Section 26
Chapter 25,250

Plant ecological investigations of the Wachold ranges and thickets of the Werratal, Germany

Pfeiffer, H.H.

Phyton Ann Rei Bot 6(3/4): 264-274


Accession: 025249398

The Wacholder-(Juniperus, Coniferae) range is described as a variantof the Gentianeto-Koelerietum boreoatlanticum. It is characterised by Orchis, Ophrys, Gymnadenia and Juniperus communis. Its origin is anthrbpozoogenous, it is used as a sheep pasture. Where the pastures have been less used for grazing, the range developes into a Wacholder-(Juniperus) -thicket, and later on into a wood consisting of Quercus and Conifers which is the climax. Some of the plants making up the Wacholder-range do not need very much light and occur also in the Wacholder-thicket.

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