Section 26
Chapter 25,038

Morphological variations dependent on the species, sex, and growth stages, found in three approximate species belonging to the family Hoplichthyidae

Ochial, A.

Bull Japanese Soc Sci Fish 19(4): 384-389


DOI: 10.2331/suisan.19.384
Accession: 025037276

The morphological variations dependent on sex and growth stages of 3 spp. of Hoplichthyidae (H. gilberti, H. langsdorfi and H. filamentosus) were studied. There is a tendency towards parallelism in differences between sexes and also between growth stages of all 3 spp.; it is much the stronger between gilberti and filamentosus. The specific differences are shown in the elongate conditions of dorsal soft rays of male fishes. In filamentosus these are all filamentous. In langsdorfi some anterior soft rays are filamentous and the 8th to 14th rays are longer than the first. In gilberti there are 2 types. In type . A the 4th to 7th rays are filamentous, whereas the 8th to 14th are not longer than the first ray. In type B the 2d to 13th or 14th are longer than the first.

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