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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25344

Chapter 25344 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Beck, C.; Tappel, A.L., 1968:
Rat-liver lysosomal a-glucosidase: A membrane enzyme

Holsendorf, B.E., 1936:
Rat-proof construction and its effect on the control of rat life on ships

Welch, J.I., 1951:
Rat-repellent findings

Frost, D.V.; Sandt, H.R., 1949:
Rat-repletion studies with amino acid solutions. Role of non-essential amino acids

Abdulali, H., 1941:
Rat-snakes fighting

Doty, R.E., 1944:
Rat-trapping records show effectiveness of control methods

Robinson, D.; Price, R.G.; Dance, N., 1967:
Rat-urine glycosidases and kidney damage

Freie, B.W.; Eisenman, R.N., 2008:
Ratcheting Myc

Elliott, L.K.; Lucas, J.A.; Happ, J.; Patterson, J.; Hurst, H.; Wall, T.F., 2008:
Rate Limitations of Lime Dissolution into Coal Ash Slag

Dedjinger, Richard Louis, 1956:
Rate and accuracy of serial motor performance as a function of the uncertainty and the mean square value of the stimulus

Lefevre, P.G., 1962:
Rate and affinity in human red blood cell sugar transport

Vladimirova, A.F.; Shishkina, V.V., 1967:
Rate and character of changes of the nervous system in patients with erythremia

Jackson, C.M.; Levine, N.M., 1929:
Rate and character of the compensatory renal hypertrophy after unilateral nephrectomy in young albino rats

Lanskaya, L.V., 1961:
Rate and conditions of division of marine planktonic algae under culture conditions Primary production of seas and inland waters

Wilson, Santford Russell, 1958:
Rate and dark adaptation as determinants of apparent motion

Robertson, D.W.; Coleman, O.H.; Brandon, J.F.; Fellows, H.; Curtis, J.J., 1942:
Rate and date of seeding Kanred winter wheat and the relation of seeding date to dry-land foot rot at Akron, Colo

Leighty, C.E.; Taylor, J.W., 1927:
Rate and date of seeding and seed-bed preparation for winter wheat at Arlington Experiment Farm

Popov, Y.B., 1965:
Rate and degree of the development of resistance to antibiotics in Salmonella species

Madamba, J.C., 1964:
Rate and efficiency of cattle gains as affected by weight and energy levels

Price, D.A.; Alexander, G.I.; Krueger, Jugo; Bogart, R., 1959:
Rate and efficiency of gains in beef cattle. VII. Haematology of growing here-ford and angus calves

Macdonald, M.A.; Krueger, Hugo; Bogart, R., 1960:
Rate and efficiency of gains in beef cattle. VIII. Urinary specific gravity, pH, and buffer capacity in beef cattle

Newman, M.S.; Otsuka, S., 1958:
Rate and equilibrium constants for the reaction of maleic anhydride with the methyl-l,2-benzanthracenes

Light, S.F.; L.Illg, P., 1945:
Rate and extent of development of neotenic reproductives in groups of nymphs of the termite genus Zootermopsis

Holding, D.H.; Macrae, A.W., 1966:
Rate and force of guidance in perceptual-motor tasks with reversed or random spatial correspondence

Kalaidjieva, S., 1968:
Rate and method of seeding spring pea d and forage broad beans d

Overton, J.R.; Parks, W.L., 1968:
Rate and placement of fertilizers for cotton d minerals yield

Sturgis, S.H., 1949:
Rate and significance of atresia of the ovarian follicle of the rhesus monkey

Herriott, J.B.D., 1968:
Rate and time of application of nitrogen for grass m silage

Evelyn, S.H.; Ahmed, M.S., 1965:
Rate and time of application of rea to sugarcane m 1st ratoon crop results

Horodyski, A.; Pietron, J., 1962:
Rate and timing of nitrogen dressings in the case of oil linseed

Green, E.J.; Meinig, F.R., 1957:
Rate as response probability in discrimination learning

Larina, M.A., 1964:
Rate at which 4 3-keto compounds are regenerated in the liver of rabbits with experimental thyroxin-induced toxicosis

Roughton, F.J.; Forster, R.E.; Cander, L., 1957:
Rate at which carbon monoxide replaces oxygen from combination with human hemoglobin in solution and in the red cell

Levina, R.E., 1965:
Rate at which fruiting takes place in perennial herbaceous plants

L'vovich, N.A.; Turakulov, Y.K., 1965:
Rate at which high-energy phosphorous compounds are replaced in various functional states of the thyroid

Blum, J.J.; Jenden, D.J., 1957:
Rate behavior and concentration profiles in geometrically constrained enzyme systems

Hearon, J.Z., 1952:
Rate behavior of metabolic systems

Schuck, E.A.; Stephens, E.R.; Schrock, R.R., 1966:
Rate constant ratios during nitrogen dioxide photolysis

Hariharan, P.V.; Johns, H.E., 1968:
Rate constants for the dehydration of single and double hydrates of cytidylyl -cytidine

Kun Wang; Lin Du; MaoF.G., 2008:
Rate constants for the reaction of ozone with n -butyl, s -butyl and t -butyl methyl sulfides

Braams, Reinier, 1966:
Rate constants of hydrated electron reactions with amino acis

Braams, R., 1967:
Rate constants of hydrated electron reactions with peptides and proteins

Yagi, K.; Nakata, T.; Yazawa, Y.; Sakakibara, I., 1965:
Rate determining step of the coupled reaction system composed of H-meromyosin- adenosine-triphosphatase and creatine kinaseA

Premack, D., 1963:
Rate differential reinforcement in monkey manipulation

Semenza, G., 1967:
Rate equations of some cases of enzyme inhibition and activation--their application to sodium-activated membrane transport systems

Lobanova, E.A., 1968:
Rate fixing of periodic microwave irradiation rats mice

Peake, W.T.; Kiang, N.Y S.; Goldstein, M.H., 1962:
Rate functions for auditory nerve responses to bursts of noise: effect of changes in stimulus parameter

Krayer, O.; Astwood, E.B.; Waud, D.R.; Alpher, M.H., 1961:
Rate increasing action of corti-cotropin and of g-intermedin in the isolated mammalian heart

Janse, M.J.; Gilbert, J.L.; Brooks, C.M.c, 1963:
Rate limited integration of heart responses

Eagon, R.G., 1963:
Rate Limiting Effects Of Pyridine Nucleotides On Carbohydrate Catabolic Pathways Of Microorganisms

Cccucci, S., 1966:
Rate limiting factors of glycolysis in higher plants

Wareing, P.F.; Khalifa, M.M.; Treharne, K.J., 1968:
Rate limiting processes in photosynthesis at saturating light intensities bean d enz ribulose 1 5 di phosphate carboxylase

Forster, R.E.; Steen, J.B., 1968:
Rate limiting processes in the Bohr shift in human red cells

E.B.roudi, H.M.; Moawad, S.K., 1967:
Rate of BOD reduction by oxidation ponds

Rossi, C.A.; Berl, S.; Clarke, D.D.; Purpura, D.P.; Waelsch, H., 1962:
Rate of CO2 fixation in brain and liver

Helmstetter, Charles, E., 1967:
Rate of DNA synthesis during the division cycle of Escherichia coli B/r

Fernández-Gómez, M.E., 1968:
Rate of DNA synthesis in binucleate cells

Singer, S.J., 1961:
Rate of a hapten-antibody reaction

Hess, W.C.; Shaffran, I.P., 1952:
Rate of absorption and formation of liver glycogen by glycine

Cobra Netto, A., 1967 :
Rate of absorption and macro nutrients deficiencies on bean d phaseolus vulgaris d cultivar roxinho thesis abstract

Pipes, G.W.; Bauman, T.R.; Turner, C.W., 1962:
Rate of absorption of L-thyroxtne I131 from the gastrointestinal tracts of dairy cattle

Emmens, C.W., 1941:
Rate of absorption of androgens and oestrogens in free and esterified form from subcutane-ously implanted tablets

Payne, J.W.; Dodge, B.F., 1932:
Rate of absorption of carbon dioxide in water and in alkaline media

Wise, G.W.; Jacobson, N.L.; Allen, R.S.; Yang, S.P., 1958:
Rate of absorption of carotene and of vitamin A from the alimentary tract of dairy calves II Effects of methods of dispersion and of administration

Berlin, N.I.; Siri, W., 1951:
Rate of absorption of cobalt from the peritoneal cavity and rate of elimination from the blood

Tuft, Louis, 1929:
Rate of absorption of horse serum after its injection

Yakushev, B.I., 1966:
Rate of absorption of p32 by pine and various species of low-growing plants

Scholer, J.F.; Code, C.F., 1954:
Rate of absorption of water from stomach and small bowel of human beings

Van Rossum, J.M.; Tomey, A.H.M., 1968:
Rate of accumulation and plateau plasma concentration of drugs after medication

Munnell, J.F.; Getty, R. , 1968:
Rate of accumulation of cardiac lipofuscin in the aging canine

Lombardi, B.; Ugazio, G.; Raick, A., 1964:
Rate of accumulation, and source of triglycerides in the liver of chollne deficient rats

Shull, C.A., 1936:
Rate Of Adjustment Of Leaf Temperature To Incident Energy

Nugent, C.A.; Macdiarmid, W.D.; Nelson, A.R.; Tyler, F.H., 1963:
Rate of adrenal cortisol production in response to maximal stimulation with ACTH

Sunderland, S.; Bradley, K.C., 1952:
Rate of advance of Hoffmann-Tinel sign in regenerating nerves

Tomori, Z., 1966:
Rate of air movement and pulmonary ventiliation during protective respiratory reflexes

Goldsworthy, P.D.; Volwiler, W., 1963:
Rate of albumin synthesis by the isolated perfused bovine liver

Fazekas, I.Gy, 1961:
Rate of alcohol elimination in normal and adrenalectomized rats

Pesez, M.; Bartos, J., 1962:
Rate of alkaline hydrolysis of some steroid esters

Finholt, P.; Paulssen, R.B.; Higuchi, T., 1963:
Rate Of Anaerobic Degradation Of Ascorbic Acid In Aqueous Solution

Creese, R.; Taylor, D.B.; Tilton, B., 1961:
Rate of antagonism of tubocurarine by potassium ions

Chumakov, M.P.; L'vov, D.K.; Zaklinskaya, V.A.; Yasin, A.E.; Morozov, K.V., 1964:
Rate of antibody accumulation in man shortly after vaccination and re-vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis

Monayenkov, A.M., 1960:
Rate of appearance of antitoxin in the blood of rabbits shortly after reimmunization with purified adsorbed dipntneria toxoid

Owen, C.A.; Power, M.H., 1952:
Rate of appearance of bound-I131 in the blood

Warner, Irving, 1952:
Rate of appearance of dietary cholesterol in blood

Robinow, Meinhard; Garn, S.M.; Rohman, C., 1960:
Rate of appearance of hand-wrist ossification centers: Genetic versus maturational factors

Wilcox, J., 1943:
Rate of application and strength of cryolite dust mixtures in tomato fruitworm control

Arant, F.S., 1941:
Rate of application of derris-talc dusts for pickleworm control

Eve, Frank, C., 1944:
Rate of artificial respiration

Wang, Sha Sheng, 1964:
Rate of ascending flow in trees

Richmond, Jonas, E., 1959:
Rate of association of S35 and C14 in plasma protein fractions after administration of Na2S3504, glycine-C14, or glucose-C14

Inman, V.T., 1952:
Rate of atrophy in muscles immobilized at different lengths

Burke, Victor; Ulrich, C., 1928:
Rate of bacterial adaptation.

Hutt, Paul, J., 1954:
Rate of bar-pressing as a function of quality and quantity of food reward

Fox, R., 1965:
Rate Of Binocular Rivalry Alternation In Psychotic And Nonpsychotic Patients

Andreev, K.P., 1963:
Rate of biomass synthesis by continuously cultivated fodder yeasts

Andreev, K.P., 1961:
Rate of biosynthetic processes during the aerobic reproduction of the yeast Torulopsis utilis on media containing various sugars

Sviridov, A.M., 1965:
Rate of blood flow in subjects with cardiovascular diseases

Matsui, N.; Plager, J.E., 1966:
Rate of blood glucose fall as a determinant factor in insulin-induced adrenocortical stimulation

Coleman, D.H.; Stevens, A.R.; Dodge, H.T.; Finch, C.A., 1953:
Rate of blood regeneration after blood loss

Alstead, Stanley, 1943:
Rate of blood-regeneration after haemorrhage

Bauer, G.C., 1954 :
Rate of bone salt formation in a healing fracture determined in rats by means of radiocalcium

Harvey, Ethel Browne, 1943:
Rate of breaking and size of the halves of the Arbacia punctulata egg when centrifuged in hypo- and hypertonic sea water

Khodosevich, N.I., 1963:
Rate of breeding of the spider mite, Tetranychus telarius L., on different species of food plants

Smeenk, D.; Van Der Sluys Veer, J.; Birkenhager, J.C.; Van Der Heul, R.O., 1965:
Rate of calcification of the proximal tibial epiphyseal cartilage of rats studied with the aid of tetracycline labelling

Heaney, Robert, P., 1962:
Rate of calcium equilibrium in human tissues

Das, U.K., 1933:
Rate of cane and sugar formation in a cane crop

Sponsler, O.L., 1934:
Rate of carbohydrate condensation on a cell wall

Pavel, I.; Pieptea, M.R.; Mihalache, N., 1958:
Rate of carbohydrate metabolism. Its diagnostic significance

Doll, J.P., 1962:
Rate of carbon clearance in three strains of germfree mice

Goldman, Max, 1963:
Rate of carbon dioxide formation at low temperatures in bottle-fermented champagne

Bertalanffy, F.D.; Mcaskill, C., 1964:
Rate Of Cell Division Of Malignant Mouse Melanoma B16

Hoffman, S.B.; Morrow, G.W.; Pease, G.L.; Stroebel, C.F., 1964:
Rate of cellular autolysis in postmortem bone marrow

Samson, F.E.; Balfour, W.M.; Dahl, N.A., 1960:
Rate of cerebral ATP utilization in rats

Swartzendruber, D.; Olson, T.C., 1963:
Rate of change as determined graphically with an equilateral glass prism

Platner, Wesley, S., 1952:
Rate of change in concentration of serum magnesium upon cooling and rewarming

Conn, H.L.; Wood, J.C.; Morales, G.S., 1959:
Rate of change in myocardial glycogen and lactic acid following arrest of coronary circulation

Ganong, W.F.; Mulrow, P.J., 1958:
Rate of change in sodium and potassium excretion after injection of aldosterone into the aorta and renal artery of the dog

Bradley, R.D.; Semple, S.J.G.; Spencer, G.T., 1965:
Rate of change of carbon dioxide tension in arterial blood, jugular venous blood and cisternal cerebrosplnal fluid on carbon dioxide administration

Vinogradova, M.F., 1965:
Rate of cholesterol metabolism in the spleen and muscles of irradiated rats

Byers, S.O.; Rosenman, R.H.; Friedman, M.; Biggs, M.W., 1952:
Rate of cholesterol synthesis in hypo- and hyperthyroid rats

Bentley, J.P., 1967:
Rate of chondroitin sulfate formation in wound healing

Felix, R.; Hahn, N.; Duex, A.; Geisler, P.; Draznin, N., 1968:
Rate of circulation and vascular cross section in pulmonary circulation cine radiographic animal experimental research

Ceruti, G., 1931:
Rate of circulation in experimental pneumothorax

Wish, L.; Storey, R.H.; Furth, J., 1950:
Rate of clearance from blood of I131 tagged plasma; determinations of cell and plasma volumes with radioisotopes and Evans blue

Tan, K.O.K.Y.; Boucek, R.J.; Noble, N.L., 1957:
Rate of collagen formation in biopsy-connective tissue of the rat

Bozhko, G.K., 1968:
Rate of conditioned reflex development and rna renovation in the brain during the injection of homologous rna of trained rats

Lapicque, M.; Veil, C., 1927:
Rate of conduction in the auricle and the principal divisions of the Bundle of His

Solov, E.G.M.; Osvetimskaya, N.P.; Rabkin, I.K.; Mogilevskii, E.B.; Kapel, K.V.I., 1967:
Rate of contractile process in the right ventricle myo cardium during hypertrophy and coronary insufficiency human

Bendove, R.A.; Alexander, H.; Deren, M.D.; Lipstein, S., 1940:
Rate of conversion of sputum during pneumothorax treatment

McBride, R.A.; Nisbet, N.W.; Skowron-Cendrzak, A., 1967:
Rate of cross-circulation in parabiosis: its significance, relationship to genetic disparity, and experimental modification

Niqueux, M.; Arnaud, R., 1967:
Rate of crossed pollination between two clones of tall fescue

Sloan, Louise, L., 1947:
Rate of dark adaptation

Porodko, F.M.; Anonymous, 1926:
Rate of death of seeds

Plomp, R., 1964:
Rate of decay of auditory sensation

Westley, Ronald, E., 1960:
Rate of decline of the Pearl-Benson index of sulfite waste liquor in sea water

Bell, Charles, E., 1935:
Rate of decomposition of organic matter in Norfolk sand as measured by the formation of carbon-dioxide and nitrates

D.C.mpo, G.; Salceda, S.R.; Bernardo, R., 1965:
Rate of degeneration of human corneal endothellal cells after death

Boyle, P.E.; Bessey, O.A.; Howe, P.R., 1940:
Rate of dentin formation in incisor teeth of guinea pigs on normal and on ascorbic acid-deficient diets

Bowen, W.J.; Martin, H.L., 1958:
Rate of dephosphorylation of adenosinetriphosphate and the isotonic and isometric contraction of glycerol-treated muscle

Nilsson, O., 1964:
Rate of depletion of noradrenaline in some peripheral tissues induced by a reserpine injection

Holmes, Arthur, D., 1950:
Rate of destruction of reduced ascorbic acid in riboflavin-forti-fied pasteurized milk

Bratus', V.M.; Kyrylenko, T.S., 1960:
Rate of destruction of the wood by the pine fungus at varying heights on the trunk

Mielke, James, L., 1950:
Rate of deterioration of beetle-killed Engelmann spruce

Hamaker, J.W.; Youngson, C.R.; Goring, C.A.I., 1968:
Rate of detoxification of 4-amino-3,5,6-trichloropicolinic-acid in soil

Kotlyar, V.Z.; Lyubinskii, N.A., 1968:
Rate of deuterium oxide uptake into potato d tuber tissues deuterated water inst auto radiography

Munger, Francis, 1949:
Rate of development of California red scales resistant and nonresistant to hydrocyanic acid gas, as affected by temperature

Forrester, C.R., 1964:
Rate of development of eggs of rock sole

Hyodo Taguchi, Y., 1968:
Rate of development of intestinal damage in the goldfish after x irradiation and mucosal cell kinetics at different temperatures

Shukurov, T., 1968:
Rate of development of male generative organs in corn m

Adams, J.A.; Wheeler, E.H., 1946:
Rate of development of milky disease in Japanese beetle populations

Davidson, T.R., 1955:
Rate of development of potato leaf-roll vine symptoms

Hall, W.H., 1960:
Rate of development of resistance in Staphylococcus aureus to erythromycin in combination with oleandomycin, vancomycin, or dihydrostreptomycin

