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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 24998

Chapter 24998 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Furnish, W.M., 1963:
Memorial to A K Miller

Haughton, Sidney, H., 1950:
Memorial to Alexander Logie du Toil

Stormer, L., 1945:
Memorial to Carl Wiman

Singewald, Joseph, T., 1951:
Memorial to Charles Kephart Swarte

Dunbar, C.O., 1943:
Memorial to Charles Schuchert.

Dapples, E.C.; Howland, A.L., 1953:
Memorial to John Rice Ball

Branson, Carl, C., 1953:
Memorial to John Willis Stovall

Currier, L.W., 1953:
Memorial to Josiah Bridge

Haff, John, C., 1952:
Memorial to Mignon Talbot

Anitschkow, N., 1929:
Memorial to R. Virchow

Lotheissen, Theodor, 1929:
Memorial to Theodor Billroth on the 100th anniversary of his birth

Anon, 1968:
Memorial to clyde h bailey 1886 1968 obituary cereal chemist

Miller, J.Harry, 1930:
Memorial to the late Dr John Thomson

Smith, Stanley, 1927:
Memorial, of Sir John Burchmore Harrison

Jutting, W.S.S.V.n Benthem, 1964:
Memoriam Dr. A. G. Vorstman

D.Humboldt, Alexander, 1944:
Memorias sobre los monos de las Regiones Amazonicas y de Nueva Granada

Avizonis, P., 1928:
Memories of Dr. Petkeviius

Winona, H.Welch, 1944:
Memories of H N Dixon

Blake, A.D.S., 1952:
Memories of Henri Correvon

Noble, R.L.; Collip, J.B., 1965:
Memories of James Bertram Collip

Anonymous, 1955:
Memories of Nikolai Aleksandrovich Maksimov Referat Zhur, Biol 1956, No 57081 See Referat Zhur, Biol, 1955, No 25529

Young, C.C., 1959:
Memories of Pere P Teilhard de Chardin

Anonymous, 1956:
Memories of Prof S M Prokoshev Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 88798

Anonymous, 1957:
Memories of S. D. Kaminskiy

Anonymous, 1956:
Memories of S P Krasheninnlkov Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 93431

Phillips, E.P., 1965:
Memories of South African botanists

Oikawa, S., 1966:
Memories of my 30 years dermatological practice abstract human increase and decline of skin diseases

K.M.D.luca; L.S.awter-volkening, 2009:
Memories of the Tropics in Industrial Jungles Constructing Nature, Contesting Nature

Best, H., 1952:
Memories of the kindly baron

Pesola, V.A., 1952:
Memories on Prof. Kaarlo Linkola

Huck, K.; Feyen, O.; Ghosh, S.; Beltz, K.; Bellert, S.; Niehues, T., 2009:
Memory B-cells in healthy and antibody-deficient children

Wu, Z.; Jia, X.; de la Cruz, L.; Su, X-Cheng.; Marzolf, B.; Troisch, P.; Zak, D.; Hamilton, A.; Whittle, B.; Yu, D.; Sheahan, D.; Bertram, E.; Aderem, A.; Otting, G.; Goodnow, C.C.; Hoyne, G.F., 2009 :
Memory T cell RNA rearrangement programmed by heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein hnRNPLL

Boesteanu, A.C.; Katsikis, P.D., 2009:
Memory T cells need CD28 costimulation to remember

Beeri, M.Schnaider.; Lee, H.; Cheng, H.; Wollman, D.; Silverman, J.M.; Prohovnik, I., 2011:
Memory activation in healthy nonagenarians

Li, W.; Dowd, S.E.; Scurlock, B.; Acosta-Martinez, V.; Lyte, M., 2009:
Memory and learning behavior in mice is temporally associated with diet-induced alterations in gut bacteria

Griffith, J.S., 1968:
Memory and cellular control processes

Flexner, L.B.; Flexner, J.B.; Stellar, E., 1965:
Memory and cerebral protein synthesis in mice as affected by graded amounts of puromycin

Bovet, D.; Bovet-Nitti, F.; Oliverio, A., 1968:
Memory and consolidation mechanisms in avoidance learning of inbred mice

Fischel, Werner, 1927:
Memory and impulse in birds

Adams, R.D.; Collins, G.H.; Victor, M., 1962:
Memory and learning disturbances in man. Their relationship to temporal lobe and diencephalic lesions.

