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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25352

Chapter 25352 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tacquet, A.; Tison, F.; Macquet, V., 1959:
Recent techniques for the identification of mycobacteria

Castro, J.G., 1968:
Recent techniques for the sero diagnosis of human and animal hydatid disease ii the bentonite flocculation test

Gonzalez Castro, J., 1968:
Recent techniques for the serodiagnosis of human and animal hydatosis part 3 indirect hem agglutination test ha 1

Gonzalez Castro, J., 1968:
Recent techniques for the serodiagnosis of human and animal hydatosis part 4 test with sensitized latex particles

Gonzalez Castro, J., 1968:
Recent techniques for the serum diagnosis of hydatidosis the importance of bentonite latex and hem agglutination tests in sanitation campaigns against hydatidosis

Sair, Louis, 1955:
Recent techniques in meat curing

Castro, J.G., 1968:
Recent techniques in the sero diagnosis of human and animal hydatid disease i the evolution of techniques for the immuno diagnosis of hydatid disease the most prominent facts

Barnett, Harold; Nelson, R.W., 1966:
Recent technological studies of Dungeness crab processing: 4. Preliminary report on salt uptake and heat penetration in whole-cooked crab

Melot, M.Gerard, 1965:
Recent tendencies in technology applied to greenhouse culture, especially to carbon dioxide enrichment

Hashimoto, H., 1968:
Recent tendency of enterococci in milk powder in japan streptococcus faecium

Bestagno, G., 1963:
Recent tests for control of fungus diseases of carnation with dodine

Thurston, H.W., 1944:
Recent tests of materials for potato spraying in Pennsylvania

Mook, P.V.; Verrall, A.F., 1944:
Recent tests of sap-stain control

Burrage, W.S., 1948:
Recent therapeutic trends in allergy

Mori, Y., 2009:
Recent topics related to human herpesvirus 6 cell tropism

Oliva, Alberto, 1939:
Recent traces of the ancient civilization of aeneolithic Umbria derived from recoveries of plant materials of the caverns of Belverde

Hubert Gagné; Patrick Lajeunesse; Guillaume St-Onge; Andrée Bolduc, 2009:
Recent transfer of coastal sediments to the Laurentian Channel, Lower St Lawrence Estuary Eastern Canada, through submarine canyon and fan systems

Borghi, A.; Caresano, A., 1968:
Recent traumatic pneumocephalus discussion of 4 cases

Dufrenoy, J., 1929:
Recent travaux relatifs au Glomerella cingulata Spaulding et von Schr. et a sa forme conidienne: Colletotrichum gloeosporioides

B0urke B0rr0wes, D., 1929:
Recent travels through parts of Western Brazil and Eastern Bolivia

Wilczek, M.; Zygulska Machowa, H.; Wilczek, Z., 1964:
Recent treatment of keratitis herpetica

Anonymous, 1934:
Recent trend of diphtheria prevalence

Okuma, H.; Kataniwa, Y.; Tsunoda, K.; Akasaka, T., 1967:
Recent trend of gonorrhoea in Japanese males

Anonymous, 1934:
Recent trend of scarlet fever prevalence

Hedrich, A.W., 1945:
Recent Trend of the Birth Rate

Dutta, N.K., 1964:
Recent trend on the pathogenesis of cholera

Cotton, R.H., 1960:
Recent trends in American Baking Technology

Popenoe, P., 1947:
Recent trends in American marriages

Kiaer, Thv, 1940:
Recent trends in German forestry

Cole, Fay Cooper, 1930:
Recent trends in anthropology

Neelameghan, S.A., 1958:
Recent trends in antibiotics production around the world U.S.A., Latin America, Canada

Jorpes, E., 1952:
Recent trends in anticoagulant therapy of thrombosis

Poppen, John, R., 1941:
Recent trends in aviation medicine

Lederer, Edgar, 1963:
Recent trends in biochemistry

Weimer, Bernal, R., 1929:
Recent trends in biology teaching

Race, R.R., 1965:
Recent trends in blood group genetics

Waters, E.G., 1958:
Recent trends in cesarean section; a review of 2066 consecutive operations

