Preliminary report on beef cattle feeding investigations

Massey, Z.A.; Fisher, S.W.

Georgia Exp Sta Circ 143: 1-3


Accession: 025277182

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Since the use of a good roughage in the fattening ration is a means of increasing the rate of gain and lowering the cost of gain with beef cattle, various grasses and legume hays have come to be esteemed for this purpose, and are being produced in abundance in Georgia. Because of the increasing importance of livestock production in the state, a study was made of: peanut, soybean, peanuts on the vine, sericea, kudzu. and annual lespedeza hays for use in a suitable ration. 60 steers were divided into 6 comparable groups as to wt., breeds, and grades as feeder steers, and were fed for 155 days. All cattle were weighed on 3 successive days at the beginning and, again, at the end of the expt. Cattle were graded as feeder steers at the beginning, finished steers at the end, and carcasses were graded after hanging in the cooler for 24 hrs. The entire test was then repeated. In both cases, peanut hay proved economical and effective for producing heavy, finished steers of the better grades, and fine quality carcasses. The next best results were obtained with kudzu.