Preparation and clinical use of coagulation factors concentrates from human plasma

Soulier, J.P.; Steinbuch, M.

Z Gesamte Inn Med Grenz 20(6): 311-317


Accession: 025279762

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Preparation and indications of fraction I, IA rich in VIII, and a concentrate containing factors II, VII, IX and X (prothrombin, proconvertin, anti-hemophilia factor B and the Stuart factor) are described. This concentrate is designated PPSB. Another concentrate, CSB, contains convertin, Stuart factor and antihemophilia factor B, and is less stable and sometimes is pyrogenic. For assay, coagulation times and prothrombin consumption are unsuitable for factor DC, and a more complex 2-stage thromboplastin formation test with very high dilutions is described.