Section 26
Chapter 25,097

Notes on Australian Diptera XVI. Ormiominda, gen. nov. first representative of the tribe Ormiini in Australia. XVII. Note on Australian Cerioides species . XVIII. Some new mydaids. XIX. A review of Australian Criorrhina species

Paramonov, S.J.

Ann And Mag Nat Hist 8(86): 125-144


Accession: 025096434

XVI. ORMIOMINDA with type O. rieki, and O. secunda, Queensland; O. punctigera, New Guinea; and O. papuana, Papua. XVII. A key is given to 24 spp. of Australian Cerioides, 10 of which were recently described by E. F. Riek. Further notes on 6 of these spp. are added. XVIII. Diochlistus paragracilis, Miltinus atripennis, M. confrater and M. cinctus are described from Western Australia, with collection records on 2 other spp. of Miltinus. XIX. A key is given to 8 Australian spp. of Criorrhina, followed by descriptions or redescriptions, including C. soror and C. transparens, both from New South Wales.

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