Section 26
Chapter 25,095

Note preliminaire sur quelques poissons fossiles nouveaux. . I. Les poissons cretaces du Djebel Tselfat . II. Les poissons de l'Oligocene de Perse

Arambourg, C.

Bulletin Society Geol France 13(4/6): 281-288


Accession: 025094597

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I. The bituminous shales of e. and n.-e. Djebel Tselfat, Morocco, have furnished Upper Cretaceous fishes of the following families Pycnodontidae, Aspidorhynchidae, Stomatidae (with PROTOSTOMIAS maroccanus n. gen. and sp.), Euchodontidae, Dercetidae (with RHYNCHODERCETIS yovanovitchi n. gen. and sp.), TSELFATIDAE (n. fam. in Synenthoganthi, based on TSELFATIA formosa n. gen. and sp.), Myctophidae, Elopidae and Clupeidae. II. The Oligocene beds of Estabanhat (Sud Chiraz) and Elam (Louristan) have brought to light, among a rich fauna, some n. spp. of Recent genera, Etrumeus hafizi, Gempylus zarathoustrae and Lophotes elami.

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