Pulmonary emboli in suprarenal insufficiency

Scott, W.J.M.; Thatcher, H.S.

Arch Path and Lab Med 2(6): 806-814


Accession: 025319799

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In view of observations of respiratory distress before death of suprarenalectomized animals that have reacted fatally to certain agents, examination of the lungs of suprarenalectomized rats was undertaken. Plugs of mononuclear cells were frequently found in the small pulmonary vessels of suprarenal deficient rats after a single intravenous injection of egg albumin; also in chronic intoxication with dead bacteria, and in fatal suprarenal insufficiency. This phenomenon is regarded as evidence of an unusual stimulation to some mononuclear cellular system, lymphatic or endothelial. Accessory data are also presented, bearing on the diminished resistance of suprarenalectomized rats to egg white injected intravenously, chronic intoxication with staphylococcus aureus, and diphtheria toxin.