Preservation of root vegetables by means of very active chemical materials

Dobrev, K.

Lucrri Tiinimageifice Inst Agronomic N Blcescu" Ser B 5: 149-156


Accession: 025285084

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The work points out that L. D. and 2-4 D. A. preparations used in 0.2 and 0.10% solutions in the treatment of root plants 10 days before harvesting prolong storage rest by 6-7 months. Unlike 2-4 D. A. with which a certain percentage of rot occurs, L. D. prevents the occurrence of the disease. By inhibiting the respiratory processes, a fall is induced in the temperature of the storage-room, protecting the organic substances against losses and preventing weight losses. N.O.K. does not prolong the storage rest, while stimulating further development in the 2nd year, important qualities for seed-holder cuttings.