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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 24934

Chapter 24934 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Carr, J.G., 1958:
Lactic acid bacteria as spoilage organisms of fruit juice products

Laursen, B.G.; Byrne, D.V.; Kirkegaard, J.B.; Leisner, J.J., 2010:
Lactic acid bacteria associated with a heat-processed pork product and sources of variation affecting chemical indices of spoilage and sensory characteristics

Kantardjieff, A., 1928:
Lactic acid bacteria in Bulgarian cheese

Makhalova, A.S., 1958:
Lactic acid bacteria in silo from steamed potatoes

Pette, J.W., 1955:
Lactic acid bacteria producing hydrogen sulfide in Gouda cheese

Kazakov, A.M.; Dyklop, V.K.; Mirzoeva, V.S., 1958:
Lactic acid bacteria, antagonists of microbes harmful for meat in slaughtered animals and in sausages

Slyusarenko, T.P., 1964:
Lactic acid bacteria 1 Lactic acid bacteria in beets, intermediate products, and molasses from the sugar industry

Anonymous, 1964:
Lactic acid bacteria 2 Lactic acid bacteria in the production of alcohol by treatment of molasses

Anonymous, 1952 :
Lactic acid bacteria III The influence of lactolin on the production of alcohol by Saccharomyces sake

Biddulph, C.; Va.F.Ssan, D.D.; Criscuolo, D.; Clark, R.T., 1958:
Lactic acid concentration of brain tissues of dogs exposed to hypoxemia and/or hypocapnia

Schumacher, Hertha, 1928:
Lactic acid content of blood in hepatopathics

Mendel, B.; Bauch, M., 1926:
Lactic acid content of blood under physiological and pathological conditions

Noah, G., 1927:
Lactic acid content of blood, particularly in hepatopathies

Scheller, Rudolf, 1926:
Lactic acid content of cerebrospinal fluid

Schumacher, Hertha, 1926:
Lactic acid content of the blood in carcinoma

Schargorodsky, L.J., 1929:
Lactic acid conversion in progressive muscular dystrophy

Anonymous, 1962:
Lactic acid dehydrogenaae in the diagnosis of cancer and myocardiac disease enzymes as aids to diagnosis

Smith, J.J.; Schwartz, E.D.; Schwartz, M.K., 1959:
Lactic acid dehydrogenase during pregnancy and puerperium

Gordin, R.; Enari, T.M., 1959:
Lactic acid dehydrogenase in megaloblastic anaemia. The effect of corticosteroid therapy

Anonymous, 1966:
Lactic acid dehydrogenase in the cornea I Content, nature and distribution

Anonymous, 1966:
Lactic acid dehydrogenase in the cornea II The effect of pyruvate concentration on the rate of reaction

Anonymous, 1968:
Lactic acid dehydrogenase in the cornea III Further studies on the nature of the enzyme

Knudsen F.U.; Gormsen J., 1968:
Lactic acid dehydrogenase iso enzyme presence in thrombocytes evaluated by disc electrophoresis

Evans H.; Langer B.W.Jr; Pavanand K., 1968:
Lactic acid dehydrogenase isozymes in plasmodium coatneyi simian malaria

Guttler, F.; Clausen, J., 1964:
Lactic acid dehydrogenases in urine from patients with hypertension

Anonymous, 1927:
Lactic acid destruction by erythrocytes, and method of determining lactic acid in urine

Anonymous, 1966:
Lactic acid distribution between plasma and erythrocytes in man Comparison of results obtained by various methods

Snapper, I.; Grunbaum, A., 1929:
Lactic acid elimination in urine and sweat during football contests

Tyler J.E., 1968:
Lactic acid estimation in white spot carious lesions by inst gas phase chromatography abstract

Snapper, I.; Grunbaum, A., 1929:
Lactic acid excretion in urine and sweat during various sports

Virtanen, A.I.; Wichmann, E.; Lindstrom, B., 1927:
Lactic acid fermentation

Runov, E.V., 1932:
Lactic acid fermentation at temperatures outside the growth range for lactic-acid bacteria

Stark, J.B.; Goodban, A.E.; Owens, H.S., 1954:
Lactic acid fermentation in beet processing juices

Mil'ko, E.S.; Borisova, O.K.; Rabotnova, I.L., 1966:
Lactic acid fermentation of Lactobacterium delbruckii in continuous flow culture

Saitcew, Jorge V., 1927:
Lactic acid fermentation of cane sugar molasses

Nutting, L.A.; Carson, S.F., 1952:
Lactic acid fermentation of xylose by escherichia coli. I. Fermentation studies

Finn, R.K.; Halvorson, H.O.; Piret, E.L., 1950:
Lactic acid fermentation rate; effect of continuously controlled pH

Anonymous, 1926:
Lactic acid fermentation II

Eggleton, M.G.; Evans, C.L., 1930:
Lactic acid formation and removal with change of blood reaction

Bauer, R.; Nyiri, W., 1926 :
Lactic acid formation by human carcinomas

Zwemer, J.D., 1957:
Lactic acid formation by Lactobacilli exposed to fluoridized enamel

Zwemer, Jack D., 1954:
Lactic acid formation in Lactobacilli exposed to fluoridized enamel

Hohl, L.A.; Joslyn, M.A., 1941:
Lactic Acid Formation In Alcoholic Fermentation By Yeast

Hausler, Hans, 1927:
Lactic acid formation in blood during the initial disappearance of glucose

Hegnauer, Albert H., 1931:
Lactic acid formation in contractures

Schmitt, F.O.; Cori, C.F., 1933:
Lactic acid formation in medullated nerve

Davenport, H.A.; Cotonio, M., 1927:
Lactic acid formation in muscle extract

Anonymous, 1928:
Lactic acid formation in muscle extracts III Glycolysis in sterile cell-free extracts of muscle

Schmitt Krahmer, Constanze, 1927:
Lactic acid formation in red and white and functionally different muscles of birds

Mangold, E.; Schmitt Krahmer, C., 1926:
Lactic acid formation in smooth muscle during rigor mortis

Kanel', ., 1934:
Lactic acid formation in the culture of a fungus of the Rhizopus species

Downes, Helen R., 1929:
Lactic acid formation in tumor tissue

Riesser, 1928:
Lactic acid formation of the beating frog heart

Rikhter, A.A.; Rybalkina, A.V.; Anonymous; Anonymous, 1927:
Lactic acid formers in silage in the Province of Saratov

Inskeep, G.C.; Taylor, C.G.; Breitzke, W.C., 1953:
Lactic acid from corn sugar

Leonard, R.H.; Peterson, W.H.; Johnson, M.J., 1948:
Lactic acid from fermentation of sulfite waste liquor

Lorentzen, F.V., 1962:
Lactic acid in blood after various combinations of exercise and hypoxia

Vitek V.; Cowley R.A., 1968:
Lactic acid in blood as indicator of prognosis in hypotensive shock abstract human

Marenzi, A.D., 1934:
Lactic acid in blood of hypo-physectomized dogs

Tafuri, Giovan Bernardino, 1926:
Lactic acid in denervated muscle

Barnett, G.D.; Mckenney, A.C., 1926:
Lactic acid in exudates and transudates

Martini, Emilio, 1931:
Lactic acid in metabolism of heart muscle

Marenzi, A.D., 1934:
Lactic acid in muscle of hypophysectomized toads during rest and activity

