron microscope

Pesola, V.A.; Kivi, E.I., 1952:
Investigation on the damage caused by stem rust in southwestern Finland in 1951

Temesrekasi, D., 1959:
Investigation on the degeneration of peripheral vegetative end formations in the region of the human turbinate bones

Anderson, K.A.; Vernon, A., 1962 :
Investigation on the development of lichen structures in laboratory controlled cultures

Harada, Morisige, 1939:
Investigation on the development of resin canals and the formation of latex in the mesocarp of fruits of the Rhus plants found in Japan

Biborski, Jozef, 1961:
Investigation on the development of the mammary gland of female fetuses of cattle

Nemeth, Maria, 1966:
Investigation on the differentiation of latent viruses of apples

Radomski, Czeslaw, 1963:
Investigation on the distribution of extreme air temperatures on the hillock in Posorty near Olsztyn

Rentschler, W., 1956:
Investigation on the distribution of frost in the Ingelfinger vineyard

Wiedemann, Eilhard, 1927:
Investigation on the dying of firs

Ojeda Sahagun, D.E.; Garcia, D.S.; Ruiz Poveer, D.J., 1966:
Investigation on the economic results of using permanent stabling for cattle in La Mancha, Spain

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Investigation on the effect of a different tetracycline in vitro and in vivo on resistant staphvlococci

Nanninga, L.B., 1959:
Investigation on the effect of calcium ions on the splitting of adenosinetriphosphate Py myosin

Borgstrom, S., 1950:
Investigation on the effect of dicumarol and early ambulation in the prevention of postoperative thrombo-embolism in a surgical material strongly disposed to thrombosis

Koblet, R., 1947:
Investigation on the effect of nitrogen fertilization on disease susceptibility and eating quality of the gotato

Georgiades, J., 1951:
Investigation on the effect of the biologic purification of sewers on the specific bacteriophage anti-Vi existing therein

Wodsak, W., 1965:
Investigation on the effect of ultraviolet irradiation in milk and the vitamins A. E. C. B2 and B6

Karsti, O.; Hakvag, D., 1961:
Investigation on the effect of vacuum-packing and storage in carbon dioxide atmosphere in freezing of shrimp

Konsanszky, A., 1961:
Investigation on the effect of various aliphatic SH-compounds on the dehydrogenase of rat liver

Miczulska, Izabela, 1967:
Investigation on the effect on infestation of poppy with parasitic fungi on the content of morphine in the poppy-hegs

Verzar, F.; Farner, D., 1960:
Investigation on the effects of drugs on animals of various ages

Hvidsten, Harald; Mehlum, Jorunn; Simonsen, H., 1952:
Investigation on the effects of feeding on the oxidized flavor in milk. I. Effects of cod liver oil and herring meal

Behrendt, R., 1939:
Investigation on the effects of hereditary and non-hereditary absence or disuse of the wings on the wing musculature of D. melanogaster

Wisniowski, J., 1968:
Investigation on the efficiency of the milking apparatus part 1 measurements of the work pulsators and interpretations of the diagrams

Chu, Joo Tso, 1934:
Investigation on the egg-parasites of the mulberry white caterpillar with notes on their liberation experiments at Hangchow in 1932-1933

Gidel, R.; Lefevre, M.; Athawet, B., 1966:
Investigation on the epidemiology of rickettsiosis in a rural section of the Ivory Coast

Gaignoux, Y., 1962:
Investigation on the epidemiology of typhoid and paratyphoid infections in France, 1960

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Investigation on the evolution and characteristics of tropical soils A brief general review

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Investigation on the existence of the lipid mobilizing hormone 26th Congress of the Hungarian Physiological Society, 1960 Abstract

Hosogai, Ytaro, 1958:
Investigation on the exported canned salmon and salmontrout

Sirbulescu, V.; Georgescu, G.; Pelcaru, V.; Georgescu, D., 1962:
Investigation on the external marks indicating milk efficiency and their relationship with milk production in Baltata romineasca and Rosie dobrogeana breeds