Mccandless, B.R., 1960:
Rate of development, body build and personality

Steblyuk, M.V., 1968:
Rate of die off of certain strains of salmonella in cultures of protococcal algae escherichia coli chlorella vulgaris scenedesmus quadricauda ankistrodesmus angustus

Herting, G.E.; Witt, A., 1968:
Rate of digestion of the bowfin

Favorova, L.A., 1965:
Rate of diphtheria transmission by clinically healthy carriers. III

Rate of disappearance and metabolism of hydrocortisone and cortisone in the synovial cavity in rheumatoid arthritis

Duncan, H.; Wakim, K.G.; Ward, L.E.merson, 1960:
Rate of disappearance from plasma of uric acid administered intravenously to Dalmatian dogs

Cohen, C.; Gurney, H.C., 1960:
Rate of disappearance of Cr51 tagged erythrocytes in rabbits rendered unresponsive to iso-antigens

D.Gasperi, R.N., 1965:
Rate of disappearance of I-131 from the thyroid glands of young and old rats

Ho.E.A.; Soong.T.H.; Li.Y., 1949:
Rate of disappearance of Leishmania in kala-azar patients under urea stibamine therapy

Share, L., 1962:
Rate of disappearance of arginine vasopressin from circulating blood in the dog

Casdorph, H.R.; Juergens, J.L.; Orvis, A.L.; Owen, C.A., 1963:
Rate of disappearance of cholesterol-C-14 from the bloodstream of dogs

Friedman, M.; Byers, S.; Bine, R., 1951:
Rate of disappearance of digitoxin from the blood of man after its parenteral administration

Shaw, F.R.; Ziener, W.H., 1966:
Rate of disappearance of dimethoate from ladino clover and birdsfoot trefoil

Glenny, A.T.; Buttle, G.; Stevens, M., 1931:
Rate of disappearance of diphtheria toxoid into rabbits and guinea-pigs

Assaykeen, T.A.; Otsuka, K.; Ganong, W.F., 1968:
Rate of disappearance of exogenous dog enz renin from the plasma of nephrectomized dogs

Gemzell, C.A.; Heijkenskjold, F.; Strom, L., 1955:
Rate of disappearance of growth hormone from the plasma of rats after a single intravenous injection

Tyler, D.B.; Bald Win, F.M., 1935:
Rate of disappearance of red cells in polythemic rats

Maclean, J.D., 1951:
Rate of disintegration of wood under different heating conditions

Moreno Silva, V.; Zamorano, B.; Croxatto, H.; Becerra, M., 1956:
Rate of displacement of oxytocic substances from diencephalon to tuber cinereum in hypophysectomized rats

Markov, D.A.; Lushchitskaya, N.I.; Starostenko, L.I., 1966:
Rate of dissemination of excitation in the motor conductors of the spinal cord as a factor of humoral effects.

Stralfors, Allan, 1958:
Rate of dissolution of dental enamel

Fassbender, H.W.; Ulrich, B., 1966:
Rate of dissolution of rock phosphates

Roussopoulas, N.C.; Mei Maris, G.M., 1928:
Rate of drying of Corinthian grapes

Forbes, J.M.; Wright, J.A., 1968:
Rate of eating in sheep abstract grass m diet rumen capacity

Burmester, B.R.; Scott, H.M.; Card, L.E., 1939:
Rate of egg-shell formation in the hen

Govaerts, J., 1950:
Rate of Elimination of C14 Administered as BaC14O3

Montgomery, M.L.urence; Dragstedt, L.R., 1931:
Rate of elimination of certain toxic substances from the blood

Ruigh, William, L., 1939:
Rate of elimination of divinyl ether

Weatherby, J.H., 1939:
Rate of elimination of nicotine by the rabbit

Kosyakov, P.N.; Rovnova, Z.I., 1962:
Rate of elimination of parenterally administered serum proteins in relation to their species origin

Schubert, J.; Armstrong, W.D., 1949:
Rate of elimination of radioactive carbon administered as carbonate from the tissues and tissue components of mature and growing rats

Boyden, E.A.; Van Buskirk, C., 1943:
Rate of emptying of biliary tract following section of vagi or of all extrinsic nerves

Conway, E.J.; Moore, P.T., 1945:
Rate of enhance of ammonia into muscle fibers in relation to carbon dioxide tension

Byers, S.O.; Friedman, M., 1949:
Rate of entrance of urate and allantoin into the cerebrospinal fluid of the Dalmatian and non-Dalmatian dog

Wright, D.E., 1963:
Rate of entry of leukocytes into the mouth

Melnick, D.; Oser, B.L.; Weiss, S., 1946:
Rate of Enzymic Digestion of Proteins as a Factor in Nutrition

Ponder, Eric, 1934:
Rate of escape of haemoglobin from the erythrocyte

Ylikahri, R.H.; Maenpaa, P.H., 1968:
Rate of ethanol metabolism in fed and starved rats after thyroxine hormone treatment liver blood enz alcohol dehydrogenase

Kinard, F.W.; Hay, M.G.; Aull, J.C., 1963:
Rate of ethanol metabolism in mice

Wilson, M.J.; Dickson, W.H.; Singleton, A.C., 1929:
Rate of evacuation of various foods from the normal stomach. A preliminary communication

Fleck, Elmer, E., 1944:
Rate of evaporation of DDT

Piiper, J., 1963:
Rate of exchange of CO2 between erythrocytes and plasma Proceedings of the 28th meeting of the German Physiological Society, Cologne, 1963 Abstract only

Frilette, V.J.; Hanle, J.; Mark, H., 1948:
Rate of exchange of cellulose with heavy water

Neslen, E.D.; Hunter, C.B.; Plentl, A.A., 1954:
Rate of exchange of sodium and potassium between amniotic fluid and maternal system

Bovarnick, M.; Fieber, S.; Bovarnick, M.R.; Kazlowski, J., 1953:
Rate of excretion of glutamyl polypeptide and its polymers in humans

Dziewiatkowski, D.D., 1949:
Rate of excretion of radioactive sulfur and its concentration in some tissues of the rat after intraperitoneal administration of labeled sodium sulfate

Farn, G.; Smith, D.M.rison, 1963:
Rate of excretion of uric acid by the rust-red flour beetle

Dorfman, R.L.; Hamilton, J.B., 1941:
Rate of excretion of urinary androgens after administration of testosterone by various routes

Cooper, Edwin, L., 1951:
Rate of exploitation of wild eastern brook trout and brown trout populations in the Pigeon River, Otsego County, Michigan

Sapirstein, L.A.; Buckley, N.M.; Ogden, E., 1955 :
Rate of extravasation of intravenously injected thiocyanate in the dog

Howard, W.E.; Smith, M.E., 1952:
Rate of extrusive growth of incisors of pocket gophers

West, J.B.; Hugh, J.Nes, P., 1959:
Rate of fall of O2 tension in a lobe of dog lung after bronchial occlusion

Shul'man, C.E., 1960:
Rate of fat accumulation in the Azov anchovy

Rampone, Alfred, J., 1961:
Rate of fat uptake by intestinal lymphatics

Kondra, P.A.; Cavers, J.R., 1946:
Rate of feathering in relation to keel cysts

Dewey, J.R.; Bartley, M.H.; Armelagos, G.J., 1968:
Rate of femoral cortical bone loss in 3 nubian populations utilizing both normalized and non normalized data

Peppers, G.F.; Goldsworthy, P.D.; Volwiler, W., 1963:
Rate of fibrinogen synthesis by the isolated perfused bovine liver

Strugovshchikova, L.P., 1968:
Rate of flavinogenesis in candida guilliermondii at the logarithmic phase of growth and its changes under different cultivation conditions riboflavin vitamin b

Strugovshchikova, L.P., 1968:
Rate of flavinogenesis in candida guilliermondii in media deficient in different nutrients riboflavin vitamin amino acids

Reinhardt, William, O., 1945:
Rate of flow and cell count of rat thoracic duct lymph

Shrewsbury, M.M., 1958:
Rate of flow and cell count of thoracic duct lymph in the mouse

Schultze, Karl, 1928:
Rate of flow in capillary tubes

Stanulovic, M.; Miletic, D.; Vukovic, D., 1968:
Rate of flow of glycolysis in the erythrocytes of new born infants

Schneyer, L.H.; Pigman, W.; Hanahan, L.; Gilmore, R.W., 1956:
Rate of flow of human parotid, sublingual, and submaxillary secretions during sleep

Weber, T.B., 1960:
Rate of flow of parotid secretion during constant stimulation

Bloch, K.; Schoenheimer, R.; Rittenberg, D., 1941:
Rate of formation and disappearance of body creatine in normal animals

Jensen, C.W.; Anderson, H.D., 1941:
Rate of formation and disappearance of methemoglobin following oral administration or injection of sodium nitrite

Iber, F.L.; Mitra, P.P., 1964:
Rate of Formation and Lymphatic Removal of Fluid in Ascites

Witter, R.F.; Gaines, T.B., 1963:
Rate of formation in vivo of the unreactivatable form of brain cholinesterase in chickens given DDVP ro,O-dimethyl-2.2-dichlorovinylphosphate1 or malathion

Chang, Hsi Chun, 1935:
Rate of formation of acetylcholine in placenta in vitro

Demmon, E.L., 1936:
Rate of formation of heart-wood in southern pines

Bidinost, L.E., 1951:
Rate of formation of myosin in the muscle of the rat

Glushenkov, N.A.; Manuilova, T.D., 1963:
Rate of formation of winter reserves of the cotton bollworm of the Tashkent Oblast Fifth conference of the All-Univ Entomological Society, 1963

Forster, Robert, E., 1965:
Rate of gas uptake by red cells

VainahiiI.V., 1960:
Rate of germination of seeds of some plants, collected at various heights of the Ukrainian Capathians

