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Prediction of empty body weight and composition from live weight and other live animal measurements in lactating dairy cows

Yan, T.; Patterson, D.C.; Mayne, C.S.; Agnew, R.E.; Porter, M.G.

The Journal of Agricultural Science 147(3): 241


DOI: 10.1017/s0021859609008521
Accession: 025273577

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Empty body (EB) composition data from 146 lactating Holstein-Friesian dairy cows were analysed, with cows selected from a large herd to represent a wide range of animal factors including parity, live weight (LW), body condition score (BCS), milk yield and stage of lactation. The objectives of the study were to examine possible relationships between EB composition and live animal characteristics and to develop prediction equations for EB weight (EBW) and EB composition. EBW was strongly related to LW with a R(2) of 0.90. and addition of BCS and stage of lactation increased the R(2) to 0.93 and reduced the S.E. Value from 19.8 to 16.8.

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