Heinrichs, H.D.; Eulefeld, F., 1960:
Investigation on the extraction of pituitary gonadotropin from urine

Zeletski, C., 1965:
Investigation on the fat and glycogen content and infestation ability of ectogenous larval stages of some strongylids and trichostrongylids in sheep

Dvornic, V., 1961:
Investigation on the fertilization process in theMuscat of Hamburg variety

Romankowowa, A.; Karczewski, B.; Bojarski, S., 1967:
Investigation on the fitness of the prototype to control the common vole by using carbon mon oxide from petrol engine

Horanszky, A., 1963:
Investigation on the floristic relationship of coenological categories

Hadhazy, C.; Kostenszky, Katalin; Olah, E., 1959:
Investigation on the formation of cartilage. II. Vascularization in the formation of joints

Gernez Rieux, C.; Breton, A.; Samaille, J.; Voisin, C.; LelongM., 1963:
Investigation on the frequency of viral infections in acute respiratory illnesses in children

Matsushima, T.; Ito, H.; Ikeda, M., 1957:
Investigation on the fungal spoilage of crude drugs

Wilde, Erika, 1962:
Investigation on the growth and storage matter synthesis of Hydrogenomonas

Kurup, P.A., 1965:
Investigation on the haemolymph of the South Indian scorpion, Heterometrus scaber

Ogawa, T.; Onaka, N.; Miyao, K.; Ogawa, J.; Mizuno, Y.; Kondo, M., 1954:
Investigation on the hemagglutination of the Escherichia coli O111, O55 and O26 from the view point of a practical value

Kostecki, R., 1965:
Investigation on the hemocytes and hemolymph of honeybees

Keller, R.; Burkard, W., 1956:
Investigation on the heparin effect on the histamine contraction in the ileum of the guinea pig

Kurcz, M.; Nagy, I.; Baranyai, P.; Orosz, A.; Ajtai, K., 1967:
Investigation on the immunological characteristics of the anti prolactin serum which developed through simple prolactin treatment sheep rat dog rabbit guinea pig pigeon human

Ku, P.Kwen; Yang, C.Pai, 1965:
Investigation on the improvement of nutritive value of locally produced farm animal feeds. IV. Studies on the effect of different levels of alkaline extracted yeast-de-ribonucleic acid yeast on the utilization of the feed and the growth of young rats

Nowacki, E.; Nowacka, D.; Byerrum, R.U., 1966:
Investigation on the in vivo transformation of lupanine and related alkaloids

Viallier, M.J., 1968:
Investigation on the incidence of bovine tubercle bacillus in the genesis of pulmonary tuberculosis

Aleksandrov, V.Y.; Fel'dman, N.L., 1958:
Investigation on the increase of cell resistance through heating

Trzebski, Andrezej, 1960:
Investigation on the influence of bile salts on the cardiovascular system

Fidelskl, R.; Niedworok, J.; Pniewsh, T., 1965:
Investigation on the influence of dimethylsulfoxide on conservation of the whole blood at low temperatures , rabbit,dog, man,

Radil Weiss, T., 1967:
Investigation on the influence of drugs on sleep cycles in rats a new method in neuro pharmacology and psycho pharmacology abstract

Lanowska, Jadwiga, 1962:
Investigation on the influence of fertilizers on the occurrence of mycorrhiza in Cucurbita pepo

Pedersen, P.Norup, 1965:
Investigation on the influence of growth conditions on the attacks of loose smut of Barley

Gogus, A.Kemal, 1964:
Investigation on the influence of hypervitaminosis-A on the thyroid secretion rate in pigs

Popov, M.D., 1966:
Investigation on the influence of maleic hydrazide on shoots, inflorescence and leaves of the tobacco

Wazny, J., 1963:
Investigation on the influence of mineral nutrition on the growth of the fungi Coniophora cerebella and Merulius lacrymans Fr.

