Section 26
Chapter 25,135

Occurrence of nonequilibrium atmospheric mixtures of radon and its daughters

Tsivoglou, E.C.; Ayer, H.E.; Holaday, D.A.

Nucleonics 11(9): 40-45


ISSN/ISBN: 0096-6207
Accession: 025134901

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Forced ventilation of uranium mines may sweep out the short-half-life daughters of radon as they form in air so that calculations of dosage based on equilibrium of radon and its daughters will be much too high. By use of equations based on the rates of decay of samples of radon daughters collected on filter paper disks, it was shown that an increased ventilation removes the daughters so that equilibriums of all sorts may occur. A major difficulty with the present data was the collection of the daughters, the filter paper collecting inert dust and failing to catch all of the finely dispersed daughters.

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