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Mineral and trace element content of cattle hair as indicator of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, molybdenum, and cobalt nutrition. VI. The utilization and incorporation of orally administered Manganese-52 in hair, blood and milk of cattle

Anke, M.; Diettrich, M.; Hoffmann, G.; Jeroch, H.

Arch Tierernahr 17(1/2): 81-86


Accession: 025019770

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The incorporation and elimination of Mn in the hair, blood and milk of cows was studied after the oral administration of Mn52SO4, Mn52Cl2 and Mn5201, 12- No Mn52 was found.in the milk; in blood the Mn52 values increased continuously (P < 0.01) until the end of the experiment i. e. 96 hr. after the administration of Mn52. No significant differences were observed between the different groups receiving Mn52S04, Mn52Cl2 and Mn5201, 12- The Mn content of the milk and blood cannot be used as an indicator of the level of Mn supply. Maximum values for the Mn52 activity in black body hair were 10-18 times higher than those in blood. For short periods Mn is stored in the hair and may be used as an indicator of the Mn supply of the animal. No difference in the Mn52 content of black body hair was noted between the 2 groups receiving MnSO4 or MnCl2- The hair of cows receiving MnS04 or MnCl2 contained significantly less Mn52 than that of cows fed Mn01, 12 (P < 0.011, 0.05). Both MnS04 and MnCl2 or Mn01, 12 may be utilized as Mn source for animals.

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