Trieb, G., 1967:
Investigation on the influence of the stocks in grafting on the qualitative characteristics of the scions

Miyamoto, Sho; Sudo, H., 1958:
Investigation on the influence of the various autonomic nervous drugs on the salivary secretion and also on the concentration of sodium and potassium in the human saliva. . On the effects of a certain number of parasympathetic blockades and ganglionic blockades on the salivary secretion and also on the concentration of sodium and potassium in saliva

Sudo, Hideo, 1958:
Investigation on the influence of the various autonomic nervous drugs on the salivary secretion and also on the concentration of sodium and potassium in the human saliva On the fluctuations of the salivary secretion and also on the concentration of sodium and potassium in saliva following the injection of a sympathetic stimulant, neo-synephrin

Itano, Arao; Matsuura, A., 1934:
Investigation on the influence of ultra-violet rays on the physiological activities of Azotobacter. 1. On the lethal action of ultra-violet rays on Azotobacter chroococcum

Csovari, M.; Lichner, G., 1968:
Investigation on the interaction between uranium and various amino acids and determination of stability constants of their complexes

Pascual Leone, A.M., 1964:
Investigation on the interaction of hydrocarbons labeled with radioactive isotopes and cellular proteins

Xinhai Liu; Ying Zhao; Zhi Liu; Dujin Wang; Jinguang Wu; Duanfu Xu, 2008:
Investigation on the interactions between polyurethane and metal chloride

Petuely, F.; Lindner, A.G., 1960:
Investigation on the intestinal bacterial flora. 1st communication: The change of bacterial ratios in gram-stained smears

Wild, A.M., 1948:
Investigation on the iodimetric method of estimation of penicillin

Mohnike, G.; Moritz, V., 1966:
Investigation on the islet organ of the white mouse. VII. Report: The histochemical proof of thiol-disulphide in the B-cells of Langerhans's organs

Razvanov, K.S.; Stoyanov, P.K., 1963:
Investigation on the isoelectric point and the oxidizing reducing potential of Lactobacterium bulgaricum and some kinds of yeast such as mono-and combined crops

Ghosh, B.N.; De, S.S., 1939:
Investigation on the isolation of the active principles of the venoms of B. fasciatus and Vipera russellii

Cuypers, Y., 1958:
Investigation on the kidney of the cock

Parnas, J.; Koslak, A.; Krukowska, M., 1960:
Investigation on the leptospira lipase

Rebel, G.; Mandel, P., 1965:
Investigation on the lipids of the L-form of Proteus P18. II. Isolation of vitamin K and coenzyme Q from the neutral lipids derived from Proteus and its L forms

Bresard, M., 1961:
Investigation on the living condition of aged persons Two Nutrition

Bresard, M., 1961:
Investigation on the living conditions on aged persons

Edstrom, G.; Gedda, P.O., 1954:
Investigation on the localisations and forms of some visceral anatomical lesions in rheumatic fever

Bodenstein, Dietrich, 1946:
Investigation on the locus of action of DDT in flies

Lach, H., 1968:
Investigation on the magnesium content in blood serum and urine of mice irradiated with uv rays of different ranges

Allen, E.F.; Bewlay, E.W., 1949:
Investigation on the mechanical cultivation of padi at Chenderong Balai, 1948-1949

Gomez Lus, R., 1961:
Investigation on the mechanism of insoluble oxytetracy-cline action

Quagliariello, G., 1929:
Investigation on the mechanism of the formation of lymph

Cemeli, E.; Mirkova, E.; Chiuchiarelli, G.; Alexandrova, E.; Anderson, D., 2009:
Investigation on the mechanisms of genotoxicity of butadiene, styrene and their combination in human lymphocytes using the Comet assay

Joseph, R.; Job, J.C.; Jouas, M., 1958:
Investigation on the medico-social causes of infant mal-nutrition

Reuter, G.; Krone, I., 1968:
Investigation on the metabolism of sphaerophysine 4 3 methyl but 2 enyl amino 1 butyl 1 guanidine in sphaerophysa salsula

Konsanszky, A., 1959:
Investigation on the metabolism of yeast III Comparative investigations on the effect of different compounds on the growth and ergosterin content of yeast cultures

Fazekas, A., 1959:
Investigation on the metabolism of yeast II The effect of plant porphyrin compounds on ergosterin synthesis in yeast culture

Okano, M., 1953:
Investigation on the method of isolation of tubercle bacilli from sputum applying invert soap

Hirama, S.; Muroshima, S., 1955:
Investigation on the method of the estimation for the forest land productivity. I

Hirama, S., 1955:
Investigation on the method of the estimation for the forest land productivity. II

Canella, M.F., 1954:
Investigation on the microfauna of the internal waters of Ferrara. Introduction to the study of the Ciliata and Rotifera

Bokor, Rezso, 1926:
Investigation on the microflora of forest soils

Mauer, H., 1960:
Investigation on the mode of action of an oxidative enzymatic reaction of Bacillus cereus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 5th communication

Van Lancker, J.L., 1963:
Investigation on the molecular nature of cellular radio-sensitivity Symposium on radiosensitivity, Quebec, 1962

Llenhorn, E., 1935:
Investigation on the morphology of wheat chromosomes. 1. Morphology of the chromosomes of T. monococcum L

Mitev, D., 1968:
Investigation on the new oily plant crambe abyssinica d brassica napus d

Latkovics, G.; Mate, F., 1968:
Investigation on the nitrogen and phosphorus uptake by young maize m plants by means of phosphorus 32 and nitrogen 15 labelling

Koppel, G.; Hey, D., 1963:
Investigation on the normal fibrin structure by means of electron microscopy

Alison, F.; Corone, M., 1961:
Investigation on the nutrition and hygiene in infants in Marseille 1958

Alison, F.; Corone, M., 1961:
Investigation on the nutrition and hygiene of newborns in the French rural community

Beghin, Ivan, 1960:
Investigation on the nutrition and the state of health of Warega children

Pointeau Pouliquen, M.A., 1962:
Investigation on the nutrition of construction workers in the Paris region, May-June 1961

Serville, Y., 1963:
Investigation on the nutrition of families in the French department of L'Ain. 1962

Serville, Y., 1961:
Investigation on the nutrition of families in the French province Loire-atlantique. First trimester 1959

Pequignot, G.; Vinit, F., 1965:
Investigation on the nutrition of hospital patients in 2 Paris hospitals

Vinit, F.; Ract, G.; Audollent, M.C.; Hennet, S., 1962:
Investigation on the nutrition of workers in factories for artificial fabrics

Tremolieres, J., 1946:
Investigation on the nutritional status of the French population

Faurbye, A.; Pind, K., 1964:
Investigation On The Occurrence Of The Dopamine Metabolite 3,4-Dimethoxyphenylethylamine In The Urine Of Schizophrenics

Ghosh, B.N.; Ray, N.N., 1939:
Investigation on the occurrence of Danysz phenomenon in diphtheria toxin-antitoxin mixtures under a variety of conditions

Kossakowska, A.; Kafel, S.; Paleolog, A.S., 1968:
Investigation on the occurrence of clostridium perfringens in meat carcasses of sheep used for rabiesvac vaccine production

Wittig, W., 1963:
Investigation on the occurrence of different Escherichia coli serogroups in coli-enterotoxemia in the hog

Novak, E.K.; Kevel, F.; Olah, B.; Zsolt, J., 1965 :
Investigation on the oilgo-saccharide decomposition of Candida soosii Novak

Tsuji, S.; Irie, K.; Fujita, K.; Okuno, T.; Ohta, T., 1968:
Investigation on the oral administration of mitomycin c anti neoplastic in neopl malignant tumor

