Observations on Epidermo-phyton rubrum or Trichophyton purpureum

Muskatblit, E.

Mycologia New York 25(2): 109-116


DOI: 10.2307/3754188
Accession: 025120825

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2 types of fungus were isolated from each of 2 patients, in primary plants. The red cerebriform culture, with predominance of chlamydospores and multilocular spindle spores, coincided with Epidermophyton rubrum Castellani. The downy culture, with red pigmentation of the basis and lateral conidia as the main form of fructification, corresponded to Trichophyton purpureum Bang. Both might be considered as stable varieties of the same fungus, which in rare instances can be isolated simultaneously from the same patient. It might also be suggested that E. rubrum and T. purpureum are independent spp. which may occur in the same patient as a mixed infection by 2 pathogenic fungi at once.