Migliorini, R.H.; Camargo, A.C.M., 1968:
Rate of gluconeogenesis and activities of enz glucose 6 phosphatase and of enz fructose 1 6 di phosphatase in the liver of pancreatectomized rats abstract

Bortnick, R.J.; Longley, R.W.; Roe, J.H., 1957:
Rate of glycogenesis in liver of depancreatized rat after parenteral administration of glucose and fructose

Schane, H.P.; Leonard, S.L., 1965:
Rate of Glycogenolysis in the Estrogen-Primed Rat Uterus in Vitro

Orth, G.M.; Tolbert, N.E.; Jimenez, E., 1966:
Rate of Glycolate Formation During Photosynthesis at High pH

Khavkina, I.V., 1968:
Rate of glycolysis and lactic acid content in the myo cardium of rats at different times during training for hypoxia

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Rate of growth and acid production of Streptococcus lactis

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Rate of growth and composition of wood of quaking and largetooth aspen in relation to soil fertility

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Rate of growth and condition of game and pan fish in Cherokee and Douglas Reservoirs, Tennessee, and Hiwassee Reservoir, North Carolina

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Rate of growth and prognosis in malignant tumors of the breast

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Rate of growth and quality of timber

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Rate of growth hormone stimulation of amino acid uptake by rat tissues in vivo

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Rate of growth in Rhode Island Reds

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Rate of growth in developmental stages of Proteus-group of amoeba

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Rate of growth in host tissue and virulence of Erwinia carotovora

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Rate of growth in lambs

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Rate of growth in spat and yearlings of the Indian backwater oyster, Ostrea madrasensis Preston

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Rate of growth of Bacillus cereus between divisions

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Rate of growth of Bankia indica Nair, a shipworm from the Madras coast

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Rate of growth of Entamoeba histolytica in different culture media

Yourassowsky, E., 1966:
Rate of growth of Staphylococcus aureus in human plasma with addition of penicillin G, methicillin and oxacillin

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Rate of growth of axillary hair as a diagnostic index

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Rate of growth of elephant calves born in captivity

Pyenyaz', U.S.; Shawtsova, T.M., 1963:
Rate of growth of fish of economic importance occurring in the river Drissa

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Rate of growth of micro-organisms in Irish Free State creamery butter

Burton, Alan, C., 1966:
Rate of growth of solid tumors as a problem of diffusion

Direstger, H.; Anderer, F.A.; Schramm, G., 1967:
Rate of growth of the peptide chain in tobacco mosaic virus

Ryabova, M., 1967:
Rate of growth of two year carp during feeding of different artificial foods

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Rate of Growth of Young Lobsters

Grave, B.H., 1933:
Rate of growth, age at sexual maturity, and duration of life in sessile organisms at Woods Hole, Massachusetts

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Rate of haemoglobin synthesis after blood loss in sheep and the influluce of dietary protein

Watanabe, Y., 1935:
Rate of head development as indicated by time of appearance of eyes in the re-constitution of Euplanaria dorotocephala

Martinsen, C.S.artz; Carlin, A.F.ances, 1968:
Rate of heating during precooking in foil and quality of boneless turkey roasts stored at 0 F

Smith, J.E.; Kaneko, J.J., 1966:
Rate of heme and porphyrin synthesis by bovine prophyric reticulocytes in vitro

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Rate of hemoglobin regeneration in blood donors

Allden, W.G., 1962:
Rate of herbage intake and grazing time in relation to herbage availability

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Rate of hydration of carbon dioxide and dehydration of carbonic acid at 25

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Rate of hydrolysis and composition of tetraethyl pyro-phosphate

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Rate of impulse conduction in denervated human muscle

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Rate of inactivation of equine encephalomyelitis virus relative to hydrogen ion concentration

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Rate of inactivation of isoniazid in South Indian patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. 1. Microbiological assay of isoniazid in serum following a standard intramuscular dose

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Rate of inactivation of isoniazid in South Indian patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. 2. Clinical implications in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis with isoniazid either alone or in combination with PAS

Selkon, J.B., 1964:
Rate of inactivation of isoniazid in South Indian patients with pulmonary tuberculosis 3 Serum concentrations of isoniazid produced by three regimens of isoniazid alone and one of isoniazid plus PAS

Gangadharam, P.R.J.; Selkon, J.B., 1961:
Rate of inactivation of isoniazid in south Indian patients

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Rate of incorporation of C14-glycine injected into adult female frogs

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Rate of incorporation of amino acids into the web proteins of the spider Araneus diadematus Cl

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Rate Of Incorporation Of Methionine-S-35 Into The Regenerating Tissue Of Experimental Wounds

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Rate of incorporation of [6-14C]orotic acid into uridine 5'-triphosphate and cytidine 5'-triphosphate and nuclear ribonucleic acid in regenerating rat liver

Baines, R.C.; Benedict, H.M., 1935:
Rate of increase in area of apple-spur leaves

Zimmerman, H.J.; Kodera, Y.; West, M., 1965:
Rate Of Increase In Plasma Levels Of Cytoplasmic And Mitochondrial Enzymes In Experimental Carbon Tetrachloride Hepatotoxicity

Schlack, Carl August, 1941:
Rate of increase of dental caries in 707 officers and men aboard an American man of war

Brain, E.B., 1968:
Rate of infiltration of paraffin wax into histologic specimens abstract

Demerec, M., 1932:
Rate of Instability of Miniature-3 Gamma Gene of Drosophila Virilis in the Males in the Homozygous and in the Heterozygous Females

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Rate of intake, accumulation, and transformation of nitrate nitrogen by small grains and Kentucky bluegrass

Coleman, Robert, E., 1950:
Rate of inversion observed with sugarcane harvested in the flowering stage

Krabisch, Lennart; Borgstrom, B., 1965:
Rate of isomerization of 1.-2-diolein

Manson, L.A., 1955:
Rate of killing of Escherichia coli by T2 bacteriophage in various media

Linn, M.L.; Jones, L.T., 1968:
Rate of lacrimal excretion of ophthalmic vehicles

Maeda, Eizo, 1965:
Rate of lamina inclination in excised rice leaves

Voss, William, J., 1961:
Rate of larval development and metamorphosis of the spadefoot toad, Sea-phiopus bombifrons

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Rate of leukemia on the basis of different amounts of estimated radioactive rays after the atomic bomb

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Rate of liberation of tryptophane from proteins by enzymes

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Rate of linoleic and arachidonic acid incorporation into liver, heart and red cells of essential fatty acid deficient rats and its effect on eicosatrienoic acid depletion

Schotz, Michael, C., 1962:
Rate of liver triglyceride secretion into plasma of normal and CC14-treated rats

Tamanoi, I.; Yagi, Y.; Pressman, D., 1961:
Rate of localization of anti-rat lung antibody

Bugdanov, G.B., 1964:
Rate of loss in the yield of corn due to various insect pests in Northern Osetia

Williams, C.G.; Wyndham, C.H.; Morrison, J.F., 1967:
Rate of loss of acclimatization in summer and winter

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Rate of loss of radioiron from mouse and man

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Rate of lung collapse after airway occlusion on 100% O2 at various ambient pressures

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Rate of metabolism of 9, 10-dimethyl-l,2-benzanthracene in newborn and adult mice

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Rate of metabolism of adrenaline epinephrine and 5 hydroxy tryptamine by blood platelets human rabbit

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Rate of metabolism of ethyl alcohol in the mouse

Nelson, E., 1964:
Rate Of Metabolism Of Tolbutamide In Test Subjects With Liver Disease Or With Impaired Renal Function

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Rate of metabolism of tremorine and oxotremorine in rats and mice

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Rate of mineral removal from milk by ion exchange a,b

Saunder, D.H.; Grant, P.M., 1963:
Rate of mineralisation of organic matter in cultivated Rhodesian soil

Yankyavichus, K.K.; Baranauskene, A.Y., 1968:
Rate of mineralization processes of organic substance by bacteria in natural and artificially fertilized reservoirs

Udani, K.H.; Nelson, A.I.; Steinberg, M.P., 1968:
Rate of moisture adsorption by wheat m flour and its relation to physical chemical and baking characteristics

Minina, E.I., 1963:
Rate of molybdenum intake and translocation in plants

Mikat, 1967:
Rate of mortality with the aged

Jasinski, A.; Gorbman, A.; Hara, T.J., 1966:
Rate of movement and redistribution of stainable neurosecretory granules in hypothalamic neurons

Hall, Arthur, J., 1927:
Rate of movement in post-encephalitic Parkinsonism

Gill, C.C., 1968:
Rate of movement of barley yellow dwarf virus out of inoculated cereal leaves

Mcnaught, D.C.; Hasler, A.D., 1964:
Rate of movement of population of Daphnia in relation to changes in light intensity

Rao, C.S.; Raghava Rao, N.; Dharmaraju, E., 1967:
Rate of multiplication and sex ratio in relation to the quality of food material in bracon brevicornis and perisierola nephantidis nephantis serinopa coconut m

Clarke, D.H.; Royce, J., 1962:
Rate of muscle tension development and release under extreme temperatures

Val'shtrem, E.A., 1966:
Rate of myogenesis of different skeletal muscle primordia of of rat embryos under normal conditions and after X-irradiation

Kallee, E.; Wilmanns, W.; Weiss, G., 1963:
Rate of new formation of insulin-binding gamma-globulin

Sabey, Burns Roy, 1958:
Rate of nitrification in some Iowa soils as influenced by temperature, reaction and population of nitrifying bacteria

Schlack, C.A., 1944:
Rate of occurrence of epithelial tissue in periapical lesions

Hartley, Alice, 1949:
Rate of occurrence of mottled seed in Madrid sweetclover

Goodwin, T.L., 1963:
Rate of oil evaporation from egg shells

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Rate of ossification in the nestling house wren

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Rate of ovarian progesterone secretion in the dog

Gates, Allen, H., 1965:
Rate of ovular development as a factor in embryonic survival

Adams, Charles Roger, 1960:
Rate of ovulation and implantation in swine as affected by dietary factors

Hanson, R.; Langley, L.; Coker, H.; Knight, L.; Cockrell, D., 1963:
Rate of oxidation of C14 glucose to C14O2 by the dog parotid

Sutin, Norman, 1961:
Rate of oxidation of ferrohaemoglobin by ferricyanide ions

Aubertin, E.; Mauriac, P.; Aubel, E., 1928:
Rate of oxidation-reduction in nephritic rabbits

Schulze, K.L., 1960:
Rate of oxygen consumption and respiratory quotients during the aerobic~ decomposition of a synthetic garbage

Soldatova, I.N., 1961:
Rate of oxygen consumption and the dimensions of the bivalve mollusk Teredo navalis L.

