Marine algae as modern industrial products Carrageenan In Marine Algae Industrial importance and use

Schmid, O.J.

Bot Marinapl.: 44-50


Accession: 024978240

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The most important raw materials for the production of carrageenan are Chondrus crispus and various species of Gigartina. The occurrence and distribution and appearance of C. crispus and the methods applied for collection and drying are discussed. The uncertain botanical classification of the Chondrus species found on the Japanese coasts is indicated. Several of the approximately 90 species of Gigartina found in various oceans are most important carrageenan raw materials. G. stellata, G. acicularis, G. radula, G. skottsbergii, and others are described. Their occurrence and distribution are indicated. Carrageenan is a polysaccharide. Carrageenan and carrageenates, above all, are used as stabilizers, gelating substances, stiffening agents and thickening agents. Gel strength and gelation temperature can be varied greatly. The main fields of utilization are the food and allied industries and respective technologies, particularly as stabilizers for milk, cocoa, and chocolate beverages, etc., and in pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations.