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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25116

Chapter 25116 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Lloyd, L.E., 1966:
Nutrition requirements of piglets abstract

Anderson, Zoe, E., 1953:
Nutrition research and the dairy industry

Robinson, P., 1964:
Nutrition Research in India as Related to Child Health

Valyasevi, Aree; Halstead, S.B.; Pantuwatana, Suntaree; Tankayul, C., 1967:
Nutrition research in Indonesia and Thailand. Studies of bladder stone disease in Thailand. IV. Dietary habits, nutritional intake, and infant feeding practices among residents of a hypo- and hyperendemic area

Pek, H.Liang; Hie, T.iook, Tiauw; Jan, O.y, Henk; Giok, L.uw, T., 1967:
Nutrition research in Indonesia and Thailand: Evaluation of mental development in relation to early malnutrition

Tie, L.Tjay; Lian, O.Khoen; Liong, O.g, T.Wie; Rose, C.S., 1967:
Nutrition research in Indonesia and Thailand: Health, development, and nutritional survey of preschool children in Central Java

Giok, L.Tjin; Rose, C.S.; Gyorgy, P., 1967:
Nutrition research in Indonesia and Thailand: Influence of early malnutrition on some aspects of the health of school-age children

Giok, L.Tjin; Samsudin,; Husaini,; Tarwotjo, I., 1967:
Nutrition research in Indonesia and Thailand: Nutritional value of rubber-seed protein

Samsudin,; Paulgyorgy, 1967:
Nutrition research in Indonesia and Thailand: Rational use of skim milk in a complete infant formula. I. Experimental observations

Samsudin,; Williams, M.L., 1967:
Nutrition research in Indonesia and Thailand: Rational use of skim milk in a complete infant formula. II. Clinical study in premature infants

Lian, Oeykhoen; Tie, L.Tjay; Rose, Catherines.; Prawiranegara, D.D.; Gyorgy, P., 1967:
Nutrition research in Indonesia and Thailand: Red palm oil in the prevention of Vitamin A deficiency

Hin, P.Seng; Rose, C.S.; Muhilal; Zuraida, S., 1967:
Nutrition research in Indonesia and Thailand: Serum free amino acids in children with protein-calorie deficiency

Halstead, S.B.; Valyasevi, A., 1967:
Nutrition research in Indonesia and Thailand: Studies of bladder stone disease in Thailand. III. Epidemiologic studies in Ubol Province

Chutikorn, Cholovit; Valyasevi, Aree; Halstead, S.B., 1967:
Nutrition research in Indonesia and Thailand: Studies of bladder stone disease in Thailand: II. Hospital experience. Uro-lithiasis at Ubol Provincial Hospital, 1956-1962

Genest, A.A.; Sarwono, Djoko; Gyorgy, P., 1967:
Nutrition research in Indonesia and Thailand: Vitamin A blood serum levels and electroretinogram in 5 to 14-year age group in Indonesia and Thailand

Fisher, H., 1968:
Nutrition research in the changing world of agriculture a case study of the new jersey usa program

Kodicek, E.K.; Widdowson, E., 1968:
Nutrition society symposium on the nutrition of the fetus and newly born cambridge england july 12 13 1968

Zagulyayev, A.K., 1956:
Nutrition specialization and the origin of the synanthropic way of life in true moths

Mazer, A., 1959:
Nutrition studies in Hodh

Van Veen, A.G., 1950:
Nutrition studies in Indonesia, 1850-1950

Piatkowski, B.; Steger, H., 1967:
Nutrition studies in calves: V. Effect of sugar supplements and pelleted rations on metabolism and growth of early weaned calves

Treadwell, C.R.; Flick, D.F.; Vahouny, G.V., 1958:
Nutrition studies in the cold II Curative effect of cold on fat fatty livers

Vahouny, G.V.; Flick, D.F.; Gregorian, H.M.; Treadwell, C.R., 1959:
Nutrition studies in the cold. III. Effects of cold environment on cholesterol fatty livers

Axtmayer, J.H.; Cook, D.H., 1933:
Nutrition studies of foodstuffs used in the Puerto Rican dietary. V. The vitamin A contents of arracacha, eggplant, squash, chayote, pigeon pea, chick pea, kidney beans, mamey, red pepper, boiled green plantain, okra and cassava

