Pasture type in relation to live-weight gain, carcass composition, iodine nutrition and some rumen characteristics of sheep IV Some rumen characteristics of the sheep

Johns, A.T.; Ulyatt, M.J.; Glenday, A.C.

The Journal of Agricultural Science 61(2): 201


DOI: 10.1017/s0021859600005943
Accession: 025207806

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Weight of rumen contents was higher in ewes on perennial ryegrass but percentage dry matter in the rumen did not differ between the 4 groups. White clover significantly increased concentration of volatile fatty acids in the rumen compared with that of animals on the grasses only. Sheep on the short-rotation ryegrass and white clover had a lower proportion of acetic acid and a higher proportion of propionic and butyric acids and higher development of rumen papillae than did those on perennial ryegrass only.