Notes on the particles occurring in the perivitelline space in the egg of the brook lamprey, Lampetra reissneri, following insemination

Kusa, M.; Otake, S.

Bull Yamagata Univ Nat Sci 4(4): 459-468


Accession: 025106987

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At the early stage of membrane elevation, the fine particles, readily distinguishable from cortical alveoli, begin to appear in the perivitelline space in the region of the animal pole and progressively spread therein toward the vegetal pole; the dense particle layer thus formed eventually breaks down from its inner side and fades away. In eggs exposed to Ca++ rich media soon after fertilization, the particles migrate toward the egg membrane and form into a continuous sheet beneath it. Probably, these particles usually occur under the control of the egg surface activity. These findings are discussed briefly by reference to similar phenomena thus far observed in the eggs of other animals such as sea-urchins, ascarids, sturgeon and teleosts.