World Health Organization, 1965:
Recent trends in cholera research

Davis, D.Dwight, 1962:
Recent trends in comparative anatomy

D.Graaf, Jan, 1943:
Recent trends in daffodil breeding

Mattick, A.T.R., 1939:
Recent trends in dairy bacteriology

Anonymous, 1962:
Recent trends in diabetes mortality

Shah, V.V.; Yeli, S.M., 1968:
Recent trends in diuretic therapy and clinical evaluation of ethacrynic acid renal acting in edema due to congestive cardiac failure human

Hall, M.J.; Richmond, K.P., 1961:
Recent trends in eucalypt reforestation in Gippsland, Victoria

Stern, Kurt, 1952:
Recent trends in experimental oncology a review

Church, B.M., 1952:
Recent trends in fertilizer practice in England and Wales I The national position

Datta, N.P., 1967:
Recent trends in fertilizer use

Avery, Gene, 1962:
Recent trends in forest photogrammetry

Anonymous, 1962:
Recent trends in heart disease

Gourley, J.H., 1941:
Recent trends in horticultural research

Hunt, E.P.; Chenoweth, A.D., 1961:
Recent trends in infant mortality in the United States

Cutkomp, L.K., 1955:
Recent trends in insecticide research

Hinman, E.H., 1947:
Recent trends in malaria control in Latin America

O.Leary, J.A., 1968:
Recent trends in management of the episiotomy

Spicer, C.C., 1967:
Recent trends in mortality

Yamamoto, C.; Masunaga, A.; Narumi, T.; Ito, T.; Hirose, F.; Shikada, H., 1967:
Recent trends in non-gonococcal urethritis

Buck, C., 1956:
Recent trends in pertussis mortality and morbidity in Ontario

Goldstein, Marcus, S., 1940:
Recent trends in physical anthropology

Meyer, Bernard, S., 1957:
Recent trends in plant physiology

Fleury, A.C., 1934:
Recent trends in plant quarantine

Anandaswamy, B.; Iyengar, N.V.R., 1961:
Recent trends in prepackaging of perishables: Fruits and vegetables

Hamburg, D.A., 1961:
Recent trends in psychiatric research training

Burcham, L.T., 1955:
Recent trends in range improvement on California foothill ranges

Kannan, A.; Dejadas, R.P., 1967:
Recent trends in rice research in respect to its processing and nutritive value

Lebel, Thierry; Ali, Abdou, 2009:
Recent trends in the Central and Western Sahel rainfall regime 1990 - 2007

Lieberman, S.; Teich, S., 1953:
Recent trends in the biochemistry of the steroid hormones

Gilani, S.; Khan, A.M.jid, 1968:
Recent trends in the control of tuberculosis

Morgan, Banner Bill, 1944:
Recent trends in the diagnosis of bovine trichomoniasis

Mikol, E.X.; Plunkett, R.E., 1945:
Recent Trends in the Early Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

Kreiling, Frederick, C., 1963:
Recent trends in the philosophy of history in relation to the history of science

Anonymous, 1962:
Recent trends in the quarentinable diseases

Dickie, L.M., 1958:
Recent trends in the scallop fishery of eastern Canada

Tamarina, N.A., 1963:
Recent trends in the search for methods of overcoming insecticide resistance in insects

Wallen, I.E., 1957:
Recent trends in the teaching of science

Blum, L., 1954:
Recent trends in the treatment of peripheral vascular diseases

J.M.caughan, J.J.; Jernigan, W.R., 1961:
Recent trends in the treatment of the bleeding peptic ulcer

Groch, S.N.; Wright, I.S., 1961:
Recent trends in therapy of cerebral vascular disease

Tow, W.S.H.; Cheng, W.C., 1967:
Recent trends in treatment of neopl chorio carcinoma woman hysterectomy chemo therapy

Woodruff, P.S., 1958:
Recent trends in tuberculosis in South Australia

Klein, G., 1966:
Recent trends in tumor immunology

Hockensmith, R.D.; Steele, J.G., 1950:
Recent trends in use of the land-capability classification

Johnson, George, F., 1941:
Recent trends in visual instruction

Rana, R.S., 1967:
Recent trends in wheat research

Giordano, Guglielmo, 1947 :
Recent trends in wood technology

Hopkins, Ralph; Faget, G.H., 1944:
Recent trends of leprosy in the United States. Report of seven hundred cases at the National Leprosarium