Klotz, L.J.; Stolzy, L.H.; Dewofe, T.A.; Szuszkiewicz, T.E., 1965:
Rate of oxygen supply and distribution of root-rotting fungi in soils

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Rate of papaverine metabolism in man

Balch, C.C.; Campling, R.C., 1965:
Rate of passage of dlgesta through the ruminant digestive tract

Kostelecka Myrcha, A.; Myrcha, A., 1965:
Rate of passage of foodstuffs through the alimentary tract of Neomys fodiens under laboratory conditions

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Rate of passage of inert materials through the digestive tract of the bovine

Hevesy, G.; Jacobsen, C.F., 1940:
Rate of passage of water through capillary and cell walls

Shadle, A.R.; Po-Chedley, D., 1949:
Rate of penetration of a porcupine spine

Hahn, L.; Hevesy, G., 1940:
Rate of penetration of ions through the capillary wall

Richardson, Charles, H., 1945:
Rate of penetration of nicotine into the cockroach from solutions of various hydrogen ion concentration

Hevesy, G.; Rebbe, 0., 1940:
Rate of penetration of phosphate into muscle cells

Hevesy, G.; Hahn, L., 1940:
Rate of penetration of phosphatides through the capillary wall

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Rate of peripheral blood flow in the presence of edema

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Rate of phospholipid metabolism in central nervous system of rats during acute radiation sickness

Zamychkina, K.S., 1966:
Rate of phospholipid synthesis in liver bile under various functional conditions

Kalchev, L.A., 1958:
Rate of phosphorus exchange in the carbohydrate and lipoprotein fractions during hysteriosis.

Kuenzler, E.J.; Ketchum, B.H., 1962:
Rate of phosphorus uptake by Phaeodactylum tricornutum

Silin, A.G.; Fal'kova, T.V., 1961:
Rate of photosynthesis for corn of different varieties

Ubragimov, M., 1961:
Rate of photosynthesis in various cotton varieties as related to lighting intensity

Weier, Elliot, 1947:
Rate of pigment degradation in the phloem of dehydrated Red Core Chantenay carrots

Innamoratl, Mario, 1963:
Rate of plant development and endosperm texture in Triticum Durum Desf

Farquhar, J.W.; Reaven, G.M.; Gross, R.; Wagner, R., 1963:
Rate of plasma triglyceride synthesis in carbohydrate-induced lipemi

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Rate of potassium exchange in the rat erythrocyte

Raker, J.W.; Taylor, I.M.; Weller, J.M.; Hastings, A.B., 1950:
Rate of potassium exchange of the human erythrocyte

Abbott, W.E., 1949:
Rate of production of oxygen bv freely developing algae

Freifelder, D., 1968:
Rate of production of single-strand breaks in DNA by x-irradiation in situ

Diercks, F.H.; Hammon, W.M., 1959:
Rate of propagation of Japanese B encephalitis virus in hamster kidney cell cultures

Aschheim, E., 1964:
Rate Of Protein Extravasation In Inflammation

Jakoubek, B.; Gutmann, E.; Fischer, J.; Babický, A., 1968:
Rate of protein renewal in spinal motoneurons of adolescent and old rats

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Rate of protein synthesis: regulation during first division cycle of sea urchin eggs

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Rate of protein synthesis in the growth zones of corn seedling roots

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Rate of proximal humeral fractures in older Finnish women between 1970 and 2007

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Rate of pulmonary excretion of paraldehyde metab in cats pento barbital sodium cent depress

Specht, H.; Brubach, H.F., 1952:
Rate of pulmonary nitrogen accumulation as an index of lung to blood transfer of gases

Reznik, N.D., 1968:
Rate of pulse wave distribution in atherosclerosis

Robison, E.D.; Fisher, C.E.; Scifres, C.J., 1968:
Rate of re infestation and survival of mesquite d seedlings on native grassland burning cutting

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Rate of reaction of red blood cells with influenza virus hemagglutinin

Anonymous, 1955 :
Rate of reconstruction of immunologic reactivity Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 87984

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Rate of recovery from radiation damage and its possible relationship to life shortening in mice

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Rate of recovery of hemopoiesis as a function of the effective radiation dose

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Rate of recovery of plasma, red cell and brain tissue of rats following cholinesterase inhibition by organic phosphates

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Rate of recovery of temperature-regulating responses after ether anesthesia

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Rate of reduction of sulphate by Vibrio desulphuricans, Konae

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Rate of reduction of ubiquinone by NADH in electron transport particles

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Rate of regeneration in human peripheral nerves; analysis of the interval between injury and onset of recovery

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Rate of regeneration in planarians after starvation

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Rate of regeneration of large gerbil populations after extermination Materials of the 1963 science conference on natural focality and pestilence prevention

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Rate of regeneration of motor fibers in the ulnar and sciatic nerves

Clausen, H.J., 1932:
Rate of regeneration of partly histolyzed anuran tail skin

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Rate of regeneration of peripheral nerves in amphibians

Sunderland, S., 1947:
Rate of regeneration of sensory nerve fibers

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Rate of release of morphine metab from the choroid plexus

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Rate Of Removal From The Circulation Of Red Cells Sensitized With Different Amounts Of Antibody

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Rate of removal of alcohol in acutely intoxicated chronic alcoholics

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Rate of renovation of proteins of brain and liver in convulsive state

Grant, Rhoda, 1945:
Rate of replacement of the surface epithelial cells of the gastric mucosa

Robinson, I.M.; West, W.L., 1965:
Rate of replenishment of norepinephrine in reserpinized guinea pig as related to spleen ascorbic acid levels

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Rate of reproduction and size of Aphis fabae on young Vicia faba plants of the same age but different growth activity

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Rate of resorption Abstract

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Rate of resorption of subcutaneously injected cocaine hydrochloride in rabbit

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Rate of Respiration as Related to Age

Popescu, I., 1965:
Rate of respiration intensity of some submerged water plants during 24'hours

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Rate of respiration of sherry yeast on various substrates

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Rate of respiration of tissues in contact with oxygen

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Rate of respiratory excretion of dimethylsulfide in cats given dimethylsulfoxide

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Rate of responding as a function of intertrial interval

Smith, M.H.; Hoy, W.J., 1954:
Rate of response during operant dis crimination

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Rate of response of rabbits to two antigens of tubercle bacilli

D.F.emery, D.; Pool, M.F., 1959 :
Rate of rigor mortis development in relation to tenderness of chicken muscle

Overholser, E.L., 1932:
Rate of ripening and firmness of strawberries as influenced by fertilizers and certain other factors

Landry, A.B.; Goodyer, A.V., 1965:
Rate of Rise of Left Ventricular Pressure: Indirect Measurement and Physiologic Significance

Fabian, F.W.; Fulde, R.C., 1950:
Rate of salt penetration into pickles charted, size by size

Ikai, K., 1959:
Rate of sebum excretion from the glands to the skin surface

Pan, S.C.; Andreasen, A.A.; Kolachov, P., 1950:
Rate of secondary fermentation of corn mashes converted by A niger

Schneyer, L.H.; Levin, L.K., 1955:
Rate of secretion by exogenously stimulated salivary gland pairs of man

Schneyer, L.H.; Levin, L.K., 1955:
Rate of secretion by individual salivary gland pairs of man under conditions of reduced exogenous stimulation

Travis, W.; Burch, G.E., 1944:
Rate of sedimentation of erythrocytes in sickle cell anemia

Pavlovi, Vojislav, 1958:
Rate of sedimentation of erythrocytes of several species of fish from the Adriatic Sea

Bianchi; Turries, 1926:
Rate of sedimentation of red blood corpuscles in leprosy

Escudero, P.; Ithurrat, E.F.rnandez, 1926:
Rate of sedimentation of red blood corpuscles in various forms of ery-throcytosis

Birecki, M.; Fabuanski, J.; Wisniewski, J., 1963:
Rate of seeding of red clover and alfalfa for herbage

Vakhtin, Y.B.; Ignatova, T.N.; Fridlyanskaya, I.I.; Shvemberger, I.I., 1965:
Rate of selection and frequency of acute karyotypic changes in populations of somatic cells during cloning

Weir, C.E., 1949:
Rate of shrinkage of tendon collagen: Heat, entropy, and free energy of activation of the shrinkage of untreated tendon: effect of acid, salt, pickle, and tannage on the activation of tendon collagen

Charache, S.; Conley, C.L., 1964:
Rate Of Sickling Of Red Cells During Deoxygenation Of Blood From Persons With Various Sickling Disorders

Nabb, D.P.; Stein, W.J.; Hayes, W.J., 1966:
Rate of skin absorption of parathion and paraoxon

Wilcox, J.C., 1959:
Rate of soil drainage following an irrigation

Wilcox, J.C., 1962:
Rate of soil drainage following an irrigation. HI. A new concept of the upper limit of available moisture

Wilcox, J.C., 1962:
Rate of soil drainage following an irrigation. IV. Effects of consumptive use and soil depth on upper limit of available moisture