Roberts, Richard Brooke, 1967:
Memory and learning from the standpoint of computer model building

Klonoff, H.; Kennedy, M., 1965:
Memory and perceptual functioning in octogenarians and nonagenarians in the community

Weir, M.W., 1968:
Memory and problem solving: a failure to replicate

Sudnak, F.N.; Essman, W.B., 1961:
Memory and problem solving after reanimatlon from deep hypothermia

Sved, S.; Kral, V.A.; Enesco, H.E.; Solyom, L.; Wigdor, B.T.; Mauer, S.M., 1967:
Memory and serum ribonuclease activity in the aged

Philipszoon, A.J., 1960:
Memory and the duration of nystagmus. A case of memorized eye-movements

Drachman, D.A.; Ommaya, A.K., 1964:
Memory And The Hippocampal Complex

Hart, J.T., 1967:
Memory and the memory-monitoring process

Applewhite, P.B.; Morowitz, H.J., 1967:
Memory and the microinvertebrates

Morgan, R.F., 1967:
Memory and the senile psychoses: a follow-up note

Corson, J.A., 1965:
Memory as influenced by a single electroconvulsive shock

Hankoff, L.D.; Heller, B., 1960:
Memory changes with MAO inhibitor therapy

Bartleson, C.J., 1960:
Memory colors of familiar objects

Kukleta, M., 1968:
Memory components of shock escape reaction in rat

Lee-Teng, E.; Sherman, S.M., 1966:
Memory consolidation of one-trial learning in chicks

Ziskind, E., 1941:
Memory defects during metrazol therapy

Milner, Brenda, 1962:
Memory disturbances accompanying bilateral hippocampal lesions

Cronholm, B.; Molander, L., 1961:
Memory disturbances after electroconvulsive therapy. 4. Influence of an interpolated electroconvulsive shock on retention of memory material

Cronholm, B.; Molander, L., 1964:
Memory Disturbances After Electroconvulsive Therapy. 5. Conditions one Month After a Series of Treatments

Cronholm, B.; Lagergren, A., 1959:
Memory disturbances after electroconvulsive therapy. 3. An experimental study of retrograde amnesia after electroconvulsive shock

Arnold, E.; Messerli, P., 1961:
Memory disturbances and antituberculosis therapy. Psychometric study Swiss Tuberculosis Association, 41st Scientific Meeting, St. Gallen, 1961

Williams, M.; Pennybacker, J., 1954:
Memory disturbances in third ventricle tumors

Stein, D.G.; Brink, J.J., 1968:
Memory drugs probe the chemistry of learning

Cartwright, A., 1963:
Memory errors in a morbidity survey

Jacobs, D.Frank, 1955:
Memory for anxiety-provoking words as measured in a forced recall situation: A comparative study of a normal and a neurotic group

Silberberg, A.; Kearns, D., 2009:
Memory for the order of briefly presented numerals in humans as a function of practice

Grissom, R.J.; Suedfeld, P.; Vernon, J., 1962:
Memory for verbal material: effects of sensory deprivation

Meissner, W.W., 1967:
Memory function in the korsakoff syndrome human

Bylenga, N.D.; May, R.H., 1961:
Memory function of patients taking etryptamine acetate

Cronholm, B.; Ottosson, J.O., 1961:
Memory functions in endogenous depression before and after electroconvulsive therapy

Barondes, S.H.; Cohen, H.D., 1968:
Memory impairment after subcutaneous injection of acetoxycycloheximide

Mannie, Z.N.; Barnes, J.; Bristow, G.C.; Harmer, C.J.; Cowen, P.J., 2008:
Memory impairment in young women at increased risk of depression: influence of cortisol and 5-HTT genotype

Patricia Verónica Gonzalez; Helgi Birgir Schiöth; Mercedes Lasaga; Teresa Nieves Scimonelli, 2009:
Memory impairment induced by IL-1 is reversed by -MSH through central melanocortin-4 receptors

Engelmann, C., 1951:
Memory in domestic fowl

Flexner, J.B.; Flexner, L.B.; Stellar, E., 1963:
Memory in mice as affected by intracerebral puromycin

Van Moorter, B. {a}; 1 ; Visscher, D.; Benhamou, S.; Boerger, L.; Boyce, M.S.; Gaillard, J.-Michel; 1 Email: bram.van.moorter@gmail.com, 2009:
Memory keeps you at home a mechanistic model for home range emergence

Caird, W. K., 1966:
Memory loss in the senile psychoses Organic or psy-chogenic

McNulty, J.A.; Caird, W., 1966:
Memory loss with age: retrieval or storage?