Sanz Echeverria, Josefa, 1931:
Investigation on the otoliths of Spanish fishes

Jakubczyk, H., 1962:
Investigation on the parasitism of Colletotrichum atramentarium on tomato plants. I. Some biological properties of C. atramentarium

Jakubczyk, H., 1962:
Investigation on the parasitism of Colletotrichum atramentarium on tomato plants. II. Investigation on the pathogenicity of C. atramentarium in infection experiments on tomato plants

Cenci, G.P.; Mangione, A., 1952:
Investigation on the passive transmission of tuberculin allergy using exudates and tissue extracts

Ueda, T.; Okamoto, E.; Fukuoka, S.; Shirasaka, H.; Ozawa, T., 1958:
Investigation on the patho- genesis of cardiospasm. Histological study of the intramural plexus of toe esophagus and cardia

Smierzchalska, Kryspina, 1963:
Investigation on the phosphorus uptake from rock phosphate using P32

Heinz, Erich, 1954:
Investigation on the physico-chemical bases of membrane polarization

Okawa, K., 1936:
Investigation on the physiological action of silicic acid for plants. V, VI

Korah, Mary, 1956:
Investigation on the physiological factors in induced mutagenesis I Effect of water on the mutagenic capacity of X-rays

Busnel, R.G.; Drilhon, A.; Raffy, A., 1946:
Investigation on the physiology of Salmonidae

Kar, B.K.; Desarkar, B.K., 1957:
Investigation on the physiology of fibre growth in jute . II. Variations in the growth of fibre in relation to other growth components in D154 and Chinsura Green

Mariat, M.F., 1952:
Investigation on the physiology of orchid embryos

Kar, Asok Kumar, 1962:
Investigation on the plasmodial membrane of the myxomycetes

Langejan, M.; Van Pinxteren, J.A.C., 1953:
Investigation on the possibility of a chemical evaluation of Digitalis leaves

Krzczkowska, I.; Burzynski, S.; Czerniak, Z., 1965:
Investigation on the possibility of determining fungus species on the basis of their free amino acid content

Christ, W.; Dupuis, H., 1968:
Investigation on the possibility of health impairment in the spinal column area of tractor drivers ii

Rylska, T.; Rozegnalowa, L., 1960:
Investigation on the possible acquisition of characteristics as a result of photoperiodic induction in a short day plant

Peretti, G., 1951:
Investigation on the postural tonus of the urinary bladder and its nervous regulation. IV. First observations on the influence of the cerebellum on the postural tonus of the detrusor muscle

Kress, F.; Mathois, H.; Stockl, W., 1960:
Investigation on the potency of diluted protein-free standard tuberculin in cattle

Novakova, E., 1954:
Investigation on the present stage of the pheasant population in Czechoslovakia

Vogel, G.; Westphal, W., 1954:
Investigation on the problem of equivalence of symmetrical organs

Chakrabarti, S.N.th; Dhar, N.R., 1929:
Investigation on the products obtained by exposing oils and carbohydrates to sunlight in presence of air

Grell, Karl, G., 1958:
Investigation on the propagation and sexuality of foraminiferans III G sulcata

Guven, K.C.; Cetin, E.; Bayraktar, 1966:
Investigation on the properties of the agar obtained from phyllophora nervosa

Dietrich, Rudolf, 1956:
Investigation on the protein decomposition in codfish and red perch

Stefanac, Z.; Pende, B.; Milicic, D., 1967:
Investigation on the protein spindles of the cactus-X-virus with fluorescent antibodies

Zawodna, Barbara, 1966:
Investigation on the quality and quantity of waste waters from distilleries and the liqueurs production

Fodstad, H., 1968 :
Investigation on the question of alcohol paranoia contribution to the explanation of somatogenic psychoses

Franck, Dierk, 1964:
Investigation on the question of the function of the sword in Xiphophorus helleri

