List of Recent echinoids from Brazil

Tommasi, L.R.

Contrib Avulsas Inst Oceanogr Sao Paula 11: 1-29


Accession: 024956073

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This paper presents a list, keys, bibliography and geographical distribution of the 33 Recent echinoid species known from Brazil. Of these only 7 species are apparently endemic, i.e. Astropyga nuptialis Tommasi, Centrostephanus besnardi Bernasconi, Anabrissus damesi (A. Agassiz), Clypeaster aloysioi Brito, Cassidulus infindus Loven, C. mitis Krau and C. delectus Krau. The most frequent hard bottom littoral species are Arbacia lixula (Lin.), Echinometra lucunter (Lin.) and Lytechinus variegatus (Lamarck). On soft bottoms Eucope emarginata (Leske) and Mellita quinquiesperforata latiambulacra Clark are common. Stylocidaris affinis (Philippi), Brisiopsis atlantica Mortensen and Clypeaster (Stolonoclypus) lamprus are noticed for the 1st time in Brazil.