Section 26
Chapter 25,149

On the Carboniferous of the Iskur Pass in Bulgaria and its age

Krestew, K.

Jahrb Preuss Geol Landesanst Berlin 49(1): 551-579


Accession: 025148321

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Records and discusses 3 ferns, 7 seed ferns, 8 Equisetales, 21 lycopods, and 3 primitive conifers, including Sphenophyllum cuneifolium* Sternb. and Sigillaria elegans* Brongn.; Sigillaria polyploca v. bulgarica* Goth. and Kres. (p. 565); Rhodea? aff. lemayi* Brous. and Bertr., described; Callipteridium gothani* (p. 577). Describes 2 new species of conchostracans: Leaia regis ferdinandi* (p. 570) and L. r. borisi*(p. 571). Two probable worm trails*, one of them, "Sinusia"*, are mentioned. Bibliography.

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