Van Kampen, G.B., 1927:
Lactic acid in phanerogams

Anonymous, 1960:
Lactic acid in relationship to pulmonary tuberculosis A contribution to the problem of rest treatment

Rounds, Hugh G., 1955:
Lactic acid in sugar beet processing liquors

Riegel, Cecilia, 1926:
Lactic acid in the blood after experimental hemorrhage, and after injection of sodium lactate in dogs

Anonymous, 1929:
Lactic acid in the blood II Carbohydrate metabolism and glucose catabolism

Nishimura, Kikugoro, 1929:
Lactic acid in the muscle of the octopus

Daniel, S.S.; James, L.S., 1965:
Lactic acid in the neonatal period in man

Stander, H.J.; Radelet, A.H., 1926:
Lactic acid in the toxemias of pregnancy

Graham, Helen Tredway, 1929 :
Lactic acid increase in muscle under the influence of anesthetics

Dupuy, P.; Maugenet, J., 1963:
Lactic acid metabolism by Acetobacter rancens

Gasparini, Antonio, 1933:
Lactic acid metabolism in endocrine diseases

Demartini, F.E.; Cannon, P.J.; Stason, W.B.; Laragh, J.H., 1965:
Lactic Acid Metabolism in Hypertensive Patients

Anonymous, 1939:
Lactic acid metabolism in the developing hens egg

Mcginty, Daniel A., 1928:
Lactic acid metabolism of the circulated brain

Stromblad, B.C.R., 1960:
Lactic acid metabolism of the submaxillary gland of the cat

Zweifel, E.; SchellerR., 1927:
Lactic acid of blood and cerebrospinal fluid in eclampsia

Matsumoto, Akisuke, 1928:
Lactic acid of cuttlefish muscle

Killian, J.A., 1926:
Lactic acid of normal and pathological spinal fluids

Galvao, P.E.; Pereira, J.; Limong, J.P.paterra, 1944:
Lactic acid oxidation quotient in different parts of the mammalian brain

Haugaard, Niels, 1950:
Lactic acid oxidizing system of Escherichia coli

Hirsch Kauffmann, H.; Wagner, A., 1928:
Lactic acid production after the use of synthalin

Loeser, Alfred, 1927:
Lactic acid production by surviving tissue, particularly of placenta and carcinoma

Haining, J.L.; Neely, W.A., 1963:
Lactic acid production during a sanguineous total body perfusion

Hallock, P., 1939:
Lactic Acid Production During Rest And After Exercise In Subjects With Various Types Of Heart Disease With Special Reference To Congenital Heart Disease

Anonymous, 1943:
Lactic acid production from molasses by means of L sili

Saiki, H.; Margaria, R.; Cuttica, F., 1967:
Lactic acid production in submaximal work

Hussong, R.V.; Hammer, B.W., 1930:
Lactic acid production of some of the anaerobes

Dennis, Don, 1962:
Lactic acid racemas

Dennis, D.; Reichlin, M.; Kaplan, N.O., 1965:
Lactic acid racemization

Shapiro, S.S.; Dennis, D., 1965:
Lactic acid racemization in Clostri-dium butylicum Evidence for a direct internal hydride shift

Anonymous, 1966:
Lactic acid racemization in Clostridiom butylicum oxygen-18 exchange studies

Dennis, D.; Kaplan, N.O., 1963:
Lactic Acid Racemization In Clostridium Butylicum

Allwood, M.J.; Cobbold, A.F., 1961:
Lactic acid release by intraarterial adrenaline infusions before and after dibenyline, and its relationship to blood-flow changes in the human forearm

Scholander, P.F.; Bradstreet, E.; Garey, W.F., 1962:
Lactic acid response in the grunion

Nalebuff, D.J.; Winternitz, W.W., 1956:
Lactic acid response to epinephrine in experimental liver disease

Linko, Eino, 1950:
Lactic acid response to musclar exercise in neurocirculatory asthenia

Barber, Franklin W., 1952:
Lactic acid retarders detection and control

Kelly, C.D., 1932:
Lactic acid streptococci associated with the early stages of cheddar cheese ripening

Arny, H.V.; Dimler, M.C., 1929:
Lactic acid tests

Ramachander G.; Finkelman F.; L.H.; Glassman J.M.; Sadow H.S., 1968:
Lactic acid tolerance in phenformin hormone treated animals rabbit rat oral dose intra venous insulin hormone glucose sodium lactate saline blood alloxan diabetes

Shaw, J.C., 1946:
Lactic acid, pyruvic acid, amino acids, acetone bodies, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and hemoglobin in arterial and mammary venous bloods of cows under various physiological conditions

Pederson, C.S., 1938:
Lactic acid-producing bacteria in fermentations and food spoilage

Derot, M.; Assan, R.; Rosselin, G.; Reynier, J.; Tchobroutsky, G., 1965:
Lactic acidosis

Tranquada, R.E.; Grant, W.J.; Peterson, C.R., 1966:
Lactic acidosis

Anonymous, 1963:
Lactic acidosis and diabetes

Selroos O.; Pasternack A.; Kuhlback B., 1968:
Lactic acidosis and phenformin human

Johnson H.K.; Waterhouse C., 1968:
Lactic acidosis and phenformin metab report of 2 successfully treated patients sodium bi carbonate metab human

Daughaday, W.H.; Lipicky, R.J.; Rasinski, C., 1962:
Lactic acidosis as a cause of nonketotic acidosis in diabetic patients

Worsley, H.E.; Brookfield, R.W.; Elwood, J.S.; Noble, R.L.; Taylor, W.H., 1965:
Lactic acidosis with necrotizing encephalopathy in two sibs

Tatarkin, V.M., 1965:
Lactic add dehydrase activity and content of lactic and pyruvic acids in the blood of patients with circulatory insufficiency

Henry, F.M.; Demoor, J.C., 1956:
Lactic and alactic oxygen consumption in moderate exercise of graded intensity

Mazzocco, P.; Rietti, C.T., 1927:
Lactic and amino acids of blood after injection of snake venom

Wiggert, B.; Villee, C.A., 1962:
Lactic and malic dehydrogenases in human fetal tissues

Bartos, V.; Brzek, V.; Groh, J., 1964:
Lactic And Malic Dehydrogenase Activities In Human Lymph And Serum

Goldberg, E., 1963:
Lactic and Malic Dehydrogenases in Human Spermatozoa

Solomon, J.B., 1958:
Lactic and malic dehydrogenases in the developing chick embryo

Anonymous, 1959:
Lactic and pyruvic acid in hepatic cirrhosis before and after the oral administration of glucose The influence of thiotic acid on these acids

Morton, J.H.; Sacks, J., 1956:
Lactic and pyruvic acid relations in contracting mammalian muscle

Sacks, J.; Ganslen, R.V.; Diffee, J.T., 1954:
Lactic and pyruvic acid relations in frog muscle

Horwitt, M.K.; Hills, O.W.; Kreisler, O., 1949:
Lactic and pyruvic acids in the blood after glucose and exercise in diabetes mellitus

Anonymous, 1954:
Lactic and succinic acid formation by E histolytica

Crompton, D.W.T.; Ward, P.F.V., 1967:
Lactic and succinic acids as excretory products of Polymorphus minutes in vitro