Knox, W.H., 1940:
Recent trends of municipal sewage treatment in Ohio

A.D.orská; G.L.mmel; I.H.loubek, 2009:
Recent trends of persistent organic pollutants in air in central Europe - Air monitoring in combination with air mass trajectory statistics as a tool to study the effectivity of regional chemical policy

Martin, W.J., 1942:
Recent Trends of Some Infectious Diseases

Dalcq, A.M., 1948:
Recent trends of the induction problem

M.K.nz; J.S.nder; Ch. Kottmeier, 2009:
Recent trends of thunderstorm and hailstorm frequency and their relation to atmospheric characteristics in southwest Germany

Stipes, R.J.y; Schreiber, L.R., 1967:
Recent trials of captan and other fungicidal agents in the control of Dutch elm disease

Downes, W., 1935:
Recent trials of repellents for Narcissus fly

Holland, T.H., 1927:
Recent trials with pineapples

Clausen, K.H.; Helsted, K., 1942:
Recent tuberculous infection in tuberculous milieu with special reference to inversion in the sensitiveness to tuberculin

Uchida, K., 1967:
Recent underwater physiological experiences of the Japanese Navy

Hasegawa, S.; Nagano, Y.; Kitamoto, O.; Otani, S.; Shibuki, M., 1955:
Recent use of an irradiated antirabic vaccine in Japan

Erwall, L.G.; Ljunggren, K., 1958:
Recent uses of radioisotopes in technological research and control in Sweden

Cowgill, U.M., 1964:
Recent Variations In The Season Of Birth In Puerto Rico

Hall, J.B.; Pople, W., 1968:
Recent vegetation changes in the lower volta river africa

Clebsch, E.E.B., 1968:
Recent vegetation studies in eastern tennessee usa abstract preservation

Hall, J.B.; Pople, W., 1968:
Recent vegetational changes in the lower volta river ghana potamogeton octandrus m vallisneria aethiopica m

Jensen, Emmerik, 1963:
Recent viewpoints on induced immunological tolerance

Sirtori, C., 1963:
Recent Views About Cancer Recurrences

Szymaniak, Ewa, 1964:
Recent views for diagnosis and treatment of dental foci

Vandel, A., 1946:
Recent views of paleontologists on the classification of animals

Costa, A.C.Da, 1940:
Recent views of the nature of neural functioning

Ritchie, Patrick, D., 1947:
Recent views on asymmetric synthesis and related processes

Scaramella, Piera, 1932:
Recent views on cauliflory

Friedrich, W., 1963:
Recent views on cellular protein-synthesis

Brodie, B.B., 1963:
Recent Views On Mechanisms For Lowering Sympathetic Tone

Demetz, Antonio, 1960:
Recent views on regional chemotherapy of cancer

Gryglewski, Ryszard, 1960:
Recent views on structural changes in biogenic amines

Frankenburger, W., 1933:
Recent views on the character of photochemical processes and their relation to biological processes A review

Yamada, T., 1958:
Recent views on the chemical processes of neural induction

Nordio, S., 1957:
Recent views on the clinical picture of scarlet fever

Anonymous, 1962:
Recent views on the problem of addiction

Bolognari, A., 1959:
Recent views on the structure, ultrastructure, physico-chemistry and functional activity of the nucleolus

Brenda Moraska Lafrancois; Suzanne Magdalene; D.K.nt Johnson, 2009:
Recent water quality trends and a comparison to sediment-core records for two riverine lakes of the Upper Mississippi River basin Lake St Croix and Lake Pepin

Cartwright, B.W., 1941:
Recent western records of Black Duck

Grainger, John, 1952:
Recent work in Ayrshire on the control of potato root eelworm

Fisher, Ronald, C., 1927:
Recent work in France on parasitic control of insects

Harrtsson, T.H., 1933:
Recent work in central Borneo

Gantt, W.H.rsley, 1927:
Recent work of Pawlow and his pupils. Conditioned reflexes; sympathetic nervous system ; epilepsy and cerebro-spinal fluid

Bidan, P., 1963:
Recent work of the Versailles station International Symposium on Enology, Bordeaux, 1963

Conway, V.M., 1941:
Recent work on Arctic ecology. I. Europe and Greenland. II. North America. III. Arctic ecology