Adldinger, H.; Straub, O.C., 1966:
Investigation on the question of the impurity of the smallpox vaccine with parainfluenza-3- and rhino viruses of the bovine animal

Bekierkunst, A.; Mordarski, M.; Szulga, T.; Jedrzejwska, A., 1953:
Investigation on the quick methods of determining the susceptibility of tubercle bacilli to streptomycin

Guillebaud, W.H., 1942:
Investigation on the rate of drying pit-props

Senft, B.; Lecce, J.G.; Berek, G., 1967:
Investigation on the rearing of piglets with an automatic feeding equipment

Kistler, Robert, 1928:
Investigation on the refraction of 105 dogs, with observations on senile changes in canine eyes

D.Wied, D., 1968:
Investigation on the regulation of aldo sterone secretion in rats pituitary acth growth hormone enz renin

Jung, B.J.; Lee, E.K.; Lee, S.C.; Park, B.E., 1965:
Investigation on the resistant variety of rice m to rice m stripe disease in korea

Sajkiewicz, K.; Hackensellner, H.A.; Steinmann, C., 1968:
Investigation on the respiration and glycolysis of the thoracic and abdominal aorta of rabbit

Kondo, Jisaburo, 1927:
Investigation on the restricting action of the red Chosen ginseng upon the sugar in the blood of rabbits

Kondo, Jisaburo, 1927:
Investigation on the restricting action of the white Chosen ginseng upon the sugar in the blood of rabbits

Ebina, T.; Kanno, I.; Kojima, T., 1959:
Investigation on the results obtained by the mass survey of the Kakuda district in the Northern part of Japan, especially regarding the control of tuberculosis

Weill, H.lle, A.L.tte; Joannou, J., 1950:
Investigation on the results of BCG. vaccination

Alison, F.; Corone, M., 1958:
Investigation on the results of childbirth after psycho-somatic preparation, so-called natural childbirth or birth without pain

Capusan, I.; Balosu, P.; Veress, F.; Stern, A.; Sleam, C.; Precup, C., 1961:
Investigation on the role of staphylococci in microbial eczema

Brachet, J.; Delange Cornil, M., 1959:
Investigation on the role of sulfhydryl groups in morphogenesis

Gagnon, A.; Landry, S.; Coulombe, Ré.; Jakalian, A.; Guse, I.; Thavonekham, B.; Bonneau, P.R.; Yoakim, C.; Simoneau, B., 2009:
Investigation on the role of the tetrazole in the binding of thiotetrazolylacetanilides with HIV-1 wild type and K103N/Y181C double mutant reverse transcriptases

Guggenheim, K., 1939:
Investigation on the seasonal fluctuation of vitamin C excretion in Palestine

Teshima, Torao; Takahashi, T., 1952 :
Investigation on the secondary growth of potato tubers. 4. On the fifth-growth potato tubers found in Kannanshiro.

Teshima, Torao; Takahashi, T., 1952:
Investigation on the secondary growth of potato tubers. 5. Studies on the effect of the changes of medium concentration and duration of treatment upon the formation of the secondary growth of potato tuber

Kawashiro, I.; Kawada, K.; Hosogai, Y.; Amano, R., 1959:
Investigation on the seed of Convolvulus mixed in imported provisions

Gundersen, W.B., 1959:
Investigation on the serological relationships of Corynebacterium diphtheriae, type mitis, and Corynebacterium belfanti

Enami, M., 1947:
Investigation on the sinus gland of crabs belonging to the genus Sesarma. I. Action of chro-matophore hormone and its inactivatlon

Schwarzacher, H.C., 1960:
Investigation on the skeletal muscle-fiber binding. III. Muscle fiber form

Small, T., 1944:
Investigation on the sources and time of infection

Stacherska, Bogumila, 1965:
Investigation on the speed of initial action of aphicides in relation to Acyrthosiphon pisum Harris

