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Physiological studies on spore germination, with special reference to Clostridium botulinum

Foster, J.W.; Staten Wynne, E.

Jour Bact 55(4): 495-501


Accession: 025242350

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Following a method previously reported, the writers have investigated the effect of various fatty acids on the germination of spores of six strains of C. botulinum. At a conc. of 10 [gamma]y per ml. 3 unsat. C18 fatty acids[long dash]oleic, linoleic, and linolenic[long dash]were found to be strongly inhibitory to spore germination, but were without effect on the growth of spore-free vegetative cells. Oleate was not sporo-cidal in itself, as no killing was observed when dist. water was substitued for the usual culture medium. The effect of these acids varied greatly with different batches of the same medium, and the writers conclude that either the medium itself is sporocidal, or that it lends a sporocidal action to the acid. Starch (0.1%) added to an otherwise adequate medium will neutralize these fatty acid type inhibitors.

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