Schonfield, D., 1967:
Memory loss with age: acquisition and retrieval

McNulty, J.A.; Caird, W.K., 1967:
Memory loss with age: an unsolved problem

Young, J.Z., 1962:
Memory mechanisms of the brain. The 36th Maudsley lecture

Reinert, Jurgen, 1966:
Memory of Falco tinnunculus for work signals

Mcgavren, Musetta, 1965:
Memory of brief auditory durations in comparison discriminations

Razwiowska, S., 1927 :
Memory of dimensions of an object in Anura. Types of individual behavior. Independent association.

Johansson, F., 1967:
Memory of erik lundh

Axmacher, N.; Draguhn, A.; Elger, C.E.; Fell, J., 2009:
Memory processes during sleep: beyond the standard consolidation theory

Shaw, James Howard, 1961:
Memory processes in schizophrenics and normals

Fedio, Paul, 1965:
Memory span and sustained attention in children with unilateral temporal lobe and petit mal epilepsy

Williams, M., 1950:
Memory studies in electric convulsion therapy

Williams, M., 1950:
Memory studies in electric convulsion therapy. II. The persistence of verbal response patterns

Hanawalt, N.G.; Post, B., 1942:
Memory trace for color

Mcconnell; Golub; Salive, H.; Salive, B.; Shigehisa; Shelby, 1968:
Memory transfer experiments with rats and planarians

Davis, H.L., 1968:
Memory transfer from angry debate to growing acceptance

Mcconnell, James, V., 1962:
Memory transfer through cannibalism in planarians

Thompson, R.; Hawkins, W.F., 1961:
Memory unaffected by mamillary body lesions in the rat

Schultz, R.R.; de Castro, C.C.; Bertolucci, P.H.F., 2009:
Memory with emotional content, brain amygdala and Alzheimer's disease

Victor, Maurice; Angevine, J.B.; Mancall, E.L.; Fisher, C.M.ller, 1961:
Memory with lesions of hippocampal formation. Report of a case with some remarks on the anatomical basis of memory

Goldman, M.S., 2009:
Memory without feedback in a neural network

Suzuki, W.A.; Baxter, M.G., 2009:
Memory, perception, and the medial temporal lobe: a synthesis of opinions

Davis, G.D.; Dean, W.H., 1961:
Memory-defects produced by frontal lobe injury in the monkey

Liu, P.; Jing, Y.; Collie, N.D.; Chary, S.; Zhang, H., 2009:
Memory-related changes in L-citrulline and agmatine in the rat brain

Cragg, B.G.; Temperley, H.N., 1955:
Memory: the analogy with ferromagnetic hysteresis

Lyle Donald, J., 1965:
Memphis Society of Ophthalmology, March 10, 1964

Engelhardt, Geo, P., 1934:
Memythrus fraxini Hy Edwards, a new record for New York State

Pagani Gattai, G., 1953:
Men against leprosy

Nomura, H., 1966:
Men and institutions fritz muller and darwin

Von, E.ckstedt, E., 1952:
Men and men's images of the Paleo- and Neolithic cave art in France and Spain. Observations and deductions of the first trip.

