Physico-chemical and antigenic characterization of human seminal plasma proteins: Part II: Biochemical characterization of the trichloroacetic acid soluble component of human seminal plasma

Kalelkar, Y.M.; Gunaga, K.P.; Sheth, A.R.; Rao, S.S.

Indian J Biochem 4(2): 100-102


Accession: 025238469

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Human seminal plasma, when subjected to electrophoresis in agar gel medium, shows the presence of at least 3 components in the region where human serum gamma globulin is known to appear. These components, which are soluble in 0.6 trichloroacetic acid, were subjected to Sephadex G-100 gel filtration, and one of them was separated and identified as a sialomucoprotein. The significance of these results is discussed.