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Chapter 25,217

Penicillin producing strains of Penicillium notatum chrysogenum group

Gattani, M.L.; Kaul, T.N.

Jour Science and Indust Res india 10 B(9): 208-213


Accession: 025216023

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Penicillium spp, are abundant in cultivated soils of n. India during Oct. -March. Of the 32 penicillin-producing penicillia isolated, 28 belong to the P. notatum chrysogenum group. The highest yield of penicillin[long dash]290-300 I.U. per ml.[long dash]was produced by strain No. XVII from Kasmir by surface fermentation in corn steep medium. Potato-dextrose-agar medium containing 17% NaCl, or 40% glycerine is suitable for the selective isolation of penicillia from soils. A screening test for eliminating low penicillin producers is described.

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