Sagastume, C.A.; Gascon, J., 1929:
Lactic bacteria in dysgenesic and eu-genesic media

Levitan R.M.G.lub; Zetzel, L., 1960:
Lactic dehvdrogenase activity in saliva, bile, gastric and duodenal contents

Allison, M.J.; Gerszten, E.; Sanchez, B., 1964:
Lactic Dehydrogenase Isozyme Variations In The Livers Of Rabbits Treated With Triiodothyronine

Schwert, G.W.; Hakala, M.T., 1952:
Lactic dehydrogenase. I. Kinetics

Schwert, G.W.; Miller, B.R.; Peanasky, R.J., 1967:
Lactic dehydrogenase. X. A re-evaluation of the effects of pH upon the kinetics of the reaction

Novoa, W.B.; Schwert, G.W., 1961:
Lactic dehydrogenase. VIII. Binding of oxamate and of oxalate by enzyme-coenzyme complexes

Gollnick, P.D.; Hearn, G.R., 1961:
Lactic dehydrogenase activities of heart and skeletal muscle of exercised rats

Gollnick, P.D.; Struck, P.J.; Bogyo, T.P., 1967:
Lactic dehydrogenase activities of rat heart and skeletal muscle after exercise and training

Carvajal, G.; Carvajal, E.J.; Yáñez, R.; Medina, V.Z., 1967:
Lactic dehydrogenase activity and aerobic glycolysis in tumors

Wroblewski, F.; Ladue, J.S., 1955:
Lactic dehydrogenase activity in blood

Stallcup, O.T.; Hayden, J.S., 1960:
Lactic dehydrogenase activity in bovine semen

Smyrniotis, F.; Schenker, S.; O.D.nnell, J.; Schiff, L., 1962:
Lactic dehydrogenase activity in gastric juice for the diagnosis of gastric cancer

Schenker, Steven, 1959:
Lactic dehydrogenase activity in gastric juice in the diagnosis of gastric cancer

Colbert, D.W.; Carrera, A.E.; Kittredge, W.E., 1966:
Lactic dehydrogenase activity in genitourinary and other diseases

Macleod, J.; Wroblewski, F., 1958:
Lactic dehydrogenase activity in human semen

Faro, M.D., 1968:
Lactic dehydrogenase activity in neuron-free spinal cord tissue obtained by a new method

Shklar, G., 1965:
Lactic dehydrogenase activity in oral lichen planus lesions

Burgess, E.A.; Sylven, B., 1963:
Lactic dehydrogenase activity in plasma and interstitial fluid during growth of mouse tumors

Kirkeby, K.; Prydz, H., 1959:
Lactic dehydrogenase activity in pleural and peritoneal effusions

Stanley, D.G.; Melki, S., 1963:
Lactic Dehydrogenase Activity In Schizophrenic Patients

Anonymous, 1963:
Lactic dehydrogenase activity of gastric 1uice of normal subjects and of patients with gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gastric carcinoma and pernicious anaemia A preliminary report

Friend, C.; Wroblewski, F., 1956:
Lactic dehydrogenase activity of serum in mice with transplantable leukemia

Massod, M.F.; Franey, R.J.; Therrien, M.E.; Rideout, P.T.; Babcock, M.T., 1964:
Lactic Dehydrogenase Activity Of Urine. An Evaluation Of The Spectrophotometric And Colorimetric Methods

Wacker, Warren E.C., 1967:
Lactic dehydrogenase and alkaline phosphatase activities in the diagnosis of renal cancer

Appleby, C.A.; Morton, R.K., 1959:
Lactic dehydrogenase and cytochrome b2 of baker's yeast. Enzymic and chemical properties of the crystalline enzyme

Appleby, C.A.; Morton, R.K., 1959:
Lactic dehydrogenase and cytochrome b2 of baker's yeast; purification and crystallization

Appleby, C.A.; Morton, R.K.; Simmonds, D.H., 1960:
Lactic dehydrogenase and cytochrome b2 of baker's yeast: the amino acid composition of the crystalline enzyme

Appleby, C.A.; Morton, R.K., 1960:
Lactic dehydrogenase and cytochrome b2 of baker's yeast. The deoxyribose polynucleotide component and the physicochemical properties of the crystalline enzyme

Bloom, A.D.; Tsuchioka, M.; Wajima, T., 1967:
Lactic dehydrogenase and metabolism of human leukocytes in vitro

Neumann, E.; Belsan, I.; Blazková, B., 1967:
Lactic dehydrogenase and succinic dehydrogenase in psoriasis

Brown, T.E., 1964:
Lactic dehydrogenase and the applications of its estimation in the routine clinical laboratory

Cohen, Alan S., 1964:
Lactic dehydrogenase and transaminase activity of synovial fluid and serum in rheumatic disease states, with a note on synovial fluid LDH isozymes

Hill, B.R.; Meacham, E.J., 1963:
Lactic dehydrogenase from Ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Hall, T.C.; Kaplan, N.O.; Wilder, G.H., 1964:
Lactic Dehydrogenase In Cancer

Kuz'mina, S.V.; Levin, F.B., 1967:
Lactic dehydrogenase in cultures of malignant mouse fibroblasts

Goldman, R.D.; Kaplan, N.O.; Hall, T.C., 1964:
Lactic Dehydrogenase In Human Neoplastic Tissues

Diaz Ynfante Hernandez, L.Del C., 1964:
Lactic dehydrogenase in neoplastic diseases

Lacour, Juan Jose, 1961:
Lactic dehydrogenase in non-cardiac illnesses

Jacobson, K.B.; Nishio, K.; Upton, A.C., 1962:
Lactic dehydrogenase in plasma of leukemic mice

Heimback, D.P.; Prezyna, A.P., 1960:
Lactic dehydrogenase in pregnancy and the puerperium

Denis, L.J.; Prout, G.R., 1963:
Lactic Dehydrogenase In Prostatic Cancer

Ninomiya, H.; Haines, B.W.; Buxton, R.W.; Michaelis, M., 1961:
Lactic dehydrogenase in rat brain mitochondria and cytoplasm in Noble-Collip drum shock

Nagai, J.; Higuchi, K., 1963:
Lactic Dehydrogenase In Serum Of Patients With Neoplastic Disease

Valdés, E.F.; Schere, M.; Perazzo, L.; Abelini, O., 1967:
Lactic dehydrogenase in the etiological diagnosis of serous effusions

Ringdal-Kaiser, E., 1967:
Lactic dehydrogenase in urine

Popescu I.; Zamfirescu Gheorghiu M.; Nicolescu N., 1968:
Lactic dehydrogenase iso enzymes in acute myo carditis and myo cardial infarction

Warbasse, J.R.; Wesley, J.E.; Connolly, V.; Galluzzi, N.J., 1968:
Lactic dehydrogenase isoenzymes after electroshock treatment of cardiac arrhythmias

Kreutzer, H.H.; Fennis, W.H., 1964:
Lactic Dehydrogenase Isoenzymes In Blood Serum After Storage At Different Temperatures

Richterich, R.; Burger, A., 1963:
Lactic Dehydrogenase Isoenzymes In Human Cancer Cells And Malignant Effusions

Cunningham, V.R.; Phillips, J.; Field, E.J., 1965:
Lactic dehydrogenase isoenzymes in normal and pathological spinal fluids