Guillaumin, A., 1928:
Recent work on Citrus

Harmer, Sidney, F., 1931:
Recent work on Polyzoa

Brown, E.M., 1967:
Recent work on activated sludge abstract protozoan fauna bacteria

Johri, B.M., 1961:
Recent work on angiosperm embryology

Pande, S.K., 1961:
Recent work on angiosperm morphology

Shorland, F.B., 1958:
Recent work on animal fats

Poole, Charles, F., 1944:
Recent work on cabbage at regional vegetable breeding laboratory

Roughton, F.J.W., 1935:
Recent work on carbon dioxide transport by the blood

Zeuner, F.E., 1948:
Recent work on chronology

Mattingly, P.F., 1952:
Recent work on cyclical behaviour in the Nematocera

Winkler, W.F., 1926:
Recent work on damage to central nervous system by small-pox vaccination A review

Rowan, L.C., 1957:
Recent work on dengue fever

Sorokin, Sergei, 1965:
Recent work on developing lungs

Rapkine, L., 1928:
Recent work on dynamics of egg development

Kosol, S.; Praphat, N.; Bungon, K.; Somsri, P., 1958:
Recent work on fisheries food technology in Thailand

Irving, J.T., 1943:
Recent work on fluorine and dental caries

Fisher, R.C., 1929:
Recent work on insects injurious to timber

Anonymous, 1930:
Recent work on insulin

Fletcher, William, 1928:
Recent work on leptospirosis, tsutsugamushi disease, and tropical typhus in the Federated Malay States

Nasir, M.M., 1949:
Recent work on mercury as an insecticide against insect pests of stored grain

Spemann, H., 1927:
Recent work on organizers in animal development

Gell, P., 1967:
Recent work on reagins title

Arnold, K., 1929:
Recent work on small-pox and vaccine Review with 15 p. bibliography

Hutson, J.C., 1927:
Recent work on some pests of economic crops

Allen, D.E., 1954:
Recent work on the Manx flora

Reed, F.R.Cowper, 1927:
Recent work on the Phacopidae

Reed, F.R.C.wper, 1927:
Recent work on the Phacopidae Part II. Remarks on some older genera and subgenera of the Phacopidae

Mirvish, I., 1945:
Recent work on the Streptococcus with special reference to the etiology of rheumatic fever

Corbet, A.Steven, 1935:
Recent work on the biological and chemical aspects of nitrification

F.M.Burnet, 1933:
Recent work on the biological nature of bacteriophages

Hamilton, A.P., 1963:
Recent work on the blue gladiolus

D.B.W., 1950:
Recent work on the chemical determination of readily soluble phosphorus in soil. I

Joyet Lavergne, Ph, 1928:
Recent work on the chemical determination of sex

Arden, G.B., 1968:
Recent work on the early receptor potential and related rapid responses

Jackson, C.M., 1929:
Recent work on the effects of inanition and of malnutrition on growth and structure

Jenness, Robert, 1954:
Recent work on the effects of milk on bread

Cross, B.E.; Galt, R.H.B.; Hanson, J.R., 1964:
Recent work on the gibberellins. I. The biosynthesis of the gibberellins

Elson, G.W.; Jones, D.F.; Macmillan, J.; Radley, M., 1964:
Recent work on the gibberellins. II. Identification of microgram quantities of fibberellins in higher plants

Hawking, F., 1945:
Recent work on the pharmacology of sulfonamides A review with 92 references, translated into Spanish from British Med. Jour. 1945: 505-509. 1945. W. C. Tobie

Brain, Lord, 1962:
Recent work on the physiological basis of speech

Loraine, J.A., 1957:
Recent work on the quantitative determination of pituitary gonadotrophins in urine

Hassid, W.Z., 1942:
Recent work on the structure of plant polysaccharides

Forrest, H.S.; Nawa, S., 1964:
Recent work on the structures of isosepiapterin and the drosopterins and its relation to pteridine biosynthesis

Metcalfe, C.R., 1954:
Recent work on the systematic anatomy of the monocotyledons

Maheshwari, P., 1941:
Recent work on the types of embryo-sacs in angiosperms a critical review

Wangerin, W., 1926:
Recent work on the vegetation of moors

Beauverie, Marie Ant, 1928:
Recent work on virus diseases A review of recent work