Indraratne, S.; Hao, X.; Chang, C.; Godlinski, F., 2009 :
Rate of soil recovery following termination of long-term cattle manure applications

Sayer, Charles, B., 1947:
Rate of sowing treated pea seed

Prozorov, A.A.; Barabanshchikov, B.I., 1968:
Rate of spontaneous mutagenesis and the specificity of mutations in the strains of Bacillus subtilis with a reduced capacity of genetic recombinations Engl. sum.,

Harrison, J.W.Heslop, 1953:
Rate of spread of Nonagria typhae in County Durham

Demaree, J.B., 1946:
Rate of spread of blueberry stunt in North Carolina

Curry, J.R.; Fons, W.L., 1938:
Rate of spread of surface fires in the ponderosa pine type of California

Berezhnitskii, M.N., 1968:
Rate of spreading pulse waves in patients suffering from chronic nonspecific lung diseases

Ogden, E.; Shock, N.W., 1938:
Rate of stabilisation of systolic blood-pressure following adoption of the supine posture

Moine, M.; Moine, C., 1949:
Rate of stillbirth and mortality of prematures in France during the years 1943-44

Daly, D.A.; Cooper, E.B., 1967:
Rate of stuttering adaptation under two electro-shock conditions

Ludicke, Manfred, 1958:
Rate of sublimation, particle size and insecticidal effect of heptachlordioxane on Drosophila melanogaster Meig

Brown, William, H., 1952:
Rate of survival of largemouth black bass fingerlings stocked in experimental farm ponds

Brown, William, H., 1952:
Rate of survival of largemouth black fry stocked in experimental farm ponds

Elden, H.R., 1958:
Rate of swelling of collagen

Segal, H.L.; Hopper, S., 1963:
Rate of synthesis and half-life of rat liver glutamic-alanine transaminase- hormonal control

Kathan, R.H., 1968:
Rate of synthesis of catecholamines by neopl pheo chromo cytomas and anom neopl neuro blastomas abstract rat

Loeliger, E.A.; Hensen, A.; Hemker, H.C., 1965:
Rate of synthesis of coagulation factors II 1 prothrombin, VII, IX

Shereshevskaya, T.M., 1967:
Rate of synthesis of different fractions of rna in liver cell nuclei during ontogenesis rat

Wise, E.M.; Elwyn, D.H., 1963:
Rate of synthesis of ethanolamine and choline in rat organs

Khasman, E.L., 1964:
Rate of synthesis of the non-specific body proteins at different periods after the administration of typhoid vaccine

Funk, K.; Aldrich, P.J.; Inmiter, T.F., 1968:
Rate of temperature rise physical and chemical properties of ground beef cylinders fabricated from selected muscles of the round 3 effects of surface fat

Funk, K.; Aldrich, P.J.; Irmiter, T.F., 1968:
Rate of temperature rise physical and chemical properties of ground beef cylinders fabricated from selected muscles of the round iv effect of surface connective tissue

Irmiter, T.F.; Aldrich, P.J.; Funk, K., 1967:
Rate of temperature rise, physical and chemical properties of ground beef cylinders fabricated from selected muscles of the round. I. Effect of fat content

Craw, M.R.; Constantine, H.P.; Morello, J.A.; Forster, R.E., 1963:
Rate of the Bohr shift in human red cell suspensions

Arutyuyan, S.K., 1966:
Rate of the accumulation of diphtheria toxoid following revacclnation Abstract only

Blyum, O.B., 1965:
Rate of the consumption of the water reserve in fruticose and foliaceous lichens of meso- and xerotic habitats

Asplund, R.O.en; Nelms, G.E., 1962:
Rate of the disappearance of iodine from thyroid implants in beef calves

Luk'yanenko, V.I.; Sorokin, Y.I., 1965:
Rate of the entry and distribution of antigen into the tissues of fish

Hilton, J.G., 1951:
Rate of the enzymatic breakdown of digitoxin

Halpert, B., 1938:
Rate of the flow of bile Experimental data on the rabbit

Vashkov, V.I.; Khudadov, G.D.; Zakolodkina, V.I., 1965:
Rate of the penetration and accumulation of P32-labelled Dipterex in the different organs and tissues of house flies

Shtekher, S.G., 1966:
Rate of the physiological regeneration of the epidermis in birds

Gugeshashvili, S.I.; Molodinashvill, G.M., 1966:
Rate of the portal blood flow in acute and chronic injuries of the gastrointestinal tract

Imshenetski, A.A., 1941:
Rate of the processes called forth by mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria

Margolina, G.L., 1967:
Rate of the processes of decomposition of organic matter in the reservoirs of the volga and don rivers ussr in the summer of 1965 bacteria

Constantine, H.P.; Craw, M.R.; Forster, R.E., 1965:
Rate Of The Reaction Of Carbon Dioxide With Human Red Blood Cells

Zamychkina, K.S., 1966:
Rate of the splitting and absorption of protein casein tagged with iodine-131 in the gastrointestinal tract and the excretion of the products of its hydrolysis with the bile

Panosyan, A.K.; Babayan, G.S., 1966:
Rate of the synthesis of auxin- and gibberellin-like substances by phosphorus-mineralizing microorganisms found in the water and soils in the vicinity of Lake Sevan

Kutka, M., 1962:
Rate of thyroxine disappearance in thyrotoxicosis measured by means of radioactive thyroxine

Montgomery, G.G., 1968:
Rate of tick attachment to a white tailed fawn dermacentor variabilis odocoileus virginianus

Cohen, P.P.; Hekhuis, G.L.verne, 1941:
Rate of transamination in normal tissues

Misra, A., 1967:
Rate of transpiration of diseased leaves of justicia gendarussa d infected by puccininia thwaitesii in comparison with healthy leaves abstract

Brown, R.L., 1944:
Rate of transport of spermia in human uterus and tubes

Bird, R.E., 1968:
Rate of travel of the replication fork at different growth rates in escherichia coli 15t minus abstract chromosome dna synthesis

Woods, Gordon, T., 1945:
Rate of travel of the wood turtle

Vartapetyan, B.B., 1962:
Rate of turnover of water in marine teleost fishes

Storey, B.T., 1968:
Rate of ubiquinone oxidation in electron transport particles reduced by succinate enz nadh oxidase cytochrome c

Fixman, M., 1963:
Rate of unwinding of DNA

Breccia, A.; Fantola, A.L.; Giustina, G.; Lazzarini, E., 1960:
Rate of uptake of 2,Cl4-glycine in haem, globin and ghosts by duck blood in vitro

Chowdhury, J.R.y; Neogy, R.K., 1964:
Rate of uptake of 32P in the nucleic acids of organelles of developing chick embryo

Breccia, A.; Trenta, A.; Badiello, R.R.; Moretti, S.; Mattii, M., 1966:
Rate of uptake of 75Se, as selenourea-75Se, in rats in vivo

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Rate of uptake of S35 of methionine in the lens of albino rats

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Rate of uptake of fluid from lung measured with radioisotopes; comparison of rapid rate for water with slower rate for saline

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Rate of uptake of glycine-2-C14 in hem, globin, and ghosts of duck blood in vitro. Glycine conversion to serine and other compounds at duck red cell level

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Rate of uptake of salts by plant cells in relation to an anion pump

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Rate of urinary fluoride output in normal adults

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Rate of utilization of L-arabinose by Candida tropicalis in different media

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Rate of utilization of glucose and compartmentation of -oxoglutarate and glutamate in rat brain

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Rate of Vaporization of Sulfur

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Rate of verbal conditioning in relation to stimulus variability

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Rate of Virus Spread in Tomato Plants

Marsilac, J.A.M., 1968:
Rate of vision or visual capacity

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Rate of water entry into an irrigated Chestnut soil as affected by 39 years of cropping and manurial practices

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Rate of water interchange in swollen plant seeds

Burch, G.E.; Myers, H.L., 1946:
Rate of water loss from the skin of the foot of normal and trench foot subjects

Marshall, Roy, E., 1931:
Rate of water movement through excised parts of fruiting canes and current season shoots of the black raspberry

Rao, K.Pampapathi, 1953:
Rate of water propulsion in Mytilus californianus as a function of latitude

Nagabhushanam, E.; Sarojini, R., 1965:
Rate of water propulsion of Mulinia lateralis in relation to salinity and temperature

Nagabhushanam, R., 1961:
Rate of water pumping of Modiolus demissus in relation to salinity and temperature

Zotin, A.I., 1958:
Rate of water replacement in embryos of the sturgeon Acipenser guldenstaedti colchicus y. marti

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Rate parameters of the tri carboxylic acid cycle rat heart mitochondrion compartmentation

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Rate phenomena in the neutral sulfite delignification of loblolly pine

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Rate recovery in a repetitive motor task as a function of successive rest periods

Hochstein, P.; Danilchenko, A., 1959:
Rate regulation by mitochondria in soluble glycolytic systems

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Rate spectrum of biological current in different sections of the rabbits brain and its changes when affected by vestibular and opto kinetic stimuli human

Ming, T.K.; Severson, C.; Goodman, H.S., 1964:
Rate Studies In Immune Hemagglutination

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Rate studies of intestinal absorption for L-tyrosine

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Rate studies of the hydro-tropic delignification of aspen wood

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Rate studies of thiourea and N, N -diethylthiourea enhancement of quinine and quinidine intestinal absorption

Albrecht, W.J.; Mustakas, G.C.; Mcghee, J.E., 1966:
Rate studies on atmospheric steaming and immersion cooking of soybeans

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Rate, source, time and method of applying phosphates for alfalfa and legume-grass hay and pasture

Stern, E., 1959:
Rate, stage, and patient age in cervical cancer. An analysis of age specific discovery rates for atypical hyperplasia, in situ cancer, and invasive cancer in a well population

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Rate-change effects during a pre-schedule-change stimulus