Meade, B.W.; Rosalkl, S.B., 1962:
Lactic dehydrogenase isoenzymes in pregnancy

Lojda, Z.; Fric, P., 1966:
Lactic dehydrogenase isoenzymes in the aortic wall

Anonymous, 1961:
Lactic dehydrogenase isozymes and their distribution in normal tissues and plasma and in disease states In Multiple molecular forms of enzymes

Kline, E.S.; Clayton, C.C., 1964:
Lactic Dehydrogenase Isozymes During Development Of Azo Dye Tumors

Childs, V.A.; Legator, M.S., 1965:
Lactic dehydrogenase isozymes in diploid and heteroploid cells

Bernstein, L.; Kerrigan, M.; Maisel, H., 1966:
Lactic dehydrogenase isozymes in lens and cornea

Johnson, H.L.; Kampschmidt, R.F., 1965:
Lactic dehydrogenase isozymes in rat tissues, tumors, and precancerous livers

Paulson, G.D.; Pope, A.L.; Baumann, C.A., 1964:
Lactic dehydrogenase isozymes in the dystrophic lamb

Atanasov, N.A., 1967:
Lactic dehydrogenase isozymes in the thymus of rats to whom cortisone was administered

Riggins, R.S.; Kiser, W.S., 1964:
Lactic Dehydrogenase Isozymes In Urine

Gelderman, A.H.; Gelboin, H.V.; Peacock, A.C., 1965:
Lactic Dehydrogenase Isozymes In Urine From Patients With Malignancies Of The Urinary Bladder

Miura, S., 1966:
Lactic dehydrogenase isozymes of the brain. I. Electrophoretic studies on regional distribution and ontogenesis

Miura, S., 1966:
Lactic dehydrogenase isozymes of the brain. II. Distribution in the mitochondrial fraction of the rat brain

Mager, M.; Blatt, W.F.; Newman, R.W., 1968:
Lactic dehydrogenase isozymes: variations in the plasma of men exposed to cold

Rodrigues N.L.; Waisbich E.; Granca W.G.; Nogueira D.M., 1968:
Lactic dehydrogenase levels in the serums of patients with certain lung diseases

Ovlisen, B., 1964:
Lactic dehydrogenase molecular forms in human semen

Dioguardi, N.; Agostoni, A.; Fiorelli, G., 1964:
Lactic dehydrogenase molecular forms of myeloblasts, myelocytes and granulocytes

Dioguardi, N.; Agostoni, A., 1965:
Lactic dehydrogenase multiple molecular forms of normal and leukemic human lymphocytes

Anonymous, 1955:
Lactic dehydrogenase of Escherlchia coll Isolation and properties

Bottomley, R.H.; Locke, S.J.; Ingram, H.C., 1966:
Lactic dehydrogenase of human chronic lymphocytic leukemic leukocytes

Vestling, C.S.; Knoepfel Macher, A., 1950:
Lactic dehydrogenase of liver and its relation to thyroid activity in the rat

Ottolenghi, P.; Denstedt, O.F., 1958:
Lactic dehydrogenase of the mammalian erythrocyte. III. The formation of a complex of the enzyme with DPN and lactate

Nygaard, A.P., 1960:
Lactic dehydrogenase of yeast. III. A comparative study of the kinetic properties and the stability of two isolated forms of the enzyme

Nygaard, A.P., 1959:
Lactic dehydrogenase of yeast. II. Different forms of the enzyme

Moore, A.E.; Wroblewski, F., 1958:
Lactic dehydrogenase production in tissue culture of normal, transformed, and malignant human cell lines

Metais, P.; Sacrez, A., 1963:
Lactic dehydrogenase serum in heart diseases

Elliott, S.C.; Williamson, C.K., 1967:
Lactic dehydrogenase studies in animals infected with type 12 streptococci or treated with streptococcal nephrotoxin

Cantero, Antonio, 1959:
Lactic dehydrogenase studies in hepatoma and in human and animal control tissues

Siebert, G.; Hannover, R., 1963:
Lactic dehydrogenase studies on isolated cell nuclei

Freeman, I.; Jackson, D.A.; Collier, C.S., 1959:
Lactic dehydrogenase versus glutamic oxalacetic acid transaminase as a diagnostic test for myocardial infarction

Hakala, M.T.; Glaid, A.J.; Schwert, G.W., 1956:
Lactic dehydrogenase. II. Variation of kinetic and equilibrium constants with temperature

Schwert, G.W.; Takenaka, Y., 1956:
Lactic dehydrogenase. III. Mechanism of the reaction

Winer, A.D.; Schwert, G.W., 1958:
Lactic dehydrogenase. IV. The influence of pH on the kinetics of the reaction

Millar, D.B.; Schwert, G.W., 1963:
Lactic Dehydrogenase. Ix. Effect Of Photo-Oxidation Upon Activity And Complex Formation

Novoa, W.B.; Winer, A.D.; Glaid, A.J.; Schwert, G.W., 1959:
Lactic dehydrogenase. V. Inhibition by oxamate and by oxalate

Winer, A.D.; Schwert, G.W.; Millar, D.B., 1959:
Lactic dehydrogenase. VI. Fluorimetric measurements of the complex of enzyme and reduced diphosphopyridine nucleotide

Nance, W.E.; Claflin, A.; Smithies, O., 1963:
Lactic Dehydrogenase: Genetic Control In Man

Kaplan, N.O.; Cahn, R.D., 1962:
Lactic dehydrogenases and muscular dystrophy in the chicken

Anonymous, 1960:
Lactic dehydrogenases from serum and formed elements from human blood Separation and purification procedures

Hoch Ligeti, Cornelia, 1963:
Lactic dehydrogenases in infarcted myocardium

Walker, H.; Eagon, R.G., 1964:
Lactic Dehydrogenases Of Pseudomonas Natriegens

Flexner, L.B.; Flexner, J.B.; Roberts, R.B.; D.L.H.Ba.G., 1960:
Lactic dehydrogenases of the developing cerebral cortex and liver of the mouse and guinea pig

Garvie E.I., 1968:
Lactic dehydrogenases of the lactic acid bacteria

Dawson, D.M.; Goodfriend, T.L.; Kaplan, N.O., 1964:
Lactic Dehydrogenases: Functions Of The Two Types Rates Of Synthesis Of The Two Major Forms Can Be Correlated With Metabolic Differentiation

Fritz, P.J.; Jacobson, K.B., 1963:
Lactic dehydrogenases: subfractionation of isozymes

Smith, Lee T.; Claborn, H. V., 1940:
Lactic esters. Preparation and properties

Micka, J., 1948:
Lactic fermentation and trace iron affect cracker quality

Balatti, A.P.dro; Ertola, R., 1960:
Lactic fermentation in molasses and other nutrient materials

Anonymous, 1959:
Lactic oxidase fin Tetrahymena pyriformis The over-all reaction mechanism

Udaka, S.; Koukol, J.; Vennesland, B., 1959:
Lactic oxidase of Pneumococcus

Anonymous, 1961:
Lactic, malic, and glutamic dehydrogenases in rat livers Action of the thyroid hormone on liver activity

Anonymous, 1967:
Lactic, pyruvic citric, uric acid and urea content in human gastric juice

