Section 26
Chapter 25,204

Parathion for control of purple scales on early varieties of oranges

Spencer, H.; Norman, P.A.

Florida Ent 36(1): 13-19


DOI: 10.2307/3492177
Accession: 025203735

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2 lbs. of 15% wettable parathion in the regular sprays of wettable sulfur in June and Aug. for 2 yrs. controlled purple scales as effectively as oil sprays (1.25% oil). On medium-heavy to light infestations, 1 lb. of parathion was as effective as 2 lbs. Oil emulsion sprays being incompatible with sulfur, involve extra appls.; the use of parathion eliminates 1 or 2 oil sprayings during the yr. Fruits sprayed with parathion after midseason matured and colored normally, but those sprayed with oil emulsion remained green and sour and were slow to reach marketable condition.

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