Marine algae as modern industrial products. Brown algae products. Definitions. In; Marine Alagae. Industrial importance and use

Hoppe, H.A.; Schmid, O.J.

BOT MARINA 3(Suppl ): 19-34


Accession: 024978239

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Alginic acid, fucoidan, laminaran and mannifol, are found to some degree of concentration in almost all brown algae. The most important raw materi als for industrial utilization are the following: Macrocystis pyrifera, many species of Laminaria of the European and East Asian coasts, Ecklonia species, Nereocystis luetkeana, and Ascophvllum nodosum or rockweed. In addition, various species of Alaria esculenta, Duryillea, Egregia, Pelagophycus porra, Sargassum, Turbinaria, and other brown algae are used. The raw materials and their occurence as well as the appearance of the most characteristic genera and species are discussed.