Hou Jensen, Klaus, 1967:
Lactic-acid dehydrogenase isoenzymes in human melanomas

Krall, L.P.; Rees, S.B., 1963:
Lacticacidemia as a complication of peripheral vascular failure in diabetic acidosi

Peretz, D.I.; Mcgregor, M.; Dossetor, J.B., 1964:
Lacticacidosis: A Clinically Significant Aspect Of Shock

Kadlecova, D.; Kolar, V.; Mechl, Z., 1967:
Lacticdehydrogenase isoenzymes in malignant affections

Berezin, A.; Nogueira, D.M.zzei, 1967:
Lactice-dehydrogenase in serum of newborns under normal conditions

Vargas Nunez, Clorinda, 1965:
Lacticemia in pericarditis

Schultes, R.E., 1966 :
Lacticiferous plants of the Karaparana-Igaraparana region of Colombia

You, Y.Ok.; Levengood, M.R.; Ihnken, L.A.Furgerson.; Knowlton, A.K.; van der Donk, W.A., 2009:
Lacticin 481 synthetase as a general serine/threonine kinase

Toker, C., 1962:
Lactiferous duct fistula

Lopez Lozano M., 1967:
Lacto fermentation lacto coagulation and lacto agar as a means for identifying the cheese producing capacity of milk

Anonymous, 1967:
Lacto transferrin Its relationship with the physiological aspects of iron metabolism

Stirling, Anna C., 1953:
Lacto-bacilli and silage-making

Anonymous, 1947:
Lacto-fiavin metabolism in the Basedows disease

Sheen, T.N.; Bishop, P.G.C., 1950:
Lacto-gel test in liver disorders

Kopaczewski, W., 1934:
Lacto-gelification des protides seriques

Davis, G.H.G., 1959:
Lactobacilli of the human mouth

Kartushina, L.I.; Damkas, K.M.; Bussel', L.G.; Feigin, G.A., 1967:
Lactobacilli present in palatine tonsils

Harrison, R.W., 1948:
Lactobacilli versus streptococci in the etiology of dental caries

Hofmann, K.; Liu, T.Y., 1960:
Lactobacillic acid biosynthesis

Wheather, D.M.; Hirsch, A.; Mattick, A.T.R., 1951:
Lactobacillin, an antibiotic from Lactobacilli

Svec, P.; Sedlácek, I.; Zácková, L.; Nováková, D.; Kukletová, M., 2009:
Lactobacillus spp. associated with early childhood caries

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Lagoseris sancta Maly subsp nemausensis Thell = Pterotheca sancta L = P nem-ausensis Cass

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Lake Geneva and its fishes

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Lake Hovsgol basin a new study site for long continental paleoclimate records in continental interior Asia general context and current status

Mason G.Fenwick, 1968:
Lake Huron distribution of Tabellaria fenestrata var geniculata A Cleve and Coelastrum reticulatum var polychordon Korshik

Panouse, Jean B., 1963 :
Lake Ifni

Anonymous, 1963:
Lake Issyk-Kul dace

Tomilov, A.A.; Dashidorzh, A., 1965:
Lake Khubsugul and prospects for its utilization for fishing

Ioganzen, B.G.; Kafanova, V.V., 1963:
Lake Kulu-Kol as osman waters The development of Siberian lake fisheries

Luk'yanchikov, F.V., 1962:
Lake Labas of the Khatanga basin

Selivanov, Y.I., 1958:
Lake Lob-Nor

Anonymous, 1955:
Lake Lungo hydrobiological characteristics of a brackish environment Chemical and physical observations

Sommani, Ernesto, 1955:
Lake Lungo hydrobiological characteristics of a brackish environment General observations and biology

Minoranskii, V.A., 1963:
Lake Manych-Gudilo

Redfield, A.C.; Doe, L.A.E.rlston, 1965:
Lake Maracaibo

Baily, Joshua L., 1932:
Lake Merritt mollusks

Anonymous, 1959:
Lake Monk Expeditio An ecological study in Southern Fiordland

Little, Jeanne D.V., 1960:
Lake Nakuru bird sanctuary

G.V.Pazhinskil, 1962:
Lake Num-To

Stromsten, Frank A., 1928:
Lake Okoboji as a type of aquatic environment

Baldi, E., 1949:
Lake Orta, its biological decline and present condition

Lundqvist, G., 1927:
Lake Ortrasket and its sudden emptying

Maxwell, J.M.; Thoesen, R.W., 1965:
Lake Powell stocking story

Anonymous, 1929:
Lake Sartlan its limnology, hydrobiology, and fisheries

Nikanorov, Y.I.; Nikanorova, E.A., 1963:
Lake Seliger fishes and their biology

Anonymous, 1961:
Lake Sodra Vixen, S Sweden, and its phytoplankton

Teale, Gerald, 1962:
Lake St Lucia game reserve paradise to be lost

Anonymous, 1927:
Lake St John

Zillgitt, W.M., 1944:
Lake States Forest Exp

Zon, Raphael, 1928:
Lake States Forest Experiment Station, St Paul, Minnesota, report to the advisory committee, 1927

Anonymous, 1964:
Lake Svetloe

Anonymous, 1960:
Lake Tabiskuri whitefish biology and condition of the stock from 1958 data

Capart, Andre, 1952:
Lake Tanganyika and its fauna

Gilson, H.C., 1962:
Lake Titicaca

Breckenridge, Walter J., 1942:
Lake Traverse bird life in April

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Lake Tsuta and its vegetation

Podlesnyi, A., 1927:
Lake Turgoiak

Andreas Reimer; Günter Landmann; Stephan Kempe, 2009:
Lake Van, Eastern Anatolia, Hydrochemistry and History

Stalberg, N., 1939:
Lake Vatter

Anonymous, 1964:
Lake Verkhnee

Kateregga, E.; Sterner, T., 2009:
Lake Victoria Fish Stocks and the Effects of Water Hyacinth

Anonymous, 1928:
Lake Walchen before it was dammed Researches made in 1920-1923

Beguinot, A., 1927:
Lake and swamp vegetation of Mantua, Italy

Walter Rast, 2009:
Lake basin resources available to readers of the journal

Strom, K.Munster, 1927:
Lake bottom deposits

Dejoux C., 1968:
Lake chad and the chironomid fauna of the eastern part

Zhang, C.; Hara, T.J., 2009:
Lake char (Salvelinus namaycush) olfactory neurons are highly sensitive and specific to bile acids

Efimova A.I., 1966:
Lake chud cisco

Shirkova A.P., 1966:
Lake chud whitefish

Anderson R.E., 1968:
Lake county illinois usa adopts clean lake policy alleviating pollution of lake michigan

Anonymous, 1935:
Lake development and plant succession in Vilas County, Wisconsi I The medium hard water lakes

Ivanova, Z.A., 1963:
Lake fisheries in the steppe zone of the Altai Territory The development of Siberian lake fisheries

Shvetsova, G.M., 1966:
Lake fishes of Lake Su-yarvis northern tributaries Sixth Session of the Scientific Council on the problem Biological Resources of Black Sea and Karelian Inland Waters, 1966 Summaries of reports

Markuze, V.K., 1964:
Lake frog and its role in the establishment for spawning and rearing fish in the Volga River delta