Jonch, Antonio, 1964:
Men and nature preserves

Douglas, J.S., 1968:
Men animals and trees

Jansen, J., 1942:
Men as carriers of foot-and-mouth disease virus

Soddy, K., 1967:
Men in middle life. Cross-cultural studies in mental health

Huizenga, Lee, S., 1942:
Men of note in Chinese history of leprosy

Huizenga, Lee, S., 1938:
Men of note in the history of leprosy of the East

Lott, F.B., 1933:
Men of science in Leicester and Leicestershire. Individual scientists in early days William Lilly, 1602-1681 William Ludlam, 1717-1788 Robert Bakewell, 1725-1795 Richard Pulteney, 1732-1814 Richard Phillips, 1767-1840 Henry Walter Bates, 1825-1892 The scientific sections of the Leicester Literary and Scientific Society geology, botany, zoology, meteorology, chemistry and physics, entomology, economics, and astr

Keith, Arthur, 1938:
Men of the Middle Paleolithic

Brody, M.W., 1948:
Men who contract venereal disease

Laws, E.R.; Biros, F.J., 1967:
Men with intensive occupational exposure to DDT

Ferber, A.S.; Tietze, C.; Lewit, S., 1967:
Men with vasectomies: a study of medical, sexual, and psychosocial changes

Eiseley, L.C., 1946:
Men, mastodons, and myth

Van Gasse, J.J., 1959:
Men, medicine, and cells

Anderson, G.W., 1966:
Men, methods, and materials in public health

Deadman, William, J., 1944:
Men, motors, and alcohol

Banks, H.S.anley; Mccartney, J.E., 1943:
Men-ingococcal adrenal syndromes and lesions

Anja Kurutsch; Michael Richter; Volker Brecht; Georg, A.S.renger; Michael Müller, 2009:
MenD as a versatile catalyst for asymmetric synthesis

Jeffries, L.; Cawthorne, M.A.; Harris, M.; Diplock, A.T.; Green, J.; Price, S.A., 1967:
Mena quinone patterns of micrococcaceae their possible taxonomic significance temperature requirements culture media effect phage type antibiotic sensitivity

Gifford, J.H., 1967:
Menace of smoking letter human

Coleman, Edith, 1949:
Menace of the mistletoe

Anon, 1967:
Menace of tuberculosis editorial human india

Shapovalov, M.; Bea Cher, F.S., 1926:
Menace of western yellow tomato blight

Powls, R.; Redfearn, E.R., 1967:
Menachromanol from a photosynthetic bacterium

Goss, H.; Schulz, A.R., 1956:
Menadione as a link in non-phosphorylative respiration in mitochondria

Wainwright, S.D., 1955:
Menadione derivatives and ferrous iron as cofactors of the nitrate reductase system of a coliform organism

Tomaszkiewicz, J., 1968:
Menaphthone metab in multiple sclerosis letter human

Dhiman, R.K.; Mahapatra, S.; Slayden, R.A.; Boyne, M.E.; Lenaerts, A.; Hinshaw, J.C.; Angala, S.K.; Chatterjee, D.; Biswas, K.; Narayanasamy, P.; Kurosu, M.; Crick, D.C., 2009:
Menaquinone synthesis is critical for maintaining mycobacterial viability during exponential growth and recovery from non-replicating persistence

Grillo, R.A., 1936:
Menarca, optimum conceptivo, y esterilidad fisiologica de la mujer costarricense

Kunicka, M., 1965:
Menarche and its seasonal variations in Orova and Zitny Ostrov

Burch, P.R.; Rowell, N.R., 1963:
Menarche And Menopause

Arduino, F.; Ferreira, F.D.C.uz, 1958:
Menarche and menopause in the diabetic and pre-diabetic woman

Yamasaki, Tonami, 1959:
Menarche and physique of girls in recent years

de PAIVA, L.M.; LOBO, J.I.; da SILVA, A.M., 1951:
Menarche and pregnancy after removal of an adrenocortical adenoma

Skerlj, B., 1935:
Menarche in Norway and its relation to climate

D.B.calao, B.; Ela; D.S.elly Hernandez, R., 1963:
Menarche in Venezuela

Janisch Raskovic, V., 1940:
Menarche und Menopause bei Krebskranken

Matera, Ubaldo, 1943:
Menarquia tardia

Marvanova, Ludmila, 1965:
Mendel Memorial Building, Hyncice

Fernberger, Samuel, W., 1937:
Mendel and his place in the development of genetics

