Plants and toxins

Garello, L.

Atti Accad Ligure Sci E Lettere 10: 135-170


Accession: 025251166

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This is a report on various experiments made on fresh-water and marine algae, and on higher plants, in regard to their property of neutralizing the action of bacterial toxins. Even plants kept in darkness maintain this property, which is thermolabile. Experiments with the hyacinth show that the antitoxic power is highest at the time of flowering, the toxins being destroyed by the plant so that the liquid of the reaction no longer contains protein substances. Various experiments are described in detail, in which guinea pigs were injected with a liquid in which a culture of diphtheria organisms had been in contact with the roots of living plants. In 2 human patients, 1 with corticopleurisy and 1 with anchylostomiasis, injections of liquid in which Myriophyllum had been cultivated reduced the fever.