Kaplan, J.G., 1963:
Rate-determining step in the -glucosidase activity of intact yeast cells

Krayer, O.; Mosimann, W.; Silver, G., 1966:
Rate-increasing action of methylguanidine upon the isolated mammalian heart

Sowton, Edgar, 1967:
Rate-independent effects of propranolol The differentiation between chronotropic, inotropic, and peripheral vascular responses

Valenstein, E.S.; Meyers, W.J., 1964:
Rate-Independent Test Of Reinforcing Consequences Of Brain Stimulation

Wu, R., 1965:
Rate-Limiting Factors In Glycolysis And Inorganic Orthophosphate Transport In Rat Liver And Kidney Slices

Wu, R.; Power, H.; Hamerman, D., 1965:
Rate-limiting factors in glycolysis and transport of inorganic phosphate in DBAH-1 tumor, DBAG tumor, Novikoff hepatoma, and Novikoff ascites tumor

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Rate-limiting factors in the photosynthesis of isolated chloroplasts

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Rate-sensitive contractile responses of lymphatic vessels to circumferential stretch

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Rated acceptability of mineral taste in water

Bendig, A.W., 1957:
Rater reliability and judgmental demoralization

Russell, D.L.; Machir, D.F., 1961:
Rater reliability and prediction of diagnosis with the Wittenborn scales

Priestley, G.C., 1966:
Rates and duration of hair growth in the albino rat

French, T.C.; Bruice, T.C., 1964:
Rates and equilibrium constants of imine formation with pyridine-4-aldehyde and various amino acids

Matthews, E.M., 1949:
Rates and method of applying fertilizer and side dressings using two spacings flue cured tobacco

Matthews, E.M., 1918:
Rates and method of applying fertilizer and sidedress-ings using two spacings - flue-cured tobacco

Matthews, E.M., 1949:
Rates and methods of applying fertilizer and side dressing using two spacings flue-cured tobacco

Kohnke, H.; Miles, S.R., 1951:
Rates and patterns of seeding corn on high fertility land

Gruev, T., 1968:
Rates and ratios of fertilizers applied to wheat m grown with irrigation on leached chernozem

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Rates and routes of sulfonamide excretion in the cow. I. Milk levels following single intravenous and oral administrations

Schipper, I.A., 1964:
Rates and routes of sulfonamide excretion in the cow: blood levels following single intravenous and oral administrations

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Rates and types of ground limestone for alfalfa

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Rates of DNA synthesis in diploid and tetraploid mouse liver nuclei

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Rates of absorption of barbiturates in the rat

Gakstatter, J.H., 1968:
Rates of accumulation of carbon 14 dieldrin pestic residues in tissues of goldfish exposed to a single sublethal dose of carbon 14 aldrin carassius auratus

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Rates of acetate metabolism in fed sheep

Hertig, B.A.; Belding, H.S., 1961:
Rates of adjustment of sweating and body temperatures following exposure to heat

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Rates of alcoholism in the U. S. A 1940-1948

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Rates of antibody synthesis during first, second, and hyperimmune responses of rabbits to bovine gamma globulin

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Rates of attendance and reasons for nonattendance at a clinic of physically, mentally, and emotionally handicapping conditions

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Rates of blood formation and of blood-cell depletion and recovery after irradiation

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Rates of calcium exchange in dental hard tissues

Hodge, H.C.rpenter; Underwood, E.E.; Falkenheim, M., 1950:
Rates of calcium exchange in the system; powdered bone in calcium chloride solution

Gammon, N.Jr; Blue, W.G., 1968:
Rates of calcium loss and production of clover d grass m herbage at 4 lime levels on leon fine sand

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Rates of cell division and cell elongation in the growth of the primary root of Zea mays

Bertalanffy, F.D.; Lau, C., 1962:
Rates of cell division of transplantable malignant rat tumors

Taylor, J.H., 1968:
Rates of chain growth and units of replication in DNA of mammalian chromosomes

Hendricks, S.B., 1960:
Rates of change of phytochrome as an essential factor determining photoperiodism in plants

Crowell, K.L., 1968:
Rates of competitive exclusion by the argentine ant in bermuda iridomyremex humilis pheidole megacephala

Martin, I.C.A., 1962:
Rates of cooling and storage temperatures for deep-frozen spermatozoa

Whitney, R.D.; Denyer, W.B.G., 1968:
Rates of decay by Coniophora puteana and Polyporus tomentosus in living and dying white spruce

M.J.lali; F.R.njbar, 2009:
Rates of decomposition and phosphorus release from organic residues related to residue composition

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Rates of deoxyribonucleic acid formation and cell production in regenerating rat liver

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Rates of development and regression of changes during and after prolonged cortisone administration in rats

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Rates of development in eggs from three populations of Didymuria vilescens

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Rates of development in embryos of a Cyprinodont fish exposed to different temperature-salinity-oxygen combinations

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Rates of development of the pollen of two varieties of cotton

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Rates of digestion, gastric emptying and intestinal absorption of starch

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Rates of disappearance of Zolone and Imidan from alfalfa

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Rates of dna synthesis in organ cultures of lung and prostate as measured by inst tritiated thymidine auto radiography mouse mitosis

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Rates of entry and oxidation of acetate, glucose, D - -hydroxybutyrate, palmitate, oleate and stearate, and rates of production and oxidation of propionate and butyrate in fed and starved sheep

Rates of equilibration of inulin and mannitol between plasma and interstitial water in edematous states

Young, J.Z., 1961:
Rates of establishment of representations in the memory of octopuses with and without vertical lobes

M.S.amma; E.F.W.lker, 1963:
Rates of ethiodide formation and the stereochemistry of ajmaline at C-21

Hoberman, H.D., 1968:
Rates of exchange of isotopic hydrogen between reduced substrates of coupled nad dependent enz dehydrogenases

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Rates of exchange of phosphate ions in human, rabbit, and chicken blood

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Rates of feather growth in barred Plymouth rock chicks

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Rates of forest exploitation and changes in bird populations in the european forests of the southern taiga

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Rates of formation of enzyme-ovomucoid complexes

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Rates of freezing and thawing meats

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Rates of genetic change under selection

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Rates of glycogenolysis in spayed and alloxan-diabetic spayed rat uteri in vitro

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Rates of growth and of remodelling as factors in the genesis of vascular and osseous lesion of odoratism in rats

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Rates of growth in British ammocoetes

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Rates of growth of immature Douglas fir as shown by periodic remeasure-ments on permanent sample plots

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Rates of growth of merino wool month by month

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Rates Of Growth Of Pulmonary Metastases And Host Survival

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Rates of hair growth

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Rates of hemolysis in human blood stored in dextrose solutions and in other mixtures

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Rates Of Hydrolysis Of Carbamate And Carbonate Esters In Alkaline Solution

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Rates of immobilization and release of nitrogen following additions of carbonaceous material and nitrogen to soils

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Rates of in vitro cellulose and dry matter digestion at 5,8 and 11 hours as predictors of forage nutritive value

Poddubnyj, 1962:
Rates of inactivation of isoniazid, ftivazid and metazid in tuberculous patients

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Rates of incorporation of label from D- glucose into different regions of the root-tip of maize

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Rates of insorption of sodium and potassium from stomachs of rats

Moll, J.C.; Code, C.F., 1962:
Rates of insorption of sodium and potassium from upper small bowel of rats

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Rates of irrigation in relation to data yielded by the Piche apparatus under screen

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Rates of leaf initiation in two mutants of Zea mays, dwarf-1 and brachytic-2

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Rates of meiosis, spindle irregularities, and micro-sporocyte division in Bromus trinii and B. carinatus

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Rates of mental disease related to childbearing

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Rates of metabolism of acetate-1-C14 in tissues in vivo

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Rates of methiodide formation and the stereochemistry of the ethyl side chain of Iboga type alkaloids

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Rates of mineral nutriment for castor-oil plant

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Rates of mitosis in a partially synchronous meristem

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Rates of moisture sorption and desorption in porous, dried foodstuffs

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Rates of mortality in the embryonic and larval period of development of the Black Sea anchovy

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Rates of nitrification in natural and conditioner -formed soil aggregates of various sizes

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Rates of nonenzvmatic browning of white potato during dehydration

Björntorp, P., 1968:
Rates of oxidation of different fatty acids by isolated rat liver mitochondria

South, Frank, E., 1958:
Rates of oxygen consumption and glycolysis of ventricle and brain slices, obtained from hibernating and non-hibernating mammals, as function of temperature

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Rates Of Oxygen Consumption Of Fertilized And Unfertilized Asterias, Arbacia, And Spisula Eggs

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Rates of passage of iodine into and out of the thyroid gland of the rat under various conditions of dietary iodine intake and body weight

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Rates of penetration of fixing fluids

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Rates of photosynthesis and respiration in relation to stomatal movements in leaves treated with -hydroxysulphonate and glycollate

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Rates of photosynthesis and respiration in the crowns of spruces and copper beaches

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Rates of photosynthesis by isolated chloroplasts

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Rates of photosynthesis in characean cells Photosynthetic 14CO2 fixation by Nitella translucens

Smith, F.A., 1968:
Rates of photosynthesis in characean cells, n. Photosynthetic 14CO2 fixation and 14p-bicarbonate uptake by characean cells

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Rates of physical impairments in 28 occupations, based on 17,294 medical examinations

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Rates of production of alanine and heptapeptide and of loss of biological activity during digestion of insulin with trypsin

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Rates Of Proliferation And Interrelationships Of Cells In The Mesenteric Lymph Node Of The Rat

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Rates of reaction of hemoglobin H with Uganda

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Rates of reaction of native human globin with some hemes

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Rates Of Reactions Involved In Phosphatide Synthesis In Liver And Small Intestine Of Intact Rats

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Rates of recovery of excitability in various parts of the dog myocardium