Laurent P J., 1967:
Lake leman

Anonymous, 1938:
Lake management report 1 Horseshoe Lake near Cairo, Illinois

Anonymous, 1939:
Lake management report 2 Fork Lake near Mount Zion, Illinois

Bennett, George W., 1939:
Lake management report 3 Lincoln Lakes near Lincoln, Illinois

King, Willis, 1943:
Lake management studies in the Sandhills Wildlife Management area

Lloyd, Charles N., 1953:
Lake mapping in Wisconsin

Gerd, S.V., 1962 :
Lake of the Shui river basin

Carlander, Kenneth D., 1943:
Lake of the Woods fisheries

Rellstab, C.; Spaak, P., 2008:
Lake origin determines Daphnia population growth under winter conditions

Vigano A.; Chinzari P., 1968:
Lake paterno part 1 general and chemical physical aspects

Shirokova A.P., 1966:
Lake pskov chud perch

Efimova A.I., 1966:
Lake pskov chud ruffe

Muoz Goyanes, Guillermo, 1958:
Lake salmon for Spanish mainland waters

Pravdin, I.F., 1939:
Lake salmon from the basin of the Kema River-Salmo salar morpha relictus

Freddy J.G.thorne-Hardy; Egill Erlendsson; Peter G.L.ngdon; Kevin J.E.wards, 2009:
Lake sediment evidence for late Holocene climate change and landscape erosion in western Iceland

Rowe Rowe D.T., 1968:
Lake sibayi january hingeback tortoise kinixys belliana

Anonymous, 1964:
Lake states forest experiment station in modern laboratories

Anonymous, 1966:
Lake sturgeon of Acipenser fulvescens Raf from the Lake St Pierre region during the spawning period

Eddy, Samuel, 1940:
Lake surveys and fish management

Schneberger, Edward, 1965:
Lake trout comeback

Bailey, Merryll M., 1965:
Lake trout fin-clipping rates at two national fish hatcheries

Anonymous, 1952:
Lake trout production and estimates of losses resulting from sea lamprey depredations

Brundin, Lars, 1956:
Lake types based upon bottom fauna and their applicability in the southern hemisphere Also, a theory on the significance of glacial erosion to biological production

Elster, Hans Joachim, 1962:
Lake types, flowing water types and the saprobic system

Skvortsov, B.V., 1927:
Lake vegetation in the Sungari valley, Manchuria

D.Lacy A.C., 1968:
Lake washington usa juvenile sockeye salmon studies

Fiscus G., 1967:
Lake washington usa sockeye salmon fishing

L.B.Macpherson, N.R.Sinclair and F.R.Hayes, 1958:
Lake water and sediment, III The effect of pH on the partition of inorganic phosphate between water and oxidized mud or its ash

F.R.Hayes and E.H.Anthony, 1958:
Lake water and sediment I Characteristics and water chemistry of some Canadian east coast lakes

F.R.Hayes, B.L.Reid and M.L.Cameron, 1958:
Lake water and sediment II Oxidation-reduction relations at the mud-water interface

F.R.Hayes and J.E.Phillips, 1958:
Lake water and sediment IV Radiophosphorus equilibrium with mud, plants, and bacteria under oxidized and reduced conditions

F.R.Hayes and M.A.MacAulay, 1959:
Lake water and sediment V Oxygen consumed in water over sediment cores

Anthony, E.H., 1959:
Lake water and sediment VI The standing crop of bacteria in lake sediments and its place in the classification of lakes

E.H.Anthony and F.R.Hayes, 1964:
Lake water and sediment VII Chemical and optical properties of water in relation to the bacterial counts in the sediments of twenty-five North American lakes

Melchiorri Santolini U.; Cafarelli A., 1967:
Lake water as a medium to cultivate fresh water pelagic bacteria

Hoyle, J.A.; Bowlby, J.N.; Morrison, B.J., 2008:
Lake whitefish and walleye population responses to dreissenid mussel invasion in eastern Lake Ontario

Golubi, Stjepko, 1961:
Lake-balls - an odd site for blue-green algae

Holloway, R.C., 1949:
Lake-management in Oregon

Dougherty, J.D., 1965:
Lakefront Airport, An Epidemiologic Approach

Brett, J.R.; Alderdice, D.F., 1956:
Lakelse River experiments in guiding sockeye and coho salmon fingerlings

Troitskaya, V.I.; Gal'nbek, A.I., 1960:
Lakes Yantyk and Kuchak, and a description of their fisheries

Bryson, Reid A., 1964:
Lakes and the air-water interface

Volgin, M.V., 1966:
Lakes of the Kara-Su system and their utilization for fishing rearing Conference on the biology of Siberian productive waters, 1966

G.V.Pazhinskil, 1960:
Lakes of the Kasym River basin

Turnowsky, Fritz, 1946:
Lakes of the Schober group in the Hohen Tauern

Anonymous, 1964:
Lakes of the Tyumen Oblast and prospects of their commercial exploitation

Vinogradov, M.Ye, 1957:
Lakes of the antarctic Oasis

Shnitnikov, A.V., 1961:
Lakes of the lower Volga region and Caspian lowlands

Ulmer, Martin J., 1962:
Lakeside Laboratory Publications 1909-1961

Mollison, J., 1941:
Lakeside wildfowl

Akerhielm, Lars, 1938:
Laki pine, a good variety of northern Norwegian pine

Zewi, M., 1937:
Laktoflavin i nathinnan vid olika adaptationstillstand

Anonymous, 1938:
Lalimentation de la famille dune fonctionnaire de Prague, dapres sa consommation alimentaire relevee pendant une annee

Rizzini, Carlos Toledo, 1951:
Lam s system for Cormophyta

Rojas J., 1966:
Lama glama llama new host for ostertagia ostertagi and ostertagia lyrata

Anonymous, 1963:
Lama huanachus Molina and Lama glama Linneu, new hosts for Moniezia expansa j

Anonymous, 1930:

Roule, Louis, 1927:
Lamarck and the interpretation of nature

Anonymous, 1927:
Lamarcks evening primrose was a form of Oenothera grandiflora Solander

Anonymous, 1946:
Lamarcks ideas concerning the cultivated plants and the sources of his information as to their origin and their variation

T.D.A.Cockerell, 1926:
Lamarcks new names in the French edition of Pallas

Anonymous, 1947:
Lamarcks prodrome dune nou-velle classification des coquilles

Anonymous, 1930:
Lamarcks theory in modern biology

Anonymous, 1930:
Lamarck, his personality and his work On the 100th anniversary of his death

Anonymous, 1929:
Lamarck sa vie et son oeuvre

Harms, J.W., 1939:
Lamarckismus und Darwinismus als historische Theorien ein Kampf um Uberlebtes

Fuller, Varden, 1950:
Lamb consumption

Newsom, I.E.; Thorp, F., 1938:
Lamb diseases in Colorado feedlots

Stewart, W.Lyle, 1930:
Lamb dysentery

Dalling, T.; Mason, J.H.; Gordon, W.S., 1929:
Lamb dysentery, 1929

Anonymous, 1926:
Lamb dysentery An account of some experimental field work in 1925 and 1926 Section I

Willman, J.P.; Embry, L.B.; Morrison, F.B.; Klosterman, E.W., 1948:
Lamb fattening studies