Sturtevant, A.H., 1967:
Mendel and the gene theory

Salzano, Francisco, M., 1966:
Mendel and the scientific environment of his time

Waddington, C.H., 1966:
Mendel and the study of development

Milovidov, P.F., 1935:
Mendel as a microscopist a new chapter in the life of Gregor Mendel

Anonymous, 1947:
Mendels 125th birthday

Lalonde, S.; Frommer, W.B., 2009:
Mendel's bequest advanced the understanding of regulatory systems for controlling sugar supply to developing plant embryos

Falk, Raphael, 2006:
Mendels impact

Tschermak, S.ysenegg, E.V., 1942:
Mendel's laws illustrated by flowers in public gardens and parks

Astaurov, B.L., 1966:
Mendel's laws of heredity and some selected pages from the establishment of genetics

Margaret Mann Lesley, 1927:
Mendels letters to Carl Nageli

Bateson, W., 1930:
Mendels principles of heredity

Vas, M.; Lang, A., 1926:
Mendel-Goldscheider method for lactic acid in blood

Cavalcanti, A.G.L.gden, 1965:
Mendel: his life his work and the results of his discovery

Han, B.; Denlinger, D.L., 2008:
Mendelian inheritance of pupal diapause in the flesh fly, Sarcophaga bullata

Mcphee, H.C.; Wright, S., 1926:
Mendelian analysis of the pure breeds of livestock. 4. The British dairy shorthorns

Bernstein, Felix, 1928:
Mendelian anthropology

Dry, F.W., 1927:
Mendelian breeding with Wensleydale sheep

Henri Rene, Olivier, 1926:
Mendelian conceptions of heredity A review

Sirks, M.J., 1926:
Mendelian factors in Datura

Sirks, M.J., 1929:
Mendelian factors in Datura III Separate factors for certation and their differential value

Spillman, W.J.; Sando, W.J., 1930:
Mendelian factors in the cowpea

Andrasfalvy, A., 1966:
Mendelian factors of photoperiodic response in poppy

Brieger, Friedrich, G., 1926:
Mendelian factors producing selective fertilization

Gasser, T., 2009:
Mendelian forms of Parkinson's disease

Ford, E.B.; Huxley, J.S., 1927:
Mendelian genes and rates of development in Gammarus chev-reuxi

Bradshaw, J., 1928:
Mendelian inheritance in budgerigars

Morss, Noel, 1926:
Mendelian inheritance in hybrid warblers

Poulton, E.B., 1928:
Mendelian inheritance of a remarkable pale variety of larva in Abraxas grossu-lariata, L

Lesley, M.M.; Frost, H.B., 1927:
Mendelian Inheritance of Chromosome Shape in Matthiola

Miyake, Miduho, 1938:
Mendelian inheritance of the resistance against the virus disease in wheat strains

Shaikh, M.K.; Baluch, M.A.A., 1968:
Mendelian inheritance studies in linseed d linum usitatissimum d part 1 number of capsules per plant

Dry, F.W., 1965:
Mendelian sheep

Makarewicz, Aniela, 1965:
Mendelian system and genetics of fungi

Stewart, F.H., 1926:
Mendelian Variation in the Paracolon Mutabile Colon Group and the application of Mendel's Principles to the Theory of Acquired Virulence

Punnett, Reginald Crundall, 1927:

Brown, F.M.; Heffron, H.M., 1929:
Mendelism Among Bacteria?

Lerner, I.M., 1966:
Mendelism and animal breeding bee

Enin, T.K., 1939:
Mendelism and the selection of peas

Hance, Robert, T., 1936:
Mendelism for the blind

Stansfield, F.W., 1957:
Mendelism in ferns at the John Innes Institution

Beadle, G.W., 1967:
Mendelism, 1965

Czekanowski, J., 1933:
Mendelistisches Law of ancestral heredity. Weitere Betrachtungen uber die Vererbungsgesetze von Mendel und Galton und das Law of ancestral heredity von Pearson

Lenz, Fritz, 1937:
Mendeln die Geisteskrankheiten?

