Recherches sur la constitution des proteines musculaires. II. Constituants azote's du muscle chez les animaux morts par inanition proteique. III. Composition des proteines musculaires chez l'animal mort par inanition proteique et reserves azotees musculaires

Roche, A.

Bull Soc Chim Biol 16(2): 257-269, 270-284


Accession: 025352214

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II. In rats which have died from total inanition, the water-extractable N of the muscles is 39% above that in the normal animal, the nucleoplasmatic ratio is lower, and the muscle proteins show about the same content of N. In death from protein inanition, the water soluble N extract increased 21% above that in the normal, the nucleoplasmatic ratio rises, and the muscle proteins show a variable N content.-III. In rats dying from protein inanition, there is an increase in the mono-amino acids and a decrease in the diamino acids of the muscle proteins. The amounts of tryptophane, tyrosine and lysine decrease, arginine, cystine and histidine remain normal. These facts agree with the hypothesis of a partial and progressive dismemberment of muscle proteins during the course of protein inanition.