Thomas, O.O.; Horn, J.L.V.n; Aashein, T.; Hoversland, A., 1955:
Lamb fattening tests 1952-1954

Reed, H.E.; Marston, H.W., 1926:
Lamb feeding investigations, 1925-26

Dry, F.W., 1965:
Lamb fibre types

Lamb losses associated with Clostridium perfringens type A

Mcmeniman N.P.; Young R.B., 1968:
Lamb losses in late pregnancy and early life sheep weight poor feeding

Lemay J P., 1968:
Lamb production comparisons between different systems of management and feeding abstract estrus

Hunter Smith, J., 1926:
Lamb production from grass flocks

Coleman, K.L.; Bassett, J.W., 1953:
Lamb production of two year old ewes

Purser, A.F.; Karam, H.A., 1967:
Lamb survival, growth and fleece production in relation in birthcoat type among Welsh Mountain sheep

Anonymous, 1963:
Lamb weights in some pure breeds and crosses In 55th Annual national meeting of the American Society of Animal Science, 1963

Homan, R.B., 1963:
Lamb's Quarters Pollen

Beveridge, L.H., 1930:
Lamb-raising trials, 1929-30 Hawkesbury Agricultural College

Schoenfeld, E.; Schweitzer, A., 1967:
Lambarene without Schweitzer

Appella, E.; McIntire, K.R.; Perham, R.N., 1967:
Lambda Bence Jones proteins of the mouse: chemical and immunological characterization

Feizi, T., 1967:
Lambda chains in cold agglutinins

Adler, Julius, 1964:
Lambda phage messenger RNA synthesis in E coli

Scott, D.F.; Lichtenheld, F.R.; Bickford, R.G., 1968:
Lambda wave studies on the EEG of animals

Chatrian, G.E.ilio; Bickford, R.G.; Peterse, M.C.; Dodge, H.W.; Lazarte, J.A.; Holman, C.B., 1960:
Lambda waves with depth electrodes in humans

Renkema, H.W.; J.V.lckenier Suringar, 1928:
Lambert and his Description of the genus Pinus

Dawson Helen L. (Revised By), 1948:
Lamberts histology An introduction and guide

Sproston, T.; Tomlinson, H.; Milo, G.E.; Jones, A., 1962:
Lambertellin, a new hydroxy 1,4-naphthoquinone produced by a fungi Lambertella hicoriae

Cardozo A.; Choque H., 1968:
Lambing and weaning seasons of sheep in the bolivian highlands

Anonymous, 1943:
Lambing estimates for 1942 Greatest number of ewes on record and highest lambing percentage

Moule, G.R.; Jackson, M.N.S.; Young, R.B., 1956:
Lambing losses

Purohit K., 1968:
Lambing pattern in uttar pradesh india hills

Hudson F.A., 1968:
Lambing rate as influenced by hormone induced super ovulation in ewes prior to mating intra muscularly intra venously

Hess, Hans Henrich, 1928:
Lamblia intestinalis im Duodenum

Bonanno, A.M., 1939:
Lamblia intestinalis infestations in bile ducts

Fesenko, I.P., 1965:
Lamblia invasion

Pappalardo, C., 1926:
Lambliasis and cholecystitis

Anonymous, 1964:
Lambliasis in children Celiac syndrome with lambliasis Meeting of the East and North French Pediatric Society, Evian, June 5, 1963

Felix H.; Freyria J.; Maillard A.; Legendre M.; Douchet C.; L.V.geuresse R., 1968:
Lambliasis of the adult 500 observations

Igoshin, V.A., 1957:
Lambliosis as a possible etiological factor in hives

Makarov, V.A., 1965:
Lambliosis in children of the town of Tobolsk and the effectiveness of furazolidine treatment of this invasion

Schenck, Hubert G., 1944:
Lamel-linucula, a new subgenus of nuculid pelecypods

Kegel, Wilhelm, 1954:
Lamelibranquios da formacao Poti do Piaui

Sveshnikova, I.N.; Kulaeva, O.N.; Bolyakina, Y.P., 1966:
Lamella and grana formation in chloroplasts of yellow leaves induced by 6-benzylaminopurine

Buck, R.C., 1961:
Lamellae in the spindle of mitotic cells of Walker 256 carcinoma

Bromage, T.G.; Lacruz, R.S.; Hogg, R.; Goldman, H.M.; McFarlin, S.C.; Warshaw, J.; Dirks, W.; Perez-Ochoa, A.; Smolyar, I.; Enlow, D.H.; Boyde, A., 2009:
Lamellar bone is an incremental tissue reconciling enamel rhythms, body size, and organismal life history

Anonymous, 1949:
Lamellar atrophy of Purkinje cells following heat stroke Report of a case

Krainer, Leo, 1962:
Lamellar atrophy of Purkinje cells following hyperpyrexia

Brock O.W.Jr, 1967:
Lamellar blades of possible paleo indian provenience from alabama usa abstract

Kása, P.; Joó, F., 1965:
Lamellar bodies in Purkinje cells of the guinea pig

Matsusaka T., 1968:
Lamellar bodies in the synaptic cytoplasm of the accessory cone from the chick retina as revealed by electron microscopy

Herndon, R.M., 1964:
Lamellar Bodies, An Unusual Arrangement Of The Granular Endoplasmic Reticulum

Anonymous, 1963:
Lamellar bone physiology in diabetes mellitus Mesenchymal cell activation function and Haver sian canal formation kinetic

Hanon, Julio L., 1928:
Lamellar cerebellar sclerosis

Petrova, T.M.; Golubev, T.L., 1966:
Lamellar chromatography in estimating heptachlorine DDT and lindane in the plant material and soil

Khodadoust, A.A., 1968:
Lamellar corneal transplantation in the rabbit

Mortada, A., 1966:
Lamellar exfoliation of the newborn and ectropion of the eyelids

Tanner J.C.Jr; Smith J.P.; Bradley W.H.; Rife C.C., 1968:
Lamellar keratoplasty use of a collagen graft for corneal replacement cattle deep flexor tendon cat dog

Gotram, U.; Komnick, H.; Wohlfarth Bottermann, K.E.nst, 1965:
Lamellar microvilli in food vacuoles of ciliates

Frost, H.H., 1960:
Lamellar osteoid mineralized per day in man

Coderch, L.; Méndez, S.; Barba, C.; Pons, R.; Martí, M.; Parra, J.L., 2008:
Lamellar rearrangement of internal lipids from human hair

Wolter, J.R.; Willey, E.N., 1966:
Lamellar splitting of descemet's membrane

Engstrom, A.; Engfeldt, B., 1953:
Lamellar structure of osteons demonstrated by microradiography

Brunner, A.; Vallejo Freier, A., 1964:
Lamellar structure of reticulocytes

Geitler, L., 1958:
Lamellar structure of the pig-mented protoplasm of Cyanophyceae as seen in the light microscope and structural characteristics of the protoplast of Chroococcus turgidus

Cohen, M.; Bowler, E., 1953:
Lamellar structure of the tobacco chloroplast

Fernandez Moran, H., 1961:
Lamellar systems in myelin and photoreceptors as revealed by high-resolution electron microscopy

Gol Dfel D.I.G., 1968:
Lamellar transplantation of desiccated cornea in the dystrophy and degeneration of the cornea human