Kaul, O.N.; Srivastava, P.B.L.; Tandon, V.N., 1968:
Nutrition studies on eucalyptus d iii diagnosis of mineral deficiencies in eucalyptus grandis seedlings stunted growth chlorosis photosynthesis necrosis premature defoliation

Piatkowski, B., 1966:
Nutrition studies with calves

Piatkowski, B., 1965:
Nutrition studies with calves I Effects of cod liver oil of different origin upon vitamin A and fat metabolism of calves

Schroder, W., 1965:
Nutrition studies with calves II Digestibility and utilization of byproducts of lactose manufacture in calves and pigs

Beckenbach, J.R.; Robbins, W.R.i; Shive, J.W., 1940:
Nutrition studies with corn III. A statistical interpretation of the relation between nutrient ion concentration and the carbohydrate and nitrogenous content of the tissue

Beckenbach, J.R.; Robbins, W.R.; Shive, J.W., 1938:
Nutrition studies with corn. II. A statistical interpretation of the relation between the ionic concentration of the culture solutions and the element content of the tissues

Anderson, Richmond, K., 1947:
Nutrition studies I Description of physical signs possibly related to nutritional status

Benoit, D., 1968:
Nutrition study for maintaining yellow perch fingerlings in the laboratory perca flavescens beef liver

Williams, P.F.; Fralin, F.G., 1942:
Nutrition study in pregnancy

Tamura, E.; Nishihara, A.; Isobe, S.; Yokota, F.; Matsuno, N., 1955:
Nutrition survey of firemen. 2. On time distribution and energy expenditure in their daily life

Tamura, E.; Nishihara, A.; Isobe, S.; Yokota, F.; Matsuno, N., 1955:
Nutrition survey of firemen. I. On the nutrient intake

Nishihara, A.; Yokota, F.; Matsuno, N.; Kainoo, H.; Shimizu, T., 1952:
Nutrition survey of fishermen

Tamura, Einosuke; Nishihara, A.; Yokota, F., 1953:
Nutrition survey of policemen. 3Food intake and time distribution of policemen in patrol

Forbes, A.L., 1962:
Nutrition survey of the Kingdom of Thailand. Oct.-Dec. 1960

Tamura, E.; Nishihara, A.; Yokota, F.; Noguchi, H., 1952:
Nutrition survey of tuberculosis patients

Tamura, Einosuke; Nishihara, A.; Yokota, F.; Noguchi, H., 1952:
Nutrition survey of tuberculosis patients. III. On nutrient intake and time study of female tuberculosis patients

Iwao, H.; Matsuno, N., 1952:
Nutrition survey on the war damaged families, especially in the apartment houses

den Hartog, C., 1965:
Nutrition teaching at the Agricultural University in Wageningen

Sebrell, W.H.; Van Itallie, T.B., 1962:
Nutrition teaching in preventive medicine

Edwards, H.M.; Marion, J.E.; Fuller, H.J.; Driggers, J.C., 1963:
Nutrition tests define calcium level required in high energy broiler rations

Oike, M.; Nakajima, K.; Tadokoro, Y.; Suzuki, S.; Tezuka, T.; Oshima, S., 1966:
Nutrition under abnormal environment Influence of fats and oijs and the ratioof the three calorigenic nutrients

Sydenstricker, V.P., 1943:
Nutrition under wartime conditions

Hobson, P.N.; Mann, S.O.; Summers, R., 1968:
Nutrition v a inst small mobile laboratory for rumen microbiological work

Stanko, Barbara, 1962:
Nutrition value of meadow plants dependent on fertilizing and habitat conditions

Phillipson, A.T., 1968:
Nutrition vi urea re cycling

Kay, R.N.B., 1968:
Nutrition vii water metabolism

Macfarlane, W.V., 1968:
Nutrition viii determination of body fluids in the field

Guerrini, Guido, 1927:
Nutrition with normal and superheated food

Roberts, Lydia, J., 1927:
Nutrition work with children

Droste, H.; Jekat, F., 1964:
Nutrition workers' and pensioners' families in the German Federal Republic between 1950-1962 I

