Section 25
Chapter 24,908

Irritations of the eyes caused by bathing in swimming pools

Shein, H.L.; Tammelin, L.E.; Zetter Strom, B.

Nordisk Hyg Tidskrift 32(4): 112-125


Accession: 024907396

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Bathing water with a high Mg++ content (70 mg./l.), a low Ca++ content (4 mg./l.), and pH 9.5-10 caused swelling of the conjunctiva and subcon-junctival hemorrhages in only 1 out of 35 persons, although its content of free Cl2 was over 2 mg./l. Hemorrhages were found in 4, and swellings in 17 out of 42 persons after bathing in water with 8 mg./l. of Mg++, 29 mg./l. of Ca++, 2.1-2.5 mg./l. of free Cl2, and pH 8.7. After bathing in water with 18 mg./l. of Mg++, 41 mg./l. of Ca++, and pH 7, 22 out of 70 persons showed hemorrhages, and 8 of them swellings, in spite of the Cl2 content being only 0.25 mg./l. The high Mg and low Ca content and the high were pH ensured by filtering the water through an alkaline ion-exchange filter made from dolomite (CaCO3, MgCO3).

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