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Rates of release and replenishment of transmitter in the spinal mono synaptic pathway

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Rates of replacement of lecithins and alveolar instability in rat lungs

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Rates of resorption in the gall bladder. Further experiments with methylene blue on rabbits

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Rates of resorption in the gall bladder: estimations based on experiments with methylene blue on rabbits

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Rates of respiration of estuarine fish micropogon logodon centropristes

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Rates of saccadic eye movement and size judgments of normals and schizophrenics

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Rates of seeding rambler alfalfa with dryland pasture grasses

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Rates Of Selective Action On Unifactorial And Multifactorial Traits

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Rates of settlement and growth of the pile fauna of the Mersey estuary

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Rates of sodium turnover in normal subjects and in patients with congestive heart failure

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Rates of solution and movement of different fertilizers in the soil and the effects of the fertilizers on the germination and root development of beans

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Rates of solution of calcium phosphates in phosphoric acid solutions

Smul'skii, A.A., 1958:
Rates of sowing in strain testing

Glencross, R.N.; Cox, W.J., 1968:
Rates of super phosphate for pasture and crop production in the salmon gums district australia cereals pasture

Schumm, S.A., 1967:
Rates of surficial rock creep on hillslopes in Western colorado

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Rates of survival and growth of bluegill yolk fry stocked at different intensities in hatchery ponds

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Rates of synthesis and turnover of proteins and nucleic acid purines in the rat

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Rates Of Synthesis Of Acid Phosphatases In Nucleate And Enucleate Acetabularia Fragments

Funk, K.; Aldrich, P.J.; Irmiter, T.F., 1968:
Rates of temperature rise physical and chemical properties of ground beef cylinders fabricated from selected muscles of the round 2 effect of bone

Karandeeva, O., 1965:
Rates of the rearrangement of processes involved in osmoregulation in aquatic invertebrates Abstract only

Kessler, J.I.; Demeny, M.; Sobotka, H., 1967:
Rates of tissues uptake of palmitic acid-l-14c complexed with albumin by two different procedures

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Rates of transmitter turnover in the superior cervical ganglion investigated by electro physiological techniques

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Rates of tree growth and forest succession in the Anchorage-Matanuska Valley Area, Alaska

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Rates of turnover and biologic decay of chloride and chloride space in the dog determined with the long-life isotope, Cl36

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Rates of turnover of deoxythymidine kinase and of its template RNA in regenerating and control liver

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Rates of utilization of glucose in erythrocytes and leucocytes

Stewart, W.E.; Stewart, D.G.; Schultz, L.H., 1958:
Rates of volatile fatty acid in the bovine rumen

Nyarady, E.J., 1930:
Ratezat Mt. as a genetic center for Hieracium spp. and hybrids

Norris, E.R.; Daniel Son, I.S., 1929:
Ratfish-liver oil as a source of vitamin A

Williams, A.S.; Taylor, L.H., 1957:
Rathay's disease of orchard grass found in Virginia

Podbielkowski, Z., 1967:
Rather rare species of vascular plants of the warsaw voivodship poland wolffia arrhiza m location

Northfield, D.W.C., 1957:
Rathke-pouch tumors

Tortora, M.; Nappi, R., 1967:
Ratification of original Rh-Hr nomenclature: The end of a long lasting dispute

Waldman, M.; Dovrat, A., 1968:
Rating of alfalfa d varieties for cold resistance by germination in solutions of different osmotic values abstract test

Crandall, V.J.; Bellugi, U., 1956:
Rating personal adjustment through an analysis of social reinforcements

Halberstam, J.L.; Zaretsky, H.H., 1966:
Rating reliability and affective value of words as a function of age and brain damage

Bojanovsky, J.; Chloupkova, K., 1966:
Rating scale for depressive illness

Michels, W.C.; Doser, B.T.ylor, 1955:
Rating scale method for comparative loudness measurements

Pichot, P., 1968:
Rating scales and mental tests in clinical psycho pharmacology human

Mcginnies, W.G.; Retzer, J.L., 1950:
Rating soils for range management

Krebs, R.D.; Hunter, J.H., 1962:
Rating soils for residential sewage disposal

Lorio, P.L.Jr, 1966:
Rating stands for susceptibility to southern pine beetle

Papadopoulos, A.M.; Giama, E., 2009:
Rating systems for counting buildings environmental performance

Hlynka, I.; Hood, E.G., 1947:
Rating the acid-producing ability of starters for cheddar cheesemaking

Lehmann, H.E.; Ban, T.A.; Donald, M., 1965:
Rating the Rater. An Experimental Approach to the Methodological Problem of Interrater Agreement

Smith, Ralph, H., 1940:
Rating thoroughness of ap-lication in spraying citrus trees

Penzer, E.Steven, 1962:
Ratings of seriousness of behavior problems of elementary school boys by teachers, school psychologists and clinicians in Nassau Country: Correlations of teachers', school psychologists' and clinicians' ratings. Correlations of teachers' and school psychologists' ratings in elementary schools where quantity and functions of school psychological services vary

Deever, S.G., 1968:
Ratings of task oriented expectancy for success as a function of internal control and field independence

Miyake, Y.; Sugimura, Y.; Uchida, T., 1966:
Ratio U234/U238 and the uranium concentration of seawater in the western North Pacific

Caen, Jacques, P., 1963:
Ratio adenosine triphosphate/adenosine diphosphate in platelet-rich plasma in haemorrhagic disorders

Sokolova, V.E., 1966:
Ratio between contents of caffeic and chlorogenic acids as an index of the resistance of potato tubers to Phytophthora infestans

Gudkova, N.S., 1963:
Ratio between the length and weight of the body for some higher crustaceans

Bass, D.E.; Dobalian, I.T., 1953:
Ratio between true and apparent creatinine in sweat

Bro, R.Smussen, F.; Buus, O.; Trolle, D., 1962:
Ratio cortisone/cortisol in mother and infant at birth

Mattson, C.D.; Bentley, W.R., 1967:
Ratio estimates of free campground use

Herxheimer, H.; Kost, R., 1928:
Ratio of O intake and CO2 output to ventilation during severe muscular work

Chin, N.B.; Breinin, G.M., 1967:
Ratio of accommodative convergence to accommodation

Pokrovskii, A.A.; Musin, I.I., 1966:
Ratio of aldolase activities measured with fructosediphosphate and fructose-monophosphate in various organs and tissues of rats

Smorodinzew, J.A.; Adowa, A.N., 1928:
Ratio of amino to carboxyl groups in pepsin

Brugi, G.; Frosini, D., 1929:
Ratio of arm-spread to stature

Sagalovich, B.M.; Melkumova, G.G., 1967:
Ratio of auditory thresholds in air and bone conduction of sounds in normal persons

Connor, Gerald, I., 1967:
Ratio of blue and red light A brief in; crease following sunset

Rath, R.; Petrásek, R.; Masek, J., 1967:
Ratio of body fat, cholesterolaemia, esterified fatty acids and blood pressure of women with different body-weight

King, E.R.; Smyser, M.P., 1951:
Ratio of bone weight to live body weight of the Wistar rat

Imm, C.Woo; Schuster, B., 1964:
Ratio of cardiac output to central blood volume: An index of cardiac failure

Kwit, N.T.; Gold, H.; Golfinos, A.J.; Goessel, E.A.; Hughes, J.H., 1960:
Ratio of cardiac to emetic activity of three digitalis materials, digitoxin , digoxin , and amorphous gitalin in ambulant cardiac patients

Wallace, James, H., 1942:
Ratio of cardiovascular malformations to other types of heart disease in children

Strand, C.M.; Wheelock, M.C., 1954:
Ratio of cervical carcinoma to corpus carcinoma

Pozsar, B.L., 1959:
Ratio of chlorophyll and paeophytin components in tobacco leaves

Scott, R.F.; Thomas, W.A.; Morrison, E.S.; Lee, K.T.ik, 1962:
Ratio of cholesterol linoleate to arachidonate in men on high- and low-fat diet

Asimov, I.; Lemon, H.M.; Reguera, R.M.; Davison, M.M.; Walker, B.S., 1951:
Ratio of desoxypentosenucleic acid to potassium in normal and malignant human tissue

Sokolov, E.G.; Savchenko, O.N., 1968:
Ratio of excretion of gonadotropins and estrogens during dysfunctional uterine hemorrhages woman

Barts, M.P., 1965:
Ratio of free to noradrenaline -bound protein in the rabbit heart in various functional states of this organ

Hussey, Clara, V., 1951:
Ratio of free to total prothrombin in various types of hypoprothrombinemia

Babione, R.W., 1949:
Ratio of gonorrhea to syphilis as occurring in the United States Navy

Ludwig, D.; Tracey, K.M.rie; Burns, M.L.uise, 1957:
Ratio of ions required to maintain the heart beat of the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana Linnaeus

Spicer, S.S.; Gergely, J., 1950:
Ratio of myosin to actin in synthetic actomyosin

Sandrucci, M.G., 1949:
Ratio of penicillin concentration in blood and cerebrospinal fluid

Rogacheva, A.Y., 1968:
Ratio of phosphorylation to oxidation in mitochondria from wilting plant tissues pisum sativum d cucumis sativus d

Bellrose, Frank, C., 1945:
Ratio of reported to unreported duck bands in Illinois

Stamberg, O.E.; Petersen, C.F.; Lampman, C.E., 1946:
Ratio of riboflavin in yolks and whites of eggs

Starlinger, Wilhelm, 1926:
Ratio of serum fractions of tertiary syphilitic sera with positive complement fixation reactions

Mehta, Dev Raj, 1934:
Ratio of sexes of some Indian anophelines hatching under controlled conditions in the Laboratory

Wells, I.C.; Itano, H.A., 1950:
Ratio of sickle cell anemia to normal hemoglobin in sicklemics

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