Anonymous, 1939:
Recent Work On Vitamin C

Anonymous, 1930:
Recent work on yellow fever

Hata, Sahachiro, 1928:
Recent works on para-sitology in Japan

Langeron, M., 1926:
Recent works on the classification of the dermatophytes

Fornachon, J.C.M., 1963:
Recent works on the malolactic fermentation International Symposium on Enology, Bordeaux, 1963

Hagberg, Nils, 1939:
Recent yield studies in spruce stands

Basaca Sevilla, V.; Halstead, S.B., 1966:
Recent ylrological studies of haemorrhagic fever and other arthropod-borne virus infections in the Philippines

Bessis, Marcel, 1959:
Recent, significant contributions of dynamic cytology to hematology

Albin, Adriano, 1941:
Recenti progressi nella costru-zione degli anemometri elettrici

Falconi, C., 1968:
Recently acquired information on thymus spleen relations

Glowinski, J., 1967:
Recently acquired knowledge about the cerebral metabolism of catecholamines norepinephrine metab rat

Okuyan, M., 1967:
Recently acquired knowledge on the ability of human viruses carcino to cause neopl cancer and factors affecting this ability rev

Sickles, G.M.; Mutterer, M.; Feorino, P.; Plager, H., 1955:
Recently classified types of Coxsackie virus, group A; behavior in tissue culture

Granier Doyeux, M.; Holz, R., 1946:
Recently discovered anti-anemic factors with special mention of folic acid and related factors

Schuder, Donald, L., 1959:
Recently discovered insect pests of ornamentals in Indiana

Wave, H.E.; Shands, W.A.; Simfson, G.W., 1956:
Recently discovered primary hosts of the foxglove aphid

Fujimoto, Yutaka; Satoh, H.; Ishimoto, H.; Sasaki, T., 1959:
Recently experienced 3 autopsied cases brain lesions of chronic swine erysipelas and equine lesions which were suspected epidemic equine encephalomyelitis

Russell, L., 1968:
Recently introduced beetles in the pacific northwest usa bembidion lampros rugilus rufipes sepedophilus testaceum coccinella undecimpunctata aphodius haemorrhoidalis apion longirostre

Raizada, Mukat Behari, 1939:
Recently introduced or otherwise imperfectly known plants from the Upper Gangetic Plain

Dowden, Philip, B., 1934:
Recently introduced parasites of three important forest insects

Shields, J.K., 1954:
Recently introduced plants in Southern Ontario

Nungester, W.J.; Kempf, A.H., 1941:
Recently isolated strains of pneumococci as incitants of experimental pneumonia in rats

Dickson, C.G.C., 1965:
Recently observed food-plants of some South African lepidopterous larvae

Chowdhury, Kafil Ahmad, 1959:
Recently reported fossil woods from India and their significance

Salaman, Redcliffe, N., 1931:
Recents progres dans la creation de varietes de pommes de terre resistant au mildiou

Marchal, J.G., 1934:
Recents travaux concernant la dissociation en microbiologie. 3e memoire

Ferrio, Carlo, 1936:
Receptacle for collection and transport of body fluids for laboratory examination

Wegorowska, B., 1960:
Receptaculum seminis of bisexual and parthenogenetic species of the genus Otiorrhyn-chus Germ

Doroszewski, M., 1961:
Reception areas and polarization of ciliary movement in ciliate Dileptus

Grigor'ev, Y.G.; Kvasnikova, L.N., 1963:
Reception of ionizing radiation by the organism

Wertheim, N.; Botez, M.I., 1961:
Receptive amusia: a clinical analysis

Deriabin, L.N., 1961:
Receptive field for the stepping reflex in dogs after transection of the cord

Brown, K.T.; Murakami, M., 1964:
Receptive field organization of S-potentials and receptor potentials in light and dark adapted states

Spinelli, D.N., 1967:
Receptive field organization of ganglion cells in the cat's retina

Norton, A.L.; Spekreijse, H.; Wolbarsht, M.L.; Wagner, H.G., 1968:
Receptive field organization of the S-potential

Hubel, D.H.; Wiesel, T.N., 1965:
Receptive fields and functional architecture in two nonstriate visual areas of the cat

Wiesel, T.N., 1960:
Receptive fields and ganglion cells in the cat's retina

Holden, A.L., 1966:
Receptive fields and the two-point threshold

Levick, W.R., 1967:
Receptive fields and trigger features of ganglion cells in the visual streak of the rabbits retina

