Section 26
Chapter 25,171

On the purported synonymy of Piona reighardi with Piona rotunda

Crowell, R.M.

Annals of the Entomological Society of America 54(1): 90-92


ISSN/ISBN: 0013-8746
Accession: 025170651

Life-history studies based on material collected in Ohio indicate that these are two distinct species, so that their recent synonymization by Cook was unwarranted. Eggs laid by Piona rotunda in the laboratory yielded nymphs, rather than larvae, upon hatching. Larvae and nymphochrysalids infesting midges, Tendipes decorus (Joh.), upon hatching were correlated with Piona reighardi, and these nymphs were morphologically distinct from reared and field-collected nymphs of P. rotunda. Morphological distinctions in the adults are more evident in males than in females.

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