Pirie, N.W., 1968:
Nutrition x toxic plants and tolerance to plant toxicities

Wärnberg, J.; Gomez-Martinez, S.; Romeo, J.; Díaz, L-Esperanza.; Marcos, Aón., 2009:
Nutrition, inflammation, and cognitive function

Willebrands, A.F., 1958:
Nutrition, absorption and metabolism following total gastrectomy

Annotations, 1939:
Nutrition, agriculture and the family doctor

Davidson, C.S., 1963:
Nutrition, Agriculture, Foreign Aid and the Population Problem

Haanen, C., 1967:
Nutrition, blood coagulation and thrombotic tendency

Simi, B.; Simi, A.; Markovi, R.; Kovaevi, M.; Rakovi, V.; Putnik, D.; Djivanovi, B.; Joci, V.; Anii, M.; Todorovi, P., 1964:
Nutrition, blood lipids, and other factors influencing cardiovascular diseases in three areas of Serbia

Hegsted, D.M.; Trulson, M.F., 1967:
Nutrition, bone, and calcified tissue

Anderson, T.A., 1965:
Nutrition, cholesterol and atherosclerosis

Johansen, E., 1960:
Nutrition, diet, and calcium metabolism in dental health

Ross, M.H., 1964:
Nutrition, disease and length of life

Buskirk, E.R.; Mendez, J., 1967:
Nutrition, environment and work performance with special reference to altitude

Tara, S., 1962:
Nutrition, fatigue 6th National meeting on industrial medicine

Coe, Wesley, R., 1947:
Nutrition, growth and sexuality of the Pismo clam

Bartnicki-Garcia, S.; Nickerson, W.J., 1962:
Nutrition, growth, and morphogenesis of Mucor rouxii

Lat, J., 1967:
Nutrition, learning, and adaptive capacity

Adler, H.E.; Shifrine, M., 1960:
Nutrition, metabolism, and pathogenicity of Mycoplasmas

Berg, B.N.; Simms, H.S., 1965:
Nutrition, onset of disease, and longevity in the rat

Kantzes, J.George, 1957:
Nutrition, pathogenicity, and control of Monilochaetes infuscans Ell, and Halst. ex Harter, the incitant of scurf of sweet potatoes

Bertone, E.B., 1965:
Nutrition, reproduction and selection of the goat for the production of milk

Hack, D.M.; Bordi, P.L.; Hessert, S.William., 2010:
Nutrition, sensory evaluation, and performance analysis of hydrogenated frying oils

Norman, N.Philip, 1949:
Nutrition, soil, foed and health

Olson, R.E.; Vester, J.W., 1960:
Nutrition-endocrine interrelationships in the control of fat transport in man

Martínez-Ramírez, H.R.; Jeaurond, E.A.; de Lange, C.F.M. , 2009:
Nutrition-induced differences in body composition, compensatory growth and endocrine status in growing pigs

Halden, W., 1966:
Nutrition-physiological economy and dynamics of grain production

John, B.Youmans, 1948:
Nutrition. I. Growth and development

John, B.Youmans, 1948:
Nutrition. II. Maintenance, function, and repair

Bertha, S.Burke, 1945:
Nutrition Its place in our prenatal care programs

Lackie, F.C., 1958:
Nutrition. Its relation to periodontal structures

Cowgill, G.R., 1944:
Nutrition: A Factor Important for Industrial Hygiene

Laroche, G., 1930:
Nutrition: the normal cycle and pathologic deviations A review

Anonymous, 2009:
Nutritional Quality of Legume Seeds as Affected by Some Physical Treatments 1 Protein Quality Evaluation

R.Y. Khattab; S.D. Arntfield, 2009:
Nutritional Quality of Legume Seeds as Affected by Some Physical Treatments 2 Antinutritional Factors

Barrento, S.; Marques, Aónio.; Teixeira, Bárbara.; Vaz-Pires, P.; Nunes, M.Leonor., 2009:
Nutritional quality of the edible tissues of European lobster Homarus gammarus and American lobster Homarus americanus

Bengoa, J.M.ria; Saldivia, F., 1951:
Nutritional Survey in 36 families of Puerto La Cruz

