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Chapter 25,303

Progress report on highway vegetation control experiments using tordon 101 mixture and norbak particulating agent

Byrd, B.C.; Nyman, F.A.

Down Earth 22(1): 28-31


Accession: 025302963

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This report is based on trails in 12 northeastern and north central states. The herbicidal combinations consisted of 1 - 3 quarts of tordon (4-ammo-3,5,6-trichloropico-linic acid) and 3 pints of a 2,4-D formulation containing 4 lbs in 3 gallons of water. This was diluted with water to make 25 gallons. An application of 2 quarts of this tordon 101 mixture in 10 gallons of water per acre gave good control of roadside weeds. Norbak, a water-absorbing, particulating agent, was used with the tordon 101 mixture to reduce drift.

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