Marine algae as fertilizer, feed, and food materials. Marine algae as food. In: Marine Algae. Industrial importance and use

Schmidt, O.J.; Hoppe, H.A.

BOT MARINA 3(Suppl ): 106-119


Accession: 024978236

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A survey is given of the use of marine algae as food materials. Edible algae play an important role, for example, in East Asia and South America; other areas are listed. The products and raw materials, such as Nori products made of various Porphyra genera, Dulse made of Rhodymenia, Kombu products made of Laminaria, Wakame made of Undaria pinnatifida, Aonori products of Monostroma and others are described. These marine algae products are considered valuable additional food materials not only due to their content of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and mineral substances, but because they are often found to be delicious.