Physico-chemical & antigenic characterization of human seminal plasma proteins: gamma globulins of human seminal plasma

Acharya, U.S.; Gunaga, K.P.; Rao, S.S.

Indian Journal of Biochemistry 3(3): 208-210


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5081
PMID: 4166932
Accession: 025238467

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Seminal plasma of normal fertile and infertile human males has been analyzed by electrophoresls in agar gel medium. A slow moving gamma globulin is observed in the plasma separated from the semen of normal fertile donor's. This component is present even in the semen of fertile males who had undergone vasectomy but absent in azoospermic semen of males with primary sterility. The slow moving gamma globulin from seminal plasma of fertile donors has been separated by column chromatography and characterized with reference to its carbohydrate content and antigenicity.