Cros, J.; Toury, J.; Giorgi, R., 1964:
Nutritional Survey of Khombole

Augustine, G.; Mckinley, M.; Laughlin, S.L.ella; James, E.L.; Eppright, E., 1950:
Nutritional adequacy, cost, and acceptability of lunches in an Iowa school lunch

Krehl, W.A.; Casimere, D., 1963:
Nutritional alterations in the nephrotic syndrome

Carroll, Frank, D., 1966:
Nutritional amblyopias

Mackay, H.M.M.; Lorel G00dfell0w; Statistical Appendix, B.A.B.adford Hill, 1931:
Nutritional anaemia in infancy, with special refer-ence to iron deficiency

Hindmarsh, W.L., 1944:
Nutritional anaemia of sheep

Kulamarva, A.G.; Sosle, V.R.; Raghavan, G.S.V.jaya, 2009:
Nutritional and Rheological Properties of Sorghum

Fischer, G.A., 1959:
Nutritional and amethopterin-resistant characteristics of leukemic clones

Peters, Rudolph, 1964:
Nutritional and biochemical approaches to the study of trace element function

Kubo, H.; Hayashi, Y.; Kaneshiro, S.; Tokugawa, S.; Sakurai, K.; Kuroda, K., 1968:
Nutritional and biochemical studies on galactose i change of enzymatic activity of enz galactose 1 phosphate uridyl transferase during the growth of albino rats enz gluco kinase

Liegeois, F.; Derivaux, J., 1949:
Nutritional and blood P-Ca equilibrium in swine

Canini, A.; Pichichero, E.; Alesian, D.; Canuti, L.; Leonardi, D., 2009:
Nutritional and botanical interest of honey collected from protected natural areas

March, B.E.; Biely, J.; Claggett, F.E.; Tarr, H.L.A., 1962:
Nutritional and chemical changes in the lipid fraction of herring meals with and without anti-oxidant treatment

Perkins, E.G., 1960:
Nutritional and chemical changes occurring in heated fats: A review

Drummond, M.J.; Dreyer, H.C.; Fry, C.S.; Glynn, E.L.; Rasmussen, B.B., 2009:
Nutritional and contractile regulation of human skeletal muscle protein synthesis and mTORC1 signaling

Finley, H.E.; Mclaughlin, D., 1961:
Nutritional and ecological Studies of peritrichs

Hale, F.; Baumgardner, J.H., 1941:
Nutritional and economic influences on future uses of cottonseed products

Buckner, G.D.vis; Insko, W.M.; Harms, A., 1942:
Nutritional and economic values of a bluegrass pasture for laying hens

Dische, Z.; Zelmenis, G., 1959:
Nutritional and endocrine influences on the synthesis of albuminoid in rat lenses. I. The effect of restricted diet and L-thyroxine on the albuminoid formation

Cantarow, A.; Paschkis, K.E.; Williams, T.L., 1960:
Nutritional and endocrine influences on uracil incorporation in liver RNA

Steward, F.C.; Crane, F.; Millar, K.; Zacharius, R.M.; Rabson, R.; Margolis, D., 1959:
Nutritional and environmental effects on the nitrogen metabolism of plants

Reese, Nathan Allan, 1965:
Nutritional and environmental factors influencing the develop-ment of swine gastric ulcers

Smith, Ervin Darrow, 1959:
Nutritional and environmental influences on swine parakeratosis

Schneider, Howard, A., 1956:
Nutritional and genetic factors in the natural resistance of mice to Salmonella infections

Morse, A.; Greep, R.O., 1965:
Nutritional and genetic influences on the dentition of ia and pia rats

Morse, Anna, 1964:
Nutritional and genetic influences on tooth eruption in the IA and PIA rats

Johnsen, D.O.; Pulliam, J.D.; Smith, P.C.; Tanticharoenyos, P.; Chaicumpa, V., 1968:
Nutritional and health requirements for development and maintenance of conventional animal colonies

Barbour, C.M., 1957:
Nutritional and hematological factors in geriatric anesthesia. In: Anesthesiology and related problems

Chackerian, M.J., 1968:
Nutritional and hormonal factors concerned with the regulation of liver protein synthesis during acute inst centrifugation stress rat

Kinsell, L.W., 1955:
Nutritional and metabolic aspects of infection. In Nutrition in infections

