On the Sensitizing Properties of some Normal and Pathologic Human Immune Globulins and Fragments Obtained by Papain of Pepsin Digestion

Franklin, E.C.; Ovary, Z.

Immunology 6: 434-438


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-2805
PMID: 14069719
Accession: 025173318

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Although normal gamma1A (β2A) globulins, myeloma proteins, as well as Bence-Jones proteins and normal human urine gamma globulins cross-react with 7S gamma globulins, none of these proteins can sensitize the skin of the guinea pig to give a reverse passive cutaneous anaphylaxis reaction. The 3 5S gragments of human antisera to horse serum proteins can no longer give passive cutaneous anaphylaxis reactions, but fragment C and probably A can inhibit the passive cutaneous anaphylaxis reaction of the original antiserum. By reverse passive cutaneous anaphylaxis, negative results were obtained with each of the three fragments of the 5S pepsin digest.