Lim no logical study of the reservoir sedlice near Zeliv. VI. Meteorological part. Sunshine records

Stepanek, M.

Sb Vysoke Skoly Chem Technol praze 3(2): 239-315


Accession: 024952137

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This paper is the first of a series of meteorological studies of the reservoir Sedlice which are being prepared for publication. The author points out the importance of meteorological factors, especially solar radiation, in the study of vital processes observed in water. An explanation of the function of solar radiation as a limiting factor in the majority of Czechoslovakian reservoirs is given. A significant part is played by the tributaries of the reservoir, loaded with municipal sewage or industrial effluents. They are sources of a rich and continuous supply of nutrients required by the phytoplankton. The energy supply is, therefore, the limiting factor. Because of the location of the Sedlice reservoir in a relatively deep valley (similar to other Czechoslovak reservoirs), the actual sunshine duration is only 80% of the theoretical. The part dealing with sunshine time includes important data from the literature, as far as they concern the relation of sunshine duration to the vital manifestations of phytoplankton. Studies on this subject are very scarce, which fact is characterized by Gessner's words (1955),,. . . ein Gebiet, das noch vollig wissenschaftliches Neuland 1st . . . " (p. 109). The correlation of the phytoplankton count and the mean sunshine for the corresponding periods in 1956 were calculated in order to demonstrate the significance of a detailed analysis of sunshine as a basis for the investigation of some important productional problems. The estimated correlation coefficient proved the significance of the relation of sunshine to the counts of organisms. The part describing the methods and apparatus used contains some notes on the ways of performing the measurements. The author used a Campbell-Stokes sunshine recorder. The chapter entitled Results of Observations contains numerical data arranged in tables and graphs. Several types of constructions were used for the graphical representation of sunshine duration patterns to point out their reliability and applicability for various purposes. This chapter contains data, covering the period of 1954-7. Neither long-time averages, nor conclusions were made, for the author bears in mind the small amount of numerical material. Therefore only a detailed analysis of short -time changes of sunshine duration was carried out,.