Voisin, C.; Wattel, F.; Furon, D.; Gosselin, B.; Tonnel A B.; Caron J C.; Leleu J C.; Wallaert, C., 1968 :
Mendelson syndrome and its treatment of present techniques of respiratory resuscitation

Fromming, Ewald, 1929:
Mending of shells

Braun, E.L.; Beland, T.J., 1958:
Mendocino National Forest stream improvement

Combs, O.B., 1943:
Mendota: A new edible variety from Wisconsin

Roig, F.Antonio, 1967:
Mendoza Gramineae of the genus Stipa. II. Taxonomic addenda

Roig, F.A., 1964:
Mendoza grasses of the genus Stipa. I. Taxonomy

Anonymous, 2009:
Menes caldera, a highly active site of brine seepage in the eastern Mediterranean sea aoIn situa observations from the nautinil expedition 2003

Loubet, M.R.; Loubet, A.; Faure, M.; Hervy, C., 1962:
Menetriers disease . Clinical-anatomic study of a new observation

Paris, J.; Lagache, G.; Benoit, M.; Gerard, A.; Combemale, B., 1966:
Menetriers disease a new case treated by total gastrectomy abstract pseudo cancer

Burns, B.; Gay, B.B., 1968:
Menetrier's disease of the stomach in children

Herndlhofer, Erich, 1933:
Menge und Verteilung von Oxalsaure und Apfelsaure in der Kaffeepflanze

Moskoff, Mosko, 1937:
Mengen- und Formbestim-mungen der grauen Substanz am wachsenden Riickenmark

Hong, R.; Schubert, W.K., 1960:
Menghini needle biopsy of the liver

Dick, G.W.A.; Best, A.M., 1948:
Mengo encephalomyelitis; a hitherto unknown virus affecting man

Benacerraf, B., 1960:
Mengo virus infection, in bacillus Calmette-Guerin or zymosan treated mice

Plagemann, P.G., 1968:
Mengovirus replication in Novikoff rat hepatoma and mouse L cells: effects on synthesis of host-cell macromolecules and virus-specific synthesis of ribonucleic acid

Tobey, R.A., 1964:
Mengovirus Replication. Ii. Isolation of Polyribosomes Containing the Infecting Viral Genome

Tobey, R.A.; Petersen, D.F.; Anderson, E.C., 1965:
Mengovirus replication. IV. Inhibition of Chinese hamster ovary cell division as a result of infection with mengovirus

Anglemier, Allen Francis, 1958:
Menhaden and pilchard oils as caloric supplements for swine

Knapp, Frank, T., 1949:
Menhaden utilization in relation to the conservation of food and game fishes of the Texas Gulf coast

Sisk, M.E.; Stephens, R.R., 1964:
Menidla audens in Boomer Lake. Oklahoma and its possible spread in the Arkansas River system

Kitahara, T.; Doi, K.; Maekawa, C.; Kizawa, K.; Horii, A.; Kubo, T.; Kiyama, H., 2009:
Meniere's attacks occur in the inner ear with excessive vasopressin type-2 receptors

Lindsay, J.R.; Kohut, R.I.; Sciarra, P.A., 1967:
Meniere's Disease: Pathology and manifestations

Kjaer, M., 1947:
Meniere's disease and allergy

Castellano, F., 1951:
Meniere's disease and its surgical treatment

Hauser, E., 1959:
Meniere's disease: A new therapeutic approach

Saunders, W.H., 1957:
Meniere's disease: otologic concept and diagnosis

Schuknecht, H.F., 1963:
Meniere's disease: a correlation of symptomatology and pathology

Gilbert, Gordon, J., 1965:
Menieres syndrome and cluster headaches Recurrent paroxysmal focal vasodilation

Atkinson, M., 1943:
Meniere's syndrome and migraine; observations on a common causal relationship

Richards, S.H., 1964:
Meni'ere's Syndrome in Otosclerotics

Ueki, K.; Walker, A.E., 1960:
Meniere's syndrome or aural vertigo: surgical therapy

Wittich, F.W., 1961:
Meniere's syndrome or comple

Hicks, J.J.; Hicks, J.N.; Cooley, H.N., 1967:
Menieres disease betahistine cent stim serc cent stim human

Vandeputte, M.C.; Brucher, J.M., 1962:
Menigeal sarcomatosis induced in the rat by the polyoma virus

Fiaschi, E.; Andres, G., 1955:
Meningeal and neuritic symptoms in infectious mononu-cleosis

