Section 25
Chapter 25,000

Metabolic activity of starch granules from the tapioca plant: IV. Further studies on the enzyme make-up of starch granules

Viswanathan, P.N.

Indian J Biochem 4(1): 6-8


Accession: 024999254

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Additional studies with starch granules isolated from tapioca tuber revealed that the starch synthesizing activity of the granules with ADPG as the substrate was not significantly different from that with UDPG. About 55% of total nucleoside diphosphate kinase activity present in the whole tuber homogenate was also present in the granules. ADPG-pyrophosphatase and ADPG-(UDPG)-phosphorylase activities were absent. Soluble starch synthetase was apparently absent in the tuber.

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