Neumann, F.; Steinbeck, H.; Von Berswordt Wallrabe, R., 1967:
Investigation on the spermatogenic activity of progestogens rat testosterone propionate metab progesterone metab 6 alpha methyl 17 alpha hydroxy progesterone acetate metab 17 alpha ethinyl 19 nor testosterone acetate metab 16 alpha methyl 6 chloro delta 6 17 hydroxy progesterone acetate metab

Amelunxen, F.; Arbeither, H., 1967:
Investigation on the spouting gland of Dictamnus albus

Tancredi, R.; Ortolani, G.; Ciullo, D., 1965:
Investigation on the spread of Streptococcus pyogenes carriers in school age children in San Guiseppe Vesuviano community in Naples

Cortez Castro, Carlos, C., 1959:
Investigation on the spread of caprine brucellosis of the Province of Sullana, Department of Piura

Consigli, V.P.; Zampetti, A., 1965:
Investigation on the spread of rheumatic diseases in the province of Rome

Sobotka Wierbowicz, J., 1966:
Investigation on the stability of bitter principle containing drugs of the polish pharmacopoeia

Fursund, Lizzi, 1955:
Investigation on the stability of trypsin in alkaline solution employing hemoglobin as a substrate

Soares; Filho, F.F., 1942:
Investigation on the streptococci of mastitis in dairy herds

Quadri, G.; Proto, V., 1963:
Investigation on the structure and dynamic characteristics of a dairy cattle herd in northern italy

Levina, S.E., 1965:
Investigation on the structure and gonadotropic activity of anterior pituitary in human embryogenesis In IV Symposium international dendocrinologie comparee, Paris 20-26 juillet, 1964

Ceriotti, G.; Spandrio, L.; Agradi, A., 1959:
Investigation on the sub-stances of tumor origin provided with inhibiting action on liver catalase in vivo

Drews, G., 1960:
Investigation on the substructure of the chromatophores of Rhodospirillum rubrum and Rhodospirillum molischianum

Piekos, Ryszard, 1965:
Investigation on the suitability of the higher-boiling fractions of ethoxypolysiloxane oil for pharmaceutical practice H The anti-oxidative effect in the grease-like ointment bases

Fiebig, Adolf; Ludwikowska, Kazimiera; Endraszka, Jozef; Piekos, Ryszard; Radeckl, A., 1965:
Investigation on the suitability of the higher-boiling fractions of ethoxypolysiloxane oil for pharmaceutical practice. III. On the antifoaming action in plant extract

Goot, V.D.V.S., 1967:
Investigation on the syrphidae from the heilooer forest netherlands

Pijanowski, E., 1950:
Investigation on the technology of fruit and vegetable products

Forbes, J.C., 1926:
Investigation on the tensile strength of strips of haddock muscle before and after various treatments

Bruske, H., 1966:
Investigation on the tomatine determination in root cultures of Lycoperscon pimpinellifollum Mill

Bichel, J.; Bach, A., 1968:
Investigation on the toxicity of small chronic doses of tannic acid with special reference to possible carcinogenicity

Zsoldos, T., 1968:
Investigation on the trace element content of whole human blood by neutron activation analysis

Grochowski, J., 1962:
Investigation on the true form factor of stems in pine stands

Lotte, A.; Poussier, J., 1950:
Investigation on the tuberculosis morbidity and mortality among sewage workers

Lariukhin, M.A., 1942:
Investigation on the use of Paris green suspension against larvae of the malarial mosquito

Kramar, Jaroslav, 1961:
Investigation on the use of labelled fluorescence antibodies for the serological diagnosis of toxoplasmosis

Bayes, A.L., 1950:
Investigation on the use of nitrogen for the stabilization of perishable food products

Borecki, Z.; Cichosz, E.; Mrozowska, T.; Nowacka, H., 1961:
Investigation on the usefulness of a mist-sprayer for winter spraying in orchards