Levenson, S.M.; Einheber, Albert; Malm, O.J., 1961:
Nutritional and metabolic aspects of shock. In: Recent progress and present problems in the field of shock

Boldt, Roger Earl, 1958:
Nutritional and metabolic factors affecting survival of hyperthyroid rats

Lee, R.E., 1950:
Nutritional and metabolic factors in peripheral vasomotor reactions: Vasocompensatory impairment induced by avitaminosis C

Holman, R.T., 1964:
Nutritional and Metabolic Interrelationships Between Fatty Acids

Pimparkar, B.D.Y.M.uhran; Bockus, H.L., 1960:
Nutritional and metabolic studies in nonspecific regional enteritis and enterocolitis: correlation with anatomic site of involvement

Merdinger, E.; Shair, S., 1962:
Nutritional and metabolic studies of Debaryomyces hansenii

Outka, Darryll Elliott, 1963:
Nutritional and morphogenetic studies of the amoebo-flagellate, Tetramitus rostratus Perty

Sarbhoy, A.K., 1961:
Nutritional and morphological studies of the genus Zygorhynchus. I. Utilization of different carbon compounds

Sarbhoy, A.K., 1961:
Nutritional and morphological studies of the genus Zygorhynchus. II. Utilization of some nitrogen compounds

Franks, L.M., 1963:
Nutritional and other factors influencing the balance between function and proliferation in organ culture

Garrison, R.G.; Doff, H., 1962:
Nutritional and physiologic aspects of the genus Herellea

Hotzel, D.; Rahn, H., 1960:
Nutritional and physiological action of condiments

Beaton, G.H., 1961:
Nutritional and physiological adaptations in pregnancy

Lhuissier, M.; Hugot, D.; Leclerc, J.; Causeret, J., 1967:
Nutritional and physiological effects of sulfite ingestion rat vitamin b 1 calcium

Hurwitz, Sue, 1958:
Nutritional and physiological studies of a member of the genus Acetobacter

Pizer, L.I.; Potochny, M.L., 1964:
Nutritional And Regulatory Aspects Of Serine Metabolism In Escherichia Coli

Band, R.N., 1959:
Nutritional and related biological studies on the free-living soil amoeba, Hartmannella rhysodes

Aydin, C.; Ozcan, M.Musa.; Gümüş, T., 2013:
Nutritional and technological characteristics of olive (Olea europea L.) fruit and oil: two varieties growing in two different locations of Turkey

Potteau, B.; Leclerc, J., 1966:
Nutritional and toxicological effects of ingesting heated linseed oil. 2. Effect on biological value of calcium in the diet

Potteau, B.; Cluzan, R., 1966:
Nutritional and toxicological effects of ingesting heated linseed oil. I General effects and effect on utilization of protein in the diet

Rachmilewitz, M.; Izak, G.; Grossowicz, N., 1961:
Nutritional anemia and the role of folic acid metabolites in its production

Wintrobe, M.M., 1963:
Nutritional anemia in Asia

Fouts, P.J.; Garber, E., 1942:
Nutritional anemia in an infant responding to purified liver extract

Archibald, J.G.; Kucinski, K.J.; Brooke, R.O.; Freeman, S.L., 1938:
Nutritional anemia in cattle in southeastern Massachusetts

Pollock, G.H.; Richmond, J.B., 1953:
Nutritional anemia in children; importance of emotional, social, and economic factors

Becker, R.B.; Neal, W.M.; Shealy, A.L., 1932:
Nutritional anemia in ruminants and swine

Lasby, H.A.; Palmer, L.S., 1935:
Nutritional anemia, calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen balance and bone composition of rats fed raw versus pasteurized milk

Tyson, R.W.; Konzelmann, F.W.; Lennon, H.S., 1939:
Nutritional anemia, clinical and experimental studies

Chen, J.S.; Liu, J.C.uen; Kiang, T., 1961:
Nutritional anemias and plasma protein patterns among Chinese

Chen, S.Ch'iu; Liu, C.C., 1966:
Nutritional anemias and serum protein pattern in Chinese. A brief review and a report on hematological findings and serum protein pattern of 60 anemia cases

