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Morphological and biochemical studies of the intracytoplasmic granules of Proteus vulgaris. 1. A cytochemical study of the intracytoplasmic granules. 2. Isolation process of intracytoplasmic granules and granular membrane. 3. Enzymatic activity of the intracytoplasmic granules, granular membrane and granular contents

Uchiwa, N.

Shikoku Acta Med 15(5): 1383-1409


Accession: 025034902

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A study of enzymatic localization in relation to the fine structure of Proteus vulgaris has been attempted. The intracytoplasmic granules were visualized by means of various vital and cytochemical stainings. The effects of addition of casein acid hydrolysate and L-glutamic acid on the shape and number of the granules were investigated as a function of time. Two types of granules were differentiated; the nuclear substance which stained with the Robinow's or Clark-Sperry's technique and the metachromatinic granules stainable with Janus green B appeared to be identical with the metachromatinic granules. An attempt was made to isolate the granules which were seen under a phase contrast microscope from the cytoplasmic fraction after disruption of the bacterial cell. The isolated fractions of the cell wall, cytoplasm, granules, granular membrane and granular contents were tested for various enzymatic activities. Succinic dehydrogenase activity was localized in the granular membrane fraction. The granular contents, however, showed no such an activity at all. Pyru-vate dehydrogenase activity was localized in both the granular membrane and granular contents, but not in the other fractions. Fumarase, aconitase and catalase activities were found in the water soluble fraction of the cytoplasm.

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