Walley, Roc, E., 1967:
Receptive fields in the accessory optic-system of the rabbit

Hubel, D.H.; Wiesel, T.N., 1963:
Receptive Fields Of Cells In Striate Cortex Of Very Young, Visually Inexperienced Kittens

Marg, E.; Adams, J.E.; Rutkin, B., 1968:
Receptive fields of cells in the human visual cortex

Sefton, A.J.; Bruce, I.S.C., 1968:
Receptive fields of cells in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the rat abstract visual evoked response

Wiesel, T.N., 1960:
Receptive fields of ganglion cells in the cat's retina

Macnichol, E.F., 1961:
Receptive fields of ganglion cells in the goldfish retina

Hubel, D.H.; Wiesel, T.N., 1960:
Receptive fields of optic nerve fibers in the spider monkey

Mcilwain, J.T., 1964:
Receptive Fields of Optic Tract Axons and Lateral Geniculate Cells: Peripheral Extent and Barbiturate Sensitivity

McIlwain, J.T.; Buser, P., 1968:
Receptive fields of single cells in the cat's superior colliculus

Hubel, D.H.; Wiesel, T.N., 1959:
Receptive fields of single neurones in the cat's striate cortex

Michael, C.R., 1968:
Receptive fields of single optic nerve fibers in a mammal with an all-cone retina. I: contrast-sensitive units

Michael, C.R., 1968:
Receptive fields of single optic nerve fibers in a mammal with an all-cone retina. II: directionally selective units

Michael, C.R., 1968:
Receptive fields of single optic nerve fibers in a mammal with an all-cone retina: III. Opponent-color units

Spinelli, D.N.; Barrett, T.W., 1968:
Receptive fields of single units in the visual cortex of the cat mapped with moving stimuli abstract

Humphrey, N.K.; Salter, S.H., 1967:
Receptive fields of single units in the visual system: a new method for mapping their characteristics and extents

Baylor, D.A.; Nicholls, J.G., 1968:
Receptive fields synaptic connections and regeneration patterns of sensory neurons in the central nervous system of the leech

Hubel, D.H.; Wiesel, T.N., 1962:
Receptive fields, binocular interaction and functional architecture in the cat's visual cortex

Ivanov, G.Th, 1944:
Receptive organs in the walls of blood vessels

Gibby, R.G.; Adams, H.B., 1961:
Receptiveness of psychiatric patients to verbal communication. An increase following partial sensory and social deprivation

Brumpt, E., 1936:
Receptivite de divers oiseaux domestiques et sauvages au parasite du paludisme de la Poule domes-tique. Transmission de cet hematozoaire par le mous-tique Stegomyia fasciata

Coutelen, F.; Callot, J.; Desportes, C., 1939:
Receptivite de l'ecureuil et du ragondin a l'echinococcose secondaire experimentale

Levaditi, C.; Bonet Maury, P., 1941:
Receptivite de la souris a legard du virus herpetique

Levaditi, C.; Ravaut, P.; Schoen, R.; Vaisman, A., 1932:
Receptivite du chat a l'egard du virus lymphogranulomateux de la maladie de Nicolas et Favre

Durand, P.; Laigret, J., 1932:
Receptivite du rat blanc et de la gerbille au virus de la fievre bouton-neuse

Levaditi, C.; Vaisman, A.; SchoenR., 1932:
Receptivite du systeme nerveux central a l'egard du virus syphilitique

Mesnard, J.; Morin, H., 1931:
Receptivite naturelle de l'Anopheles aconitus a l'infection par l'hematozoaire du paludisme en Cochinchine

Roth, Louis, M., 1963:
Receptivity in females of the cockroach Nauphoeta cinerea

Schrader, L.Rs-Uve, B.Andt, L.Ca.H.Nningson, D.N S., 2009:
Receptivity mechanisms in three-dimensional boundary-layer flows

Remlinger, P.; Bailly, J., 1927:
Receptivity of subcutaneous tissue for herpetic virus

Blanc, G.; Melanidi, C.; Styliano Poulo, M., 1926:
Receptivity of the horse to sheep-pox