Marinho, H.M.nteiro, 1965:
Nutritional anemias in Brazil. A review

Who, 1968:
Nutritional anemias report of a world health organization scientific group

Kuo, T.T.; Lee Y S.; Yuan H F.; L.H.W., 1968:
Nutritional aspect of host parasite relationship in the rice m blast fungus piricularia oryzae

Munoz, T.J., 1967:
Nutritional aspects

Domenge, L.; Z.C.R.mos, 1962:
Nutritional aspects in the treatment of the diabetic patient

Van Reen, Robert, 1963:
Nutritional aspects of a shelter habitability study with 96 naval recruits

Wetzel, Robert, G., 1965:
Nutritional aspects of algal productivity in Marl Lakes with particular reference to enrichment bioassays and their interpretation

Melnick, D.; Oser, B.L.; Hochberg, M., 1945:
Nutritional aspects of an improved baking powder formulation

Jones, C.M., 1949:
Nutritional aspects of anastomotic operations with special reference to the sprue syndrome

Lutwak, Leo, 1968:
Nutritional aspects of calcium metabolism in man

Ramalingaswami, V.; Aurora, A.L., 1961:
Nutritional aspects of calculus disease of the urinary tract

Assis, F.D.P.ula, 1962:
Nutritional aspects of calves' breeding. A review

Bras, G., 1961:
Nutritional aspects of cirrhosis and carcinoma of the liver

Phillips, G.B.; Davidson, C.S., 1954:
Nutritional aspects of cirrhosis in alcoholism; effect of a purified diet supplemented with choline

Committee, O.War Participation, 1944:
Nutritional aspects of convalescent care

Brown, Ernest, W., 1942:
Nutritional aspects of feeding in the United States Navy

Hytten, F.E., 1964:
Nutritional aspects of foetal growth

Calloway, D.H., 1964:
Nutritional Aspects Of Gastronautics

Mcganity, W.J.; Fujino, M.; Dawson, E.B., 1967:
Nutritional aspects of gynecic stress surgery women ascorbic acid blood urine vanil mandelic acid

Shuman, C.R.; Wohl, M.G., 1954:
Nutritional aspects of heart failure

Filer, L.J.Jr, 1967:
Nutritional aspects of infant feeding

Mayer, Jean, 1967:
Nutritional aspects of preventive medicine

McDonald, I.W., 1968:
Nutritional aspects of protein metabolism in ruminants

Adams, Carsbie, C., 1963:
Nutritional aspects of space flight

Roth, E.R.; Toole, E.R.chard; Hepting, G.H., 1948:
Nutritional aspects of the little-leaf disease of pine

Lafleur, F.M.; Mccleskey, C.S., 1948:
Nutritional aspects of the smooth-rough phenomenon in Lactobacillus casei

Kaunitz, Hans, 1967:
Nutritional aspects of thermally oxidized fats and oils

Villamil, A.; Canal, V.; Guzmán, A.; Navarro, C., 1966:
Nutritional aspects of tropical anemia

Mittler, S.; Benham, G.H., 1954:
Nutritional availability of iodine from several iodine compounds

Lewis, L.N.; Kenworthy, A.L., 1962:
Nutritional balance as related to leaf composition and fire blight susceptibility in Bartlett pear

Cornely, P.B.; Bigman, S.K.; Watts, D.D., 1963:
Nutritional beliefs among a low-income urban population

Jalso, S.B.; Burns, M.M.; Rivers, J.M., 1965:
Nutritional beliefs and practices: Relation to demographic and personal characteristics

Mehlis, M.; Bakker, T.C.M.; Frommen, J.G., 2008:
Nutritional benefits of filial cannibalism in three-spined sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus)

Morrison, B.O., 1964:
Nutritional Care of Malnourished Geriatric Patients

Mccance, R.A.; Widdowson, E.M., 1965:
Nutritional changes

Ebiamadon Andi Brisibe; Umoren, E.U.oren; Fraideh Brisibe; Pedro, M.M.galhäes; Jorge, F.S.F.rreira; Devanand Luthria; Xianli Wu; Ronald, L.P.ior, 2009:
Nutritional characterisation and antioxidant capacity of different tissues of Artemisia annua L

