Physiologic content of pigment in the conjunctiva of Chinese: Some remarks on normal and on pathologic pigmentation

Pillat, A.

Arch Ophthalmol 9(3): 411-445


Accession: 025239512

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The author has described a curious brownish yellow pigmentation which he discovered in the conjunctiva of Chinese patients suffering from Vitamin A deficiency. Differential signs distinguishing this from other forms of conjunctival pigmentation are given, though it is admitted that other constitutional and local diseases may lead to a similar picture. The present study consists in the histological examination, with the aid of a silver stain, of the conjunctival pigmentation in normal adult Chinese. The pigment is contained either in dendritic cells or in pigment caps within the cells of the epithelium. The former are normally scanty and when present in the normal conjunctival epithelium have their long axis parallel to the surface of the epithelium while in pathological pigmentation, the long axis is perpendicular to the epithelial surface. The pigment caps on the basal cells are the chief normal pigmentation but may be increased in number in pathological states.