Alaev, I.M., 1965:
Lamellar vesiculation of chloroplasts

Barrows, Florence L., 1940:
Lamellate structure of cellulose membranes in cotton fibers

Dejean, C., 1926:
Lamellate structure of the vitreous body and Zonula ciliaris in adult mammals

Hohl H.R.; Hamamoto S.T., 1968:
Lamellate structures in the nucleolus of the cellular slime mold acrasis rosea

Roberts, Walter H., 1959:
Lamellated corpuscles in relation to the larger human limb vessels and a comparative study of their distribution in the mesentery

Anonymous, 1926:
Lamelli-branchi anisomiari

Kandler, R., 1927:
Lamellibranch larvae from the Helgoland plankton

Cox, L.R., 1955:
Lamellibranchia from the Nubian Sandstone Series of Egypt

Kutassy, A., 1931:
Lamellibranchiata triadica II In Quenstedts Fossilium Catalogus 1 Animalia Pars 51

Lamont, Archie, 1946:
Lamellibranchs from the Lower Drummuck Group , Girvan, Scotland

Merklin, R.L., 1950:
Lamellibranchs of the Spirialis clays, their environment and life

Dzhambazishvili Y.S., 1967:
Lamellicorn beetles coleoptera scarabaeidae from the likh suram mountain range georgian ssr ussr 43 species distribution patterns

Landin, Bengt Olof, 1960:
Lamellicorn beetles from Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

Pawlowski, Jerzy, 1961:
Lamellicornes cariophages in forest biocenosis of Poland

Anonymous, 1965:
Lamellodiscus serranelli n sp parasitic on teleosts of the genus Serranus

Whitten, L.K., 1948:
Lameness after dipping in gammexane or derris

Bowness, E.R.; Fahey, J.E., 1954:
Lameness in Turkey Poults

Miyabe, K.; Nagai, M., 1933:
Lami-nariaceae of the Kurile Islands

Anonymous, 1953:
Lamiaires nouveaux de Cote dlvoire

M.A.L.pshina; I.I.P.rkhomenko; R.I.P.pina; A.A.T.rentiev, 2008:
Lamin B Content in Chromatin Fractions after Purification of Nuclear Matrix from Cells of Different Types

Russell, G., 1964:
Lamin-ariocolax tomentosoides on the Isle of Man

Nosberger J., 1964:
Lamina and production of dry substance of stock of clover d under the influence of the environment

Talley, R.W.; Poznanski, A.K.; Heslin, J.H.; Brennan, M.J., 1964:
Laminagrams Of The Thorotrast-Opacified Liver In Evaluation Of Chemotherapy For Metastatic Cancer

Yale, S.H.; Rosenberg, H.M.; Ceballos, M.; Haupfuehrer, J.D., 1961:
Laminagraphic cephalometry in the analysis of mandibular condyle morphology

Bluth, I., 1966:
Laminagraphic studies of the vascular patterns in cancer of the lung with special reference to the circumscribed variety

Brackett, C.E.; Clark, L., 1963:
Laminagraphy In Stereotaxic Surgery

Vogt, Marthe, 1929:
Laminal and focal destruction of cerebral cortex in a case of amaurotic idiocy

Suzuki, H.; Ochs, S., 1962:
Laminar analysis of direct cortical responses

Xiao, D.; Zikopoulos, B.; Barbas, H., 2009:
Laminar and modular organization of prefrontal projections to multiple thalamic nuclei

Grossman, C., 1954:
Laminar cortical blocking and its relation to episodic aggressive outbursts

Anonymous, 1961:
Laminar development of R entorhinalis in the brain of human embryos 20-21 weeks of age

Anonymous, 1962:
Laminar development of R presubicularis in the brain of human embryos between 6-24 weeks of age

Cohn, R., 1956:
Laminar electrical responses in lateral geniculate body of cat

Garner, R.J.; Singleton, A.G., 1953:
Laminar flow in the portal vein of the sheep and goat

Coriell L.L., 1968:
Laminar flow systems for sterile work human contamination mycoplasma viruses cell culture

Terui, S.; Imai, Y.; Iwai, S., 1961:
Laminar formation of the regio entorhinalis in the cerebral cortex of rabbit fetuses

Li.C.L.; Cullen.C.; Jasper.H.H., 1956:
Laminar microelectrode analysis of cortical unspecific recruiting responses and spontaneous rhythms

Li, C.L.; Cullen, C.; Jasper, H.H., 1956:
Laminar microelectrode studies of specific somatosensory evoked cortical potentials

Hershey, D.; Smolin, R., 1967:
Laminar regime transition for blood flow in tubes

Yellin, E.L., 1966:
Laminar-turbulent transition process in pulsatile flow

Maeda M.; Maeda Mizuho; Nisizawa K., 1968:
Laminaran of ishige okamurai

Anonymous, 1965:
Laminaran From the brown marine algae

Zinova, E.S.; Anonymous, 1928:
Laminaria and other algae in industry

Zhurbina, F.M., 1961:
Laminaria saccharina in the treatment of trichomonal vaginitis

Rowell, J.H.; Meeuse, B.J.D., 1964:
Laminarin in some Phaeophyta of the Pacific coast

Muchmore, Andrew V., 1968:
Laminarinase and hexokinase activity during embryonic development of Acmaea scutum

Anonymous, 1957:
Laminary structures of cultured pearls observed with electron microscope I Nacreous layer pearl

Morales, R.; Rehmet, R.; Duncan, D., 1964:
Laminated cytoplasmic bodies in lateral geniculate body neurons

Cóté, R.A.; Maynard, R.M.; Korthy, A., 1963:
Laminated macro-sections of organs A new method for the demonstration of gross pathology

Tyler, W.S.; Pangborn, J., 1964:
Laminated Membrane Surface And Osmiophilic Inclusions In Avian Lung Epithelium

Beruchashvili L.Z., 1968 :
Laminated plastic surgery with acrylic materials in a cerebro cranial wound an experimental study dog

Gazala J.R.; Guerry D.IIi, 1968:
Laminated vessels eye human

Quidort D., 1966:
Laminating lepidoptera for educational use

Ruth, Ferdinand S., 1965:
Laminating method for preservation of herbarium specimens

Conrad, Marlins, 1960:
Laminating moth wings and larvae

Ferraro, A.; Barrera, S.E., 1936:
Lamination of the medial lemniscus in Macacus rhesus

Lacroix, J.D.; Preiss, R.F., 1960:
Lamination of thermoplastic sheets as a means of mounting histological material

Redding, R.W., 1951:
Laminectomy in the dog; X.J.; M.P.bbidi; A.M.S.marel; S.L.L.psius, 2009:
Laminin acts via focal adhesion kinase/phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase/protein kinase B to down-regulate 1-adrenergic receptor signalling in cat atrial myocytes

Kochan, W.F., 1948:
Laminitis and its treatment by a new antihistaminic, anthisan

Bouthiere, G., 1946:
Laminitis of parturition and azotemia in the mare

N1lsson, Sture A., 1964:
Laminltis in cattle

Frenkel, M., 1968:
Laminography in the management of mucoceles

Neilan, E.G., 2009:
Laminopathies, other progeroid disorders, and aging: common pathogenic themes and possible treatments

Van Steenis, C.G.G.J., 1957:
Lamiodendron, a new genus of Papuan Bignoniaceae

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