Pasture type in relation to live-weight gain, carcass composition, iodine nutrition and some rumen characteristics of sheep I Live-weight growth of the sheep

Rae, A.L.; Brougham, R.W.; Glenday, A.C.; Butler, G.W.

The Journal of Agricultural Science 61(2): 187


DOI: 10.1017/s0021859600005918
Accession: 025207804

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Two trials are described in which the live weights of sheep grazing 4 different pastures were compared. The 4 pastures comprised perennial ryegrass (P), perennial ryegrass plus white clover (P + C), short-rotation rye-grass (S), short-rotation ryegrass plus white clover (S + C). Large and highly significant differences existed between the mean live weight of the sheep on the various pastures in each trial. Thus the P sheep had a mean live weight of 107 and 102 lb in trials 1 and 2, respectively, at the end of each investigation, the P + C sheep 123 and 122 lb, the S sheep 125 and 126 lb and the S + C sheep 140 and 137 lb. The differences in live-weight growth on the 4 pastures contain 2 major effects; an effect due to the difference between P and S and an effect which can be attributed to the presence of white clover in the pasture. F.