Adams, R.D.; Merritt, H.H.uston, 1944:
Meningeal and vascular syphilis of the spinal cord

Gitlin, G.; Behar, A.J., 1960:
Meningeal angiomatosis, arhinencephaly, agenesis of the corpus callosum and large hamartoma of the brain, with neoplasia, in an infant having bilateral nasal proboscis

Winkelman, N.W.; Moore, M.T., 1940:
Meningeal blood vessels in tuberculous meningitis

Hawkins, D.; Brown, D., 1963:
Meningeal carcinomatosis

Schaafsma, S.; Staal, A., 1965:
Meningeal carcinomatosis

Grant, W.T., 1963:
Meningeal dysplasia and subdural abnormalities. A major cause of mental retardation

Virieu, R.; Picca, M.; Collomb, H., 1967:
Meningeal forms of cerebral tumors

Virieu, R.; Picca, M.; Collomb, H., 1967:
Meningeal forms of neopl cerebral tumors abstract human inst radiology inst electro encephalogram neopl glio blastoma

Amyot, Roma, 1943:
Meningeal gliomatosis secondary to intramedullary glioma

Polmeteer, F.E.; Kernohan, J.W., 1947:
Meningeal gliomatosis: A study of forty-two cases

Fernandez, G.; Malosetti, H.; Folle, J.A.; Paseyro, P., 1956:
Meningeal hemmorrhages of spirral origin

Thiers, H.; Colomb, D.; Fayolle, J.; Moulin, G.; Taine, B., 1957:
Meningeal hemorrhage accompanying a siege of severe bullous polymorphic erythema of the type of pluriorificial erosive ectodermatosis

Milfort, J.; Kuhn, A.J.; Dehalleux, J.M., 1965:
Meningeal hemorrhage in the premature Obstetrics-Pediatrics Meeting, 25 April, 1964

Burger, P., 1959:
Meningeal hemorrhages of the newborn and their prevention

Burger, J.P.; Schlaeder, G.; Masson, J.C., 1965:
Meningeal hemorrhagia in the new-born at term Obstetrics-Pediatrics Meeting, 25 April, 1964

Wilson, S.G.; Dally, W.J., 1966:
Meningeal irritation due to tetracycline administration

Hardisty, R.M.; Norman, P.M., 1967:
Meningeal leukaemia

Cachin, M.; Desche, S.; Vergez, P., 1968:
Meningeal listeriosis in a patient with cirrhosis

Schwob R A.; Goas J Y.; Hamonet, C.; Prud Homme J L., 1968:
Meningeal listerosis in an aged man

Tumskoi, V.A., 1966:
Meningeal pain syndrome accompanying supratentorial neopl neuro ectodermal tumors

Singer, E.; Woldrich, A., 1929:
Meningeal permeability

Eneström, S., 1966:
Meningeal relations of primary brain tumors. A histological study

Simpson, J.F., 1968:
Meningeal signs and symptoms

Pearson, E.; Borgona, J.M.; Salcedo, M., 1960:
Meningeal syndromes in trichinosis

Baylet, R.; Dubois, P.; Ardouin, C.; Grelier, L.; Khoury, B., 1962:
Meningeal syndromes with clear cerebrospinal fluid. Virological studies

Ringsted, 1958:
Meningeal tumours with extracranial metastases

Stattin, S., 1961:
Meningeal vessels of the internal carotid artery and their angiographic significance

Linhares, H., 1946:
Meningencefalite espontanea de ratos, causada por urn virus filtravelNota previa

Linhares, H., 1946:
Meningencefalite espontanea de ratos. II. Natureza do agente transmissivel

Weed, L.H., 1938:
Meninges and Cerebrospinal Fluid

Morea, R., 1942:
Meningioma de la hoz del cerebro con invasion del seno longitudinal e hiperostosis. Extirpaci6n del tumor y de la hiperostisis con resection del seno longitudinal

Ho, H.M.n; Chen, C.Y., 1966:
Meningioma in the region of the tuberculum sellae

Bennett, A.; Fortes, A., 1945:
Meningioma obstructing the foramen magnum

Poilici, I.; Mestes, E.; Marinchesco, C., 1959:
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