Lafuze, H.H., 1937:
Nutritional characteristics of certain wood-destroying fungi, Polyporus betulinus Fr , Fomes pinicola Cooke, and Polystictus versicolor Fr

Pintner, I.J.; Provasoli, L., 1961:
Nutritional characteristics of some chrysomonads

Van Baalen, Chase, 1962:
Nutritional characteristics of some marine blue-green algae

Hedgecock, L.W., 1968:
Nutritional characteristics of the atypical mycobacteria

Uemura, S.; Manabe, T.; Ichikawa, T.; Kitamura, K., 1962 :
Nutritional characteristics of the seedlings of yamamomo in water culture

Kondo, Kinsuke; Naka, J.ma, Michio; Suzuki, T., 1928:
Nutritional chemistry of raw food substances. I. On banana

Kondo, Kinsuke; Hayashi, T., 1928:
Nutritional chemistry of raw food substances. II. On water-melon

Zuidema, G.D.; Gaisford, W.D., 1965:
Nutritional cirrhosis in the Macaca mulata monkey

Huzar, G., 1965:
Nutritional coexistence and the frequency of caries

Barthelmess, A.; Furst, H.; Huber, H., 1965:
Nutritional components as natural prophylactics against X-ray induced chromosomal injury

Sharma, S.; Yacavone, M.M.; Cao, X.; Samuda, P.M.; Cade, J.; Cruickshank, K., 2010:
Nutritional composition of commonly consumed composite dishes for Afro-Caribbeans (mainly Jamaicans) in the United Kingdom

Berdiyev, M.; Arslan, D.; Ozcan, M.Musa., 2008:
Nutritional composition, microbiological and sensory properties of dried melon: a traditional Turkmen product

Cros, J.; Baylet, R., 1967:
Nutritional condition of children of tuberculous families in dakar senegal

Murakami, T., 1968:
Nutritional condition of pregnant woman and its influence to new born infant in yamate district of tokyo

Cros, J.; Baylet, R., 1967 :
Nutritional condition of the population of 3 villages in the region of niayes

Irving, Laurence, 1960:
Nutritional condition of water pipits on arctic nesting grounds

Larsen, R.P.; Kenworthy, A.L.; Bell, H.K.; Bass, S.T.; Benne, E.J., 1956:
Nutritional conditions of Concord vineyards in Michigan: III. Petiole analysis and production in relation to applications of K fertilizers

Wegorek, W.; Czaplicki, E., 1966:
Nutritional conditions of the pea aphid on the resistant varieties of lucerne and lupine

Thirumurthi, H.R.; Longenecker, J.B., 1966:
Nutritional considerations of biological variation

Siedler, A.J., 1963:
Nutritional Contributions of the Meat Group to An Adequate Diet

Anonymous, 1949:
Nutritional contributions of wheat

Katz, E.; Lechevalier, H., 1959:
Nutritional control of antibiotic synthesis as applied to actinomycin and the polyene antifungal agents

Manwaring, W.H., 1945:
Nutritional Control of Cancer

Shihira Ishikawa, I.; Hase, E., 1964:
Nutritional control of cell pigmentation in Chlorella protothecoides with special reference to the degeneration of chloroplast induced by glucose

Sentheshanmuganathan, S.; Nickerson, W.J., 1962:
Nutritional control of cellular form in Trigonopsis variabilis

Demaggio, A.E., 1961:
Nutritional control of embryo development in the fern, Todea barbara

Sager, R.; Granick, S., 1954:
Nutritional control of sexuality in Chlamydomonas reinhardi

Mcintyre, G.I., 1968:
Nutritional control of the correlative inhibition between lateral shoots iiTthe flax seedling

Wilgus, H.S., 1962:
Nutritional deficiencies and disease

Youmans, John, B., 1941:
Nutritional deficiencies diagnosis and treatment

Schaefer, A.E., 1963:
Nutritional deficiencies in developing countries

Huffman, C.F., 1947:
Nutritional deficiencies in farm animals in relation to soil and plant composition

Laurie, A.; Wagner, A., 1938:
Nutritional deficiencies in greenhouse flowering plants

Whitehair, C.K.; Schaefer, A.E.; Elvehjem, C.A., 1949:
Nutritional deficiencies in mink with special reference to hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, yellow fat, and anemia

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