Bercea, I.; Carol Dumitriu, E., 1967:
Investigation on the value of infra allergic test in tuberculosis of the animals bcg guinea pig cow

Giovanozzi Sermanni, G., 1957:
Investigation on the variations of some chemical components induced by lopping and curing methods in Maryland tobacco, by means of paper chromatog-raphy

Ebert, Manfred, 1967:
Investigation on the vertical distribution of the freely-living nematodes in artificially heated and normal lawn grounds

Chassagne, P.; Alison, F.; Boivin, P.; Baillon, P.; Cateigne, G., 1957:
Investigation on the viral etiology of infantile broncho-pneumonias

Kurylo Borowska, Z.; Pitekowna, I., 1953:
Investigation on the vitality of microorganisms upon various dessication conditions

Hruby, K., 1964:
Investigation on the vitreous humor

Kromhout, C.P., 1966:
Investigation on the wood of Pinus radiata, D. Don, on trees which were raised from cuttings

Ernst Von Horber, 1950:
Investigation on the yellow cereal stalk fly and its occurrence at different altitudes in Switzerland

Hart, P.C., 1954:
Investigation on the zinc content of cow livers

Cerecedo, L.R.; Eusebi, A.J.; Soodak, M., 1952:
Investigation on thiamin-like compounds. II. Action on microorganisms

Uminski, Jerzy, 1961:
Investigation on toxoplasmosis in Lublin centre

Landa, J.G., 1967:
Investigation on toxoplasmosis part 1 results obtained in an inquiry carried out with the toxoplasmine intra dermic test in the psychiatric hospital of la habana

Venkei, T., 1941:
Investigation on transferability of human psoriasis to animals

Ceriotti, G.; Spandrio, L.; Agradi, A., 1961:
Investigation on tumor substances causing in vivo inhibition of liver catalase

Dimitriu, O.; Bonciu, C.; Cerbu, A.; Vasilesco, T., 1961:
Investigation on urinary carriers in human brucellosis

Asai, Masaru; Orino, Kozo; Yamazoe, S., 1957:
Investigation on venereal disease in prostitutes: Their response to serum reaction test for syphilis

Ciferri, R., 1957:
Investigation on viruses of trees carried out in Pavia-Voghera

Mikhailov, K., 1960:
Investigation on wintering bees without pollen

Hempel, Klaus, 1966:
Investigation onthe structure of melanin in malignant melanoma with 3H- and 14-C-Dopa labelled at different positions

Peter, V.; Chrappa, V.; Koci, S., 1968:
Investigation or applying increased doses of dried alfalfa d in feed compounds for pullets

Dungemann, H.; Borelli, S., 1966:
Investigation ot the group allergy with aromatic amino compounds: Results of tests concerning para group allergy

Suyama, Taro; Yamazaki, Toshihiko; Abe, I., 1960:
Investigation relating to characteristic chlorosis occurred in Indo variety of apple 1. Some relations between chlorosis and mineral nutrition

Tarrade, A.M., 1967:
Investigation relating to the study of tomatine tomato d steroid alkaloid antibiotic anti fungal activity toxicity

Daspet, G., 1965:
Investigation relating to tuberculous cattle without visible lesions in the slaughterhouse Reasons for which the cattle have reacted to tuberculin but not showing some lesion after slaughtering

Yamazoe, Shoji, 1957:
Investigation report on the actualities of venereal disease, particularly in reference to the prostitution prohibition law and other problems L On the pros-titutes in employment

Antoniu, R.; Ghita, I., 1968:
Investigation results on water quality protection regulations in romania

Karpinskl Jan, Jerzy, 1961:
Investigation results pertinent to the cultivation of fruiting bodies of Boletus edulis in artificial culture medium under laboratory conditions

Maunsell, P.W.; Simpson, J.E.V., 1944:
Investigation to determine suitable methods of applying cobalt sulfate to pastures during fertilizer shortage