Blanc, G.; Martin, L.A., 1950:
Receptivity of the rabbit to polio-myelitic virus

Galli, L.; Brambilla, E.; Caprotti, M., 1967:
Receptivity of whole body irradiated chicks to Plasmodium gallinaceum

Davoli, R.; Terni, M.; Balduzzi, P., 1962:
Receptivity to pathogenic agents during development Proceedings of the symposium on immunity and resistance to infection of neonates and infants, Naples, 1961

Zoeller, Chr, 1928:
Receptivity to toxic infections and antitoxic reactivity

Takamine, H.; Yoshida, F., 1960:
Receptivity, the crystallization phenomenon and the composition of estrus cervical mucus in the cow

Pollheimer, P.D.; Kastner, M.; Ebner, A.; Blaas, D.; Hinterdorfer, P.; Gruber, H.J.; Howorka, S., 2010:
Receptor arrays for the selective and efficient capturing of viral particles

Hartline, H.K., 1959:
Receptor activity and neural interaction in the eye

Holland, J.J., 1961:
Receptor affinities as major determinants of enterovirus tissue tropisms in humans

Gero, A.; Scheinok, P.A., 1968:
Receptor affinity and efficacy in the action of morphine and related drugs on human serum esterase

Tey, S., 1927:
Receptor analysis of B. enteritidis Gartner

Brunger, A.T.; Rummel, A., 2009:
Receptor and substrate interactions of clostridial neurotoxins

Minochkina, T.P., 1963:
Receptor apparatus in the esophagus of reptiles

Lotsmanova, M.P., 1966:
Receptor apparatus of ganglions of the cervix uteri and the human vagina

Tkachenko, Z.Ia., 1965:
Receptor apparatus of the muscular membrane of the appendix

Palomero-Gallagher, N.; Vogt, B.A.; Schleicher, A.; Mayberg, H.S.; Zilles, K., 2008:
Receptor architecture of human cingulate cortex: evaluation of the four-region neurobiological model

Golubeva, I.V.; Ratiner, Y.A., 1967:
Receptor composition of the K84 antigen, detected in enteropathogeni'c Escherichia coli of the 020: K84 serological group

Gallup, Howard Frederick, 1957:
Receptor contribution to the critical flicker frequency curve

Thomsen, Oluf, 1928:
Receptor development of the blood-corpuscles in the newborn and in infants

Shindin, S.M., 1964:
Receptor elements in the ganglia of the autonomic part of the peripheral nervous system

Harte, R.A., 1961:
Receptor elements of the human retina as semiconductors

Nord, S.G., 1968:
Receptor field characteristics of single cells in the rat spinal trigeminal complex

Livshits, A.V., 1964:
Receptor field of the reflex contracture of muscles of the anterior abdominal wall in man

Khabarova, A.Ya, 1959:
Receptor fields of the heart

Matsusiro, A.; Hasegawa, N., 1961:
Receptor for phage 80 on Escherichia coli K12

Robertson, D.M.; Hollenhorst, R.W.; Callahan, J.A., 1966:
Receptor function in digitalis therapy

Frank, M.H.; Pieper, H., 1964:
Receptor function of perfused, innervated intestinal segments in reflex regulation of blood pressure

Bulygin, I.A.; Belorybkina, L.I., 1958:
Receptor function of the inferior mesenteric sympathetic ganglion

Kalyunov, V.N., 1964:
Receptor function of the superior cervical ganglion

Pravdich Neminskaya, T.V., 1967 :
Receptor function of the superior cervical sympathetic ganglion

Bulygin, I.A.; Belorybkina, L.I., 1959:
Receptor function of vegetative ganglia

Kuchinskii, E.P., 1956:
Receptor gradient in the alimentary tract

Eremenko, V.I., 1964:
Receptor innervation of superficial veins in the human brain

Yankovskaya, N.F., 1959:
Receptor innervation of the perichondrium of laryngeal cartilages

H.Hartline, 1959:
Receptor mechanisms and the integration of sensory information in the eye

Sharma, K.N., 1967:
Receptor mechanisms in the alimentary tract their excitation and functions human

Murray, R.W., 1965:
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Recherches experimentales sur la race andalouse

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Recherches experimentales sur la sexualite des Calocerales

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Recherches morphologiques et systematiques sur quelques Rhizoctones

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Recherches morphologiques sur Leptomonas ctenocephali Fanth Remarques sur lappareil parabasal

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